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  1. IC: Asa - Ga-Koro "... from what I've seen, your current sickness isn't serious, it's just your body not reacting well to being in such a cramped space for so long. You need to get your immune system back up. Take these - the locals call Bula Berries, I can't recall if we have them at home or what we call them if we do - and hold them in your hands; they'll boost your energy levels and help your body recover. You don't have to chew them; you'll actually get more energy from holding onto them..." Asa noticed her current patient, along with a few others, glancing at a group of people going by, longer than what might be expected from a regular sight. Curious, Asa turned around, and - Was that the Rora? "... uuuuuuh, anyways, remember to regularly hold onto these berries, and also drink lots of fresh water..."
  2. IC: Ayako - Sado, War Room That was fast. The meeting was already over, and Ayako's Toroshu was already heading for the door. Ayako hadn't actually gotten a chance to say anything. Perhaps it was for the best though; in the brief moment that words had been exchanged, a heavy air of tension had hung over the room. If the meeting had gone any longer, there was a chance that things would have turned ugly. Old rivalries still persisted, and it seemed that Ayako was not along in not having confidence in the new regime. And more importantly, Kilanya spoke for Clan Ageru well enough. There wasn't much point for Ayako to run her mouth and risk contradicting her feudal lord in front of the most important people in Kentoku. Whatever ideas Ayako had planned to propose to the new Rora, it seemed she'd have to talk them over with Lady Kilanya first. Probably for the best as well; in the brief time that productive discussion had occurred, Ayako had come up short on ideas; or at least, ideas that wouldn't get her laughed out of the room, or worse. The Sado and Iki land reclamation proposal didn't seem like something that Arsix would be able to meaningfully comment on, given the Dastana leader's lack of agricultural knowledge, and that had been Ayako's best idea. Anyhow, all of her ideas had been long-term plans; Kilanya's need for more Menti certainly took precedence. Ayako rose from her seat, supporting herself with her spear, and followed her Toroshu towards the exit.
  3. IC: Asa - Ga-Koro docks "Right. I'll go take care of that then." Asa left the Menti to her duties and began to go about her own, providing support for those ill that she could help, and directing those she couldn't to Ga-Koro's more well-established healers. OOC: Asa open for interaction
  4. IC: Asa - Ga-Koro docks "That's good to hear," Asa said. "I should probably leave you to it then, and get to doing some helping myself. Anybody in critical condition come ashore? Or any other 'special cases'?" OOC: @Snelly
  5. IC: Asa - Ga-Koro docks "Right," Asa said. "We should... probably keep doing that." Asa picked up her things and began looking around, surveying the refugees, making a note of who were in the most distress. While it was unlikely that anybody coming ashore now would have serious injuries from the evacuation, there was no doubt that many of the new arrivals would be feeling unwell, if only from the conditions of the ships. "Did anything noteworthy or concerning happen since the ships arrived? Locally, I mean. Or are the refugees being received without incident?" OOC: @Snelly
  6. IC: Asa - Ga-koro docks Lady Asa. That was a new one. The thought quickly left Asa's mind though, as the full weight of what Arisaka had just said settled in. "What?" Asa said in shock. "Makuta's creatures reached Kentoku? How?" Asa took a moment to steady herself before continuing. "How many of our sisters came here? ... And how many stayed behind?" OOC: @Snelly
  7. IC: Asa - Ga-Koro docks "Lady Arisaka," Asa said in greeting, walking up to the Menti when there was a gap in the crowd. She was glad to find a familiar face who seemed to know what was going on. Setting her baskets on the ground and giving a respectful bow, Asa asked: "What's happening? Why are there so many Dasaka here? Did something happen back home?" OOC: @Snelly
  8. IC: Asa - Entering Ga-Koro What Asa wouldn't give to have a Kaukau right now. Breaking the surface of the water, Asa gasped for air before swimming back to shore. She had underestimated how many air bladders she needed for this expedition, or how good of a swimmer she was. Praise Zuto Nui that she hadn't been swept away. Still, this was a good haul. She had been able to harvest plenty of seaweed during her swim, and on previous dives as well. Seaweed was quite nutritious and was well-attested as an herbal supplement in the medical annals of Kyoshi. Asa also had harvested a fair amount of harakeke; if the plant could be used for medicine, Asa had yet to discover its use. She was pretty sure out that it wasn't poisonous, so if it turned out to be absolutely useless for medical purposes, she could make it into flax and sell it off to a local craftswoman to create nets or sails. For the past week Asa had been wandering the wilds of Ga-Wahi, cataloguing and collecting samples of the local flora and fauna. It wasn't exactly proper to have ventured off by her lonesome, and she could have very well hired a local to go with her and give her the guided tour, but this was something Asa felt she needed to do by herself. If the commodore gave her an earful when she returned, that was something she'd deal with. Sooner rather than later, as she was on her last day of rations, so it was best that she head back into town to resupply. Also best to check in with the other Dasaka and reassure them that she was still alive and hadn't become Takea food. As she walked along the Old Fusa Path back to Ga-Koro, Asa felt something weird. Specifically, something about the village felt weirdly busy. Mentally busy. Was the Ideatalk plane always this loud? She hadn't even caught sight of the village yet but something felt wrong. Asa briefly held her axe in hand as she picked up the pace, before returning it to her belt as she entered town. It didn't look like there had been an attack or some other emergency, and yet the koro was much more active than normal, with a feeling of tension in the air. What had happened while she was gone? Asa got her answer soon enough. There was another Dasaka ship in port besides the Chiisai Ryuu. Scratch that, there were a lot of Dasaka ships in port. And there were a great number Dasaka and Dashi climbing out of those ships in a very disorganized fashion. No diplomats were they, rather it was a host of ordinary civilians that were entering the Koro, all of them with some degree of shock, distress, or sorrow on their faces. Something was very wrong. "What happened?" Asa asked to the first person that would answer her.
  9. IC: Ayako - Sado, War Room There are centuries where nothing happens, and... Ayako caught herself before she could complete the thought. Who could know how long this crisis will last? It would be arrogant to assume that this Rahkshi invasion would only last mere weeks, or that by the time the it was over that the face of Kentoku would not once again have changed unrecognizably. Ayako gave the Imperial Executioner a quick glance and nod as he entered, before turning her attention back to Arsix's briefing and to the projected map of the archipelago. The Datsue found her attention drifting towards the situation in Odaiba. Oki and Kozu were of no concern to her, and while Sado and Iki were of political and military importance, Ayako found little place in her heart to care for them. Her mind's eye gazed solely towards Odaiba. Odaiba was home, and it was where this war would be won or lost. The Dastanas could fortify Sado and Iki all they liked, they could churn out weapons and armor by the tens of thousands, but if Odaiba were to fall, what little remained of Kentoku would be doomed to die a slow death of starvation. Wars were never won by soldiers with empty stomachs, and it's not like the Rahkshi had any granaries and supply depots that could be raided. As for the Dastana Twins' political posturing, Ayako could only shake her head. All this talk of "republic", of moving beyond the legacy of empire, of leaving the old ways behind, and for what? From what Ayako could tell, the young Arsix was the new boss, same as the old, and she even had taken the title of Rora for herself just to rub it in. From a pragmatic perspective, it made sense for the surviving clans to rally behind the Dastana banner so as to present a united front, but Ayako worried that Arsix was enjoying this golden opportunity that fell into her lap a little too much. If there did turn out to be genuinely idealistic motivations behind the new Rora's blatant power grab, Ayako swore that she would burn her clan banners and eat the ashes. So far, Ayako saw little to suggest that she'd have to make good on that promise any time soon. Still, it would be political suicide, and probably literal suicide at that, to try and challenge Arsix here and now. Clan Ageru had always stood by the side of the Umbralines and their Rora, but the Umbralines' demesnes on Oki had fallen silent and Rora Yumiwa was at best an ocean away, at worst at the bottom of said ocean. To champion the flag of a clan that was for all intents and purposes gone would be an exercise in futility. Honorable perhaps, but certainly unwise. But should peace ever return to Kentoku, where would that leave the supporters of the old regime? Would they be welcomed into the new world as sisters and equals, or would they become disposable, or even a liability to be purged? Ayako could not bring herself to feel any optimism for whatever the future held; even the best case scenario looked grim to her. “Those staves. Have you found any way to repurpose them? They are fine weapons by themselves, but we could use other forms of metal equipment.” "Any word from the refugee fleet? I've actually had an idea about possible communication with our people on Mata-Nui." Important questions no doubt, but ones that Ayako had no interest in. Still, perhaps it would be best to give the young ones a chance to have their discussions. Several questions about the logistics of this war effort and care for the survivors began forming in Ayako's mind, but she no doubt would have a chance to air those later. Besides, with all the changes that had come to Kentoku, would the voices of those who embodied the old ways still be heard?
  10. New Arrivals: Name: Daegui Species: Skakdi of Ice Affiliation: Fort Varros-Ek-Akros Description: Daegui is a relatively nondescript Skakdi of Ice. Average height, white and light blue in colour, a normal number and configuration of spines; there's nothing about him that stands out at first glance, which is just how he likes it. Gender: Male Powers and weapons: Ice element: only accessible in conjunction with another Skakdi, or if channeled through the Sleet Sprayer Heat vision: can emit beams of heat from his eyes. The strength of the Heat Vision can be controlled by him. Weakens vision for a short period after use. Skull mace: a mace with a reinforced Lesterin skull for a head. Daggers: several daggers of common appearance. Technological items: Sleet Sprayer: an elemental launcher with two firing modes: a medium-ranged mode that fires clumps of sleet that rapidly freeze on contact with a solid surface, and a short-ranged sustained spray that rapidly coats objects and creatures with ice. The weapon draws from Daegui’s elemental Ice power, but can be loaded with water or snow as ammunition to lessen the strain it places on him. Using the Sleet Sprayer together with the Heat Siphon further reduces the amount of elemental energy Daegui needs to channel through it. (approved by Tyler) Heat Siphon: a disc around the size of a hockey puck that can rapidly absorb heat from objects on contact. The absorbed heat can be dissipated by cooling the device with cold air or water, but can also be vented by releasing the stored heat into an object by direct contact, or by releasing a short-ranged blast of fire. Both the heat absorption and the vent functions are controlled remotely. If the Heat Siphon is not cooled off regularly, or if too much heat is absorbed too quickly, the Heat Siphon will forcefully vent itself; while the Heat Siphon itself won’t be damaged should this happen, the same can’t be said for anything near it.The Heat Siphon is normally attached to the Sleet Sprayer as a heat sink, further reducing the amount of elemental energy Daegui needs to channel into the launcher for it to function, but it can be detached to cool off or to absorb heat from other objects. If Daegui is truly desperate, he can attach the Heat Siphon to a stick and use it as a mace. (approved by Tyler) Other items: various Nakihl related paraphernalia. Weakness(es): Daegui's eyesight is weakened after using his heat vision. If he overuses the Sleet Sprayer, he will begin to feel weak and dizzy. Alignment: Evil History: Even before swearing himself to Ahk'Rei-Ahan, Daegui was always drawn to the ways of the Nakihl. Lead, steel, and fists were the ol' reliable ways of getting ahead on Zakaz, but those were boring. Dark magic from the Time Before Time that every upstanding member of society was afraid of? Well if that wasn't enticing! But while Daegui was a bit smarter and better read than the average Skakdi (at least, that's what he'll tell you), his supposed intelligence never really translated into grasping the mystic arts. So instead, Daegui just stuck around and hung out wherever Nakihl could be found, offering his services as muscle for their endeavors. Eventually, one of his clients shared rumours of ancient necromancers far to the north, piquing Daegui's interest enough to make the fateful journey to Varros-Ek-Akros. Personality and traits: Daegui is a people person who is utterly disinterested in people. An aura of empty cordiality surrounds him in every conversation. He always greets people, bosom friend or total stranger, with open arms and a smile, and is quick to flattery and quicker to offering help, but the astute can sense that there is a lack of genuine goodwill behind his friendly airs. However, it's not that he intentionally tries to mislead and manipulate people; it's more that this habit of false friendliness has kept Daegui alive for most of his life, and has become his default way of interacting with others. So much so that he genuinely does not know how to talk to people otherwise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The below profiles are works in progress. They are not yet active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Returning Characters: Name: Asa Species: Dasaka Caste and Clan: Ringti, Clan Kyoshi Description: Asa is of a slender build, blue and gold in colour as is typical of Dasaka. Since her arrival on Mata Nui, Asa has grown accostumed to local styles of dress and fashion. Gender: Female Powers and weapons: Willhammer discipline: Asa specializes in inducing hypnotic states, usually for the purposes of calming her patients down and healing them. Kanohi Sana: Asa can heal others using her mask, on a level comparable to a first aid kit. Asa's mask is of unusual design, having large horns and only a single eyehole in the centre that Asa can somehow see through. Knives: A collection of Mata Nuian hunting and survival knives. One-handed axe: A tool axe of Dasaka design. Asa keeps it as a memento of her life before Mata Nui. Reference image. Other items: First-aid kit Alchemy supplies Satchels and baskets for herbs. Weakness(es): Asa possesses very little combat training and abilities. While she is capable of holding her own against wild animals, she stands no chance against even an averagely trained warrior. Alignment: Good History: Asa hails from a line of Ringti within Clan Kyoshi that specialized in medicine, herbology, and alchemy. For most of her life, following in the footsteps of her line was all that she amounted to, never dreaming of anything bigger. However, she became one of the fated few who would journey on the second voyage to Mata Nui, changing her life forever. For better or for worse, she has yet to decide. Since her time in Ga-Wahi, she has becoming a traveling doctor and herbologist, spending days or even weeks foraging in the wilds before returning to Ga-Koro to sell her wares. She dreams of opening her own clinic independent of the Dasaka expedition, but the recent arrivals of refugees from Kentoku has complicated things. Personality and traits: Time on Mata Nui has resulted in Asa becoming a lot more relaxed and easygoing. No longer overly stiff and awkward in social situations, she has become something close to a normal person. She retains her tenacity and perseverance, coupled with compassion for all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Ruagah (formerly Minami) Species: Dasaka Caste and Clan: Menti, Clan Kyoshi Description: The Dasaka formerly known as Minami has abandoned her noble station for the life of a mendicant, and she goes to great lengths to look the part. Brown and orange robes cover a frail body bearing the lingering traces of chronic illness. As part of abandoning her old identity, Ruagah has blackened and chromed the metallic components of her body, to the point that at first glance she might be mistaken for a Toa of Earth or Sonics rather than a Dasaka. Gender: Female Powers and weapons: Mindarm Discipline: Ruagah can finely manipulate objects with telekinesis. She also has begun to manifest the ability to levitate using telekinesis. Ruagah practices Mindarm as a form of meditation, rather than for practical or martial purposes. Kanohi Volitak: Ruagah can use her mask to turn semi-invisible and muffle the sound of her movements. This mask was given to her to aid her escape from Oki when the Rahkshi invaded, replacing her personal Iden. Two-handed axe: A crystal axe that belonged to her deceased mother Karen and that was passed down to her. Reference image. Shakujo: A wooden rod with an ornate crystal loop for a head, adorned with six metal rings. It is intended for ritual purposes but can be used as an improvised mace. Reference image. Other items: A collection of books, scrolls, and stone tablets recovered from Clan Kyoshi's archives covering a wide range of topics. Esoteric books, paintings, and ritual implements. Weakness(es): Despite her miraculous recovery from chronic illness and regaining the use of her legs, Ruagah is still quite weak in constitution. Extended and strenuous physical activity will easily leave her winded. Though she has mostly recovered her health, she fears that she could fall ill once again from even mild exposure to the elements, but braves the risk anyways. Alignment: Neutral History: Ruagah was once Amakusa Minami, Toroshu of Clan Kyoshi, but she will no longer respond to that name. To her, that name represents the legacy of the impotent Toroshu of an arrogant but decrepit clan. Now, Ruagah has dedicated herself to the spiritual path, leaving behind temporal politics. During her extended period of confinement, Minami received private tutelage from a wandering Datsue who gained Kyoshi's trust through trading knowledge and secrets. Among those secrets was an obscure and esoteric religion that was transmitted to Minami; one that worshipped Zuto Nui alongside a pantheon of forgotten deities representing the elements, and which practiced heterodox rituals and meditations that more conservative Dasaka might deem "black magic". Perhaps because of her newfound devotion, or perhaps through other means that she refuses to disclose, Minami miraculously recovered from her illness in the final days before the coming of the Rahkshi, regaining her health and the ability to walk. As such, she has become the topic of rumours and superstition among the refugees from Kentoku, rumours that are no doubt inflamed by her new eccentricities. That her brother Seiryuu disappeared without a trace shortly after only fuels these rumours, with many suspecting that the siblings turned to forbidden arts to restore Minami's health. Personality and traits: Gone are the nervousness and faux haughtiness that characterized Minami. In her place, Ruagah is a calm, introspective, and sombre individual. A mystic and a zealot, Ruagah is above all else devoted to her esoteric worship of Zuto Nui, despite never formerly being trained as a priest or nun or the like. She prefers the company of books to that of people, and will spend every waking moment that she can in meditation, prayer, or study. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Ayako Species: Datsue Caste and Clan: Datsue, Clan Ageru Description: Ayako is an average sized Datsue, with blue and dull golden armor. She usually wears traditional robes with a plain light and dark gray color scheme. She wears an Akaku in the noble shape, though as a Datsue she cannot access its power. Gender: Female Powers and weapons: Soulsword Discipline: psychophysical weapon takes the form of a round shield. The shield can be used as a shield, or it can be flattened and compressed into a spinning disc and thrown. Willhammer Discipline: Ayako uses Willhammer as a means of intimidation, forgoing manipulation and subtlety. (second discipline approved by Nuju Metru in Arc 2) Crystal spear: a spear about the same height as Ayako that serves as her badge of office. The spearhead was fashioned from a garden trowel. Not the most practical weapon, but Ayako keeps it to remind herself of her roots and her responsibilities. Other items: Genealogical records of Clan Ageru Weakness(es): Due to her age and her size, Ayako isn't as agile or fast as a healthy Dasaka. When using her Willhammer abilities beyond short bursts, Ayako can only engage in very minimal movement due to the concentration required, leaving her vulnerable. Alignment: Good History: Ayako was born into Clan Ageru. She was born into a Menti family of relatively high status and at a young age was sent off to the Academy of the Mind. Due to a combination of incredible skill, sheer dedication, and a willingness to stay in training longer than most Menti warriors, Ayako ended up learning the Willhammer discipline in addition to her clan's signature Soulsword. After finally completing her training, Ayako returned to Odaiba, helping not only to aid in the defense of the island but also to organize the farming infrastructure that was so important to the Archipelago's survival. This continued even after she transformed into a Datsue. Up until recently, she oversaw the clan's grain production, but with the arrival of the Rahkshi, Ayako duties and goals have shifted to the nebulous objective of "survive", as she helps to coordinate what remains of Clan Ageru on Kentoku. Personality and traits: Ayako's former calm has been rattled by just how quickly normal life fell apart. Though she continues to remain on top of things, she is no longer as serene as she once was. Whereas before she was content to work and manage things, she now finds herself contemplating the "big questions" in life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The below profiles are being revised for Arc 3. They are not yet active. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. 1. They were Mr. House's cult of necromancers. 2. They briefly teamed up with Echelon to take Ko-Koro but then got kicked out. AFAIK they're de facto disbanded, especially since House disappeared.
  12. IC: Vine - Ihu-Koro "Nothing better to do," Vine said. "Might as well check if they're open for business."
  13. IC: Vine - Ihu-Kor "That bad?" Vine said in surprise. "I had suspected that the Shadow was making a resurgence, certainly in the hearts of people, but for its followers to capture one of the original six Koros even after its defeat? Terrible, terrible news..."
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