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  1. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut Tuara gave Agni a look while they all turned around the face the door. Judging by the intensity of the knocking, and all of the day's events already leading up to now, it seemed the universe really didn't want this trip to Ga-Koro to be a simple check-up. Tuara was closest to the door, and so she took two long steps, and pulled it open to reveal Korero Maru, looking a bit antsy. It must have been a funny look to see two Toa of fire, a Toa of Ice, and a Toa of water all staring at him through the doorway. "Korero Maru," Tuara greeted him, "Do you need a hand?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Eyru @otter @Ghosthands
  2. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - Outside Nuparu's Office At least that was quick. Pae didn't say anything, and instead turned to look at Nika blankly. OOC: @Geardirector @Void Emissary
  3. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut Tuara gave Agni a glance as Praggos finished explaining the news, "We're technically only here to check out the Dasaka situation," she began, "Well, technically I'm mostly the ride-along today," Tuara nodded her chin towards the healers, "Solid that you were both in Ga-Koro then." OOC: @otter @Vezok's Friend @Eyru
  4. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut Tuara watched Praggos out the corner of her eye as Cael explained the aforementioned excitement. She wasn't sure what precisely Agni's look he gave her meant, and it wasn't as if she distrusted Praggos, but if Agni was trying to signal something, it was wise to pay attention. Tuara rubbed her chin as Cael finished, and let out a smile - Cael's pursuit of her work as a healer was always inspirational. Leah Maru being attacked, however, was not, "Thing? What was it?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend @otter @Eyru
  5. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - Nuparu's Office "By all means, I can see them right away" Onepu gestured to the door, and Pae stepped inside, followed by Nika. He looked at the Akiri seated in his desk, and moved out of the way for Nika, "Hello, Akiri," Pae said - feeling tired already about all the speaking today. He looked to Nika next, hoping he would take charge. OOC: @Geardirector @ARROW404 @Void Emissary
  6. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Sorry. Surely, it had only been a bird," maybe the same as the first one before, I decided. Just saw it at a weird angle. I was reminded once again of my lack of sleep, "I'm still on edge, I don't want to meet any more of those Rahkshi again." I alternated between poking the fire with a stick, and watching Hyan-Fei pack her pipe. After she blew a ring into the air, I watched her gaze rise up to Koshiki's peak, "I thought you should have the right to refuse something as crazy as this mission - and to do that, you have to know the truth about why I will do it. But I did not give you the truth until now," she turned back to look at me again, the flickering of the flame between us lit her dimly while she shook her head, "But I will be glad to have you, even if there is little fishing to be done on the slopes. It will be dangerous. More dangerous than riding the plains, as unsafe as they already are..." I looked at the pipe held in Hyan-Fei's hand, "You know, I've never smoked tobacco before." OOC: @Zasshu
  7. finally, now i can be banned from bzprpg.com AND the bzprpg at the SAME TIME! (congrats bulik!)
  8. Zakaz is the newest location - like others have mentioned, and is largely populated by Skakdi! Skakdi definitely exist on Mata-Nui as well, if you wanted to put your character to either of those islands it'd totally make sense! You can always create an 'introductory' post for your character in a location that others are, and mention out-of-character that you're looking for interaction, and see if people bite. Otherwise, if there are other characters nearby, you can always notice them and approach them - so long as it makes sense. If you're ever unsure if you should or shouldn't join an interaction, you can always private message a player involved and ask! The key really when you're first starting out is to just get interacting with other characters, and seeing what happens next. If something doesn't go as you expected, or the interaction fizzles out (for instance if the other player vanishes), you can always move on too - or PM them and see if it'd be easier to get back on track by time-skipping ahead. Don't get discouraged!
  9. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness At first I simply bowed my head lower while Hyan-Fei spoke, feeling some shame for my mistake. She was right, though, it was no excuse, and when she was finished I raised my head again, feeling the warmth of the fire on my face, "I am looking for survivors, that much has been true. But I have really been looking for my mother, a soko-woman, who I have not seen in many years. The last time we saw one another, we fought - worse than we ever had before. I said so many horrible things; she was weak, small-minded... I told her I hated her. My own mother, who raised me, taught me how to ride, how to smith crystal, weave - fight!" I looked up at the Mountain, and for a split second, I thought I saw some dark silhouette pass its visage, but relaxed when it seemed to only be a bird, "I thought I could live with my regret, that one day I would prove her wrong, return to her, that she would apologize and everything would be settled," I put a fist into my open palm, opening it and wiping two-flat hands together as if our conflict itself would wipe away as simply as that, "But now, I fear I will never have that chance, that she has been killed. And every day that passes, my fear grows. I have not had a restful sleep since the Mountain died, and I know she hasn't had a restful sleep since I said those things to her." I paused, listening to the crackling of the fire, the hissing of moisture being chased out by the flame, "It took me far too long to leave the slope, and far longer I've scoured the horse-lands. My fear has kept me near this new danger, and now it's keeping you here too," I bowed my head again, "But most of all, I fear that she went looking for me all on her own, to the last place she knew I was going, all those years ago-" I pointed to the peak of mount Koshiki. This time, when something crossed it in the night sky, my heart skipped a beat, and I cut myself off. Was it really a bird I saw? I looked back to Hyan-Fei, with a worried scowl on my face. "You didn't see that, did you?" OOC: @Zasshu welcome back!
  10. IC: Tuara Drigton - Ga-Koro - Cael's Hut Tuara gave Praggos a friendly nod, but kept mostly quiet, instead of speaking, re-experiencing similar emotions to their departure - the failure to 'save' Utu, and once again, walking away. She let these feelings sit, then pass, and totally snapped back to reality at the mention of Merror and Dorian. She took over as Agni trailed off, "I was the case," she didn't even break her gaze from Praggos, which she imagined must have looked stern, yet wistful. She continued, speaking with a matter-of-fact tone, "My brother returned, from the grave it seemed, and... I tried to help him escape the consequences of his actions. I can't change the past, but I take responsibility for being unable to stop or help Dor or Merror, and if not that, for busying Agni and the guard instead." She swallowed, and gave a bow of her head in humility, "I won't lie, finding you at the door, a part of me hoped that maybe you had seen either of them before they made it to their destination," Tuara gave a sad but reassuring smile, speaking quietly, "It's been hard to accept that any of them are gone, but it's the truth." Tuara looked past Praggos' shoulder, to see if she would catch a glimpse of Cael, rounding the corner, "But it's good to see you're still here, Praggos. I'm sorry I left you and the others in Ko-Wahi." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @otter @Eyru
  11. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness With a long sustained breath, I blew the sparks into flames, watching them jump from the dry grasses to the kindling as Hyan-Fei approached, bearing three fish in hand. I looked up to see a curious expression on her face, one that I knew mirrored my own. For a moment, I thought it was best to ignore this, and I said with a smile, and little wink, "If all the clans were as skilled as you with that fishing rod, Odaiba would elude the need of farmers and hunters. They could retire easily." But I felt my smile evaporate, and after poking at the flames and watching the light catch her expression again, I changed my tune. If there was doubt in her mind, and in mine, maybe it was best that I stop pretending, and instead make an effort to understand one another. And to tell the truth. "Hyan-Fei, I made a mistake..." I began again, "I've kept my true purpose and feelings from you. I've been afraid that if you knew, you might choose to leave, and the fear of being alone out here led me to lie. But if you hear the truth now, and we part ways, I won't stop you, and think nothing less of you." I put my hands together and bowed my head in respect, "I only ask you give me the chance the be honest now, and make up for my mistake from our first meeting." OOC: @Zasshu ok i'm actually back for real this time LET'S GOOOOO
  12. IC: Pae - Onu-Koro - Ussalry HQ Pae was quiet - as usual. It wasn't an easy gig, dealing with all this. It had begun to seem as though he, Nika, and Jin were given an impossible task. They'd been chasing the wind for far too long. Maybe more help was needed. Maybe it should have been Angelus in Ta-Koro, but maybe it should be Onepu. He allowed himself a long breath in, "We have nothing to show. Few leads, nearly less facts." Maybe their focus shouldn't be on this at all. Maybe they'd be more effective putting their efforts elsewhere. But in the back of his mind, Pae remembered what was promised if they succeeded, "If you think you could help, we can talk. No promises yet." OOC: @ARROW404 @Void Emissary
  13. IC: N'ashka Akkataka - Eastern Zakaz - Abandoned Fort N'ashka felt Reekla approach, the sensation of his magnetic field and softly blowing air appeared in her mind's eye. She 'saw' black, but also, soft grey-silver light in a rather rough outline of a figure. It was not a clear image in any manner, she could hardly tell what kind of weapon this Skakdi held. Something long, maybe? She grit her teeth and nodded in acknowledgement to Klidarg. "Reekla," N'ashka replied, now grasping the hilt of her blade and removing it from the earth, "Our fight begins. You may approach me." OOC: Sorry for the gabillion year delay everybody!
  14. IC: Chand Kura - Odaiba - Western Wilderness At first I wasn't sure what to make of Hyan-Fei's gesture. She reminded me of many of the Longs I came to know atop the Mountain. Though she was different in many ways, there was a quiet reservation about her that made me feel like she had more to say. But, sometimes, what somebody doesn't say is nearly as revealing. I returned the smile and watched her turn away - off to find us another meal. I had never been any good at catching fish - though I had plenty of experience hunting and trapping other game - so I was thankful that she seemed keen to take it on for the both of us. As she descended the slight slope towards the water, I turned and went back to finding wood for a fire. I uttered a short prayer that it would be dry to avoid signaling our location to the Rahkshi atop the mountain. As I stepped over logs and began collecting sticks for kindling, my mind began to wander. Under the darkening sky, listening to the rustling of the leaves beneath my feet, I began to hear the voice of my mother... It had been so uncharacteristically angry. * * * * * "How dare you look through my things!-" she said, the letter and necklace crumpled in her closed fist, which shook while she hissed at me, trying to keep her voice down in the camp. The items she held were lit up by the fire crackling between us, and made her unusually harshed features, harsher, "Through your own mother's things, Kura." But I too had been angry. I drew in a sharp breath, keeping my eyes on her hand - and on the items addressed to me, meant for me. From none other than a man who claimed to be my father. The necklace was simple, adorned with various yonoki shells. The largest ones in the middle, spreading out up the neck smaller and smaller until there was only string. The letter claimed that the necklace was made for me as a gift, meant to be given to me at the time of my birth. But only now, as an adult I had found it, hidden away. The letter had said my mother might try to keep it from me too, another reason any guilt I might have felt at the time of snooping had washed away. "Those were not yours to keep from me," I said, hearing my voice raise alongside the fire inside me. This betrayal - I felt - was too much for me to contain, "All my life you've kept him like an awful secret, but he is my father, and I have a right to know who he is," my mother's expression suddenly became more intense, as though she was about to shout at me - something she never once did. I wouldn't even give her the chance. I pressed on before she could respond, yelling loud enough for others in the camp to hear, "I have a right to know who I am!" Then, suddenly, I reached out across the campfire to snatch my things from her hands and - *snap!* * * * * * The sound of wood cracking beneath my feet made me nearly jump in fear, pulling me back to reality instantly. I looked down and lifted my foot to see a small oak branch, snapped in two. I stared at it for quite some time, wishing it had been the only thing in my life I had trampled over and destroyed. Eventually, I bent down and picked it up, casually adding it to my armful of fuel for the night, and turning back towards Hyan-Fei and the water. OOC: @Zasshu oh hey
  15. Sorry to all waiting on posts from me. I'm currently living in a tent and working remote in forestry. I've screenshotted some posts I'm supposed to respond to so I can write my responses and post what I'm able to complete next time I have service. Love y'all.
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