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  1. Hi all — just wanted to give my apologies to anyone who's been waiting on me for posts over the past couple of weeks. It's been a bit of a tough time for me and I have a very difficult workload at the moment, so I'll try to catch up soon, but unfortunately I can't make any promises. When I'm able to post I'll prioritise the Ga-Koro sub stuff, since I know that's holding certain things up, and the Broker stuff on Zakaz.
  2. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] Unassuming though Lumune's presence was, she nonetheless found herself the subject of the Lesterin captain's gaze. His posture remained languid as he addressed the Po-Matoran, but there was a hawkish interest in those blue eyes. Nothing piqued Lohkar's interest like things other people thought he didn't need to hear. "No need ta worry, luv," he said jovially. "Nothin' bothers this captain. An' while I may be many things, one of 'em is most certainly a well-travelled sailor. How can my humble self assist ya?" OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360
  3. IC (Ageru Kilanya) [Fort Kizuno, Odaiba] :Yes,: Kilanya replied. Unlike her own precise and deliberate contributions, the girl's words were unstable, shifting in their intensity as they brimmed forth from surface-level thoughts, only half intended to be voiced. :I sense that you have understood the process. This is good. And you also see that the understanding is not the same as the doing. That is also good.: She released her hold on the psionic energy. The azure brilliance dissolved into a shimmer of stardust, and Shiki was left holding only the shape it had filled, the fine web of white lines drawn on nothingness, tracing the form of a sword. :The first step is to crystallise the shape of your sword within your mind. Memorise it. Make the recalling of it second nature. It must exist whole within your mind, to be brought forth without conscious effort.: Kilanya reached out to take the shape back and held it on her palms once more, looking down on it with a hint of a nostalgic smile. :This is the shape of my family sword,: she said, grasping the hilt and turning it over in her hands. :My mother passed it down to me after I graduated from the bokken. I was forbidden to use such an heirloom for sparring practice, of course.: She chuckled. :But I meditated on it every night, until its every detail was internalised. You must find the shape that is right for you, and do the same.: She glanced at the girl. :Unless, perhaps, you already have?:
  4. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] "'Wash up on the beach'?!," Lohkar repeated with mostly-feigned indignation. "I didn't wash up on any beach, mate. I'll 'ave you know the 'Vika carried me to these shores in style an' comfort. Not intentionally, I admit, but magnificently nonetheless. The fog, the storms, the occasional leviathan...she weathered 'em all." He leaned back, tankard in hand, smiling in entirely unfeigned pride. "Can't beat Lesterin craftsmanship. An' the 'Vika's the best ship my people ever built." OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Void Emissary @Snelly
  5. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] "It's a plan," Lohkar agreed. "Better keep a weather eye for said trouble, though. Make sure we've got somebody on watch in the hold at all times, eh?" OOC: @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360 @Snelly
  6. IC (Ageru Tazera, Ageru Dakte) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Dakte transmitted the mental equivalent of a nod to Ayiwah, then reduced the strength of his Ideatalk to communicate locally with Tazera. :Ma'am. I am just outside the bridge, surveilling via my Ruru. I'll use my abilities to extricate Inzu as soon as you're ready, after which I can engage and subdue the thief while you get her to safety. May I suggest you keep him talking, the better to catch him distracted?: :A fine plan,: Tazera replied approvingly. :It's good to have you here, cousin. I'll do as you suggest. Let's deal with this once and for all.: She focused on Rudra once again. She'd been thinking about the interloper's words, and she had just the thing to keep him busy with. "There is a problem with your demands, Toa," she said, delivering the title with scorn. "You say you want all Dasaka off the Ryuu, and passage to the Koro of Onu. But I must inform you that this vessel cannot be crewed by a single being. Multiple operators are necessary. So...how are we to give you passage in a craft that will not move?" OOC: @Razgriz
  7. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] Lohkar accepted the bottle and uncorked it with a flourish, taking a quick sniff from the open neck. This was followed by an approving nod, and soon a good splash of the whisky was in the Lesterin captain's tankard and being swigged, swilled, and finally swallowed. "Where've ya been hidin' this stuff?" he asked, breathing out in satisfaction as the liquor's aftertaste stung his throat with just the right amount of causticity. Though rum was generally his poison of choice, Lohkar was always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to push his natural toxin tolerance to its limits. "Well, you've got a point, mate," he conceded. "Beggar's can't be choosers, an' trust's a luxury in our business. I know that as well as anyone. But when you've been mutinied on as many times as I 'ave, you start to learn the value of a little healthy paranoia. Listen to your gut, y'know? An' my gut says messin' around with Rahks an' Piraka is a big red flag." He shrugged. "But hey, maybe she'll win me over. I'm givin' 'er the chance to, aren't I?" He grinned. "An' I only doubled the price, too. Never tell me I ain't generous." OOC: @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360 @Snelly
  8. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] "It'll be a drop in the ocean compared to mine, mate," Lohkar replied with a grin. "But you already knew that. Speakin' o' which..." The Lesterin lunged for the bottle at the middle of the table, and shook a meagre few drops of amber liquid into his tankard. He frowned. "...seems we're runnin' a bit short." He swigged down what was there regardless, then gave Gunner a sideways look. "Surprised you're so bloody blasé about havin' a Rahk on the 'Vika, mate. Already forgotten the time I nearly kicked the bucket thanks to one o' those things?" OOC: @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360 @Snelly
  9. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] "Ehhhh, we're not exactly workin' to a schedule," Lohkar replied. "Just stick around Ostia an' we'll put word out when we're ready to sail." OOC: @Nato G
  10. IC (Ageru Kilanya) [Fort Kizuno, Odaiba] :Good.: Suddenly, and without any sound at all, a figure stepped out from the willow's trunk as though it were no more solid than the surface of the lake. This image of Ageru Kilanya appeared much as she did in the Real: tall, graceful, and marred by war. Here, no band of cloth concealed the damage the Rahkshi staff had done: her left eye was uncovered, showing the full length of the deep scar in mask and flesh that marched unswervingly up through the eye socket. But where in the Real there would have been only a dark recess where once had been an eye, there was a point of light, the same piercing white-blue as the Soulsword she wielded. Shiki could sense that in this place, it saw just as clearly as the yellow orb of its erstwhile twin. Rather than her armour, that mix of well-worn crystal and reforged rahkmetal, this Kilanya wore a long and flowing kimono, immaculate, patterned with the shapes of willow leaves. Its movement in the wind that blew through Shiki's mindspace was the same as the swaying of the branches of the tree above. The woman that was the tree stood beneath the tree that was the woman, and looked down at the girl that was the lake, then beyond, at the lake that was the girl. She cast her gaze across the waters, across the grasses in their troubling colours, and from her Shiki felt a hint of curiosity mixed with concern, but it was soon superseded by the same sense of purpose as before. One problem at a time. The lesson would come first. The avatar of Ageru Kilanya knelt on the grass of the plain, settling into the same seiza her body still lay in in the Real. In both her forms, she rested her hands on her knees and turned her palms upwards. Shiki felt a moment of concentration, of drawing forth a well-known thought, like a poem memorised until reciting it was second-nature, more trance than effort. In the training ground on Odaiba, nothing happened; but below the willow by the lake, a shape appeared above Kilanya's open palms. It was a sword: a katana formed from a tracery of lines, infinitesimally thin, perfect in their detail, drawn on empty space. It was the idea of a sword, the knowledge of a sword, a frame, a receptacle, inert, empty, but ready to be filled. :The shape.: Kilanya's mouth did not move; once again, her voice came from the great willow, emanating from the creaking of its trunk and the sighing of its countless leaves. :Next, the Soul.: Shiki felt Kilanya reach within, to a reservoir deep within her Self. It was a wellspring of energy as blue as the summer sky; it was the power at the woman's core; it was the sap at the willow's heart. Her Will did not push or pull at it; it did not need to. The two were in harmony, united in purpose; where the Will led, the Soul followed. Unstoppered, it flowed out from its reservoir through an intangible channel defined by Kilanya's intent, connecting it to the waiting shape. :And now, the joining.: The Soul reached the Sword. Above Kilanya's right palm a brilliant blue light appeared, surging out until it met the boundaries of the shape that had hitherto existed only in the Toroshu's thoughts. In the Real, it seemed to spring forth from nothingness and take shape of its own accord; in the world of the mind, where the tracery of Kilanya's design was visible, it was like water filling a glass. It formed first a grip, then a rounded tsuba, and at last a long, curved blade. The instant the final point at the tip of the blade was filled, the flow of energy stopped. Where the empty shape had been, now lay a true Soulsword: a weapon of cerulean light, fierce yet stable, calmly incandescent. Kilanya raised her palms, presenting the sword for Shiki's perusal. The gesture was in itself unnecessary; Shiki had felt every moment of its forging, the creation of its every detail. But symbols and mnemonics held power in such spaces nonetheless, and the act of presentation might in turn spur acceptance, and so help the lesson sink in. :Do you see?: OOC: @Razgriz
  11. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] "Not one big enough for a Rahk, I don't think. We don't usually carry...ah...livestock." OOC: @Nato G
  12. IC (Lohkar) [The Dancing Crab, Ostia] As the others spoke, Lohkar gradually relaxed his grip on the pistol and let his hand hang lazily one more. "All right, all right," he said, waving said hand in the air in resignation. "Never let it be said I'm not a man who knows how to compromise." His gaze alighted on Lash once more. "I still find meself disinclined to have a Rahk on me crew, or indeed someone with a self-confessed history of jumpin' ship on previous employers. However...far be it for me to deny a fellow ne'er-do-well their chance to get away from the more, ah, over-zealous o' the Koro security forces. So 'ere's the deal." In one surprisingly fluid motion, he swung his legs off the table and planted both elbows on it instead, clasping his hands and leaning over them at the Vortixx. "I am prepared to grant you and your little pet passage to Zakaz, albeit at double our usual price — each — an' with the condition that the big bug be kept in a cage in the hold at all times. Upon makin' port at Zakaz you an' your friend will leave post-haste. Now, I suppose it is possible that me an' my crew may somehow warm to the two of ya over the course o' the voyage, in which case a renegotiation o' this arrangement might be in order. But understand this, luv..." The Lesterin leaned further forward, fixing Lash with a grade-A threatening stare. "If any harm comes to my ship or my crew as a result o' my current fit of generosity, there will be nowhere on this Endless Ocean you can run to, an' no obstacle that will keep us from our revenge." He let the tension hang in the air for a moment, then settled back to lounge in his chair once more, looking around lazily at all present. "Tha' all sound fair?" OOC: @Nato G @pokemonlover360 @Void Emissary @Snelly @Visaru
  13. IC (NPC Broker henchman) [The Place] The Wanderer's jollity was met with the same stony response from the Skakdi henchman as Enra had received. "Broker wants to talk," he said, sticking a thumb over his shoulder to the cluster of vehicles parked opposite the Place. "Follow me." The Skakdi turned and began to trudge back towards the convoy. OOC: @Smudge8
  14. IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Tazera stiffened. Even with the promise of an intervention by one of the expedition's most formidable Menti, it still fell to her to placate the rogue Toa in the meantime. "Deliberations...are ongoing," she said. Allowing her voice to shake a little didn't take much acting either, with the amount of adrenaline still coursing through her system. "I believe your...demands will be accepted. But it will take some time to arrange. And the Commodore will have conditions of her own."
  15. IC [The Place] The Skakdi just shook his head with a low chuckle. "You tell him the Broker's here to see him." OOC: @Toru Nui
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