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  1. Sorry to all waiting on posts from me. I'm currently living in a tent and working remote in forestry. I've screenshotted some posts I'm supposed to respond to so I can write my responses and post what I'm able to complete next time I have service. Love y'all.
  2. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "So. Do you still have a good feeling about this?" If I was being honest, I would tell Hyan-Fei that I didn't, and that every passing moment brought me closer and closer to the realization that I really would never see my mother again, and that even more than that, that this very same fear was keeping both of us here, so close to the opening of the earth below and all its evils within, when we should be fleeing. But as much as I may have demanded that same straight-forwardness from my mother, I was unaware of these truths inside of me. Perhaps it was the guilt, that Hyan-Fei was following me towards greater danger, or just my own foolishness that clouded my heart and my mind. Either way, I answered with what I felt was true at the time, false or not, "I think so. Take you for example! If you were unaffected by the Dead Mountain, there has to be a real chance that there are others out there, in need of our help," A sudden cool breeze washed over us, rustling the leaves of the trees above, "Anyways, I would never be able to forgive myself if I turned back now, after all this searching." I turned away from my companion as my voice wavered, the first sign to us both that in truth, I had no idea what I truly felt deep down. Maybe she heard it too; maybe she would see that I was completely in over my head, and that she should never have agreed to come along. She should have stayed in that little clearing, far away from here - far away from me. And I should have been much wiser to see it. I took a short breath, and with the now cooler air as my reminder, I began scrounging up sticks for kindling. OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  3. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness, heading south I watched as Hyan-Fei unceremoniously began dusting off her clothing, and couldn't help but let a bit of a smile creep into view, "Don't be too embarrassed Hyan-Fei. You've taken your fall rather well, considering. My mother was so annoyed at my crying that she tossed me back onto the horse." I put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, neglecting to mention Chand girls like myself were, well, children when we first learned to ride. Not that I thought so little of my new companion. If anything, Hyan-Fei's pride despite the tumble was one of the endearing qualities about her. "You won't have to worry about whether or not I'll toss you back on, on my honor as a Chand woman," I gave a somewhat facetious bow, with one hand over my fist to sell the act. I looked back up at her, to see crossed arms, and lips pressed tightly together, "I don't think I'd be able to if I tried, and definitely not when you've got that look on your face. I'd rather wait until your guard is down." OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  4. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro Pae gave a side-long look towards Nika, then back to Onepu. Pae recognized him, years ago living and killing in underground fighting rings meant it was important to learn the face of the officials of the town. It was rare that Pae's thoughts would be betrayed by his expression, with his face more still than stone - even now. He reached up wordlessly, and removed his Kakama, handing it to the Ussal chief. OOC: @ARROW404 @Void Emissary @Snelly
  5. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro - Inner Port Tuara nodded, a little unsure how she should have been addressing a 'Toroshu' all this time, if there ever were any rules for it anyhow. She allowed Yukie and Agni to change the conversation swiftly from the situation at the docks, "You'll definitely find customers here - and some friendly competition too. There's a lot of trade that goes on in Mata-Nui, and there'll be room for more. I'll bet you'll have the leg-up on them too, being from another land." Tuara looked back to Agni again, "We should probably move along here, but I hope Matoran and Dasaka alike can tackle any oncoming challenges, together," she said, turning back to Yukie with a smile, "And if there's anything you ever need, or if you just find yourself in Ta-Koro, you're welcome to come see me. Just gotta ask." Tuara finished, a little short, trying to avoid speaking for Agni - or the Guard. She wasn't an official representative right now, unlike Agni, and while it seemed certain that these Dasaka - and in particular Yukie - were genuine, it wasn't for her to decide. Not anymore. "And, I know who to ask for next time I need something nice to wear." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Mel
  6. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Eastern Zakaz - Abandoned Fort N'ashka took one step forwards, "I am Ash;tak, the blind," she began, "And I'm willing to offer you a proposition, Skakdi," she slowly reached for her collapsible sword and carefully pulled it out for her enemies to see, "If one of you can best me in melee combat, you may keep this sword-" It made a soft 'thhh-ink!' noise as the blade extended from the hilt, no doubt catching the hot sun in a flash, "and you may take these teeth," she continued, sticking a clawed finger into her mouth to reveal her metallic incisors and canines, "I'll even yank them out for you myself." N'ashka pulled off her cloak and tossed it onto the ground, "But if I best you," N'ashka's grin widened and crackled with small sparks as the electric teeth were pressed together. She sunk her blade into the ground in front of her, one hand on the hilt, chest rising, "I'll give you a head start when it's time for you to run." She turned a little towards where she thought her own Skakdi still stood, and spoke with a quiet intensity, imagining the magnetic field around her sword. She would need her control over magnetism if she were to stand a chance, "Lend me your power, Tarrok." It had only been a few days since N'ashka was blinded, and sparring an ally was much different than fighting an enemy who had the intent to steal or even kill, but she wasn't just talk. If they took her up on her offer, everyone here would see that. If mere skids like these could kill me today, then I shouldn't get to live tomorrow. But, it wasn't up to N'ashka. For all she knew, a bolt would whistle through the air right now and split through her throat, and she'd die choking on her own blood, clutching at her neck, gasping for air like some weak animal. It would be a more honorable state than the one Garsi left her in. She simply awaited their response, and prepared herself for anything. OOC: @Visaru @NorikSigma
  7. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro Pae tried his best to give a knowing look to Nika, but was as stone-faced as ever. After a moment of staring, Pae uncrossed his arms and instead placed them behind his back so the Toa of Gravity could cuff him. He spoke quietly, but just loud enough for his soon to be captor floating nearby to hear, but not the crowd gathered below, "We're here on business with Angelus, Ta-Koro's Captain of the Guard." "We'll cooperate," Pae said calmly, wishing that it was Jin here doing the talking. OOC: @ARROW404 @Void Emissary @Snelly
  8. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness, heading south "I hope you're right," I said simply, giving Hyan-Fei another reserved smile. After some time as the sun began to set, and with some searching we found a place that seemed suitable for a small camp - amongst a small stand of trees stood a long pointed boulder which would provide shelter from rain and a little from the winds, so long as it came from the north like usual. The trees weren't many and they weren't tall, but it would still obscure them at least somewhat, so long as nobody spent too long staring anyways. As Hyan-Fei brought Naiana towards the rock, I touched my ribs, and flinched a little. They were still sore, but close second was my feet. Hyan-Fei had been right though, the pain wasn't as harsh as it was just this morning. I turned my attention back to my companion and put out a hand to take for stability, "Don't underestimate the dismount. First time I fell off the Soko was at the end of my first day of riding." OOC: Sorry about the long wait @capMARVELOUS I was ready to post and then the forums went down lmao
  9. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro Tuara paused, now joining Yukie and Agni in peering towards Ga-Koro's docks. She wanted to ask Yukie what a Toroshu was, but his comment about the Ryuu seemed more important. She looked on for a moment, and realized she instinctually assumed a situation was developing. She felt her airways tighten, and her head began to pound. Then she simply blinked a couple times, and the spike of pain left as soon as it arrived. Tuara drew in a noticeably sharp breath, but continued on, uninterrupted, "The Ryuu, was that your ship?" 'What was that?' OOC: @Mel @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Eastern Zakaz - Abandoned Fort N'ashka felt a new brush of wind and the familiar sensation of the beating sun on her back as she stepped outside of the protection of the wall. She listened to Klidarg's breathing as she stopped at his side. The signs she would typically use to try and get a beat on somebody weren't gone with her sight, not totally. There were many things to learn, to rethink, and to retrain. "What do you think?" N'ashka asked both her companions. She herself would inspect what she could with her hands, but there was no hearing the old fort this time. OOC: @Visaru @NorikSigma
  11. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro "Mata-Nui is a big place," Tuara began, "You'll find a home that suites you no problem." Tuara glanced back at Agni again, feeling a further pang of concern well up at the mention of the fighting force. So there was a military presence on Kentoku still. The situation must have been dire of the choice was made to ship off the civilians while others stayed behind to fight. Many must have been separated - just as many must have expected never to see the others again too. For all that had happened here on Mata-Nui, it seemed that the right people at the right time managed to band together, and just scrape by for the rest of the island to go on living. If Mata-Nui had fallen like Kentoku, where could they possibly go? Despite all the death and despair, it seemed there were still things they all took for granted. Tuara returned to the conversation in front of her, "Is that what you'll do now? Find a place to the settle? What do you think comes next for you?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Mel
  12. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - ??? Pae looked across the gap towards Nika as the pair began to rise. He nearly let out a short growl of indignation, but of course remained silent. He let go of his two proto-steel hammers, letting them hover at his side, which he then tapped away with his foot. Once they left the anti-gravity field, they dropped onto the iron platform with two loud 'thunk'ing noises. He crossed his arms and remained completely still. "I surrender." OOC: @Void Emissary @Snelly @ARROW404
  13. i'm glad somebody has their eye on the real prize
  14. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "I'm not worried," I began, face straight forwards. It was a lie, of course, but I broadened the topic, "I think if my people had been all killed, I would have found more evidence of that by now. They were master Soko-women after-all. They should at least have speed on their side." I turned to look past Hyan-Fei, and further up Koshiki, "I wish I could say the same for the temple," I paused for a moment. The shiver I felt at the mention of what had become of the Long people - a people I was only half of - had become subdued, but it was still there. I would never forget it for as long as I lived. I still remember it to this very day, "Though I have little interest in going back there now, with those beasts crawling around up there. I doubt there's many pieces left to pick up. So much history, destroyed in a single night, like it was never there." OOC: @capMARVELOUS
  15. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Campsite - Outside Irnakk's Tooth "Then it's decided. At first light we'll go," N'ashka began, turning over onto her side, to lie flat on the hard ground. She placed one hand the hilt of her blade, just in case any unwanted wake-up calls occurred in the night. OOC: @NorikSigma @Visaru
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