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  1. "Daggers" by We Came As Romans. ~Unit#phntk#1
  2. Pulling from my rock playlist. Exactly 550 songs and at least 25 artists. I. What will I dream about tonight? "Team Black" by Project 86 Not sure how to interpret that. II. What song best describes my love life? "Watching Over Me" by Thousand Foot Krutch That's sweet. III. What is my life’s ambition? "Normandy" by Project 86 That's ominous. IV. Who is my greatest hero? "Eyesore" by Janus Obviously not someone good looking. V. What do I want right now? "Detonator" - Rusty Shipp Also ominous. VI. What is my dream job? "When The Devil Come" - Demon Hunter Question is, am I in the business of summoning or exorcism? VII. Where does my future best friend live? "Someone To Hate" - Demon Hunter I don't get to have a best friend. VIII. What song fits me the best? "Let the Sparks Fly" - Thousand Foot Krutch I wish I had as much energy as this implies. IX. What is the real answer to life, the universe, and everything? "Two Ways" - Demon Hunter Either you understand binary or you don't idk X. What should I definitely not eat? "Over and Over" - Three Days Grace A warning about gluttony, maybe. XI. How will I die? "Dear Self" - Nine Lashes Yikes. XII. What will people say at my funeral? "Guilty Hands" - Nine Lashes Yikeser. XIII. How will my grandchildren feel about me? "Death" - Demon Hunter Yikesest. XIV. Who loves me right now? "Ghosts of Easter Rising" - Demon Hunter Nobody alive I guess? XV. What is my true identity? "The Good Life" - Three Days Grace This is very inconsistent with the rest of the list. XVI. Who or what is my greatest foe? "Fire It Up" - Thousand Foot Krutch XVII. Aliens just teleported me out of my computer chair in a swirl of blue sparkles what happens next!? "Jacob's Dream" - Day of Fire Actually makes sense, in a way. XVIII. Any last words? "Doomsday Stomp" - Project 86 Welp. Looks like I have an incredibly violent life ahead of me.
  3. WOW I forgot that that used to be a rule. I bought it sometime back in '08-'09. I was just thinking "y'know I didn't really use the perks that much" but I definitely took pride in being able to start threads for people (and group PMs, post-Downtime). Now that I think about it, it's crazy that we ever played Mafia without group messaging. ~Unit#phntk#1
  4. "Subject to Change" by Project 86 ~Unit#phntk#1
  5. Graduation. Marriage. Major congrats are in order, dude. It's crazy to think about that happening. I can still remember playing Minecraft with you on the first unofficial BZP server. I think we were building underground to hide from griefers. There was a third guy with us. We called the place the City of Ember. This would have been in early 2011. It's been almost nine years ._.
  6. I disguise as your mom and ask to hold the mask for just one minute. Upon receiving it, I hop on my unicycle and speed away into the night, laughing quietly. My mask. ~Unit#phntk#1
  7. I've been playing Mafia here with the same core group of people since I was in middle school. I'm in college now. That's pretty crazy. ~Unit#phntk#1
  8. I feel like Greg stated at some point that color and class were not related, and Leaders with red armor existed before they were all killed. BS01 doesn't mention this, so it's probably buried in the OGD somewhere. ~Unit#phntk#1
  9. True But I didn't spend all of last season waiting for everyone else to die just to not enjoy my throne Reprising Unit of Ko-Koro. ~Unit#phntk#1
  10. Been without internet for the past two weeks... can I make a late reservation for two mediums? This is probably my favorite design so far. I may or may not be attending - if not I'll make sure there's someone to grab and ship them for me.
  11. Good game! I enjoyed the way you incorporated the songs, TL; they flowed with the scenes far better than I expected given how varied the suggestions were. ~Unit#phntk#1
  12. Spot 13.1. Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer". ~Unit#phntk#1
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