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  1. IC Yasurek - The Dancing Crab, Ostia: “For the record, I still think it’s a terrible idea with no particular upsides” Yasurek remarked, still leaning against the wall. “I’ll find a way to tolerate the rahkshi’s presence, but based on how Lash reacted to the fact that our organization has standards I don’t know if she’ll really take to the pirate life. I suppose being part of a collective gives us the leeway to pick and choose jobs and make our own as needed that singular mercs don’t really get, but that doesn’t mean you have to take whatever is available.” The Ko-matoran shifted about uneasily. There was just something... vile about the prospect of being on a ship with a Son of Makuta, regardless of how tame it may have been. “I guess while the topic is somewhat relevant, our varying reactions to rahkshi did make me curious about something I don’t recall asking. I know that Captain Lohkar isn’t from around here, but what about you two?” he asked, gesturing to Gunner and Taleen. “Are you two natives to here or did you wash up on the beach like the captain?” OOC: @Ghosthands@Snelly@Void Emissary
  2. IC Yasurek - The Dancing Crab, Ostia: Lohkar glanced back at Yasurek as Lash made her case and could note that the Ko-matoran was doing his best to appear unfazed by her testimony. A closer inspection revealed the Ko-matoran’s tablet device was in danger of being crushed in a vice grip, his unmoving brow was only held in place by a large amount of concentration, and he had shuffled his cloak back to get better access to the spears at his waist. For the Lesterin captain it was clear as day that his midshipmen wanted nothing more than to stab their prospective crewmate at that moment. Gunner’s plea for civility managed to snap Yasurek out of his anger, at least briefly, and he took a deliberate breath before adding his thoughts to the conversation. “This may be my personal biases talking, but I can’t say I’m comfortable having one of Makuta’s minions as part of our crew. You know, because the whole hundreds of years of His darkness tormenting my people since the beginning of our recorded history and all that. Bit of a hard thing to get over. Also, and I’d need to defer to our captain’s knowledge on the subject, but I wonder if the land we’re going to has any rahkshi at all. The idea of us bringing one to a land untouched by darkness and potentially drawing Makuta’s wrath onto the local populace doesn’t sit right with me. That’s the ethicist in me talking though.” He quickly switched tracks, looking directly at Lash while doing so. “From a more practical perspective, Lash, you mentioned you’ve been here for a short while. Perhaps 2 years or so? In that case, you might not have been around to remember what it was like when Makuta ran rampant on this land. And you may be comfortable with your pet knowing its master was gone. But you must have felt the change in atmosphere recently. The way days have grown dimmer and colder, how the water has become dirtier, how the shadows grow longer than they should. Somehow… Makuta returned. Knowing this, how long do you think you’ll be able to maintain control of your pet? You may think that you’re fine, after all you used some antidermis, some magic potion that can do whatever you want or whatever it is, but you got it from Makuta’s vault, so I have to wonder how foolproof a method that really is. You may have control now, there may be no signs of rebellion from the rahkshi, but can you really be sure that when you look it in the eyes Makuta is not looking back, waiting for the right moment to shatter the illusion of your control and retake his minion? OOC: @Nato G@Ghosthands@Visaru@Snelly@Void Emissary
  3. IC Yasurek - The Dancing Crab, Ostia: As the Ko-matoran continued making notes during Verak’s response, his eyes never strayed from the sand toa. When Verak finished making his case, the notetaking stopped, though Yasurek’s eyes didn’t stray from their target. Internally, the former guard continued to take a couple mental notes: Verak’s general uneasiness under Yasurek’s watchful eye, the sweat forming in real time as the toa squirmed, and how good this situation felt. There was an odd satisfaction at holding power over the being in front of him, despite the differences in abilities. To be able to exert psychologically pressure on another individual with nothing but some stereotypical ko-matoran traits, a few words, and some actual professionalism produced a distinct, almost sadistic pleasure. While he had never performed many interrogations in his law enforcement career, he had sat in on a few performed by his colleagues. He saw a similar look in Verak’s expression to when the interrogators had presented decisive evidence of guilt. Perhaps they felt the same satisfaction when they were working. Part of him wanted to keep going, to push harder, to see just how low he could make the criminal in front of him sink, to make this being who could manipulate the elements themselves wither under his authority. But that wasn’t the point of this interview. His objectives were to determine Verak’s ability to fit into the crew as well as establish Yasurek’s presence in the crew’s hierarchy, tasks he had already completed. Thus, the sadistic urge was snuffed out by a blizzard of professionalism, leaving one final task: letting Verak know his conclusion. Yasurek finally broke the stare and relaxed his eyes for the first time in a minute or two, tilting his head slightly. His mouth curled up into a small smile; not a smirk, but a more genuine expression. He briefly glanced at Lohkar and Gunner before looking back at Verak. In theory the two crewmates would be able to deduce his conclusion from just that look, but completely non-verbal communication was always a bit hit or miss. “…Alright Mr. Verak, I have a couple notes here, but I’ll stick mostly to the key conclusions. If you’re going to interview for any jobs in the future, it’s better to lead with your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Keep the talk of your shortcomings to when the interviewer asks about them. Otherwise, I see no issue with you that hasn’t been seen before on this crew.” He added a quick checkmark to his notes for dramatic effect. “With that said, the captain’s already given you his blessing, and I’m in agreement. Welcome back aboard the Infernavika.” OOC: @Ghosthands@Visaru@Snelly@Void Emissary
  4. IC Yasurek - The Dancing Crab, Ostia Yasurek’s eyes narrowed at the applicant’s quip to Lohkar, but he softened his expression as Verak turned back to face him. The former guardsman made a show of showing the display to the calix-wearing toa before swiping across the screen and bringing up a new blank page. The brief view of the display revealed thorough notes on Verak’s characteristics and interview answers with one line standing out in particular: 7. Arrogant y/n? ☑️ Yasurek tapped rhythmically on the tablet using the stylus before speaking again. “Perhaps I need to be a bit more specific in what I’m looking for. Mr. Verak, from your previous hypothetically unlawful activities you know that one of the keys to not getting caught is having information. Casing the joint, working with informants, that sort of thing. While our illustrious captain has some prior experience, our journey is taking us to a land which we know nothing about. There will be no familiar faces, no guarantee of safe haven, and the only intel we have is at least several years out of date.” His icy blue gaze dug into the sand toa. “In that sort of situation, the only steady thing we’ll be able to fall back on is each other. Whether through years of cooperation or working together to defeat a common enemy, this crew has formed strong bonds that will hold up to the challenges we’re sure to encounter. If you intend to join this crew and stay with us after arriving at the new world, we’ll be expecting similar from you. I figured you might respond better to a question that let you wax lyrical about yourself, but I’ll ask you more directly instead. Can we trust you to pull your weight and stick with us, Mr. Verak? When the chips are down and the situation becomes complicated, can we rely on you?” OOC: @Visaru@Ghosthands@Void Emissary@Snelly
  5. IC Yasurek - The Dancing Crab, Ostia: “Mr. Verak,” Yasurek said, looking up from the notes he had been writing on his iStone, “As you know from your prior experience, being part of a ship’s crew is a group effort, regardless of personal motivation. Would you please share any previous partnerships or group efforts you’ve been involved in and what made you leave them?” The Ko-matoran was resting against the wall of the tavern directly behind the interviewee’s chair, tablet in hand. Unlike Taleen he didn’t appear out of nowhere; rather, he had quietly been there the entire time. OOC: @Visaru@Ghosthands@Void Emissary@Snelly
  6. IC Yasurek - Infernavika: “On the topic of widgets,” Yasurek said, checking the ship’s inventory chart, “It might be a good idea to spend most of our currency on trade goods and supplies before we set out. Captain Lohkar probably has more insight on this, but I have my doubts an island nation that hasn’t been observed in at least hundreds of years is going to use the same legal tender as us. Do you know any high demand goods on this Seprilli that we can take advantage of? I hear the Dasaka don’t have much metal on their land, so maybe the Seprillians have a similar high demand resource we can graciously supply.” OOC: @Ghosthands @Void Emissary @Snelly
  7. IC Yasurek - Infernavika: Yasurek fired back a grin of his own. "So are the people back home the respectable sort or are they more like you?" OOC: @Ghosthands
  8. IC Yasurek - Infernavika: As he often did while working on the ship, Yasurek’s thoughts turned inward. Today’s conclusion: Time Doesn’t Make Sense. Despite his vaguely youthful appearance, Yasurek, much like most of the other beings on this island, was several hundred years old. Barring the occasional mix-up those first several hundreds of years had been relatively stagnant. The First Toa appearing had been a change, but their appearance was brief and as the years set in the massive disappointment he felt with them had been dulled by the even greater disappointment he felt towards all the subsequent toa that had appeared. He tied down some lines and began climbing up to the higher sails. Everything had changed in the last few years. Makuta had been defeated and returned; a new land had been discovered for the first time, with apparently another new land following right behind it; A koro had been occupied for a few months in-between all that. After so many years the people of this island had apparently independently decided to do something with their lives. To have such changes happening in such a tiny fraction of his collective lifespan was, to be frank, preposterous. He glanced around at the minimum two other crew members besides himself on board and absentmindedly fiddle with the small medal hanging from his chest. In the aftermath of the retaking of Ko-Koro, he had stumbled upon some old coworkers in the guard. They insisted that he take a medal for his help defeat the occupiers. Yasurek had explained that it was a group effort, but after reluctantly accepting the medal, he had to admit a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. It was one of the few times he had felt that way in a very long time. With the last of the sails unfurled, he gracefully descended back to the deck, enjoying the exhilaration of tumbling down. Striding towards Lohkar at the helm, a final thought found its way into his mind. I guess the only way to keep up with all these changes is to be at the front of them. “Nice to hear your memories have returned, Captain Lohkar Sir,” he said. “Do you have them all back, or just the names of the islands you came from?” OOC: @Ghosthands@Snelly @Void Emissary
  9. Name: Yasurek Species: Ko-matoran Mask: blue powerless kakama Gender: Male Appearance: Yasurek looks like most other matoran, besides being of above average height. He is white, with grey hands and light blue feet. He wears a leather belt with scabbards for his weapons and often wears a blue cloak complete with hood. On his back is a large sheathe for holding a multitude of spears securely. Alignment: Practical Good Powers and weapons: 2 long guard spears (MNOLG style with curved double prongs at the tip), a small knife and cutlass, and a multitude of spears of various makes and materials in his possession. During the expedition to the Temple of the Blood Kanohi, Yasurek obtained a pair of non-metallic spears with translucent blue handles and black tips. These spears are somewhat similar to rahkshi armor in that they are unable to be affected by non-solid-matter based abilities (e.g. their position cannot be altered by powers such as telekinesis, gravity, and air). The user is still able to be affected, but the weapons themselves are immune. [Approved by Ghosthands] Being a matoran, he does not possess explicit powers aside from an increased cold tolerance as a Ko-matoran. He has excellent agility, being able to perform various acrobatic feats even while carrying all of his weapons. His primary weapon focus is with his spears, as he has trained extensively with each individual weapon, learning the ins and outs of each. He is not as skilled with his cutlass, and the knife is more of a backup weapon. Personality: Yasurek is a moral individual, despite his occupation as a pirate. He maintains a sense of justice and good from his days as a guard, but does not let that get in the way too often when it comes to obtaining results. He prefers for things to go peacefully, but due to the nature of his fellow crew that is rarely an option though sometimes things work out. After coming out of a period of depression that had spanned the last several months he has managed to regain some amount of optimism and is able to look at the world in a brighter way despite the oncoming tensions between villages. He always tries to see the good in people and takes care of his friends, though he is also willing to voice his concerns if things seem off to him. While Yasurek appreciates their existence, he dislikes the idea of relying on chosen groups of toa to save the population as it encourages people to not solve their own problems and instead feel powerless in the face of adversity. History: Yasurek was a guard in the Ko-Koro guard force. For many years he spent his time protecting important areas of the city from harm and apprehending criminals. With how the original prophecy of the toa turned out he felt that the role of bringing justice and peace to the island fell onto the shoulders of its current inhabitants, rather than outsiders. Over time though, things continued to worsen. It seemed to him that his current role as a guard was doing nothing to actually help the island, and so he left the force and journeyed out to try to make things better. Sadly, it was not something he would succeed at. Wandering aimlessly, he moved from area to area, trying to makes things better, but no solution came to him. Eventually, despite his firm feelings of good, he lost track of the driving force of his mission. It was shortly after that time when he made his way to Ga-Koro where he noticed an advertisement to try out for the crew of the pirate ship Infernavika. With nothing else to do, he followed the ad and was chosen as one of the crewman with no specific role (Though he insisted that he was not a cabin matoran). On the ship he had plenty of adventures going up against and sometimes working alongside the law. Their latest trip took them to the occupied village of Ko-Koro, which Yasurek assisted in retaking. For their latest aid provided to the populace, the crew of the Infernavika received another set of pardons for crimes committed since the last time they received a set of pardons. Weaknesses: He's a matoran, so he is not very strong compared to most individuals on the island. Also, he can't really handle ranged combat unless he is able to hide behind cover and sneak closer, aside from the occasional spear throw. Without his spears he can't fight as well. He avoids PvP because pokemonlover360 doesn’t like writing it.
  10. Guess I'll add a couple questions I've been thinking about this past week. 1. When did Tuyet and Axonn go? 2. Did that have any effect on the present overall situation besides "Tuyet and Axonn are gone"? 3. Is the timeline still collapsing, or did that get fixed somewhere along the way, and if it did get fixed is it a temporary fix or a permanent one? 4. When cycles occur, do the universe revert back to a fixed point or does the entire timeline restart? As an example, does the cycle occur and then the events of the timeline occur as before up until something like Dume's speech at the start of SK:E and then things can diverge, or can things diverge from the very start of the universe, such as in the pre-ark days? 5. This one depends on the answer to 4. For some characters, such as Kilo and Nu, they don't exist until about maybe 10-500 or so years and about 5 months respectively before the end of the game. When the cycle occurs, do they just cease to exist until for example Nuparu builds them for the first time again always at the same point on the timeline? Is it possible for them to just not be born in a cycle if enough variance happens? 6. Are people who followed Zataka back to the Ark affected by the cycle?
  11. Guess I'll add some questions to the pile. SK:R leads to SK:E. Do the events of SK:E proceed identically to what we previously wrote, then to SK:R, then to SK:A, with no changes between repetitions? What other endings were available? What's Spiriah's deal? Was he trying to do anything? Why was Icarax boarding up his home from Spiriah? Why did Mata Nui's head want more? How did Icarax ascend to great spirit? Explain Nuju. What loot was present in the water and earth suvas? What were the puzzle solutions? What was in the great temple suva, since nobody ever looked? Can the Hiko let you travel between Zakaz and the GSR? What was Ehlek's big ol' device that we didn't have time to deal with?
  12. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Before the assembled group’s eyes, the kralhi returned, this time with Atamai in tow. “Please heal Ally Vashni,” it said. Then with a, “Teleport,” it was gone once more. For a moment, the Odd Company was reunited once more in the same place. In spirit, they would always be together. OOC: @~Xemnas~@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly
  13. IC Kilo-M9 - Kini Nui: “Greetings Ally Kat! I hope you’re doing well,” said Kilo. There was no time for further pleasantries, however. Sidra gave instructions, and Kilo would follow them. After all, she had saved its life before. Quickly, the kralhi stepped forwards, gently setting Nuparu on the ground before lifting the makoki stone. It slotted the stone into the remaining open space in the slot and stepped back, waiting to see what would happen. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@~Xemnas~@The UltimoScorp@Gecko Greavesy
  14. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Creator Nuparu? That is not possible. Facial recognition matches. Additional investigation required. The mission is the priority. Kilo took hold of the Onu-matoran in one hand while the other held the mysterious stone. It gave a last glance to its gathered allies. Alas, Atamai was not here with them. It pictured the temple it had visited not one day ago and said a monotone “Teleport.” Then it was gone. Amongst the rubble, a machine appeared with rock and matoran in tow. Kilo glanced around, giving a “Greetings Ally Atamai,” to the Fe-toa before proceeding towards Sidra. “I’ve brought this stone, Ally Sidra. Ally Knichou indicated you know what to do with it.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator@Gecko Greavesy@BULiK@Tarn@Snelly@~Xemnas~
  15. IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Ehlek's Fortress: Kilo grabbed the makoki stone. "Now What?" it asked. OOC: @BULiK@Snelly@Tarn
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