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  1. IC: "The Legend." Krayn confirmed, beginning to finish his transcription. "I've never heard of the Keeping Place. The flamberge's chain of custody isn't totally clear to me, but it was reclaimed by Joske from the same person who killed Echelon. They reclaimed it in turn after Echelon killed Joske." "I never made the connection, either, but I got a good look at the sword when Joske evidently returned from the Legend to claim it. Looking at the Dasaka here in Ga-Koro I have no doubt it's the same material." He shrugged slightly, skimming the notes he had written down carefully to make sure he had left nothing out. After a few moments he tore it carefully from the notebook and held it out to the Maru. "What happened on the Kentoku end is outside my knowledge entirely." "Unfortunately I have to be back aboard the Fowadi before it leaves, or catch it again in Ta-Koro." A note of humor crept into his tone. "It wouldn't inspire confidence if I go off the reservation the day after someone re-hires me. You can be accommodated aboard the Fowadi if you wish to accompany us, I'm sure."
  2. I've been in touch with Kaithas, there was supposed to be a post on Monday but he came down with the flu. I'm working on making sure it gets continued or resolved as promptly as possible.
  3. IC: "Son of a..." It was something he should have remembered. He had been there, he had been around the same people for ages, but it had slipped into a sort of blind spot; a spot in his memory overshadowed by the events before and after. And of course it had seemed like nonsense at the time. This Toa he had never met appeared out of nowhere, argued with people about things Krayn did not know, and disappeared just as quickly. It wouldn't have changed anything. He had no context, and even if he had known he couldn't have changed it. But it was galling now to know in hindsight what it was that he heard. "Shortly before I went to Ko-Koro I was in Le-Wahi with a motley assemblage of Toa. Joske showed up. He was talking about having returned from the Legend and rattled off a lot of things that, at the time, made no sense." He continued writing, putting down the details in clear, concise lettering. "It didn't make any sense then. Most of it now has already happened. But he made it a point to take back Heuani's sword." Krayn shook his head. "Looking at the ships in the harbor, it can only have been Dasakan crystal. A Dasakan sword before one should have been here and simultaneous events on both islands. It seems likely that's a link, there." @Vezok's Friend
  4. IC: "I'm happy to, so far as my service with the Fowadi allows," The Po-Koro G- Sentinel (irregular? warrant officer?) responded almost absently. His mind had turned to his notes already and he tore a page off his pad to begin transcribing. His conversation with Dorian he had solidly in mind, and in his notes, but he needed to reach further back than that. There were relevant details. "My commissioning is a little irregular. We're bound for Ta-Koro next, if you wish to come with us I'm sure the Commander would have no objection." It was when he put pen to paper that he paused. He had forgotten something, something important. It wasn't his fault; the details hadn't seemed relevant at the time. They'd been a sideshow to matters closer to home, even those eclipsed by the events that began only hours later. His resignation. His trip to Po-Koro, from there to Onu-Koro to catch up to the Fowadi. And then to Ko-Wahi. His shoulder ached and he rolled it a little, trying unconsciously to work the pain away, and frowned. The pieces were suddenly much more important, linked to... "The Legend. That's where Stannis sent Makuta. Isn't it?" @Vezok's Friend
  5. IC: "No need for any 'my Lady's, unless you wish." The Dasaka laughed softly, extending a hand to help Ela back to her feet. "Any nobility owed to me burned with my home. I've been called a great many things, you may find which you prefer. But you, and your blade, are most welcome aboard the Shinushya, Ela Latos." "Shall we get you introduced?" @Johnny Blocksville
  6. IC: "Unfortunately that's impossible. It was the firmest tone he had taken and Krayn met the Maru's eyes so there could be no misunderstanding. It wasn't anger or defiance, resentment for the circumstances or even secrecy born from mistrust. But it was a point on which he was totally unwilling to budge. Stubborn principle and obligation had merged into immovable certainty. "Not because of anything you have or haven't done, or because I'm unwilling to work with you. It isn't my choice to make." "As far as the island is concerned this friend is dead. I think he's owed that peace. If he chooses to surface he can, and at that time you would be more than welcome to speak with him. Until then the best that I can do is to tell you everything that he told me, from Joske Nimil's plans and intentions through to his death and the confrontation with Echelon in Mangaia. I have notes that I can transcribe, if you wish." @Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: "There's no profit in unnecessary violence." Kiyaku met the Lesterin's eyes without flinching. Her characterization of the Fursic's profession wasn't totally without merit. Pirates cared little for targets that might fight back. She had taken a few herself that couldn't offer much resistance. But her directives were political. What her Toroshu deemed a target, she took care of. There were different options now. "But sometimes dead sailors tell no tales. Their rulers sent them to sail and to guard the same ships my clan dictated I rob. Hedonism requires enjoyment, and I neither enjoyed nor regretted when death was necessary. It's a task like any other." "My clan is gone, and good riddance. They sullied our name before I was born. The Umbraline, too, irritate me. Their certainty. Their self-righteousness. They aren't my problem anymore, either. For the first time I truly am beholden to no one." Something in the Menti's eyes flashed, an energy and ambition behind the words. "Order is shattered. My Honor is no longer tied to traitors. What I have is Power. Power to forge my own rule, my own Order." "I act for myself, and by extension for my crew. They kept their faith with me when no Honor required it. I lead them across the ocean, I brought them here, and I will bring them with me to the restoration of everything that we have lost and more. I will carve out my niche here. Anyone in my way is an enemy to deal with, however I must." She held her hands out to the side, palm up, in expression— and in a strange sort of challenge. "I am what I am. Neither cruel nor kind, but dedicated to the pursuit of my aims." "You told me the Skakdi fight for no reason, squabble and kill only because they can. That seems as stupid to me as it does to you. The world has gone mad. The Dashi here say this is familiar, that what I saw on my homeland is how they have lived for generations. Your home sounds no different. In these strange times I have no problem doing what I must for myself, and for my crew." Her voice lowered, and she rested her hands lightly on her hips. "You seem to me a warrior without a home, without allies, without a cause. Aboard my ship you could find them all. Or at least have a roof over your head and money in your pocket while you search for your own purpose." @Johnny Blocksville
  8. IC: "An offer." The Menti confirmed, rubbing her jaw absently. She was fairly sure of her instincts. Moreover she was certain that she could simply leave if she was wrong. "You're capable. Intelligent. And you've been here longer than I have. I need that." "In my homeland I was a privateer. Very good at it, actually. I intend to continue much as I always have here, on Mata Nui. I'll rebuild what I lost. I'll build it better, freed from Umbraline control. I'd like you to work with me, for as long as you're willing." @Johnny Blocksville
  9. IC: "'The mind is the only truly Endless Ocean'," The Menti said, recalling her time at the Yards. She chuckled. "I thought that was true, until I had to sail here. Had I come across you in battle I think it would have ended similarly, unless I had the element of surprise. I did not use my mask, but neither did you. You're faster than me. I expect you're stronger than me, too. I'm not counting against myself. I know my strengths, and my weaknesses." "But you already learned much about how it works. How preconceptions and split second decisions play into the illusion." Kiyaku tilted her head. "I have an offer for you, I think." @Johnny Blocksville
  10. IC: "I can shed a little light on that." Pieces were still missing, and Leah hadn't— quite— answered the entirety of his question. But she answered the most important parts. Stannis' culpability, the degree to which he withheld the truth knowingly, was more of a personal issue to Krayn. He'd had a little time to think about why. It offended his sense of right and wrong for Stannis' choice to have cost people that would never know he made it. The Dasakan exodus, the lives that had been lost and would be lost in the future, were all on his conscience. Not totally. No one, not even a Maru, could be held accountable for consequences beyond their own control. It could be that nothing would have changed. But no one would ever know because one man took away their chance to choose. But much more personally he had robbed Krayn of the chance for peace. After all he had given already he had intended to rest. Now he couldn't. And that was something that he couldn't forgive Stannis for. "As I was saying." He began again, shaking his head slightly as if to cast off the undertone of anger that had crept into his thoughts, barely noticing that Skyra had left. He would fill her and the others in on anything important that came next. "I had a chance to speak with... A friend who was there. He killed Echelon. But when he stabbed him the Vault was opened." "I haven't talked to the Dasaka in depth, but I've listened. Something happened to unleash Rahkshi on their archipelago at about the same time. Something that we can infer, I think, occurred simultaneously on their home and ours. If something could link across that vast a distance I think we have to assume the same thing reached into wherever Stannis sent him." @Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: For a few moments the Menti's eyes were unfocused, almost sightless, but by the second click they were focusing and by the third they were tracking. If perhaps a little dazed still. She propped herself up on elbow and rubbed at her jaw. For a split second anger sparked from her wounded pride, touched unerringly on the raw resentment of her youth. But the moment passed swiftly replaced instead by mirth. The laughter began slowly, but bubbled out of her in increasing volume. "Good hook," She managed, still chuckling. She held her hand out. "Very good. Give me a hand?" @Johnny Blocksville
  12. IC: "You are nothing so discriminating as a scalpel," The sound was no longer a whisper, but a hiss. The pressure redoubled in an instant, forcing the corrupted creature to his fours as gravity itself bore down upon him. "You are not a guided instrument, you are a disease. I have not the patience to give you direction or the inclination to praise you for might-have-beens. You may join with my Followers or you may work alone. But do not presume to come before me without something important to say." "You wish for a compliment? Bring me a Maru as a trophy. Kill the Matoran that escaped me upon the Archipelago, or kill the Toa that slew that fool Echelon." The pressure relented as suddenly as it came and the creature could breathe again. "Until then leave my presence. Do what you are meant to do until you die." IC: There was no elegant way to respond. Then, a fist to the face hardly invited an elegant response. The Lesterin was faster, the Lesterin was stronger, and Kiyaku's balance was forward from her strike. The fist struck her cheek and carried on, sending the Menti sprawling bonelessly on the ground.
  13. IC: Silence fell again in the temple, this time... Impatient. Leaves rustled softly without wind breaking the silence with a rough susurration. The shadows grew heavier, weighty with the mood of their master. A creature less rotten in the brain might have sensed the danger but with this creature who could tell. But the leaves stilled and the pressure abated. Somewhat. "Then that nearly qualifies as a down payment on the gift you were given," The air whispered, rough with an undercurrent of warning. A riptide felt much the same before the unwary became trapped. "But at least it proves you might not be a waste." IC: Immediacy sold the illusion better than she could have hoped but the Menti herself was still trying to recover her balance. The hit hadn't quite rung her bell but it came close. Even with the recovery her feint had bought her she was perilously low on time to exploit this opportunity. She was too unbalanced to strike without— maybe— causing harm she didn't intend. So she went quick and she went dirty, the illusion lapsing without the clear concentration to maintain it. A step in let her drive her elbow into the Lesterin's middle, bringing the flat of her blade into position for what would— in a real fight— be a position to land a potentially mortal blow.
  14. IC: "Most of Echelon's old lieutenants are scattered." The Toa said, not slowly but with a measured cadence that spoke of ongoing consideration. "Rorg, Karnak, Kohra, and Agrona. I haven't seen the first three since Ko-Koro fell. Agrona on the other hand has gone to the jungle to meditate on the nature of her prize. Ideally we will collect her first, but three are more noticeable than two. So perhaps we will collect her afterwards." His tone became more thoughtful. "We will scout a Koro. Maybe more than one. If you had to choose one of the other five that was primed for a reminder of our Master's influence, which would it be, Ushradra?" IC: Dawn had not come yet and the shadows of Kini-Nui were long and drawn, hungry with anticipation. The jungle did not stir. What the walking pestilence had not killed along his path had drawn back, far away both from the being that felt so wrong and the corruption that had again found its home in Le-Wahi's borders. Not everywhere, not like it had been, but in radiating points of infection. Like any festering contagion beneath the skin signs still showed upon the surface and it was at the Kini-Nui the fever could be felt. The shadows grew deeper still when the plague set foot within the temple, heavy with an unseen presence as inevitable as gravity. The force he fought was present. Patient, for now, but clearly waiting for the plague's purpose in disturbing that same darkness. IC: Startle it did. The Dasaka knew Ela would adapt, but she hadn't expected it so quickly. Or so boldly. Cutting off one's own sight was a risky move even if it had paid off in this instance. She wasn't fast enough to block it. It was too unexpected. She turned her cheek to take it more effectively, rolled with the hit to decrease its power, but it still hurt something fierce. Still, she could use that; the Lesterin's eyes were closed. She didn't see that the strike had been a feint, an illusion, so when the blunt blow struck her own cheek she focused on the feeling; she used it, tweaked though it was, to grant the ring of truth to her own illusion. Ela felt a sharp, cutting edge run from chin to brow in a single fluid motion interrupted at the end by her own strike.
  15. IC: "... Yes, sir." Tarnok said slowly, favoring Leli with a look much too angry to direct at a superior officer. For a second rank didn't matter; it was just the dirty look of someone to their best friend when they'd been thrown under the cart. Or stopped from doing the same, in this case. She knew what he was doing, and why. And he knew what she was doing. And why. "At once." But the Akiri had undercut them both, and mixed with his relief was an irrational irritation. He braced to attention and stepped out of the room, followed probably in short order by Leli and Kellin, and let a sigh escape when the door shut behind them. "You know that wasn't strictly true. Leli." @sunflower@Geardirector
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