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  1. IC: "Got a decent one." Pad compressed gently underfoot as Krayn walked towards the hut. He thought the emergency would be over by the time he arrived and he was right; Leah's breathing was not the shallow, rapid sound of fevered desperation but the calm induced by exhaustion. She'd make it. The scars on her cheeks, though... Something suddenly ached deep in his left shoulder. "It was a Lesterin, or maybe a Toa." The De-Toa grimaced at his own choice of words and adjusted the again-wrapped bundle slung over his shoulder. It was rude, but the thing had looked like nothing so much as a corpse reanimated by Tryna. Such a thing could never have overwhelmed a Maru, however, nor would it have bled. Not the way this had. He held up the stoppered vial of blood. "Too big for a Matoran or Turaga. Too small for anything else. I saw evidence of a Kanohi's use, too. I think. Not any Kanohi I know. But there's been a lot of that going around lately." Krayn's frown deepened. "It looked half dead. Didn't move like it, didn't bleed like it, but that's how it looked. It was heading for Le-Wahi. If I had to guess..." In his mind's eye he wasn't in Ga-Wahi anymore. He was in a Ko-Koronan alley, standing over a Toa he had wounded, and listening to the information he had offered. Out of the corner of his eye he looked at Skyra. "Echelon made the Marks. Strong and fast and feeding on emotion. Echelon leads an assault on Ko-Koro and we start hearing about strange powers. An... informant. Said the late Akiri Ambages was killed with an overdose of antidermis. But it gave him powers before he died." "I'd say we're looking at something similar." @Vezok's Friend@Snelly@Lady Takanuva@Eyru@otter@sunflower IC: The Toa of Iron looked at the skiff dubiously. But he stepped aboard, the craft sinking a little lower in the water when he did. @Perp@Void Emissary
  2. IC: "I did," The Dasaka admitted from behind Ela as the mortally wounded doppelganger seemed simply to melt away. "I find the best education can be found practically. Nothing would make you understand what I do quite so much as falling prey to it. I hope you'll understand the cheat." "Illusions are the power," She continued as she removed the blade from the back of Ela's neck and circled around in front of her. The Dasaka didn't look quite right, however; her Kanohi had changed, various aspects of her body just slightly wrong. In her hand was a crystalline falcata and not the blade she had clutched desperately in specter. "But deception is the art. You saw what you expected to see. I lead you here. It was easy to step aside, veiled, and allow you to continue following my illusion. There was no need to continue hiding myself once I was behind you. Only show you something to keep your attention." Kiyaku bowed. "In truth it was not the first deception. My name is not Dastana Yumiwa, it is Fursic Kiyaku. Allow me to invite you to begin again, properly, at your leisure. I am prepared." @Johnny Blocksville
  3. IC: Kiyaku nodded her assent, her own weapon readied. Ela struck, quick as can be, and for her preparation the Dasaka seemed to misread it entirely; her eyes widened, ready to defend the wrong side and too slow to correct her mistake. The Lesterin's blade struck home, embedded nearly to her spine, as the Dasaka stared numbly at herself in shocked silence. Her eyes widened, breathing shallow and quick, unable to understand how she had been wounded. Shaking hands reached for the wound at her side, blade still embedded, before her strength gave out entirely and she slumped to her knees- And cool crystal, broad and flat, rested itself lightly on the back of Ela's neck. @Johnny Blocksville
  4. IC: "... very busy, sir. As I'm sure you can see the arrival of the Dasakan refugees has required a lot of time on the Akiri's part." "I understand that. I don't need to speak with the Akiri personally." Like all good secretaries, the Matoran in front of him clearly intended to perform one of her most critical functions; filter unnecessary visitors before they ever take up time. That usually ran at cross purposes to the intentions of those visitors, but in this case it worked out fine. As long as he got the message across she could consider him filtered. Krayn leaned in a little and carefully made sure his voice would go no further than the two of them. "Leah Maru has been injured. She's been taken to Cael's. The perpetrator ran for Le-Wahi." "..." The Matoran blinked, clearly processing, then nodded. "I will make sure the Akiri is informed." "Thank you." The Matoran nodded politely, clearly around moving on to moving priorities about her in her head, and Krayn took his cue to leave. The Akiri's people had been informed and anything from there was out of his hands. There was, now, one problem; he'd never been to Cael's in his life. The last time he'd been in Ga-Koro someone else had been handling any medical requirements. He hadn't been too focused on where Destiny went, either. Fortunately he spotted the living cannonball that was, presumably, the Fowadi's captain and could orient from there. Just would take him a little longer to get there.
  5. IC: "Yeah," Krayn acknowledged through gritted teeth, closing his eyes to ignore the pain still radiating from where the rifle pushed against his shoulder. The thing— he wasn't totally sure it was a Lesterin— was long gone to Le-Wahi. He'd laid out a Maru and made good his escape, but he'd taken that hit in the leg; the red he saw through the scope wasn't entirely from his shoulder. The thing bled. That was good. But that meant it wouldn't be back soon, either. He could take a minute before he went to the authorities. "I'll get right on that." The breath he'd been holding eased out slowly, and he set his rifle down carefully and deliberately so it didn't slide away. Unwinding the line he had secured himself with one-handed was a little tricky, but it gave him a moment to take a couple of deep breaths and readjust the new dials by his ear. He'd wanted to talk to the Maru— though Leah hadn't really been his first choice— but this wasn't the opportunity he'd had in mind. But before he went to speak with anyone he had something he needed to do. He noted the position he'd last seen the assailant, fixed the direction in his mind, and dropped off of the roof. It had been a long while since he was in Ga-Koro but agriculture was one of its biggest exports; and with plants came medicine, and with medicine apothecaries. They weren't quite one a lily-pad but they were close. The poor herbalist was still hiding under the counter when he stepped inside, hands raised and voice soothing, to collect a stoppered glass jar. Tracing the assailant's retreat towards where his diskette had connected didn't take long, and thankfully a fight like that had everyone wisely staying sheltered. For a few moments longer, at least. Leah said she'd been poisoned and the thing that did it didn't look healthy. Which meant the blood here on the ground could both be important, and hazardous to leave where it was. He cut carefully around the spatter with his knife until he could remove the section of lily-pad from its surroundings. Vibrating it just right to coax it all into the jar was a little trickier, but not time consuming. Krayn didn't relax until it was safely stoppered. It's always something new. IC: "Brukin," The monolith said to Rynekk, inclining his head to indicate Ember's role in supplying his name. His voice came out deep and slightly reverberating the way it bounced around his metal enclosure before it emerged. "I came aboard at the same time as Four. Just before you all left for Ko-Koro. There hasn't been much chance to speak since, has there?" Though his face was unseen, his tone seemed to indicate a wry smile. "I thought I would come with you. No offense, ma'am," He nodded to Ember again. "But I can lift a good bit more in the way of supplies than you or you, sir. I haven't been off the Fowadi since refits began. I might as well be of some help." @Void Emissary@Perp
  6. IC: "Praggos!" Krayn jabbed a finger in the direction of the Maru's position in the water a moment before she surfaced, albeit face down, having located the foreign entity in the water with a quick application of his element. He'd been prepared to go after her rather than whoever did this but Praggos could find her well enough now. That gave him a window, albeit small, to take a shot at the culprit. They had a head start, but Krayn had been running down suspects in a stranger village than this for a long time. A jump took him off of the reinforced pad, touching down for the barest of moments on the water's surface before he pushed off again and fired the hook off of his right wrist. There was no purchase quite so convenient as a mast, but he had an advantage; yanking his wrist aside at the last moment introduced enough of an arc to wrap it around the support of the tallest hut ahead. Up and away it pulled, onto his chosen perch but here he ran into a problem. Disentangling the line to free up his hand would take too long. The suspect, the only one fleeing at such a rapid pace, would get away before he had time to get a look. As it was he still would get away, but- He raised his left arm, ignoring the spike of pain through his shoulder, and yanked the package off of his back. His right pulled away the cloth covering, casting it aside with haste, while his left found the grip and his eye the scope. He had moments. He could see the suspect, and that was critical; every detail he committed to memory, through long practice. But he wasn't idle. His right hand was stuck near the hut's edge, but he had enough play to reach his belt. A press with his thumb, an audible click, sent a diskette into the air. At just the right angle, with a tilt of his wrist, to drop into the receiver and fall into place. Pulling the trigger hurt when the rifle kicked. But not as much as the razor-edged diskette heading for the back of the fleeing Lesterin's knee would when it hit, a few seconds later. @otter@Vezok's Friend@Goose
  7. IC: "Drat. I was hoping to spend my afternoon picking heavy things up with it, pain being such a novel feeling and all." The joke started with an intent that trailed away, Krayn's gaze pulled off the road on which he stood and towards a... Commotion of some kind. He clicked off the sound suppression around his ears, listening carefully to the sounds reaching his ears. There was some kind of business around the sub, of course, but there was something else. Not just people, a... "I should have a delivery from Po-Koro, it was supposed to..." He trailed off fully, eyes narrowing slightly. The tides. Something about the tides were very, very wrong. What the...? "Little diversion, I think, Praggos. Does the water seem right to you?" @otter@Vezok's Friend@Goose IC: "Miss Ember?" The deck rumbled rhythmically, a shape eclipsing even Rynekk in Ember's gaze. "Rynekk." @Perp @Void Emissary
  8. More than theoretically, I know the post for it is getting written. Albeit, perhaps, under the threat that I know where the author lives.
  9. IC: "With, but if it's all the same let's avoid shedding blood, yes?" The Dasaka laughed softly, drawing the blade from her side without settling into any particular stance. "I like mine where it is, if it's all the same to you." @Johnny Blocksville
  10. IC: That was unnecessary, 'great Toa'. Now there are feathers and blood everywhere. Do you know how hard it is to clean a blood stain when you can't see it? No, of course not. You can see. And show off. Like a proper moron. I'm going to have to find any stains by touch, and even when I do find them it's going to be impossible to know when they're clean. I was just given this outfit before I left, you inconsiderate- I would flip you a different kind of bird, Toa, if only I could tell in which direction you stood. @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl
  11. IC: "You see? I learn more with every word." About you as well as the land, Kiyaku added to herself beneath her genial smile. The Menti gestured broadly about herself, indicating the clear if rough area set about the base of the lighthouse. Likely from its construction though the ground had long been reclaimed by time. "Would this be a suitable arena for our bout for you, Ms. Latos?" @Johnny Blocksville IC: "Our master's servants have ever been more fickle than our foe's." Eisen acknowledged the compliment with a nod, polite but slightly absent; his mind had turned to the matters at hand. The number and names of the assets left available, their whereabouts, and how to gather the further manpower that would be required. "Such is their right, even if it isn't wise. Echelon is dead. His mismanagement drove out the Brotherhood. The Piraka are nowhere to be found, and their alliance was one of convenience anyway. Of the seven that had been Echelon's inner circle only Agrona and I remain. The other three are scattered." "Seizing Ko-Koro was a bold stroke but we should never have tried to hold it for long. It was too costly." The first traces of a frown crossed his face. "More will emerge. It is always so. But for the moment we should scout a target, and see what assistance we might flush out of hiding at the same time." @ARROW404
  12. IC: "I wouldn't be too confident. But maybe." Krayn shrugged, then grimaced. He massaged his shoulder slightly, focusing ultrasonic vibrations into the underlying tissue. "Do you happen to remember how to find Ga-Koro's courier office from here?" IC: "I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm only worried about her meeting a native."
  13. IC: "The Toa?" The Dasaka drummed a finger on her leg thoughtfully. "Precious little, I admit. I've observed them a little since I arrived. Before then all I knew were rumors from the first expedition. They seem much like you or I physically. Kanohi of course, again. Their powers however strike me as simply unbelievable." @Johnny Blocksville
  14. IC: The Sentinel irregular (would that be the way to put it, perhaps?) nodded, without any need to reinforce the point. He just gestured for Skyra to lead the way wherever she intended to go but his former Commander never got the chance. One of the very aliens she wished to speak with appeared before them and from there... From there things went downhill. Not through any fault of the alien's— this Karoru— but because Krayn had seen that look on Skyra's face before. And more ******ing heard that note in her voice. It wasn't impossible to mistake the sound for something else, not to most. But for his sins he was a Toa of Sonics and the sound, the exact nature of her inflection, was unmistakable. Immediately his mind was somewhere else, on a small piece of Ga-Koro territory off the coast of Le-Wahi making a decision that enough was enough. Maaata Nui preserve them. "My eyes, your eyes, all the eyes in the world won't stop her from hitting her brain off the inside of her head." He muttered to Praggos out of the corner of his mouth, too quietly to overhear, before he added a little louder; "I don't think anything bad can happen between you and Dehkaz, Skyra, why don't you escort Miss Karoru that way? Praggos can keep an eye on me and vice versa." IC: "I see." The Umbraline Menti bit her lip softly, trying not to show her mixed feelings. Just a little relief that some of her family, at least, had evacuated. Despite herself she felt a little uncomfortable about which members had for certain made it. Undoubtedly her mother had if her grandmother had, but... "Would it inconvenience you to help me look for them, Sato?" @otter@Snelly@Lady Takanuva
  15. The Rahkshi will carry over. There might be some unusual interactions with Makuta being back under the right circumstances, but the Rahkshi and its allegiance will carry over.
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