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  1. IC: Hakari - Ga-Koro - Hakari slowly stood up after she finished recovering from her sprint. "Whew! Okay, we're here at Ga-koro! Where to now?" She looked at Kanohi, it wasn't like she had a clue where they should head now that they were here in the koro of lily pads and water. OOC: @ARROW404 @Harvali IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - “Oi, Skyra!” Well that sounded familiar. “If I catch Destiny raiding the crab-traps again I swear I’m gonna make you fish for replacements until you’re as blue as me!” Mmmm yep, definitely knew that voice. I turned my head to glance at the Maru. Leah was someone who I knew from work, well my former work in the Gukko Force. We'd both changed quite a bit since then. Leah was now one of the Toa Maru, and I was a chick. Funny how things change. "Oh hey Leah, what is it like being blue anyway?" It did cross my mind to ask Leah something a bit more serious, like whatever she knew about Makuta's return and stuff like that. But the middle of the dock out in the open didn't seem like the appropriate place to ask such things. Besides, I was with company, company that I owed a tour to. It also seemed that Karoru knew Leah. Perfect, there was no need for introductions then. "A-apologies, I'll stay out of your ways. Miss Daring, I'm ready for the tour of the ship whenever you are." Karoru calling me Miss Daring caught me off guard. I still wasn't completely used to certain things. Not that I hated it. "That way I can prove to you what an asset I could be as part of your crew." "Well, I'm sure you'll prove more than capable." I wasn't just saying that either. I wasn't familiar with what sort of powers these Menti had, but from the look of Karoru she seemed like she could hold her own in a fight. "But anyway, I suppose we should head to the ship then yeah? We'll just uhhhhhhhhh..." I just realized I would not be able to grapple back to the ship when I had to take Karoru with me. I eyed one of the skiffs that the others had used to get to the docks and simply leaped off the dock onto it. After stabilizing myself on the now rocking skiff I turned to look at Karoru with a grin. "Hop on and we'll get going." @Lady Takanuva @sunflower @otter @Krayzikk @Vezok's Friend
  2. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - "I prefer to keep my feet on the ground personally." Taleen commented as she casually tossed butter knives into the dart board nearby, they never failed to stick. @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360@Visaru
  3. IC: Taleen - The Dancing Crab, Ostia - Taleen appeared, quite literally before her captain and other crewmates, such was the nature of a Toa of Sonics that wore a Huna, who could appear or disappear at pretty much any time. Only those with a trained eye even had a chance of detecting her without her wishing it. Unless of course they had some sort of power that let them cheat, that was always annoying to deal with. "Been spreading word around, whole island should have at least heard something by tomorrow I'd reckon." Taleen slowly glanced at Verak, eying him up and down. "Hmmmm...interesting." What she meant by that she would never tell. @Ghosthands@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360@Visaru
  4. IC: Hakari - Ga-Wahi - Southern Border - "I'm...okay. I just...need to catch my breath." Hakari insisted as she slowly removed herself from Lapu, as they were both currently collapsed on the ground. Using her mask didn't normally tire her so, apparently carrying people while running at those speeds was more than a little taxing. She took her canteen before opening it and starting to drink the water inside. OOC: @ARROW404 @Harvali
  5. He looks like he has one foot in the grave. I like it.
  6. IC: Hakari - Ga-Wahi - Southern Border - Hakari nodded, carrying Kanohi would be easy enough. Carrying a Toa like Lapu would be a bit more straining, but she believed she could manage. "I'll have to carry each of you one at a time, but I can manage it." Without a moment's delay, Hakari picked up Kanohi and activated her mask as she sped towards Ga-koro. As soon as she reached Ga-koro's gates she gently placed Kanohi down before speeding back to Lapu. She caught her breath for a moment as she looked at Lapu, "I hope you don't mind being carried." She barely waited for so much as a nod before she was carrying the Toa as well. He was much heavier than the Matoran, her speed was slowed even with her mask as she raced back to Ga-koro's gates, but she pushed herself to keep going till she made it. Kanohi's sense of urgency seemed too important to ignore so, she was going to give it her all. She arrived at Ga-koro's gates once more, dropping Lapu as she fell onto her hands and knees, breathing hard. "Did it...haaaah..." She was going to need a minute. OOC: @ARROW404 @Harvali Minor bunnying with Hakari carrying them both, figured neither of you would mind.
  7. IC: Zanakra - Tahtorak Encampment - Zanakra grinned as the fight seemingly came to a close. She clapped, slowly. "Well that was entertaining, and it's clear to me you can fight, and you fought one of my best to a draw no less." It was admittedly impressive, Gashril would make a perfect little minion. "So...will you be joining? Or do you need more...convincing?" As a warlord it was only right to have those under her fight for her, but if she needed to personally convince someone to join her ranks, she had no problem doing so. Her hammer was always itching to be put to use after all. OOC: @ARROW404 @Smudge8 @Nato G @Zeal @Sparticus147
  8. IC: Oceanna Gallywix - Onu-koro - "I'm Oceanna Gallywix, guitarist." It was true, Oceanna was most certainly not the noble paragon type. She had experienced what it was like being broke and homeless before, so she was not afraid to accept rewards when offered, it caused her no shame. What was a shame was how being a guitarist didn't pay very well. @ARROW404
  9. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - I silently listened as Karoru explained herself to Dehkaz. Apparently she was alone, estranged from her own people for reasons she did not explain. While I would never claim to understand exactly what that was like, I did understand what it felt like to feel distant from my own people. Lately I'd felt like I'd been drifting farther and farther apart from my own home, Le-koro. Perhaps I'd been wandering the island for too long? It wasn't anyone's fault in particular, it was probably just the result of spending more time out in the world than where I grew up. I could hardly claim it was the same situation as Karoru's, whatever that exactly was. I could always go back home whenever I wished, it seemed like Karoru did not have that luxury. I could certainly resonate with not knowing what to do with one's life. I looked at the Captain as Karoru finished. Obviously, the decision of whether to hire her or not fell to him, and it would be wrong of me to say anything at this point. But the look I was giving him probably told him how I felt about the matter. She's a lost puppy, if you don't hire her I'll never forgive you! I bounced on the balls of my feet as I waited for his response. @Lady Takanuva @sunflower @otter @Krayzikk
  10. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - I gave Krayn a thumbs up. "You got it." I turned back to Karoru...I immediately slapped my cheeks, I needed to focus here... "Right then, Dehkaz is..." I turned around to see that Dehkaz was in fact on the dock as well, having arrived on a skiff, well that was easy. "...right there. Let's go!" I gestured for Karoru to follow as I walked towards Dehkaz. I needed to stick to business before I got myself into trouble. "Yo Commander!" I called out to Dehkaz as I approached. @Lady Takanuva @sunflower
  11. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - Sometimes, things just work out the way you want them to, it's a rare occurrence, but it happens. Today was one of those days, even as I talked with Krayn about our visitors from another island, one of them approached me and started talking to me. Not only that, but she was interested in joining the crew! I eyed Karoru up and down as she spoke, her crystal armor just wasn't something we really saw on Mata Nui, it was hard not to look at how sparkly it was. Karoru herself being easy on the eyes helped as well, as she seemed to pause in anticipation for my response I looked up at her to meet her eyes. "T-Tall..." Wait, that's not what I'm supposed to say! I quickly recomposed myself and cleared my throat. "Uh I mean...yes! Yes we're hiring! It's not my ship though, but I could definitely introduce you to the person who is." Ah s***, I didn't even tell her my name! "Skyra! I mean I'm Skyra Daring. Nice to meet you!" Well now she was going to think I was complete weirdo, great. And while I was indeed weirder than most, I liked to at least try to fool people into thinking I was normal long enough for them to become friends with me, then it was too late. @Lady Takanuva @Krayzikk @otter
  12. IC: Hakari - Ga-Wahi - Southern Border - When Kanohi had fallen over during his vision, Hakari had knelt down beside him, look at him with concern. Once Kanohi snapped out of it and started to write, Hakari didn't even bother to read it right away, instead she took out a canteen of water and extended it towards the Matoran. "Hey, drink this." The Lesterin insisted. "I can carry you to Ga-koro." Hakari knew that Kanohi would perhaps find the idea of being carried embarrassing, but his well-being came first in her mind. @ARROW404 @Harvali
  13. IC: "Yeah that makes sense." OOC: phone post
  14. IC: Skyra Daring - Ga-koro - I turned around to look at Krayn, I'll admit I was impressed he managed to follow me, though he was a pretty capable Toa so perhaps I shouldn't have been. "I know I can be a bit uh...blunt, but I know how to be 'diplomatic' when I have to be." I made finger quotes. "Besides, I doubt Ga-koro would accept this many of them if they were unreasonable...I just wanna see what's up." Krayn was being overly cautious, clearly. What's the worst that could happen in the middle of Ga-koro?
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