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  1. IC: If it were physically possible to hear one's eyes roll then Makua would have been able to make it out long past the point at which the general din of the busy dockside faded away. As it was though, the Ko-Toa's elemental departure was only followed by the bemused muttering of something along the lines of "Toa…" as the Sentinel returned her focus back to her previous task. * * * Despite the great difference in size between the two watercraft, if Makua's makeshift paddle board could be called such, his arrival up to the ironclad didn't go unnoticed. "Ahoy there Toa!" Came the call from up the tumblehomed side of the armored vessel, the origin of which appeared to be the tan form of a Po-Matoran peering over the side. He gave a wave and continued, "What is your business?" OOC: @Emzee
  2. IC: Sentinel [Ga-Koro, Southern Docks] The Lesterin raised a brow at the white-armored Toa's insistence, but shrugged nonetheless in acceptance. "Well, uh, sure thing then in that case," She replied, before cracking what could nearly be described as a grin of it wasn't partially hidden behind the mask of professionalism she obvious was doing her best to uphold, "He is currently out on the ship, feel free to go talk to him directly, y'know-" She jabbed a thumb in the direction of the armored ironclad sitting out in the bay. "-if ya can make it there without me." OOC: @Emzee IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro, Cael's House] Whatever theories and speculation his mind raced to produce in place of the information which Praggos had yet to provide as he kept pace besides the Toa of Ice were pushed to the wayside once the two had reached Cael’s abode. The subliminal catastrophizing which proceeded unchecked while his focus was set on tracking the Kahu just above them disappearing as he caught sight of Leah Maru. She was in one piece, that much was clear as Skyra and Cael moved her from Destiny into the dwelling. A small relief, if nothing else the frantic urgency that had caught even the Dasakan warrior Karoru off guard spoke to there not being much of Leah left. It wasn't until the Captain stepped inside behind Praggos that the true extent of her injuries, and the severity of them, was apparent. Before them, barely conscious and murmuring, lay the form of the Mata Nui-chosen protectors of the island. Her complexion–only a short time ago bright and determined in the face of all the grim realities which the island found itself in once more–was sickly and worryingly off-kilter in a way that wasn't helped by the erratic beat of her heartlight. It was far too reminiscent of someone just past the state of living for his liking. In spite of the myths and hearsay surrounding the Maru and their accomplishments, seeing Leah in such a precarious state was a pragmatic reminder of the mortality of even these living legends. The uneasy sense of the fragility of it all did not pass lightly. Praggos spoke of poison and infected Kanohi, the mention drawing his attention to Leah's own Mask of Power; and the oozing gashes across her cheek as Dehkaz began to piece together just exactly what had transpired. A motion caught his eye a moment later as Praggos continued to converse with Cael as to their best course of action, and Dehkaz watched with a focused gaze as Leah appeared to gather what strength she could to clench a fist over her faintly pulsing heartlight. The inexplicable gesture confounded even the most outlandish explanations that he could come up with for exactly what the Maru was attempting to convey to them. Until something happened. If her meaning had been inexplicable then what transpired next was an enigma. For all his time a Toa, indeed that time would encompass the full span of his conscious recollection, he had possessed a deep connection with that which was invisible and nearly wholely imperceivable to most. Magnetism was not an element that many associated with the traditional sense of the natural world; it was not the land they lived on nor the very air they breathed; but it was integral and fundamental in a way which few outside of his elemental affinity truly experienced. No two things were alike through its lens. Each Wahi strung its connections differently from another, a unique imprint which resonated deep from within the ground itself. His ship, a fortress of iron, shone like the brightest star even from its distant mooring out in the bay. Even those individuals around him bent the invisible ley lines that surrounded them in minute, yet perceptible and unique ways if one focused on them. His power was of the links and directions of the world around. As such the tug deep in his soul was a familiar, and yet completely foreign sensation. It was a connection, a pull of such a small magnitude that he considered for half a moment that he had imagined it completely. It wasn't magnetism, that much was clear enough to him. No, it was something far more general, calling upon no specific sort of elemental power at any of their disposal. A power. One that Leah appeared keenly aware of. "I felt that too," Dehkaz stated, his eye meeting the healer positioned across from him. "It's almost as if-" Leah reaching up to grasp Praggos' outstretched hand in a desperate grip cut his thought process short, and he looked back down to the Maru of Water with a searching gaze. And there it was again. This time it was stronger, but only just. As if someone had taken the lid off of a heatstone just that little bit more. Only it wasn't a warmth that the sensation brought with it, not quite. It was a clarity, like a cool breeze passing through Po-Wahi. Like water. Dehkaz raised his hand, palm down, towards the form of Leah, as if to stop her exertions, though that was not his focus. Instead of letting the strange power slip away once more, he held it in his mind. Kept it suspended within his perception the same as he used his own power to suspend himself in the sky above. And then he gave it a push. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @otter @Lady Takanuva @Snelly @Eyru @Krayzikk
  3. IC: Dehkaz [Naho Bay, Fowadi] The Toa of Magnetism turned, his attention drawn to the blurred form that rushed up to the deck of the ironclad, before resolving itself to the recognizable form of none other than the Dasakan warrior Karoru. Her tone was shaky, but resolute in a way that he'd heard plenty of times before. Her discipline was heartening, but her words were worrying. Leah...? It had scarcely been an hour or so since he had last been talking to the Maru of Water, the fact that something dire had happened in so short a time was intensely worrying. "I'll head over," Dehkaz stated, "Follow if you're up for it, Karoru." With that the Captain raised an armored fist, the faint azure glow of his elemental power gathering around it, before punching downward towards the deck beneath him. An instant later he was catapulted upward but an unseen force, accelerating into the air in a shallow arc that carried him nearly the entire length of the bay towards the dockside once more. His momentum slowed as he neared the village, hands splayed on either side as he maintained the field which kept him suspended in the sky. Leah's blue armor would've been nearly impossible to pick out amongst the population of the Koro, but Praggo's brilliantly white wear caught his attention nearly immediately. A push from his power, and he was moving downward in the Toa of Ice's direction, landing in a jog next to him. "What happened? Karoru sounded shaken up, Leah in one piece?" OOC: @Lady Takanuva @otter
  4. IC: For the briefest of moments the Lesterin, her head crest and slightly odd armor tones indicative of her heritage upon closer inspection, seemed somewhat confused at the icy Toa's proposition. Though her look of confusion seemed to be more from the fact that Makua was in fact not another barrel of supplies than the particulars of his offer. "We are," She stated as her Rau shifted from confusion to understanding, giving a small nod, "Headed to Ostia, that is. You'll have to talk to the quartermaster for specifics on paying for a ride, but I can take you over once all the supplies make it here." "Fair warning, we're not exactly sailing a direct route. We'll be headed south along the island, stopping down in Ta-Koro before making the journey around Le-Wahi. You might be better served taking a ferry if you just want to make to Ostia." OOC: @Emzee
  5. IC: In contrast to the general clamor of the main jetties and piers in which the bulk of the crystalline-clad foreigners had landed their equally shimmering ships, the southern dockside was far less populated by them. Though this didn't entirely seem like a fortuitous circumstance, the more secluded nature of the docks combined with the simple fact that even under exceptional events trade was still as necessary and active as ever meant that the walkways and gangplanks were just as active as ever. Fortunately enough, a single being stood out like a sore thumb among the Ga-Matoran dockworkers and crew, her scuffed tan armor harkening to a home which was significantly sandier than the place she currently found herself. Currently the Po-Koroan was stood off to one side of sets of crates and barrels being lashed together, the recognizable shape of one of the Sentinel's amphibious skiffs bobbing gently with the waves not far behind her just off the dock. @Emzee
  6. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] The Toa of Magnetism watched Ironshaper depart in the direction of the largest of the foreign ships moored to the dockside. They had learned more than their fair share of information from the short conversations had so far, and Dehkaz was more certain than ever that the story wasn’t yet done unfolding. Still, they had more than just information to get from their stop in Ga-Koro, even if circumstances had been drastically shifted. A goal set, Dehkaz made his way from the seaside docks to the collection of wooden and leaf-built buildings that arrayed themselves out along the perimeter of the village. His first stop was the harbormaster’s office, a single story building which looked as though it had weathered nearly every single storm and tide that the Wahi had ever seen, with mismatched planking and well-worn footpaths around its perimeter. The interior was a buzz of activity, with a multitude of voices washing over the Captain as he pushed the door open to duck down inside-the entrance no doubt having been built when Toa were far less commonplace across the island. With the sudden appearance of the Dasakan vessels the sheer amount of frantic activity was of no surprise, and it took a good few minutes before Dehkaz was able to get a word in with anyone of some official capacity. Still, the slightly salt-encrusted Ga-Matoran whom he was able to speak appeared almost thankful of the banality of the Captain’s ensuing request and began penning down ink onto a parchment not long after. Crew Wanted! For the Ironclad Fowadi Sailing experience Not Required, Pay negotiable for applicable skills Inquire at Southern Dockside by Sundown So read the number of notices which were distributed and posted around the village of Water’s dockside within an hour of Dehkaz’s departure from the harbormaster, the ink hardly drying on a number of the pieces of parchment by the time they were put up.
  7. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] Dehkaz mulled over the Maru's far more upbeat words that she had left him with for a moment after she had made her exit. The parallels were not lost on him in the slightest, the fact that so many of them were thinking the same was telling, as was what Leah hadn't actually said aloud. Makuta was back in force, and everyone was gearing up. The conversation was enlightening, but it also brought up more questions. The Fa-Toa weighed his options, there were more than a few things they needed to follow up on, and not nearly enough time. "Kale," Dehkaz called over to his first mate, who was probably the best person for what he had in mind, "see what else we can find out about the Dasaka's situation. Leah mentioned their fleet's Commodore was nearby their submerging boat, seems like the best place to start." "Oh," The Captain held up a hand, "and if you make it onto one of their ships, see what details you can pick up about them. Even if they're only half as impressive inside as they look outside, I have a feeling we'd have a lot to learn from them." @Silvan Haven
  8. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] "I expected as much, we were only looking to top off on food and other perishables," Dehkaz explained, "I appreciate the concern, though we'll be headed down to Ta-Koro and source what we'll need from there." "As for crew, experienced sailors are always welcome, we have the room and I certainly wouldn't turn down extra hands on deck. Provided they're up for a bit of a challenge, sailing her is a learning curve in of itself," The Captain gave a half shrug, though the motion was more solemn acknowledgement than dismissal of the gravity of their situation, "Truthfully though, given the state of things I'll take anyone willing to swing a blade in Makuta's direction. Whether or not they have a sterling record or clear conscience… is not something we have the luxury of taking the time to vett thoroughly." "All of this," He motioned across the fleet surrounding them with an upturned palm, "could have very easily been our people." @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] "Supplies, as it would happen, though that particular venture has been rather obviously supplanted, given the current dock situation," Dehkaz answered, explaining, "Fowadi's fresh out of refit and we're putting her through her paces around the length of the island." A thought occurred to him, and he added after a brief pause, "Crew as well. Ko-Koro was a wakeup for the majority of the island, and it was reason enough to get the Aggressors operating in an official capacity with Guard support once more. If you happen to know of anyone, civilian or Guard, with skill and drive, and needing an outlet for them, send them our way. The Guard has enough to worry about now, what with Makuta overtly acting once again, with the Aggressors giving him and his lackeys another angle of attack they'll have to divide their focus on defending." "Any of the Dasaka would certainly be welcome as well. I can imagine more than a few are looking forward to striking back." @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] Dehkaz folded his arms across his chest, a contemplative posture that he held well after he took another appraising look around the docks. The worn, eclectic collection of vessels stood out in sharp relief, not just from their glittering hulls, as the reason for the mismatched fleet becoming far more evident with each passing moment. Refugees… There were enough of the foreigners to fill Ga-Koro once over again, which belied the far more sobering reality that it was most likely fewer than had started the journey to Mata Nui, and even less than those who had managed to evacuate from their homeland. Not all of the vessels were like the high-sided and fully rigged kind which stood out amongst the docks, a great deal were no larger than the most simple of Ga-Koroan fishing boats, and it was a miracle they had completed such a journey. For a moment his thoughts wandered back to what Shaddix had revealed to them back in Ostia, when the worn Fe-toa had laid his bag and story out. The revelation of Makuta taking direct action once more confirmed the mercenary's words, not that Dehkaz had much, if any, reason to doubt them. Not with the look he gave them. The fact that Makuta had saw fit to drive an entire people from their homeland was similarly not surprising. No, what gave him the most pause was that the dark god had succeeded. Mata Nui had weathered attack after attack upon their villages, swarms of infected rahi, rahkshi, and creatures pulled from the depths of the darkest nightmares. They'd held the line, stood fast for countless years, even against what seemed to be ever increasing forces. It was this fact that made the thought of Makuta having amassed such power to uproot and destroy an entire nation deeply troubling. Ko-Koro had precipitated a motion in the back of his mind, and it seemed the events since had only served to solidify it further. "Any information as to how their homeland fell?" Dehkaz asked, returning his attention to the Toa Maru, "These are quite the martial people, I can't imagine they went quietly." @Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] At the shout Dehkaz turned, looking off past the foriegn warrior and down the dockside in the direction of the voice, unfamiliar at first. It was then that he caught sight of Leah as she approached. “Maru Leah,” The Captain nodded in greeting to the village's protector as she reached them. He paused for a moment as their crew’s newest potential recruit and Skyra conversed with the new arrival, before turning to address Leah himself as the latter two departed for the ironclad moored out in the harbor beyond. “Seems we’re not the only ones paying Ga-Koro a visit,” Dehkaz commented, indicating the span across the wharf behind them where the multitude of crystalline ships were docked with a flourish of his hand. His tone turned questioning partway through, which was tinged with a more solemn timbre, “What happened to them? This certainly isn’t some diplomatic entourage, not unless it’s customary for them to send an entire Koro’s worth of shipping along with.” @Vezok's Friend
  12. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] "Well met, Menti Karoru," Dehkaz replied, while he was in the dark as to the customs and traditions of the foreigners, he picked up on the title to which the warrior referred to herself by. To that end, she had given him much about herself to consider. The fact that she was without others despite having traveled here with the rest of her people was interesting, though it didn't appear as though the larger implications of that were inherently dangerous. The motion of her hands, nearly imperceptible, caught his eye for a moment. "We could always use extra hands on deck," He glanced over to Skyra, the Le-Toa obviously particularly interested. He paused for a moment, his attention returning to Karoru as the spark of an idea gleamed behind his violet eyes, "It seems you've already met Skyra here, she'll show you around the ship and answer any questions you have. If she feels like you'd be a good fit then perhaps we can help you find what you're looking for out at sea." @Lady Takanuva @Snelly @Krayzikk @Silvan Haven @otter
  13. IC: Dehkaz [Ga-Koro Docks] The Captain watched Kale depart with his slightly green-tinged projection- the fact that Luten seemed capable of seasickness brought forth a hint of bewildered amusement at the continued novelties this island seemed to hold- before he moved off into the just barely contained bustle of the docks himself. A quick word with a few dock workers had the skiff moored to an empty spot in the ever crowded dockside, a feat in itself given just how many vessels were squeezed into the accommodations. Now, walking alongside the numerous foriegn vessels, Dehkaz was able to glean a bit more of their construction. Their basic design wasn't much different than Mata Nuian seacraft, convergent features common to most depending on what their original purpose; it seemed a fishing boat was a fishing boat regardless of its origin. Where they differed however, that was where his interest was focused. Chiefly among that was their peculiar construction, while they all incorporated wooden structural members and decking as far as he was able to observe; not unlike the common sailship seen across this island; where normally wooden planking would have wrapped around that to form a hull instead were slabs of a crystalline material. It certainly wasn't glass, not if these vessels had survived a journey as long as he suspected they did, but it also wasn't exactly the same material mined in Onu-Koro. The color was wrong, and the surface nearly opaque in a quality he'd never seen in a mineral before. There was also the fact that many of the larger vessels used a two, or even three hulled design the larger they got. Perhaps, he surmised, to deal with the far more rigi- Dehkaz's musings were cut short as a familiar voice called out from ahead of him on the docks, and the Captain turned his attention away from the crystal-built vessel and to the two approaching figures. One, of course given the gregarious nature of the greeting, was Skyra. The other Dehkaz did not recognize, at least not personally. Her armor, weathered from use, was of the same make as the reflective vessels around them, and bore a coloration relating to no Element or Koro that was known to him; though it certainly matched the descriptions he had heard and read of the foreigners. She was taller than the energetic Le-Toa she walked beside, enough to meet his own gaze dead on, and strongly built in a way that along with her worn armoring spoke to one that was no stranger to action. "Daring," He greeted as they met, giving the Toa of Air a nod and a slightly raised brow, before turning to address the being that she had obviously led to him. "Captain Khyrilik," He introduced himself to the foreigner. "Is there something I may assist you with…?" He added, letting the last syllable trail off to give the warrior an opening to likewise introduce herself. @Snelly @Lady Takanuva @Krayzikk @otter
  14. IC: Dehkaz [Naho Bay, Fowadi] The Toa of Magnetism nodded his assent, "Once we stock up you're free to go as you wish, I'm sure there will be other crew that will wish to disembark as well." With that, Dehkaz hauled himself up and over the side of the deck, landing squarely on the skiff which was in the process of being winched down to the waters below. Once the small vessel was fully lowered he unhitched the lines, holding a palm out to the side of iron hull to keep it from floating away as others boarded with a small application of his elemental power. A moment later, and they were off; carried by the slight breeze that had picked up. Weaving around the mass of crystalline and more conventional ships, they eventually reached the docks themselves, and it didn't take much time from there to find the three Toa that made it by their own means. "We'll split up, see what we can find out. Keep your ears open," the Captain advised, the general cacophony of the active port surrounding them. "We'll meet back at the ship by nightfall. Oh and Kale-" Dehkaz turned to address his first mate. "-See if you can't find some additional crew to hire on, we'll offer them the normal rate... and perhaps a bit more for useful skills. Here's as good a place as any, and I've a feeling now might be a good time."
  15. IC: Leli For the majority of the conversation Leli felt fit to stay silent, she had her input on the whole crazy situation, of course, though she felt it appropriate that Tarnok deliver his report uninterrupted. The three of them were all there, and he was better equipped than her to present the events in a... unflavored manner. But at his last remark she bristled, and her mind raced. "Not going to happen," Leli interjected, with a bit more fire than she meant for it to have. She turned to Nuparu and gave an apologetic motion, "Sorry, Akiri. Ussalmatoran Tarnok was under my command, any dereliction of duty was under my purview; not his."
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