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  1. IC: Del - Red Star Inn, Atero The time had come to part. With Skyra and Karak making preparations, the two Agori forced themselves to let go of their charge, their dear friend. A painful silence filled the air. All a sudden, Mard grabbed Del's wrist and thrust his flask, full of precious water, into their hand. "Take this," he urged, avoiding eye contact lest he start crying again, "and remember to stay hydrated out there, like we taught you yeah?" "And well-fed," Ahmoa added with a smile, looking into his satchel and weighing how many ration packs to give the Glatorian before shrugging and handing them the whole thing. "All set. Food, drink and good company," the Agori opined, looking over to their convoy. "To be savoured, enjoyed," Del confirmed. The two Agori smiled proudly, in exactly the way parents do. Ahmoa glanced momentarily down at his own shadow, then at his partner. "We ought to be getting back," he stated firmly, slipping into his guardsman persona but not as seamlessly as he'd hoped. Mard did his best to adopt the same brave face, looking up at Del and smiling with quivering lips. "Don't be a stranger, okay bud? You know right where to find us." Del nodded; the training grounds, the Red Star Inn, the streets of Atero, all perfectly recorded. The Agori didn't say goodbye as they departed. Ahmoa, warm as a flickering forge, gave a smile and a short wave. Mard, inviting as a lush oasis, beamed as he gave an informal salute. On some low level, Del began to process the significance of a goodbye, and the absence of one now. They returned first the wave, then the salute, and always the smile. Around the corner, and they were gone. With club-and-buckler across their back, Mard's flask resting on their breast and Ahmoa's satchel slung at their side, Del approached Skyra's buggy and slid into the passenger seat. Awkwardly, the Iron Tribal leaned across to the driver's side and attempted to drape their arms around their escort. "For Skyra, Del I don't want to fight." IC: Mard & Ahmoa - Training Ground, outskirts of Atero "Brave face, brave face, brave face..." Mard chanted as the duo approached the grounds, utterly failing to keep a brave face. Ahmoa, usually a master of compartmentalisation, had a few cracks showing himself. "If there's anyone waiting at the grounds and you're a blubbering wreck, you'll look all the more fool for it," he said, speaking to his partner but directing the words at himself. Then the pair saw something that snapped them both fully to attention and brought them to a halt; a pack sitting outside the gate, and two green figures entering under it. "You don't suppose..." Mard posited, not needing to finish for Ahmoa to pick up the meaning; the two Tesarans from the Red Star. The crimson guard frowned, trying to reason out the situation. "No harm in making ourselves known, we're meant to be here after all." He cupped his hands around his mouth. "AHOY! Travellers! Come to train? Spar?" The two Glatorian still didn't rub Mard right, but playing the friendly proprietors couldn't hurt. "There's an entry fee, y'know!" OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu @Toru Nui @oncertainty
  2. IC: Del - Red Star Inn, Atero Without meaning to, Skyra had twisted a knife. After a pause for thought, Ahmoa turned to watch the driver head out to prep her vehicle, calling after her "We'll be out in a moment." Unheeding of the crimson guard's words, Del followed hot on Skyra's heels, turning back to the duo. "Del I, to find Celrys..." they paused, figuring out the right words to use as they sprung myriad from a dusty lexicon, "...go with Skyra Daring, the best driver, to Tajun." The light, dim as it was, had returned to the Glatorian's eyes. A hint of a smile passed across their lips. Ahmoa returned the faint smile before turning to his partner. The green Agori stared vacantly ahead, through the far wall of the inn. "Are you okay, darling?" He gently took Mard's hand. The seconds before he responded gave his true answer, but the Jungle Agori finally returned Ahmoa's loving gaze with a short nod and a sharp "Yeah." He squeezed the crimson guard's hand a little tighter. "It's been a crazy couple o' weeks, huh?" The facade of bravery slipped from his face a little. Ahmoa was accustomed to being brave for the both of them in a professional capacity, but now found himself similarly disarmed. "It has..." he struggled to say much more, the words catching in his throat. All a sudden, Mard tore himself from the crimson guard and ran out of the Red Star. Del had just about reached Skyra's waiting transport, the Glatorian carrying their club-and-buckler as their only luggage, their only belongings. "Del!" The Iron Tribal had just barely turned around before being thrown off their feet by the unstoppable force that was a grief-stricken and crying Mard, Ahmoa following not far behind. Analysing scenario. Mard grappling Del I. Legs immobilised. Combat disadvantage. You’re a warrior’s brain... Mard unarmed. Mard body language does not indicate hostile intent. Mard vocalisation does not indicate hostile intent. ...in a warrior’s body... Mard... friend. Query. "Is this... combat?" Del asked. Mard was stunned by the absurdity of the question, wondering where they'd even learned the word "combat." As Ahmoa helped the two of them to their feet, he couldn't help but begin to laugh and laugh through his tears. "No, silly, it's... it's called a hug. It's like... the opposite of combat. For people you don't want to fight." "For people you care about, dear Del." the Fire Agori added warmly before pulling Del a rather less high-impact embrace. "And know that wherever you go in this great desert, we care about you so very much." Mard piled in again, regaining some control after his outburst. "We're so proud of ya, buddy." Del stood processing for some time, two Agori wrapped around their waist. Eventually, painstakingly, the Glatorian draped their arms over the duo's shoulders and pulled them in close. "For Mard, Ahmoa, Del I don't want to fight." ...but you don’t have to be a warrior. OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu
  3. IC: Sohmak - Fleeing The Battle of Fort Garsi Sohmak was an idiot but he was no fool. The look in T'harrak's eyes betrayed her, told him that dubbing her their new warlord was the last thing she needed weighing her down. He felt ashamed... and suddenly, determined, to make right. A discussion to be had back at the fortress, if they made it that far. As their cover of fog drifted away from the scarred terrain, and the forces of Razorfish;Vaa with it, the Sonic Striker came to a realisation. "Where's Jojax?" Sohmak queried in a hushed but harsh tone. "And..." he paused, realising he never learned the disquieting Nahikl's name. He shook his head "Did they make it out?" His answer came with a raging cry and a dull thud. He looked back and peered through the edge of the mist, to a bruised, bloodied and battered purple Skakdi some distance away from them... and the motorcycle-straddling Krex not much farther away from her. He was unsure if the Garsi warrior had noticed Jojax's descent. The brawler nearly called out to his teeth-clenched sister-in-arms but bit his tongue. He growled an obscenity beneath his breath before turning to speak to the rest of the ragtag group. "We gotta go back. She's still got breath in 'er'." OOC: @Nato G @Smudge8 @ARROW404
  4. IC: Del - Red Star Inn, Atero For the first time, Mard and Karak were on the same wavelength. He nodded firmly at Ahmoa, who returned the gesture, the two hopping off their stools and preparing to leave. Further music to the duo's ears. "A splendid idea, Miss Daring." Ahmoa said, pulling a coin purse from his belt and pouring about half more than 'the usual rate' for desert travel out, beckoning for Skyra's hand and folding the coinage into her grip. He lowered his voice to a steely whisper. "That's an increase on your fee. It seems there are parties in our midst with a vested interest in our friend, and you..." he glanced down at her twin katanas, "...would appear to be a warrior, as well as a driver. We'd join your travels in an escort capacity but..." "We don't kid ourselves about how bad we are at fightin'," Mard finished not-so-tactfully. "We ain't even proper guardsmen, we started out in a theatre troupe." Ahmoa heaved a sigh. "...thank you, dear. In any case, should the interested parties prove to hold malicious intent, I trust you will provide your client with not only transport but protection, in an... aggressive capacity-" "Wait, uhh, Ahmoa?" Mard chimed in anticlimactically, just now noting the amount of coinage his partner just gave Skyra. "How are we paying for this 'increase on her fee', exactly?" "It's coming out of your dessert fund," the crimson guard responded, without looking or missing a beat. Caught. It was impressive for a Tesaran to blush that red amidst so much green. However, he could see Ahmoa's lips curl into a rare cheeky grimace, and felt the heat drain from his face. "Del!" Ahmoa called to get the Iron Tribal's laser-focused attention away from the cyborg, Mard waving to the same end. Their head twisted abruptly to stare at the duo instead, their analytical mind seeming to settle after a brief moment. "Mard. Ahmoa." The two couldn't help but smile. "It's time you set out, Del," Ahmoa said warmly. "To 'find Celrys'," Mard added with a wink. "To find Celrys," Del repeated, joining the Agori, Skyra and Karak. The corners of their lips began to twitch upward ever so- Find Celrys, he's your... The Glatorian seemed to slip back into a fugue state, once again mindlessly parroting the voice in their head with a face totally void of cognition. "find celrys he's your father i suppose." Del monotoned just loud enough for the four of them. The corners of Ahmoa's smile dropped slightly. Mard's smile vanished entirely, feeling as though he'd been punched in the chest. OOC: @Morgan Yu @Snelly
  5. IC: Del - Red Star Inn, Atero "It's going to be fun..." Del repeated, visibly puzzling out the words; the meaning, many more meanings, were sitting just beyond a threshold. In time they would return, as long-dormant parts of the Glatorian's brain were reached out to and reawoken. A hitherto-unknown fan in Del's helmet began to quietly hum. Behind and beside Del, the two Agori had stopped laughing but held uncomfortable faux-smiles on their faces. Mard was the first to notice. "On your seven, in the booth. Slow and casual." He hissed out in a whisper, guardsman's instinct kicking in. Ahmoa, as per instruction, turned back towards the bar and glanced over his shoulder past Del. From the corner of his eye he saw two Tesaran Glatorian staring, the more obviously cybernetic of them pointing, right at... Del? Why was everyone so interested in them? No, not them expressly. The Fire Agori turned back to his partner and let his smile drop as the two began to approach the bar. "What happened to Ferrum?' The crimson guard grimly speculated. Perhaps the duo were mistaken, maybe the woman had just recognised Skyra across the Red Star. But the man, the cyborg... no, his half-mechanical gaze was fixed on the Iron Tribal. Mard suppressed a shudder, thinking about the madman Celrys who'd made his name by shoving metal into people and seeing what stuck. He was confident in his read of this one at least; trouble. Del, meanwhile, was making their own independent assessment of the newcomers, their gaze settling past Skyra's shoulder. They took particular note of the cyborg. Analysing scenario. Prostheses present in green Glatorian. Ocular simulacrum replacing eye sinister. Capability unknown. Assume presence of enhanced optical performance. Additional prosthesis replacing skull posterior. Type unknown. Capability unknown. Glatorian body language indicates heightened awareness of Del. I. No present threat. Maintain awareness. As with the nervous wreck of an Agori they'd briefly had as a drinking partner, Del stared right back at the Tesaran cyborg, their eyes bouncing from between the organic and cybernetic one and showing no sign of settling on either. OOC: @Snelly @Toru Nui
  6. IC: Del - Red Star Inn, Atero The guardsmen were at first taken well-aback by the Glatorian's, Del's, response to Skyra; she'd got more out of them just now than the pair had managed in a couple weeks. After the initial shock subsided, Ahmoa couldn't help but beam. "Del. A fine name indeed." He turned to his partner, expecting to be met with a similar grin, and instead was rather dismayed to lay eyes on a pithy half-smile. "Is... everything alright, dear?" Mard tried to perk up, the crimson guard could tell he was failing. "Hm? Yeah, no, I'm happy, for... Del I mean. You don't... think I was too hard on that guy just now, do you?" Ahmoa sighed and laid a soft hand on the Jungle Agori's shoulder. "It's been a stressful time for us, Mard. We're finally getting somewhere with helping our friend, it's only natural you want them to feel safe at such a critical juncture. Protected." "Loved," Mard added abruptly. Again Ahmoa was surprised, but not so much as before. The Jungle Agori was always one to wear his heart on his sleeve, it was one of his favourite things about him. He hadn't anticipated he'd feel so strongly about Del so quickly; however, he couldn't rightly say he didn't feel the same. The Fire Agori let loose a chuckle, gently jabbing Mard's arm. "Your paternal instinct is showing, dear." Mard rubbed his bicep, laughing in a way that indicated he knew his flame a) wasn't entirely wrong, b) was an obvious hypocrite. "Shut up." Del, oblivious, continued to converse with Skyra, continued to point at their own face. "Del, I... find Celrys. Skyra Daring... the best driver... to Tajun?" The expression they wore could almost have been expectancy, perhaps even anticipation. OOC: @Snelly
  7. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero The Glatorian's gaze settled for a moment on the driver, Skyra. Expressionless as ever, but for once one could tell there was activity behind their eyes. Analysing scenario. Mard shrugged. "Not a clue, and you won't be getting much out of our friend either." Ahmoa. Mard. Skyra Daring. Celrys. Designations. Names. "You know anything about it we don't?" The Jungle guard pressed, leaning towards the Agori as he shuffled away. Name. Function of identity. A firm red hand rested on Mard's green shoulder, Ahmoa intervening. "Is everything alright, chaps?" Identity. Function of self. "Buddy here's asking about Ferrum." He again turned to the inquisitive Agori. "What's it to ya anyway?" Self. "He's likely just curious about the goings-on there, same as anyone." the crimson guard rationalised, trying to reel his partner in. I love you, Del. "He's right though, it is a sensitive subject," Mard protested, shrugging Ahmoa's hand off and glaring angrily at the anxious Agori. "If our friend's like this because of what's going on in Ferrum, if they're traumatised-" "i love you del." The guardmen's heads snapped towards the Iron Tribal, now looking down and through the gathered group. Synapses long unfired began to glow like a bed of embers. "i..." The Glatorian looked up again, around at everyone. "...Del." Their voice was quiet, but had never sounded more certain of anything. Slowly they raised their hand, extending their finger and turning it up to their face. "Del. I." OOC: @Snelly @Toru Nui
  8. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero Before the panicky little Agori could muster another response from the Iron Tribal, they were interrupted by the arrival of the two guardsmen in the company of the Glatorians from outside, all unaware of the recent revelation. The puzzlement adorning their face vanished at once, their head snapping around to meet the quartet with a penetrating gaze. Analysing scenario. Mard. Ahmoa. Individuals from exterior. Forms relaxed. Ill-suited to combat. No present threat. Maintain awareness. Ahmoa cleared his throat to get the Glatorian's attention. "Friend, Mard and I have found a driver who is willing to take you to Tajun." He turned to the driver, stepping aside and allowing her space. "I leave the floor to you, Miss...?" Realising they still didn't know her name either, he blushed a little at the informality. Mard, meanwhile, moved past the Glatorian and leaned on the bar between them and the anxious Fire Agori, fixing him with a suspicious stare. "And you are?" OOC: @Snelly @Toru Nui
  9. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero "But of course, I understand this may be a less... straightforward job than you're used to." Ahmoa paused, another small but important detail crossing his mind. "Continuing on the subject of introductions, there is a small matter... we don't know our friend's name." The guard smiled a little sheepishly. "Not that we haven't asked! We're great caretakers!" Mard opined. "It's just... they don't talk much, and we ain't sure they get what they're saying when they do talk." Ahmoa clicked his fingers in a 'eureka' moment. "As I said, they have been an incredibly swift learner. If I might make another small request, I wonder if perhaps making your own introduction will not only build rapport, but help them to understand the significance of a name." "We think they miiight be starting to get the hang of us two, maybe a bigger sample size will help." It was the most academic thing Mard had posited for a good long while, the significance of the occasion lost on him as he shrugged in a suitably 'I'unno' fashion. "Pro'ly, they almost always show for the big events." Mard responded, holding his shrug. His shoulders quickly tensed as he read Karak's expression; violence swimming behind his eyes. He held his tongue now, thinking better than to ask if the pink Glatorian was a fan of Skrall or not. Ferrum. There was that voice in their head again, clear as anyone else's in the Red Star. I broke quarantine, got us out of Ferrum. Before now the voice, the words it spoke, had just been meaningless sounds; by and large they still were. The words the Iron Glatorian spoke were similarly mindless, simple word associations based on what those around them had said. But something was beginning to happen. Something was changing. Connections were forming, the language centres of their brain as little exercised as their vocal cords were stirring, quietly buzzing. And the words inched just the tiniest bit closer to meaning something. "i broke quarantine." The Glatorian sounded the sentence out a little slower than prior vocalisations, and the Agori may have seen something like effort cross their face. There was a minute amount of thought behind their murmuring. "got us out of ferrum." OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu @Toru Nui That, Detective, is the right question.
  10. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero The Glatorian's unrelenting gaze slowly left the Agori and came to rest down on the cup placed in front of them. The colour of the fluid within wasn't as vibrant as their fruit drink, nor was the smell as pleasant. Still, a drink offered was not to be denied. The Iron Tribal slowly lifted the cup, peering into its murky brown. "to be savoured, enjoyed," they spoke blankly to no one in particular, certainly not their new companion. They took a sip. Immediately it was far more bitter than the last drink, a flavour that sat heavy on the tongue and wasn't in a hurry to leave. The tiny taste gave off a strange warmth however, one that wasn't entirely unpleasant. A furrowed brow and another experimental sip, and it was decided. The Glatorian put the cup down on the bar and did not regard it further, instead returning their gaze to the nervous Agori. Chicken, round two. Before he turned to lead the driver to the bar, Ahmoa leaned in close and lowered his voice to a hush. "A word of warning. Our companion, your passenger is... how to put this delicately... not entirely present. They were at death's door when we took them in and we're not sure how far they've been able to return from there." "We had to teach them how to eat, is what we're getting at." Mard interrupted. "Whatever the cause," the crimson guard continued, pointedly ignoring his partner's interjection, "we must request a... gentle touch. Drive as fast as required, by all means, but please exercise patience as well. They are a fast learner, and I'm sure they will make for an excellent travelling companion." Ahmoa attempted to give a reassuring smile. Mard blinked back, maybe trying to see if they could match wavelengths or some such. "Broadly, the upcoming Exhibition Matches. Our friend needs to 'find Celrys' there, though. Don't know why. Gives me the creeps, if you ask me." "I can't say I'm especially comfortable with the man either. But it's all we have to go on, truth be told." Again he looked to the driver. "If you've any questions we'd be happy to try and field them once introductions have been made." With that, the two Agori began to lead the two Glatorians towards their charge. "On the topic of introductions, I'm Ahmoa, guardsman extraordinaire," the Fire Agori declared, turning and giving a little bow. "Mard, guardsman average," the Jungle Agori declared, turning and giving a little salute and a cheeky grin. Feeling a little more relaxed around the strange pink one, he quizzed "and she said you were Karak, right?" OOC: @Toru Nui @Snelly @Morgan Yu
  11. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero Ahmoa gave a thin smile. As far as he was aware there was no deadline for getting their charge to Tajun, though no certainty that Celrys was actually at his workshop; he could be off inspecting the Celtech factories in Vulcanus for all they knew. However, the buzz around the opening matches meant he could also be in attendance. "Let's talk rates. I can introduce you to your passenger too, if you'd like." Mard returned the blink. It was certainly a step up from their non-verbal companion, but between his scarred appearance and now his speech patterns, the Agori began to wonder what the blood-red Glatorian before him was exactly. He continued to make himself seem diminutive, non-threatening. He was acutely aware of the guardsmans' spears on his and Ahmoa's backs, and hoped the hunched warrior wasn't. The Glatorian continued to stare blankly at the paranoid Agori; the query meant nought to them with their current level of comprehension. Without knowing, they were currently playing a game of chicken with the stranger's frayed nerves, and winning decisively. OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu @Toru Nui
  12. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero "Yeah! Well, not me, uhh not us, well it's uhh-" "Not actually that complicated," Ahmoa interjected pointedly over Mard, before turning to the driver. "Our companion," glancing back to the Iron Tribal at the bar, "needs to make it out to Tajun. With the exhibition matches starting soon, we figured the caravan drivers would be heading out that way in numbers before long. If you think you can get them there ahead of the pack, however..." Between her wide grin and clear enthusiasm for her job, he'd hoped a little ego-stroking would go some way. Details could wait. "Sorry to disturb you..." Mard murmured as the red-and-pink Glatorian stood to leave, remembering how aggressive he'd looked outside and hoping not to get battered. The Glatorian was getting down towards the dregs of their drink, quietly staring about a hundred metres beyond the wall of the inn. A nervous-looking Fire Agori took up another barstool nearby. Analysing scenario. Closed-off stance. Intermittently turning vision towards green one and red one. Mard and Ahmoa. No present threat. Maintain awareness. The Glatorian, no master of subtlety, did not observe the stranger from the corner of their eye, instead making their assessment while staring directly at the new arrival. They took another sip. OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu @Toru Nui
  13. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero The trio took up barstools, Ahmoa waving down the barman as he passed them to serve a pair of wolf-themed patrons. "Excuse me, do you know who drives the car parked out front?" The barman shrugged without looking. Mard sighed, knowing it would never be that easy but still disappointed it wasn't anyway. Perking back up, he extended three fingers. "Two for me and my flame here, and non-alcoholic for our mutual friend. Something with fruit." "Mard, we're still on the clock." "When was the last time we went out, Ahmoa? Your mother's birthday?" The green guard flashed a cheeky grin. The Fire Agori looked for all the world like he was going to protest, but instead loosened his shoulders and smiled that rare and beautiful 'well, alright then' smile that Mard so adored. "One drink." Their drinks arrived, brown bitters for the Agori and a sweet something for the Glatorian, heavy on the 'something'; it was impossible to discern the type or even presence of fruit used, and even the sweet was up for debate going by the smell. The Iron Tribal grasped the glass firmly and tilted it back like their water flask, slamming the drink back down on the bar as a frightfully sour bite filled their mouth. "Slow down, bud! Looks like it kicks all the same!" Mard gasped out between fits, and even Ahmoa couldn't resist a sensible chuckle as the Glatorian's face screwed up quite involuntarily. Ahmoa lay a reassuring hand on the Glatorian's shoulder, who looked confused and perhaps a little wounded. "Not all food and drink is for survival's sake, friend. Some things are meant to be savoured, enjoyed." He glanced back at his partner, still giggling, and smiled warmly. "There are many oases in this great desert. Cuisine, art, poetry... people." Wrote bad poetry, for goodness's... Analysing scenario. Fluid provokes unwelcome physical reaction in great quantities. Suboptimal. Intake fluid in smaller quantities to reduce or eliminate physical reaction. Savour. Enjoy. "enjoy." The Glatorian took a calculated sip, anticipating that sharp sting again. Instead, a pleasant tang sat on their tongue. The Glatorian went for a bigger sip, seemingly enjoying the flavour sensation even if they weren't quite showing it. The barman regarded the three with a 'strange, but not the strangest I've seen' look from the corner of his eye. The two Agoris' ears pricked up and they looked over their shoulders simultaneously, the Glatorian following two seconds later. There in the corner, the two combatants from outside the Red Star, now sharing a friendly drink. "Well, whaddayaknow." It was a woman's voice they'd heard, the Jungle Glatorian's. "I'll do the talking, green recognise green," Mard asserted misguidedly. The two Agori approached the table in the back, leaving the Glatorian idly sipping their drink at the bar. The Jungle Agori waved in what he hoped was a friendly manner. "Heyyy, sorry to interrupt your night, don't suppose you're the mystery driver of the auto-buggy outside are ya?" OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu
  14. IC: Sohmak - Fleeing The Battle of Fort Garsi Safety in numbers, another harsh lesson for the brawler to learn. So used to standing alone at the top, punching down any who would challenge his rank. And yet, so glad he was to be among this motley crew when the hill burst forth with spires of stone and steel. He couldn't find it in himself to spare a thought for their proud warlord. His loyalty to Zanakra could barely be called that, an alliance of immediate convenience at most; Sohmak didn't get shot by a trigger-happy warlord, Zanakra had some muscle to bring to her ill-conceived raid (for the lot of good that did them all). The fog would dissuade their pursuers for a few vital moments, moments that required decisive action. Decisiveness Sohmak was not capable of in these conditions, in the stubborn city mindset that each rumble and explosion was gradually shaking loose from his brain. T'harrak may not have had much of a plan past "run away", but her vested interest in keeping them all alive was winning a lot more loyalty from the Slugger than the warlord of Razorfish;Vaa ever did. "Boss, where to now?" he blurted at the tinkerer, trying with all his might not to look or sound scared out of his wits and just barely making the mark. OOC: @Nato G
  15. IC: ????? - Red Star Inn, Atero The buggy rolled to a gentle stop outside an inn not terribly far from the training grounds, truthfully walking distance if the three had known. Ahmoa disembarked, leading the Glatorian out and handing them their gear before mumbling an awkward "Thank you" to seemingly no one, wondering if the vehicle understood. Mard hopped out and slapped the hood twice in gratitude for the lift, taking note of two other Glatorian moving towards the Red Star; one the dark green of his Jungle Tribe, the other a deep bloody red, atypical of a child of Vulcanus. "Ahmoa," the green Agori whispered, indicating the two Glatorian with a side-eye. Hanging around the training grounds gave the guards a good eye for body language, and these two looked tense. Analysing scenario. Recent physical exertion. Increased respiratory rate. Weapons sheathed. No present threat. Maintain awareness. The Glatorian's grip on their weapons tightened, their muscles on a hair-trigger. "Let's get inside, see if we can find our driver." Ahmoa responded in a hushed tone, before noticing their companion staring down the two and nudging them with his elbow, causing their gaze to snap downwards. "Put them away, friend. We're not here to cause trouble." He indicated his spear on his back, and in that vein not in his hands. The Glatorian stared similarly at Ahmoa for a worrying second too long before something clicked in their head, sheathing their club and buckler. The situation disarmed, the trio shuffled quickly into the inn. OOC: @Snelly @Morgan Yu
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