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  1. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop I am unable to catch his last sentence. Too quick, too nervously sputtered out. I fear I will never learn anything at this rate - even as I assume my understanding of the language has grown, I am humbled immediately. The tournament is my only other lead. And so I leave Del and Skyra to their flesh-meddling heretic God. I smirk to myself, remembering my own and Skyra's clash as we first met. If all Southerners fight that way, perhaps the arena would be amusing if not informative. OOC: @a goose
  2. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop I twist the grip on the handle of my weapon on my back once idly. I reach around the language wall, trying to focus on the words and phrases of most use and interest. silenced. Someone don't want Hmm. "Someone? Someone who? Rock Tribe? Agori?" This language is cumbersome but simpler than first appearance. It can be learned. OOC: @a goose
  3. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop This man's demeanour reeks of cowardice. His eyes flutter around the place and I watch them weakly focus on me as he addresses me. "What is it you fear?" My words come out without confusion. OOC: @a goose
  4. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop "Hire?" I repeat back to him, and then to the receptionist, before thinking and comprehending the words he'd said. I make the motion of jingling coins together to him, and then I finally simmer for a moment. I did not plan on accompanying Del or Skyra for longer, so I point to the room I had already come from, gesticulating my finger to show where they were. "Might going to wait." I say. "Busy with Metal God." I speak the last words with venom, even just recalling Celrys' appearance disgusted me. OOC: @a goose
  5. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop My ears prick as if I'm an Iron Wolf. "Skyra?" I repeat, the conspicuous man catches me at the end of my alert streak. I raise my head, my eyes peer out at him. OOC: @a goose
  6. IC: Karmine Madoc - Bang. Cops. They're either thick as pig ****** or too wily for their own good. She's drawn in, so don't bloody waste the opportunity. She's fast but not fast enough for you - all that power and strength you dredged and scrounged up from the numerous bodies you've laid out in the past means you're just as nifty, ******, maybe even more. So the punch whiffs past, and with your shooting arm charred but now loose from the chain you grab the weapon still strapped to your shoulder, and decide to give another meaning to the phrase "weapons-free" and squeeze the trigger of your weapon point blank at the Sentinel's neck. Classic guillotine. OOC: @Krayzikk
  7. IC: Ela Latos - Ga-Koro Tour She nodded. "These villages...they each harbour their own temperaments and moods. I haven't visited Ga-Koro since your people arrived. Not to say they'll give you trouble, but being prepared for questions is probably wise. Not to suggest you weren't already." She herself still felt odd on the vegetation that comprised the walkways of Ga-Koro. She'd seen Skakdi that towered over even her that still stood fine on them, but the slight unease while walking remained. "Why does your people's disposition make you curious?" OOC: @Krayzikk
  8. IC: Karak - Celrys' Workshop A firmer grasp on these people's language would do me a lot of good. For now I have to rely on his body language and intonation, was he aiming to leave? The word 'Games' taps against the previously discussed arena. One word in a puzzle I was struggling to put together. For now I glance away. He was leaving - and if his intent was to stalk he had gained little from his excursion here. Best not to follow into a prepared trap, if there indeed was one.
  9. IC: Ela Latos The warrior rose from a squat, having been admiring Ga-Koro from afar. Her memories of her birthplace were scarce but seemed to resemble Ga-Wahi in a few elements - but were completely alien in others. She hadn't yet asked Kiyaku of their exact business here. Her posture was now straightened - she rolled her shoulders, looking down to her new Captain. Her time here had been strange, she knew the crew wouldn't dare to question Kiyaku's judgement but she could still feel their eyeballs boring into her sometimes. As long as that didn't spell danger, she could abide it. "As long as you regale me of our purpose here on the way in." She worded that perhaps a bit too demanding, though that either didn't faze her or simply didn't register at all. OOC: @Krayzikk
  10. IC: Karak - Celtech My gaze remains unbroken - eyes narrowed to slits. OOC: @Toru Nui IC: Vitrum - ??? The quietest, faintest of clicks in the shadows. Vitrum's ears are the only ones capable of hearing such noise. Such discretion is intentional. Her mark pottered and roamed the streets not more than fifty feet away. He's uneasy but not vigilant. Her employer had left this undertaking too late in her book - flight risk should never be a factor in matters like this. A finger lightly pangs the rope of the crossbow. Red eyes disappear into the shade. OOC: @a goose
  11. IC: Karak - Celtech My head swims as I try to get my head together - none of this should be my concern, so why allow it to trouble me? I lean myself against the wall in the hallway, breathing in the workshop's filtered and tampered air. The company of the Southerners has outstayed its welcome. I feel much more suited to my own. But as my eyes scan over to the exit by the front desk, a man - one of the shorter Agori - locks my gaze in place. I do not hear what he says to the woman out front but his face strikes one of the wind chimes in my flow of memory. Had he been one of the many in the ocean of people arriving in the village? The prospect seems unlikely. None of them had seemed to have caught my eye. I watch him from the hallway. If Del is attracting prying eyes again, I would certainly be better parting ways with my companions in the office. OOC: @Toru Nui @a goose
  12. IC: Karak - Celrys' Office The mineral puppet keeps talking. He speaks slow and deliberate so as for me to understand him better, but to no avail. All I can do is trace my gaze across the sharp and shiny prosthetics stapled onto him. His mere existence is close to an affront against who I was - who my people are. Skyra somehow punctures the haze. She speaks more gently than I've heard her try to before. It has the effect of rainfall on an open fire. And so, I fall back. I look back to her, and then at Celrys, and then Del. Wordless, I exit the room. OOC: @Snelly @a goose @Techn0geist --- IC: Clare (NPC) - 'Scarabax's Delight' Inn, Reception Yep. They're not coming down with their rent, are they? In truth, it's kind of my fault. I make a habit of refusing guests who don't want to pay for the first night when they check in, but one of them kind of talked me into it. They had one of those voices you know you shouldn't listen to - but you cave when hearing in any case. I really need to ask for some time off. And of course, today of all days our security guard sent his friend over to say he wouldn't be in. That's his last sick day, for anyone counting. So it's gonna have to be up to me to tell that lovely party that they'll have to either pay the money due along with a fine for being late, or leave. Not that I don't think they'll listen to me or anything. "I would like to book another room out." ******, that really scared me. It's that woman from a few nights ago - with the kinda eerie helmet. She's not a bad guest, but she's one of those I'm afraid to make small talk with. I don't feel like irritating her is a good idea. "Uh, of course! You were in..." I nearly fumble the papers out of my hand before smiling awkwardly. Get it together, Clare. "Room 3, right? First floor." She nods. Good, I didn't forget her name. I clear my throat. "Did you have any preference on which room you'd want to be moved to?" "Top floor. Room 1. It's the one with the window looking out to the front." Ah. Of course. Of course. "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but I'm afraid we can't give that room to you." I rub the back of my head, hoping to whatever was up there in the clouds that she doesn't inquire further. I feel my face lose a bit of colour as she leans in ever so slightly. "Is it booked?" "Well, I...yes, well, sort of. We have some guests up there who had the place booked last night, but..." I catch a blink behind the mask. "But?" Oh, screw it. I couldn't care less if it made the inn look bad, it's their fault for hiring such a deadbeat for security. "They haven't paid for tonight. But they haven't checked out. I've uh...been on shift most of the day and they haven't seemed to have left." Her head moves over to the door, where our doorman would usually be. Here it comes. "Where's your security?" "Hmm?" She speaks while I'm mid-sip of water, and I just about manage to swallow it without choking. "You had a doorman when I checked in." "Oh, well, it seems he's taken ill or something. But don't worry! You're perfectly safe, the concierge is around all hours of the day so if you're concerned about anythin-" She interrupts me by placing a flush of coins on the wooden desk in front of me - by a rough count probably about three nights of rent - and turns around, heading for the stairs. "Three nights, please. Under Vitrum." She calls down to me. At this point I'm not really sure what to do. I try to open my mouth to protest but she's already up the stairwell. "Please don't do anything that'll get me fired." I murmur under my breath, head in my hands.
  13. IC: Karak - Celrys' Office A tempest of jargon and incomprehensible phrases comes from the grotesque flesh sculptor. The outburst of anger only moments before swells again. Del glances at me - apparently shocked. And then, seemingly, he demands the same answer from the man - with about as much vitriol as I myself had spat out. Enough was enough. I storm forward, my thumb poised at the man. "He like not! You stop!" OOC: @Techn0geist @Snelly @a goose
  14. IC: Vitrum - 'Scarabax's Delight' Inn, Third Room, First Floor (Tajun) A small, oil soaked cloth caressed the steel of Vitrum's blade, immaculately maintained and yet long serving. It was a deceitful thing; on a glance it looked not dissimilar to any other shortsword style sidearm carried regularly by any breed of individual seeking protection - or simply aiming to take a life. But its painstaking maintenance hid its trickery - as the cloth edged across it, it dipped ever so slightly every couple dozen centimetres, only to rise up on the inverse stroke. Vitrum momentarily kept the fabric in one hand as she inspected the blade closely - before suddenly pressing a calloused thumb against a button mechanism near the handguard. Within milliseconds, miniature clockwork mechanisms rumbled to life and three almost invisible partings of now obvious segments of the switchblade telescoped into one another, the wooden handle of the dragging them in sequence inside like a hungry beast. Good. Vitrum now satisfied, the contraption was stowed away in the bedside table, poised for action if and when it were to come. The mercenary glanced to a half-eaten pie that room service had brought up on top of the same table. She'd eat the rest later. Fatigue pulled at her eyelids. An hour's sleep, and her job began. --- IC: Karak - Celrys' Office At this point, I almost see myself out of the door to wait. Whatever abominable contraptions this man is seeking to place inside of Del - I wish never to see. Moments pass before the disgust takes ahold of me like a nasty fever and I speak without thought. "Oi! What you do him, metal man?!" I demand, pointing at him with fervour. OOC: @a goose @Snelly @Techn0geist
  15. IC: Karak - Celrys’ Office I offer a grateful grunt as my lips caress the edge of the cup - the liquid wets their texture like a much awaited monsoon. And then, involuntarily, some of the liquid spews out back into the cup as I lay eyes upon this “Celrys”. His body has been butchered, defiled and impaled with countless mechanical implants and substitutes. I feel sick gazing upon him. OOC: @a goose @Techn0geist @Snelly
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