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  1. Looks like the hex code is da5100. Just do the usual [color=######][/color] bbcode for it.
  2. IC: "Burn anything you find if you do get into his lair," I added after a moment. "Notes. Experiments. Bodies. Any of it. Save nothing."
  3. IC: "A Lesterin," I supplied, jumping back into the conversation as though that was my cue. Which, in a sense, it was, given that I was the only one present who had actually seen whoever it was. "As best as I could tell, anyways. Didn't have the right proportions to be a Toa...but they were like an infected mask grew legs and figured out how to walk. I've got no clue how they were even alive, but they got in a fight with Leah and managed to poison her. Had to rush her here to do anything, it was beyond what I could fix alone." Spirit forbid that anybody gets attacked by the same and goes to somebody other than myself or Cael for treatment. Thinking of which... "There was some sort of commotion picking up in the market earlier on, but I didn't pay any mind to it until a bit later when Leah more or less upended one of the pads, and about did the same to another right when Krayn and I caught up to her. There might be something to look into out there, or get ahold of the marines and see what they've already found if they've gone and looked." OOC: @Palm@Vezok's Friend@Eyru
  4. IC: "I don't know that Merror ever even found Echelon's base," I spoke up, once it was clear that Pirok still intended to go through with this plan. "Before we got separated in a storm, I had been with Merror and Agni trying to find Echelon's base. We had a Matoran with us who had been working for that madman—but he managed to run off from us after we made it to Ko-Wahi, and there was no way to track him, and with him went our only lead." Probably for the better, though; had we been able to find Echelon's base while he was still alive, I'm not entirely certain the three of us would've stood the best chance. Two fire Toa with morals, and one ice Toa without the power crutch I'd gotten used to using in fights like that, versus Mata Nui only knew what sort of power Echelon had to call upon by that point. "Agni's the only other one who'd have had any idea, and he just told me over in Ga-Koro that as soon as he and Merror made it back here they split up. There aren't any leads we can give you." Good as his intentions seemed to be, I hoped that the bluntness might help dissuade him at least a little bit. "When you're out in the drifts, keep an eye out for any shelter you can find if the weather turns bad, don't think your element alone will be enough to save you, and don't pick any fights with Muaka. If you find any bodies, don't try to drag them along with you—retrieval is more trouble than it's worth unless you've got a Kualsi or a Kakama, and that's gotten more than a few stuck in a position where they were lucky not to freeze." OOC: @Snelly@a goose@Void Emissary@Emzee@Toru Nui@Krayzikk
  5. IC: ... I sighed. "I need a drink."
  6. IC: "You're sure it wasn't this other Toa of ice standing right next to us that you remember?"
  7. IC: Unbelievable. "Because she said it in answer to my saying I didn't have the faintest clue what hospital you were even talking about. You know, like how conversations and questions and answers work. Between reasonable beings."
  8. IC: "Skyra, you literally just said it was the hospital in Ga-Koro."
  9. IC: "That who wasn't me?! Someone with you when Skyra became a woman? No! The last time I was in Ga-Koro I was getting press-ganged by the marines, and before that I was in a fight in the middle of the Koro trying to help Tillian Juturna!" No sooner had the words left my mouth than I wanted to groan. Skyra and Tillian had been great friends. I probably just gave more ammunition to the delusion, rather than trying to defuse it like I'd hoped.
  10. IC: This poor man didn't know how right he was, and yet also how very, very wrong. "I'm really unsure who you think I am right now."
  11. IC: I quickly looked back and forth between the two of them. Looking for some hint of a joke. But in their eyes I saw nothing but wide, empty-headed sincerity. Mata-Nui protect me. "You have a point with the 'despite everything' part, but we've barely been friendly for a few months now. I'm still surprised she didn't gut me when we saw each other in Ko-Koro."
  12. IC: I stared long and hard at the two in front of me, knowing that the other ice Toa was somewhere off the side watching all of this, probably with some growing sense of incredulity to match that I was feeling. "I haven't the foggiest idea what hospital you're even talking about."
  13. IC: "That sounds like a medical condition."
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