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  1. IC: The Matoran of plantlife in a side room stopped messing with whatever filing cabinet he had his hands in, turning to the door that led back to the entrance of the Akiri's workspace. Once he heard the other one leave—sounded like a Toa, judging by the footfalls—he peeked his head out, looking at the Ga-Matoran at the desk. "Did he say Leah's been injured?" The Ga-Matoran nodded. "...If he came here to tell us, that means it's bad, right? Karzahni, Hahli's not going to like this." The Ga-Matoran nodded again. With a sigh, Eutuchia covered the eyes of his mask, shaking his head defeatedly, before dropping his hands to stand firm and resolute. As though prepared for some great suffering or torture. "I will tell her," he declared, though whether he ignored or simply didn't notice the other Matoran rolling her eyes was hard to say. "I will save the rest of you from her reaction...but get ready for mandatory training again. She's probably going to break the pull-up bar back out." He started back deeper into the hut at a stately, resolute pace...before picking it up to actually get to Hahli quickly. This was news she'd want to hear soon. "Hahli, I've got news, not good news, and no, it isn't that creep back trying to hit on the Dasaka again, it's worse..." OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl
  2. IC: "It's not my element, I couldn't tell you the first thing she did," I replied sharply, and quickly. "And I'm not inclined to take chances with one of the Maru. She may be able to do things we just can't, and I don't want to risk losing her while we try to flush this out and chase symptoms with our masks. Any poison that could bring her this far down, this quickly, might be entirely beyond us for the normal methods. We need something quick, and decisive, not to experiment!" Mata Nui, in his infinite wisdom, had not seen fit to give me the ability to use the power that transformed me into a Toa to enact any healing—so far as I knew, only Toa of Water could do that. But I could at least offer some of it up, along with the others, so that Cael didn't drain herself entirely. I stretched my hand out over Leah, towards my fellow healer. "Cael, please. We don't have forever." OOC: @Eyru@Vezok's Friend@Snelly@Krayzikk@sunflower@Lady Takanuva
  3. IC: "Tell you in a moment," I replied to Dehkaz as he landed next to me. I didn't really have the breath to spare while I was trying to keep pace with a flying bird. Ignoring the shooting pains in my knee—no matter how much I'd tell Krayn he shouldn't ignore the pains in his shoulder, don't judge me, my knee has been like this far longer—I reached out, grabbing at a post to keep from tumbling over as I rounded the corner as quickly as I could, Cael already out and in sight. I picked up the pace, catching the door to her hut before it even had the chance to swing closed. "Poison. From what I saw, the one that gave it to her looked like if an infected mask grew limbs, and that festering looks like it could've come from a Rahkshi, not a person." No doubt she'd quickly piece together what the rest of us had been picking up for weeks beforehand, even before we had gotten outright confirmation that Makuta was back. A random infected-looking being in the village, poison strong enough even to put one of the Maru in such a state...it didn't bode well, all things considered. Worse yet, if it was anything like Rahkshi poison, the group of us were about to have a draining time trying to cure the Maru. Hopefully Krayn would burst through the door in a few seconds and alleviate a bit of it. "Cael, you're taking the lead on this. This is moving too quickly to waste time with our masks trying to figure it out. Skyra, Dehkaz, we're giving her the strength to get it done. Krayn'll figure it out when he gets here." I'd have offered to help carry Leah, but after the jog to Cael's home and the exposition I gave her, I was feeling more than a little lightheaded. Once I had, though, I quickly took the spot opposite Cael, leaving space for Skyra and Dehkaz—even Krayn and Karoru, for when the first made it by and if the second was even able to help—to surround Leah. "When you're ready." OOC: @Snelly@Krayzikk@Lady Takanuva@sunflower@Eyru@Vezok's Friend
  4. IC: Probably both, if I was being entirely honest. The wreckage of the hut wasn't hard to notice. However, in that short exchange she satisfied any worry I had that any head trauma she had sustained was relatively minor, so I could focus on the rest. Poison. It wasn't unbelievable, given the glimpse I'd gotten at who she'd been fighting. Without knowledge of the specific poison, I had no way of knowing if it was one I could truly cure with my mask, but it wasn't for my simple knowledge of anatomy and how to stitch it back together that I'd been chosen to wear that cursed mark. "Relax," I bid her, shaking my hand free just to grab her so that she didn't flop over or end up hitting her head again. General weakness, labored breathing, struggling to focus. I placed one hand on her forehead, feeling the fever that had rapidly grown, and that was when I noticed the cuts on her cheek. Sickly and inflamed, almost as if they'd passed into the deepest stages of infection in moments. Karzahni. There were multiple poisons that could do that, I imagined, but from years living under Makuta's shadow—and knowing what we did that he was back—it didn't take much effort for me to guess at its ultimate source. My mask started to glow immediately, tracking the route of the poison through her bloodstream as I kept the symptoms in mind. Slowing the progress as much as I could, but as little as I liked to admit it, I didn't yet have the capability to heal this alone. Good thing I planned to get to Cael anyways. Leah's breathing began to deepen and slow, some measure of strength returning to her limbs as I worked. I could feel the fever drop, as well, though not nearly as much as I'd like. I could hear Skyra nearby, calling out to Krayn, and before he could even respond I jumped in: "No time, Skyra!" I looked up, the glow diminishing as I started to help Leah to her feet. "Take Leah, take Destiny, and get her to Cael's place as fast as possible. Central plaza, larger hut, has a sign, you can't miss it. I'll meet you there." I passed the injured Maru over to Skyra, turning to Krayn, and the new one. What was her name? Karoru, or something like that? "Krayn, get news of this to Hahli, or at least to her secretary or aide or whoever she has there, and then meet us at Cael's. Karoru—" I really hoped I had the name right. "Go inform Dehkaz or Kale of what we're doing, whichever you get to first." All that said, after waiting a moment for acknowledgement, I turned and started making my way in towards Cael's place. OOC: @Snelly@Krayzikk@Vezok's Friend@Lady Takanuva
  5. IC: "Wait, don't—!" It was useless, of course, he was already off. I couldn't blame him for it, either, as much as I'd rather him and Skyra both hang back rather than diving into the middle of things; it wasn't something either would be capable of doing. As he jumped off and fired his grappling hook, I dove into the water, kicking hard to cover the distance over to Leah as quickly as possible. Luckily, as challenged as my knee made me on land, I had less trouble in water. The lack of worry about stepping wrong and completely falling always helped with that. As for lifesaving, however, that had never exactly been my strong suit, outside of the medical side of things. I knew the basic gist of maneuvers and all, and without the aid of any sort of rescue device I'd just have to hope she was as tired as she looked and wouldn't start fighting me as I started dragging her to shore. That might get dicey. Coming up behind her, I wrapped my arms under hers, grabbing at her shoulders and quickly flipping us over onto our backs to keep her head up from the water. In the interest of covering the distance back to the lilypads in a speedier fashion, I shifted my grip to wrap across her torso, holding her head up and stroking with my free arm and kicking to tread water as quickly as possible. "Not to worry, Leah," I tried to reassure her, assuming she was still conscious enough to even notice. "We'll have you back out of the water in no time." No time, of course, was a blatant lie—would that I could teleport for situations such as these—but it was better than saying anything that might make her start to struggle or panic. At least she was breathing, which was a good sign. Once I reached the side of one of the lilypads, I heaved myself up, grunting as I pulled Leah up alongside me before quickly setting her on her side in a recovery position, kneeling down by her head. "Still with me, Maru?" I asked, getting down to look into her eyes. Open on their own, but clearly struggling to properly focus on anything in her field of view. Karzahni. Another one. I started to slowly wave one finger in front of her face, watching her eyes carefully. "Can you follow my finger, Leah? Could you blink for me?" Why it's always brain trauma, minor or major, I'll never know. OOC: @Krayzikk@Vezok's Friend
  6. IC: Given that we hadn't moved particularly far from the docks, it wasn't hard to notice as the level of the tide began to drop far lower than it should have, certainly at this time of day. Casting my eyes up, I quickly noticed the source of it, as an unmoving wave rose up quite a bit higher than most of the structures in the Koro. "Not really, no," I replied, tapping Krayn on the good shoulder and pointing him towards the wave as it started to break. From our vantage point, I couldn't really tell just what had been submerged, but I at least new the direction to take, and could probably guess at just who was causing that specific commotion. "Package later, help a Maru now?" I didn't even wait for a response before I started moving in that direction; knowing Krayn, he'd probably agree with that course of action. Even if he didn't want to get directly involved with whatever fight was going on, no doubt he'd agree that we needed to make sure there weren't any bystanders in need of attention after whatever had started this. OOC: @Krayzikk@Goose@Vezok's Friend
  7. i am so glad to see that my random "hey @Goosecan i do this instead of a bat" from arc 1 is getting such love
  8. IC: With his question as to drinks going unanswered, Aclaraung turned to the bartender, who was asking him if he'd have anything. He couldn't deny some small amount of confusion, but it hardly mattered in the grand scheme of things. He glanced back at Makua for a moment, giving the Toa of Ice a nod, and his eyes fell squarely back on Rhow. "I don't carry currency," he replied, and sank back under the water at the edge of the pad. Astute eyes would notice him rapidly covering the distance back to the submarine, great yellow eyes gazing intently in a porthole at the one who was yelling, firing lightning, and seemed intent on stealing the vessel. Most interesting. For the moment, though, he did nothing but observe. Wait and see if the Dasaka would have it handled, or if they might request his help in maintaining their hold on their vessel. OOC: @Razgriz@Vezok's Friend@Ghosthands@BULiK@Umbraline Yumiwa IC: I liked his vote of confidence in my hopeful theory about as much as I liked the trouble he still seemed to be having with his shoulder. "I'm fairly certain I could find it," I replied, if a bit dubiously. "No heavy objects until I can get a better look at your shoulder...but, follow me. It should be just a bit west of here, deeper in the village." OOC: @Krayzikk IC: "That does sound even more horrifying, doesn't it?" Sato agreed, the momentary relief she felt twisting back around into a sort of resigned apprehension. "Alright, let's go looking. I don't know if they've even made it up to the docks or if they're still further out in the bay, but someone on the ship I came in on should know, down at the edge of the docks." There was another new ship that had showed up past their entire fleet, she could see, as well as a ridiculous amount of thought-speech flying around about what was going on with the submarine. "You think they have that handled?"
  9. IC: "Oh dear," I whispered, seeing the reply that came Skyra's way. And then Krayn's willingness to leave the two to the care of Dehkaz. Certainly, Dehkaz could handle Skyra losing her mind, but I don't know how well he could manage to wrest it out of this refugee's grasp, whether she decided to claim it intentionally or not. "Well, depending on how this goes, I might at least have someone who I can have bully Skyra into taking care of herself." IC: Sato's embarassed expression remained as she intentionally made sure not to let one of relief take its place. "Not at all," she said without much thought to the matter. "I don't know how much it might inconvenience you having me so near your grandmother, though. I doubt she remembers me at all, but her opinions and both of our skill sets..." OOC: @Krayzikk@Snelly@Lady Takanuva
  10. IC: By the time Dehkaz had even jumped into the skiff, I was already halfway to the nearest dock that I could hop onto, furiously paddling. Both out of a need to catch up to Skyra and Krayn, and to try and get to shore before my makeshift raft melted. Luckily, my bad knee didn't affect my ability to row, and it was a very short trip before I leapt upon the dock, leaving my block of ice to make the surrounding water ever-so-slightly less salty, jogging to catch up to my quarry."Reckless, foolish, stupid in the extreme..." I thought I heard some Matoran behind me crack some dumb joke about a docking fee. It's a block of ice, suck my docking fee. Just as I was catching up, hearing Dehkaz's voice a ways behind me, someone else caught up to the pair just before me—one of the newly-arrived refugees, judging by the distinct lack of metal adorning their form. My protestations rapidly died down as I heard Skyra fumble through social interaction worse than I ever even manage to do. "Oh, no," I muttered, knowing that Krayn would be the only one likely to even hear it, or pick up on the sarcastic, over-dramatic tone. "She's getting worse. Krayn, I thought I could trust you to keep an eye on her; did she hit her head again?" OOC: @Snelly@Krayzikk@Lady Takanuva
  11. IC: "Ah." Sato looked away from Sinshi's gaze at that question, though anybody with functioning eyes would struggle to mistake the gesture for one of worry—indeed, any would likely recognize the sheepish look on her face. "I...think so?" she said, slightly unsure. "I don't know many from out of Sado, so I could be wrong, but some of their names came up—and, well, with the description of one in particular, I'd be surprised if your grandmother at the least didn't make it onto one of the boats..." IC: After a few moments of my cursing, while the others decided on their further plans for work in the village, I quickly tracked Krayn and Skyra's continued movement. I didn't have any fanciful grapple launchers like they had, so I wouldn't be able to catch up nearly as quickly, but if I could quickly plan out where they were going, it would make it much easier for me to get to them once I did make it ashore. Much like them, as well, I was disinclined to wait until a skiff was lowered to bring me to the dock. "To Karzahni with the rules," I grumbled to myself, grabbing a spare length of rope from the deck. "I have to make sure those two—" Well, that hardly sounded right. Krayn at least could probably keep Skyra from getting the two of them killed, being about the only one in our group with the ability to just silence any words coming out of her mouth. "I have to make sure they take care of themselves, not just their tasks." Luckily nobody was listening to me, because that just sounded terrible. Luckier still I'd learned some basic hitching knots and the like, so that I didn't end up wasting the rope that the actual sailors needed to use. One taught-line hitch around one of the main mast's shrouds, and I was over the edge of the deck climbing quickly down to the water, staff in one hand and rope in the other. "Now, Kopaka told us how he did this on a lake of lava, I ought to be able to manage it on simple water..." I pointed the staff down, and with a bit of light exertion I managed to make a raft of ice large enough to hold me above the water without breaking or tipping over. I pushed off from the hull of the Fowadi, landing on my makeshift raft—and with a bit more ice on the end of it I turned my staff into an oar, and started paddling my way towards the closest part of the dock I could reach. OOC: @Krayzikk@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl@Snelly@Perp@Silvan Haven@sunflower
  12. IC: "Whit d'ye mean fetch, lad? A'm right 'ere!" Gohkar might have been oddly silent compared to his usual self, but he certainly hadn't left the entourage by any means.
  13. IC: Aclaraung's head turned quickly, taking in the faces of each of those who was sitting nearby. Some of the newcomers, surely, and others who were locals. "Has it been so long, that I am forgotten so easily?" he asked after a moment, with a somewhat bemused cock to his head. "I'd have thought I was more memorable. It certainly doesn't feel like an age ago that I was walking through this village and the one in the trees, interacting with you small ones on a more regular basis." Were there a bit more space, he'd claw himself up out of the water and onto the pad that hosted the Great Takea, but that seemed...ill-advised, at least unless some tables should be moved to accomodate him. His head swung back to the Dasaka and the small-Dasaka, as he'd consider the one for now. "My name is Aclaraung," he replied, giving a miniscule nod of his head. "And it depends on what they have to drink here, Small-Dasaka. I don't know that this establishment was running yet when last I came by, shortly before the Turaga were assassinated." He glanced back in the direction of the fleet that now inhabited the docks, and the hut that used to be Nokama's. "It appears, however, that the Matoran have found other able leadership. Perhaps you all could bring me up to speed on current events." IC: "Did I see what?" Sato asked, turning back towards Sinshi. IC: Well, after rushing back to the ship from my lunch with Dorian, it wasn't long before we all found ourselves moving to Ga-Koro. I wasn't exactly looking forward to running into any marines there, though with the influx of refugees they were likely to be a bit distracted from looking for me. All the better, because it would give me a good opportunity to get Skyra over to Cael, to see if she had any other ideas for treating Skyra's concussion beyond what was standard. Maybe the two of us working together might recreate something like the miracle we'd had with Utu, although the lack of a mark to help would certainly increase the difficulty. Unfortunately, just as I was coming abovedeck, after Skyra calling out how close we were while Dehkaz started making plans for what he and some of the others would do, I was given the distinctly unpleasant sight of watching my current charge launch herself from the mast and start passing between ships to the dock in as acrobatic a manner as she could manage. I could feel my stomach sink so quickly I'd have sworn it bruised itself against my pelvis. "Skyra, no, wait!" I yelled at her, but it was no use. Before long she was standing at the dock giving me and the others the cheekiest wave she could manage, just before Krayn—Krayn, of all people, the one whose shoulder I was still somewhat worried about, even if I'd never outright admit it to him; the fact that he was still having problems with it, even if they were just mental, had me on edge about it all—caught up to her with his own grapnel mechanism. By that point, I'd entirely forgotten about Kale, Dehkaz, and Ember all a few paces away as I started cursing at the pair of them that had so brazenly launched ahead of the rest of us. "Why does she—why do they, why must they insist on trying to give me a heart attack?" OOC: @Krayzikk@Snelly@sunflower@Silvan Haven@The UltimoScorp@Perp@Void Emissary@Mel@Vezok's Friend@Emzee@Tarn@~Xemnas~@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl@Rahisaurus@Lady Takanuva@BBBBalta@BULiK
  14. IC: "Rahk...shi?" Sato was cut off, just short of fully saying what it was Sinshi had made her first time learning to manifest a soulsword with proper form. "Tall, metal without flesh, spikes on the back, staves? Are Rahkshi what those are called?" IC: And just like that, the entire area descended into chaos. The empress was rushed down into her ship, the commodore rushed away to another, and Aclaraung found the meeting he'd come for rapidly adjourned. He huffed somewhat indignantly, before making his way along the docks to the commodore and the submersible, among the multiple others hanging around. "My apologies for presenting any distraction that might have made this infiltration easier," he said to Ayiwah, looking out at the submarine. "For now, it is best if I depart. Please inform your Rora that I shall return tomorrow. I have faith in your ability to handle a singular thief." With a short nod at the commodore, without waiting for response, he turned and began to walk away, to somewhere more open that he could spread his wings and take off...just to watch one of the many huts along the bay open up one side entirely, a booming Skakdi voice ringing out, about patio seating, another one cursing at a fish within, and then— "Could be your dragon." Perhaps interacting with the locals, catching up on the current news, couldn't hurt. Aclaraung turned back towards the water, sliding into it like a snake, swimming over to where the building was and sticking his head back up out of the water, looking over the motley group inside. "You called?" @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@Rahisaurus@Emzee@Void Emissary@Mel@Krayzikk@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl
  15. you should expect this ridiculousness from anything that spawns from my diseased brain
  16. dragons and violence go hand in hand you know what else goes hand in hand with violence? the bzprpg i rest my case y'all
  17. IC: Aclaraung turned his fiery yellow gaze from Ayiwah to the newcomer aboard the ship. Her dress was similar to the commodore's, but rather than the insignia of rank, this seemed to carry a different sort of heraldry. "Charmed, I'm sure," he replied, turning his head away for a moment, peering back in the direction that the empress had come from. He thought, for sure, that he could hear the sounds of yelling and fighting, even through the rest of the noise at the docks. Whatever it was, though, it didn't sound particularly widespread...yet. "Hopefully this island proves hospitable to you and yours." He turned back, now peering at Yumiwa more closely. "But, something remains...strange." He turned back to Ayiwah again, looking between the two. Seeing that the commodore was a female of their species wasn't particularly surprising to him, but these titles...Rora, Empress, those were certainly unexpected. Emperor, perhaps; warlord far more likely. "Even through my foggy memories, I seem to recall that the Dasaka were still far from being called centralized or stable, neverminding the obvious shift in leadership. It seems there's much I'll need to be caught up on, whether those were just stories told to me in my youth, or experiences I truly lived." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Umbraline Yumiwa
  18. IC: The sheer absurdity of a Dorian body-pillow getting flung from the top of the inn as we walked past was impossible for me to ignore, I'll admit. Especially in the face of that momentary, heartwarming phrase—a sincere moment of friendship only to get interrupted by some sort of grudge. Now, while I didn't expect that, I did expect some of Dorian's normal theatricality to come into play in response. At the very least, some sort of irreverent quip or the like would've been fitting, but for him to go over and nearly start reading off the pillow's last rights was even better. Except, of course, for when I realized that he was actually somewhat serious about it. "Someone you knew, perchance?" I asked as we started to walk on, glancing back at the Dustpool. That Vortixx who had just walked in as we were going by seemed... Well, awfully familiar, emphasis on the awful part. "Do you think they'll come on down to pick it up, or at least retrieve their knives?"
  19. this is still arc two i don't believe the gms the (G)overn(M)ent is lying to us it's still 2015 they can't fool me
  20. IC: Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Their meager column had stopped in the trees. He could hear Shunkyou and others speaking, but care was beyond him; he had been walking all day, with no opportunity to do anything else, or to get away from the others, those who simultaneously pulled away from him— As well they should. —As they drew close, certain strictures only half-followed in the extenuating circumstances, mutual aid momentarily prioritized over the demands of his vow. He cared little; now, at long last, he would have an opportunity to take a moment to himself, apart from those he was resigned to travel with. And so he had stepped a ways away, ignoring the protestations of some young hatchling that sought to keep him confined with the rest. Staff at his side, Long Gigen walked into the trees. He felt the sun overhead as it shone down through the canopy. Warmer here, colder there; the mustiness of moldering leaves rose to his nostrils as he strode along, twigs snapping beneath his feet. His mask vibrated against his cheekbones, filling his mind with a sense of what was about him; behind, the mass of his clan. Ahead, his target. Long Gigen had walked with purpose, to a tree that stood as knobbly and gnarled as the Old Wyrm had so rapidly become; a hard, solid trunk, against which to strengthen his own body. He layed his staff on the ground, and withdrew his focus from his mask, the world drawing apart from him in an instant. Then, there were only the voices a ways off, and the tree he could touch. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. Today was a day to focus on his hands. The legs had had enough so far in the walk, so it was only his knuckles and fingers that rhythmically dug into the wood. The dents left in the bark would heal quickly. His hands, too, would bear the weathering with little complaint; this was maintenance, not creation. To properly emulate the dragon, his claws and body would have to be as iron. To make them as iron, he had to train and condition them, continually strengthening the weaker mortal flesh. Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. "We may be able to work something out, as we march to the farmlands." Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. "I picked up a thing or not when it comes to medicine in my travels, I'll do what I can." Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. "Broken bones and cuts are the worst of them." Perhaps physically. "If nothing else, they did not think to deprive us of the trees." Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. "Talking with your fists is what you get, isn't it? Come on, then, let's get these issues worked out." "If you intend to duel, I will need to oversee— And I will set the terms." Thunk...thunk...thunk... Stray thought crept past the wall of focus, the rhythm slowing perceptibly at that. Perhaps he should have been paying more attention to the conversation after all. "Fine. I accept." Thunk-thunk. The rhythm slipped, skipping a beat. "Will that clearing there suffice, jahagir?" Thunk. "To first blood, or to one's surrender. When I call it off, it is done." Long Gigen's hand stopped millimeters short of the tree's bark. He relented after a moment, and placed his hand, open-palmed, against the bark, feeling the dents he had made, and knowing that the ancient life at the heart would long forget the assault before he'd ever pass by it again. He gave it a respectful nod of his head, reached down to pick up his staff, and walked again; this time around the wider group, his mask buzzing against his cheeks and forehead again, alerting him to the position of everything in the near vicinity, their forms producing noticeable walls in the constantly-shifting echo pattern. And just as the Old Wyrm's seeming-impatient words rang out into the clearing, Gigen came to a stop opposite him, hands upon his staff, intent on what was to happen in the ring. This was not a matter that he could simply ignore.
  21. IC: Aclaraung's gaze lingered on Ayiwah, wordlessly, for a few moments more, gauging her reaction—not merely in words alone, but in every aspect of her being that he could observe. The measured tone of her words, the determination evident in them; the stoic refusal to budge in the face of his approach, and the evidence of supreme self-control, keeping her gaze focused, breathing steady, without a twitch in the direction of a weapon, just in case. The others nearby, standing ready to intervene at any moment, didn't go unnoticed either—but unlike the commodore, they weren't yet worthy of his focus. Had he come under other pretenses, then perhaps; but not as things were. "Hmmph." Aclaraung drew back from Ayiwah, rocking back to stand near his full height. "If you're as willing to save your people—even from themselves, as it may be—as you are to protect them, then I might just come to like you, young one." The skin around his eyes loosened, and his other muscles relaxed noticeably—had he been capable of it, Aclaraung might even have smiled, as he reached down, grabbing the spear and presenting it to Ayiwah, haft-first. "A gift, commodore, though perhaps a bit undecorated for your position." Present good humor aside, the dragon's disposition seemed to fall for a moment as he waited for Ayiwah to take the spear, before he continued: "I have kept you waiting long enough with these...opening pleasantries. Though there are long years past that remain unclear to me, I know that I am not from this place; from what I can recognize, I wonder if your home isn't mine as well...and if it is, then I fear our history has not been a happy one. It is my hope that I might manage to learn more from you and yours, and endeavour to fill the gaps in my memory; and that, perhaps, the potential of our futures might be one of cooperation, rather than enmity." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa @Ghosthands (sorry bby i didn't mean to forget to tag you 2)
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