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  1. IC: One by one lanterns were uncovered down the length of the ship as the shoreline gradually slipped away from sight underneath the encroaching darkness, leaving those still on-deck illuminated only by the faint moonlight which glinted off of the whitecaps and the pale yellow glow of the lightstones around. A steady wind caught the sails, prompting a low groan of iron and timber that reverberated through the sturdy hull as the ship heeled ever so slightly to the side, the increase in tempo of waves breaking across her prow the sole indication of their speed increasing in the otherwise unvarying expanse of sea around. Orders were issued, commands barked, though even this fell away to nothing more than the low hum of conversation as maintenance of course became the sole task at hand for the majority of the crew on deck. Wind at her back, the Fowadi sailed forth into the night. * * * “Jolek… Highwind?” The gravelly voice sounded to the aftermost mentioned toa’s side. The Po-matoran whom it belonged to standing with a small bit of parchment in his grasp, squinting at the writing as he read off the unfamiliar name before looking up at the grey-armored toa. His accent was unmistakable, and seemed out of place surrounded by water. “That you, yea? Captain’s looking for ya, c’mon.” With a tilt of his head, the orange and tan matoran plodded towards the fore of the vessel, leading the way for the newcomer as he stepped around crew and equipment towards one of the hatches leading deeper into the iron behemoth. @Razgriz
  2. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] The final stretch of stone path which brought Dehkaz to the gates of the city proper were comparatively uneventful and blase, a thoughtful silence that accompanied him through the remainder of his trek. It wasn’t much longer until the treeline of dead trunks broke, the looming basalt mass of the village’s massive stone gate completely dominating the landscape ahead. Carved from the solidified fortress of stone that surrounded the Koro on all sides, nonetheless a few words exchanged were sufficient to grant him entry. There were plenty of guards stationed at the archway, and he was more than certain many, many more were within the immediate area in far less obvious positions. Outwardly, far cry from the state of the village what had been a short time prior when tensions on the island were unthinkably high. While it was still only midmorning by his best approximation, a glance down to the Onu-Koroan tablet which he lifted partway from his coat pocket to consult confirming this estimation, the ash-infused sky above prevented anything but the dull haze of an indeterminate hour to filter down from the sun above. Still, plenty of time. Stepping into the Koro proper, he moved to join the busy foot traffic that occupied the mainstreet of the village. From Matoran to Skakdi, merchants to guards, and all manner of beings between, it felt as though all moved with a renewed sense of weariness. As if the news of their dark adversary's return had permeated the otherwise mundane day to day. Or maybe it was just his own sense of it coloring the busy Koro. * * * Compared to the rush and cacophony of activity that occupied the inlet dockside along the volcanic beach earlier in the day, the quiet calm that had replaced it was practically deafening. Broken only by the lapping of the waves on the shore and the low notes of the ironclad gently rolling with them at anchor. Dehkaz himself had returned from the village of Fire some hours before, and by now the sun was beginning to slip behind the crests of the jagged obsidian peaks that punctuated the end of the shoreline, leaving behind a brilliant orange glow as sunset progressed. Of course, it was not to last. Crew began to filter onto the deck once again, following unheard and then very much heard orders, as preparation for their vessel's departure started in earnest. Lines were cast off, sails unfurled, and the last few remaining loose pieces of equipment stowed. The wind at their backs, the ironclad began its journey once more into the Endless Ocean, pulling away from the shoreline with renewed spirit.
  3. IC: Vali It had been some time since the warrior had roamed the Madrigal’s dimly lit corridors, freely or not, as her time aboard the vessel over the past week had been spent alternating between the human warship’s bridge and its distinctly non-human main battery. As the resident weapons expert on loan from the Swords of Sanghelios to assist the humans with this experimental merger of technology she was kept more than busy troubleshooting systems and getting the Madrigal into what could be called a fighting shape. While as crude and primitive as the human’s adapted plasma technology was, there was a certain unmistakable… thrill to the challenge of working with the odd mirror of her own people’s technology. Roughing it, as she had heard one of the techs say while they thought she was out of earshot. While she still found the human technology to be without grace and lacking the true touch of an artisan-engineer that gave every piece a unique edge, there was no denying the effectiveness of the direct practicality. That, and it allowed her to ease herself into the decidedly strange military which she found herself surrounded by. Much like their technology, the humans' military structure was… mechanically rigid. They moved about their vessel like so many busy ants, each with a specified task and position that seemed scarcely deviated from. It was an odd contrast to the otherwise familiar way in which she had observed they addressed one another, even among those of wildly differing ranks. Even from her short time aboard, it was apparent how this type of hierarchical organization was honed to a fine edge, and all it took was a competent leader to wield it effectively… Or an incompetent one to shatter it against an enemy. Perhaps this is why the human's victories during the war seemed as extraordinary as their defeats. These, of course, were past musing which the warrior know to her people as Vali Sakuai, and any manner of other amusing names by the humans when they thought her out of earshot, had kept herself busy with during the long hours of simply waiting for their quarry to show. With nothing of particular note happening, and her time otherwise occupied with troubleshooting and simulating systems on board, perhaps she could be forgiven for her admittedly hasty request to take a more active role in the impending operation. Of course, she was well within her right to do so, as her one stipulation to being assigned to the Madrigal was that she be given the same status on missions as any of the Spartan warriors which she knew were to be stationed on the vessel as well. Even so, she had not had time to acquaint herself with said Spartans before her insistent request was made to the captain. Though perhaps that was simply on her mind as her path towards the hangar brought her towards two of the aftermost mentioned Spartans, neither of whom she had encountered before. Still unfamiliar with the rather strange rank which the Spartans fell under, Vali elected to simply stop at the junction and wait for them to pass. @Krayzikk @Vezok's Friend
  4. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] Unconsciously, the Toa of Magnetism’s gaze flicked upward, as ineffectual an endeavour it was given he was met only by the perpetual smokey haze which obscured the sky above. Save for the faint glow diffusing the surroundings, there was little indication beyond whether or not the sun was burning in the sky or dipped below the horizon. Even then, the lava flows which frequented the area made the presence of light not a sure indication. "Midmorning," Dehkaz stated, mentally recounting his trek to this spot and the day's events thus far. "I would suggest some rest, Highwind. Think on it." With that, the Captain gave a nod of farewell, and turned towards the main path once again, leaving Jolek alone in the clearing once again with his battered tree.
  5. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] There was a silence that fell over the clearing, Jolek's words meeting the hazy calm which suffused the Charred Forest. While they may have faded from his own perception, it was clear that their impact had not for the Ta-koroan guard. Dehkaz let the moment stretch out, watching the gears turn circles within Highwind's mind. "There's more to it than standing guard inside a fortress of stone, now more than ever. This is bigger than the villages, bigger than the island." "Keeping order and protecting the villages from within is no easy task, though not all of us are best served in the guard as such. There is another path, Highwind." "Swing by the docks sometime before sundown, and I'll show you what I mean."
  6. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] From behind a thoughtful, if not overly attentive expressive Dehkaz watched the machination of the Toa’s mind tick through half-hearted responses and explanations with focused analysis. Highwind’s posture, his trailing tone; they weren’t entirely a result of how long the Fa-Toa had been working his craft-even if that was quite some time given the state of both his extremities as well as the dented trunk that stood before them. There was a weariness about him, not one borne of a struggle or exhaustion, but an underlying dissatisfaction. Stuck in a tedium and routine that he wasn't meant for. Not supposed to be a bad problem for a Guard to have. Dehkaz caught his opposite's gaze for a moment, and then looked to the damaged tree. "Not a bad problem for a Guard to have," The captain echoed, returning his violet examination to Highwind. He let the statement hang for a moment, before continuing in a more reserved, thoughtful tone. "Unfortunately for us, those moments don’t sit idly by while we recover." "You don’t strike me as the kind to wait idly by for them to come knocking on Ta-Koro’s walls either, Highwind."
  7. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] Once again the response spoke volumes outside of what the Toa had offered, the shift in tact paying off with the far more open dialogue the pugilistic guardsman had taken on. Another layer pressed upon the next as he built a more complete sense of the younger man. His honesty in the face of the more casual questioning was telling; more and more Dehkaz was sure of the initial impression he had developed. Both of this man's skill as well as demeanor. If direct honesty was the direction in which the conversation was headed, then confirming his hunch was perhaps a relatively easy task. "The Guard a convenient way to keep skills sharp then, Highwind?"
  8. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] And with that, the Fa-Toa had said more than the plain words which had been spoken. There was an assuredness to his tone, and though the way in which he navigated his response was direct, it held an honesty of self which was nonetheless worthy of note. "Fair enough," The captain responded, giving no other indication as to the nature in which he filed away the information save that it appeared he had gotten what he had sought out for with the question. Or perhaps didn't believe there was anything else to be gained on that front. Either way, Dehkaz's posture ratcheted down from the inscrutable wall of proverbial iron in a noticeable way as he brought his arms down from their previous crossed position before his chest. Both hands coming to rest atop the belt securing his now ash-dusted coat in a far more relaxed stance. "Dehkaz Kyhrilik," Said Toa offered, his tone audibly unchanged from before, though appeared to hold far less beneath than it had mere moments ago. "You didn't learn that from Ta-Koro." It wasn't a question, more statement of fact. "Where'd you pick that up from?"
  9. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi, Charred Forest] "Something of the sort," Dehkaz responded to his opposite's inquiry. The grey-armored Toa battering away at the dented trunk of the charred tree was not what he had expected to find, though exactly what he had expected wasn't anything so specific. While unexpected, the oddity of the situation wasn't what had kept the officer watching. Not precisely. It was the poise that the guardsman-indeed the Toa was, Dehkaz having caught a glimpse of the Ta-Koroan insignia on the man's arm-carried through the entire motion. Never once slipping into a lazy complacency that so often crept into the stances of fighters after running through combination after combination of strikes. Every moment was put towards a readiness for the next motion, the next strike. The Toa had obviously been at it for some time, that much was clear given the fluctuating staccato of speed and power, and yet still he gave whatever imagined foe he saw in that tree no quarter. There was also the matter of the technique itself. None of it was anything he could have picked up from a few guardsman exercises and drills. Dehkaz knew the Ta-Koro's flavor of combat, and that was certainly not it. It was certainly not uncommon for individuals to be practiced in some form of self defense on the island, it was a necessity for many over the years the villages had been besieged by Makuta's lackeys. Though not to this sort of degree. Not at the level that many claimed, but scarcely had a grasp of. "What of you, felling the forest one tree at a time some punishment assigned by your commander or are you in it for the fun of it, Guardsman…?" A scrutinizing violet gaze met the younger man’s own, and it was clear the degree which he was evaluating and gauging the reply.
  10. OOC: Fowadi from Ga-Wahi. IC: Dehkaz [Ta-Wahi Coast, Rehu Cove] Dawn broke over the horizon gradually, the enveloping blackness of the night slowly giving way to a dim blue that filled the sky and cast the coastline and waves in a muted grey. There was a slight, if steady, wind blowing westward towards the shore, far cry from the gales which normally swept in from the Endless Ocean. The sea around the volcanic outcroppings that rose like jagged spikes from the ocean was inordinately calm as a result, though the scalloped, eroded faces of the black stone was evidence enough of the tempestuous state familiar to the waters. It was, of course, not by chance that the iron warship found the sea with such a disposition as it sailed between the spires. Their arrival was calculated, nearly down to the hour, as needed to navigate the ebb and flow of the turbulent tides off the Ta-Wahi shores. Only her topsails were set, and she proceeded along her course at a comparatively leisurely, or perhaps careful, pace. For her crew the narrow passages and shifting currents presented an opportunity for them to master their vessel's sailing characteristics, where she would give and where she would push back. Her partially laiden state, indeed the bright anti-fouling cladding of her hull just visible above the waterline, provided them with a degree of forgiveness and ample amounts of responsiveness to avoid running aground. Out in the distance, past the last array of weathered volcanic outcroppings, the shore awaited. The sandy Ta-Wahi coastline contrasted sharply with the black cliffs that rose sharply behind the slight dunes, the disparity becoming more apparent by the minute as the sun crested the horizon opposite. It wasn't until, with great care and skill on the part of her crew, the Fowadi swung around the last of the stone pillars that her destination was visible. Though it was only a short time thereafter that they reached the dockside. * * * The collection of planking and stone which Ta-Koro used to lay claim to the sea was far cry from the ports which they had sailed from, but it served them just as well. So Dehkaz mused as he stepped off the gantry onto the dock which they had moored themselves to. While the ironclad took up space at the sole berth deep enough to accommodate her, there were still a fair number of smaller fishing and trade ships about. Indeed, even a scattering of small crystalline vessels were found taking shelter from Ta-Wahi's unforgiving tides among the quayside, something which the Toa of Magnetism took an interested note of. Larger, sturdier gangways onto the ironclad were already bustling with activity. Crew were corralling ussal up onto the moored ship, the hardy crustaceans hauling carts stacked high with metallic canisters. The few officers keeping watch over the precision, and their somewhat consternated expressions, gave some clue as to the explosive contents of the cargo. It would take the better part of a day for the munitions to be loaded onto the deck, and then even longer for them to be properly secured in the armored magazines below, so the majority of the crew not involved in the process were free to take leave. * * * The toa of Magnetism elected to walk the remainder of the well-traveled path to Ta-Koro, the once small footpath through the sand now lined with slabs of basalt rock and wooden planks. Occasionally stepping aside to allow a cart traveling towards or from the dockside, he was otherwise unaccompanied. The solitary trip gave him plenty of time to consider the previous days events, take stock of the new information learned from his and others' various conversations. There was much to consider. While the sudden arrival of what amounted to an entire foreign nation right at their doorstep was by far the most immediate, the insights Krayn gleaned from his talk with the Maru were far more pertinent to the journey which appeared to be beginning to present itself. It was now obvious Makuta's influence and power extended far beyond their own island; cutting off his influence on Mata Nui was no longer enough. Such thoughts held the captain’s attention long after he had entered the incinerated husks of the forest that surrounded the village of fire, the temperature of the immediate area beginning to rise far above that of the cool seaside he had been walking along prior. Even though he knew it was nearing midday, the ash suspended in the air and crisscrossing remains of the forest’s upper canopy blotted out what sunlight would have graced the stone and dirt ground. A grey, dim glow filled the area, presenting a uniform ambience to the charred environment that confounded any sense of progress through its trees. If it weren’t for the stone pathway, and his own ever present sense of direction, getting lost amongst the treeline was a definite possibility. A sound broke the toa of Magnetism out of his contemplative reverie, a muffled thump that reverberated through the surroundings and bounced off the blackened trunks. Then it came again, some distance into the murk off to his left. It didn’t sound like a Rahi, of that he was certain. Too sharp, and certainly too loud. No creature willingly announced its presence in that way. It came again, then twice more, and Dehkaz began to realize there was a tempo to it. A rhythm and intent. Curiosity piqued, he stepped off the path and into the brush, keeping a careful eye out for what could possibly lay ahead.
  11. IC: Sentinel [Ga-Koro, Southern Docks] The Ba-Lesterin nodded, her demeanor shifting to one far more casual than the air of professionalism that she had been working to uphold moments earlier. “That I understand,” She stated in reply, before adding, “...not a test or anything, just personally curious.” "I've seen what you mean, my own people have the capacity for good… and great evil. Figured I could tip the balance a bit here. Funny how things tend to jog your memory." She was quiet for a moment, and she frowned as if attempting to remember something which just barely eluded her, before glancing back over to Talli. The professional tone returned to her voice. "We'll be headed back to the ship soon, Miss Anach. The Quartermaster will get you sorted with a berth once we're there." * * * True to her word, the Sentinel and her charge set off across the bay on the skiff once the last box of supplies was carried up the dock and checked off her list. The double-hulled watercraft was nearly completely packed, the two of them squeezing between the crates tied down to the wooden deck. It was just as well that the bay protected them from the worst of the swells of the Endless Ocean, with the skiff noticeably much lower in the water from the added cargo than the line of light sea growth would suggest. Ahead of them, anchored further out, the great metallic bulk of the ironclad loomed ever closer. It appeared almost unmoving amongst the rolling waves, even as their skiff rocked back and forth on Naho Bay’s crystal clear waters. As they approached figures began to resolve themselves from the clutter of rigging and equipment on the upper deck, though the cacophony of activity was progressively obscured from their view by the armored gunwales above. Their approach did not go unnoticed, before their skiff had even moved alongside the gently sloped slab of iron armor which adorned the side of the vessel closest to them a series of ropes and chains had been lowered from some position above them. With a practiced hand the the Po-Koroan sailor looped each of them onto corners of the skiff, before folding the small scalloped sail which had pulled them across the bay inward to its stowed position. She gave the central chain a tug, and nearly at once the ropes went taunt and the sliff was raised from the water. "I'll take you to the Quartermaster once we're aboard," The Lesterin reassured her charge, raising her voice slightly to be heard over the ratcheting sound which accompanied their travel up the side of the armored ship. Past the portholes and rivets, the skiff was pulled higher and higher, as the edge of the main deck above came closer. There was a great ker-chunk as the skiff reached its place firmly secured to the davits suspending it over the side of the Fowadi, and the Lesterin motioned to Talli as she stepped off onto the ship proper. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro, Cael's House] "I understand your position, and I appreciate your candor. Your skill at sea is appreciated, and perhaps your familiarity with your home waters will come in handy, though regardless of that you're welcome aboard. That conviction of yours is worth more than any experience on the ocean," The captain stated, his words holding a certainty to them that was as steadfast as the iron hull of the ship he commanded. With a nod to the foreigner and her ever increasing resoluteness, Dehkaz rose from his kneeling posture. He spared a glance over to the Maru currently recovering off to the side of their small gathering, the Ga-Toa stirring ever so slightly, which was as much reassurance that she was in some sorts better off than she had been earlier as he supposed they would get for the time being. They had done what they could, now it was up to her to take it the rest of the way. "We'll be departing no later than sundown," He stated to those of his crew assembled there, both old and new, before taking his leave from the healer's abode and stepping once more out onto the salty village of Water. * * * His trip back to his command was, by comparison to the flight which he had launched himself earlier, leisurely. He had enough passing familiarity with the village to orient himself well enough towards the outer docks of the village, though proceeded with no great haste in that general direction. The walk gave him time to reflect, if not necessarily work through, the events of the day and the knowledge which was gained, though he had no doubt that they had just barely scratched the surface when it came to secrets uncovered and revelations to be found. He arrived at the docks not too much later, a few widgets convinced a Le-Matoran trader to take him out into the bay, though the wizened merchant seemed rather incredulous on his choice of destination, and decidedly unconvinced on his relationship to the moored ironclad. Even so, they made no argument against the offered currency, and in short order they had set out across the bay. Coming up alongside, Dehkaz made his way up the ladder to the main deck above. The slow steady rock of the Fowadi was a welcome familiarity, doubly so after the strange… wave that accompanied the lilypad village at the shoreline. He made his way aftward, taking a less than direct route as he stopped to talk with crew, partially affirming the readiness of the ship for their later departure, though more for his own benefit to gauge their general disposition. For a shakedown cruise there had been significantly fewer issues cropping up than he had expected, though this seemed in no small part a consequence of how familiar the crew had been with the ship's characteristics over the years, and their initiative when it came to handling the minor ones which did reveal themselves. Eventually reaching the aftcastle, the bulkhead door to his cabin closed behind as he stepped inside, the patterns of sunlight streaming in from the portholes having shifted dramatically in the time he was gone. On his desk sat a collection of parcels, a new development, no doubt brought in with the rest of the supplies collected over the course of the day. Pulling up the chair he took a seat, a gauntleted hand opening the shutters on the lightstone lamp situated on the desk, as he spread the stack across its surface with the other. Communications, updates from the rest of the navy, a few tools he had sent from his workshop in Ostia… none particularly kept his interest. His mind was far too preoccupied with the day's events. More than ever he was sure that the few months of relative peace that the island had enjoyed was rapidly drawing to a close, and beginning to seem as if it had been simply a held breath before catastrophe struck again. It was still some hours before sundown, and there was still much to do. * * * The sky burned with brilliant crimsons and fiery oranges as the sun began to dip behind the rolling hills and lush forests of the Ga-Wahi region to the west. Clouds, the remains of what storm had rolled through the area earlier that day, eagerly took to the dramatic coloration. Already a wind had picked up, the waters of the bay responding in kind as they fell and rose against the side of the armored vessel's hull. From across the main deck an order rang out, and with a disciplined synchronicity the large sails unfurled from their position held up against the yards, catching the wind and pulling the rigging taunt. With that the ironclad Fowadi began her voyage forward, her adorned bow cutting through the surf like a hot blade through wax. Though her initial direction was not out from Naho Bay, instead trimming southward and towards the Koro of Water, her path tracing a wide loop around the coastline. Before her the foreign fleet glittered brilliantly in the retreating sun's rays, the refracted light dancing across her reflective hull as she sailed past. Down the sides of her citadel each of her guns raised one by one to their maximum elevation, nearly pointed completely vertical towards the darkening sky above. A great thump echoed from the depths of her hull, shaking the deck and rattling unsecured cargo, quickly followed in succession by another and then another. The sound heralded the flight of the shells which took a dramatic arc into the sky above the bay, glinting in the scattered light as they flew. Thump thump thump it continued, until each of the barrels were clear and the guns recoiled back behind their armored casemates. Once the last gun sounded an expectant silence hung over the bay, even the wildlife around momentarily quieted by the deep, reverberating notes. And then with the sound of a distant thunderclap the signal shells burst high in the sky above, their photothermic charges igniting their incandescent packing within. Each sounded one after another, a rolling procession which lit the sky with even brighter tones of red and yellow in the fading light of the evening. All the while the ironclad sailed onward from under her bright salute to the newly arrived fleet, out into the Endless Ocean which waited for them at the mouth of the secluded bay. OOC: Fowadi and crew to Ta-Wahi at your earliest convenience. No need to move instantly just refer to this when the time comes. @BULiK @Snelly @Emzee @Mel @Perp @Krayzikk @otter @Lady Takanuva @Click @Void Emissary
  12. IC: Muuk [Naho Bay, Fowadi] "Aye, that'd be me," The Po-Matoran confirmed, giving a nod to the Toa surveying the deck. "Yer lookin for a ride, Toa Makua? Not usually our speci-ality, and fair warning t' ya, we tend t' get stuck in with the less than savory types if ya know what I'm sayin' t' ya." From behind his Kanohi the quartermaster grimaced, giving a shrug, before continuing, "Well, ya look like the kind that ain't got a problem takin' care of yerself with that there sword of yer's huh? Either way yer gonna be paying for rations I suppose, consider the bunk complementary if yer willin' t' help us out in a scrap." If he had anything more to say to Makua it was promptly interrupted as the acrobatics from an unfamiliar Lesterin caught his attention, and the Po-Matoran pivoted on his heel to shout, "Oi, wat'er ya doin there!" @Emzee @BULiK IC: Sentinel [Ga-Koro, Southern Docks] If the Lesterin's expression had been one of relief a moment earlier, then the look that spread across her face from behind her Rau as Talli presented a veritable novel of experience out at sea was pure appreciation. She accepted the presented parchments, taking a cursory glance at the official Ga-Koro Marines seals that decorated the records of service. A moment later and her blue eyes shifted back to the Matoran, an inquisitive eyebrow raised. "This is an impressive record, though if you don't mind me asking Miss Anach, why leave Ga-Koro? With experience like this you could find work… pretty much anywhere. Not that we couldn't always use a sailor like you, definitely the opposite, just that you could find better paying, less dangerous local crews I'm sure." @Mel IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro, Cael's House] Dehkaz listened intently as the foreign matoran-he couldn't recall if they called themselves by another name-recounted her experience and expressed her interest in joining. Though her words were shaky, and it looked as though the last meal she had gotten was when she had started on her journey to Mata Nui, she was nonetheless resolute. The Toa of Magnetism considered what she had said, before settling down onto one knee in an easy position to meet her gaze eye to eye. "Well met Saardma Azusai, I am Captain Kyhrilik. You and your people have traveled far to reach the safety of this island, it's because of this I feel the need to warn you; being a part of my crew may not be the safest of employments you may find on this island. We do our best to protect the lives of the peoples of Mata Nui, even if it means putting our own at risk." "We are certainly willing to have you as a member of the crew, though if you wish to lead a safer life here then there is no shame in that as well." @Snelly @Krayzikk @Click @otter @Lady Takanuva
  13. IC: Muuk [Naho Bay, Fowadi] There was a sound from above, halfway between a grunt and a sigh, followed by indecipherable conversation and shouts obviously directed at someone aboard the ship rather than the Toa floating beside it. A moment later and a rope was thrown over the armored hull of the ship, splashing down into the bay not so far from Makua’s slowly melting float. “Come on aboard!” The Po-Matoran shouted down, “We’ll discuss details where I don’t have t’ be shoutin!” OOC: @Emzee IC: Sentinel [Ga-Koro, Southern Docks] Only a few moments had passed since Makua’s flashy departure from the docks on his frozen slab of ice when the purple and copper Lestern turned once again away from her work at the sound of another voice. Her expression, previously colored with a tinge of exasperation at being interrupted again, faded into a small bit of relief once the Ga-Matoran introduced herself as actually looking to join up. “Well you’ve got the right place for that Miss Anach,” She replied, placing the iStone which she had been inventorying with down before turning to address Talli directly. “Do you have any prior sailing experience?” OOC: @Mel IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro, Cael's House] The Toa of Magnetism retracted his hand as Leah settled back down from the water-wreathed position she had been suspended from, curling his fingers into a fist which he held close to his chest. His eyes were focused on the mass of dark liquid which had been pulled from the Maru, regarding its sickly tones wearily. None of this sat right with him, however it appeared as though one hurdle had been cleared, as mysterious as the means by which they had done so were. It had taken less out of him than he had initially expected, though on reflection it seemed more and more likely that their combined power had served as the kick Leah needed to extract the poison herself. Perhaps she was not as far gone as she initially appeared. Dehkaz glanced down at the Maru, as motionless as before. Then again, perhaps so. Skyra voiced the question slowly percolating to the forefront of his consciousness, and the Captain turned as Krayn answered entering the hut. His brow furrowed and frown deepened as the De-Toa outlined what information he could glean from Leah's assailant, though he took a moment to file away the theory, and information which it contained, for later. "I agree," Dehkaz spoke after a moment's contemplation, folding his arms across his chest, "The refugees and their island… and now attacks within Koros themselves, Makuta is getting bolder, and fast." The remainder of his thought was cut short however, as a crystalline blur resolved itself and came to an abrupt stop nearby. He recognized Karoru, though the foreign warrior was carrying another within her arms. One of the refugee Matoran, though he wasn't sure that was what they called themselves, wearing brown clothes and wide-eyed. He glanced over to Skyra, his expression somewhat questioning, before addressing the two new arrivals. "I see," His tone held a hint of curiosity, his gaze momentarily focusing on the familiar flier which the not-Matoran held within her grasp, before returning to meet her own amber eyes. "And you are…?" He asked, the question a genuine one, with little to no accusatory notes to it. Having recruits delivered straight to him was a perhaps bit of a novel experience. OOC: @Krayzikk @Snelly @otter @Lady Takanuva @Click
  14. IC: If it were physically possible to hear one's eyes roll then Makua would have been able to make it out long past the point at which the general din of the busy dockside faded away. As it was though, the Ko-Toa's elemental departure was only followed by the bemused muttering of something along the lines of "Toa…" as the Sentinel returned her focus back to her previous task. * * * Despite the great difference in size between the two watercraft, if Makua's makeshift paddle board could be called such, his arrival up to the ironclad didn't go unnoticed. "Ahoy there Toa!" Came the call from up the tumblehomed side of the armored vessel, the origin of which appeared to be the tan form of a Po-Matoran peering over the side. He gave a wave and continued, "What is your business?" OOC: @Emzee
  15. IC: Sentinel [Ga-Koro, Southern Docks] The Lesterin raised a brow at the white-armored Toa's insistence, but shrugged nonetheless in acceptance. "Well, uh, sure thing then in that case," She replied, before cracking what could nearly be described as a grin of it wasn't partially hidden behind the mask of professionalism she obvious was doing her best to uphold, "He is currently out on the ship, feel free to go talk to him directly, y'know-" She jabbed a thumb in the direction of the armored ironclad sitting out in the bay. "-if ya can make it there without me." OOC: @Emzee IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro, Cael's House] Whatever theories and speculation his mind raced to produce in place of the information which Praggos had yet to provide as he kept pace besides the Toa of Ice were pushed to the wayside once the two had reached Cael’s abode. The subliminal catastrophizing which proceeded unchecked while his focus was set on tracking the Kahu just above them disappearing as he caught sight of Leah Maru. She was in one piece, that much was clear as Skyra and Cael moved her from Destiny into the dwelling. A small relief, if nothing else the frantic urgency that had caught even the Dasakan warrior Karoru off guard spoke to there not being much of Leah left. It wasn't until the Captain stepped inside behind Praggos that the true extent of her injuries, and the severity of them, was apparent. Before them, barely conscious and murmuring, lay the form of the Mata Nui-chosen protectors of the island. Her complexion–only a short time ago bright and determined in the face of all the grim realities which the island found itself in once more–was sickly and worryingly off-kilter in a way that wasn't helped by the erratic beat of her heartlight. It was far too reminiscent of someone just past the state of living for his liking. In spite of the myths and hearsay surrounding the Maru and their accomplishments, seeing Leah in such a precarious state was a pragmatic reminder of the mortality of even these living legends. The uneasy sense of the fragility of it all did not pass lightly. Praggos spoke of poison and infected Kanohi, the mention drawing his attention to Leah's own Mask of Power; and the oozing gashes across her cheek as Dehkaz began to piece together just exactly what had transpired. A motion caught his eye a moment later as Praggos continued to converse with Cael as to their best course of action, and Dehkaz watched with a focused gaze as Leah appeared to gather what strength she could to clench a fist over her faintly pulsing heartlight. The inexplicable gesture confounded even the most outlandish explanations that he could come up with for exactly what the Maru was attempting to convey to them. Until something happened. If her meaning had been inexplicable then what transpired next was an enigma. For all his time a Toa, indeed that time would encompass the full span of his conscious recollection, he had possessed a deep connection with that which was invisible and nearly wholely imperceivable to most. Magnetism was not an element that many associated with the traditional sense of the natural world; it was not the land they lived on nor the very air they breathed; but it was integral and fundamental in a way which few outside of his elemental affinity truly experienced. No two things were alike through its lens. Each Wahi strung its connections differently from another, a unique imprint which resonated deep from within the ground itself. His ship, a fortress of iron, shone like the brightest star even from its distant mooring out in the bay. Even those individuals around him bent the invisible ley lines that surrounded them in minute, yet perceptible and unique ways if one focused on them. His power was of the links and directions of the world around. As such the tug deep in his soul was a familiar, and yet completely foreign sensation. It was a connection, a pull of such a small magnitude that he considered for half a moment that he had imagined it completely. It wasn't magnetism, that much was clear enough to him. No, it was something far more general, calling upon no specific sort of elemental power at any of their disposal. A power. One that Leah appeared keenly aware of. "I felt that too," Dehkaz stated, his eye meeting the healer positioned across from him. "It's almost as if-" Leah reaching up to grasp Praggos' outstretched hand in a desperate grip cut his thought process short, and he looked back down to the Maru of Water with a searching gaze. And there it was again. This time it was stronger, but only just. As if someone had taken the lid off of a heatstone just that little bit more. Only it wasn't a warmth that the sensation brought with it, not quite. It was a clarity, like a cool breeze passing through Po-Wahi. Like water. Dehkaz raised his hand, palm down, towards the form of Leah, as if to stop her exertions, though that was not his focus. Instead of letting the strange power slip away once more, he held it in his mind. Kept it suspended within his perception the same as he used his own power to suspend himself in the sky above. And then he gave it a push. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @otter @Lady Takanuva @Snelly @Eyru @Krayzikk
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