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  1. IC: Lash – Naho Bay The boat wasn’t much to look at. It was probably worth even less than what she’d paid for it… but it was all Lash had been able to afford, so it would have to suffice. At least it wasn’t leaking. It was large enough to accommodate two larger beings, with one ragged sail, and a single pair of splintering oars. Its hull was a barnacle-encrusted mosaic of patches, and its paint was pale and peeling, flaking away to scatter like snow in the water or the bay. It was a poor investment to be sure, but Lash wasn’t planning to hold onto it for the long term. She only needed it to hold together for a single journey. She tossed her bag of supplies and belongings up the front of the boat and sat down, instructing Breathless to do the same as she took up the oars and began to row. She’d thought about trying to teach the Rahkshi how to row instead, but she didn’t want to spend any more time lingering here than she had to. Besides, Breathless would be doing plenty of work once they were further away from the bay, putting a little extra wind in their sail as they set course for Ostia. OOC: Lash to Po-Wahi.
  2. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress Vazaria’s lips curled into a sneer as she made her way through the fortress. There were few things in life she hated more than illusions, and this place was saturated with them. Every scrap of fabric was drenched in pretence, every stone laden with lies. It was a vain, petty display by long-dead conmen who’d evidently been incapable of making any tangible works of value or meaning. And what good had all this counterfeit grandeur done the Mashtet in the end? The only remarkable thing about them, their only impact on history, had been their mysterious disappearance. The Lost Clan indeed… though, I suppose they were the lucky ones in the end. They wouldn’t have to endure Zataka’s judgement like the other clans already were, or soon would. Unless… what if they already did? As the new Rahkshi touched its staff to the carving and reawakened the life within, as Vazaria suddenly understood what the carvings truly were, her comprehension of the scene she’d witnessed in the tunnels below changed. All of those bodies… were they the missing Mashtet? Left to rot beneath their own fortress, fallen in defence of Zataka’s imprisoned children? How long had they known about the Kraata? Who or what had killed them in the end? The questions didn’t matter, she realised. There was no one left alive to answer them. And if those warriors had died trying to stop the Kraata from being freed, then their deaths had been in vain. The Rahkshi had finally come for their kin. She watched the Rahkshi healer set aside the yellow Kraata and begin resurrecting the next. The newly-reborn wyrm slithered up to Vazaria’s foot, and she knelt down to inspect it, placing her armful of carvings before the Rahkshi as she did so. “Hello little one,” she said, gently reaching out to stroke the strange snake/slug creature. “How long have you been waiting down there?” She didn’t really expect an answer. It just felt good to talk to someone. @Keeper of Kraata
  3. Anything could be possible... but what's your evidence for this theory?
  4. IC: T'harrak - Tahtorak Encampment The battle that T'harrak observed was very different to the one that everyone else watched. The crowd saw the expected spectacle of strength and savagery, revelled in the roars and rage, bellowed at the brawn and brutality of the display, and delighted in the devastation. T'harrak peered past it all to look within, her x-ray vision peeling away the layers and observing the deeper details of the two fighters. She saw how muscles shifted differently under the scars of old wounds, where skin split and bruises blossomed as new injuries were inflicted, and where bones bore the marks of healed fractures or breaks. She saw how weapons were weighted and balanced, how armour was layered and connected, and where the wear of past battles had buckled it. She was already passingly familiar with Jojax - her body bearing the batterings of innumerable battles, her levitating gauntlets hewn of dense metal, and her Kanohi with its grafted-on gadgetry - so she focused most of her attention during the bout on the new element, Gashril. Where Jojax was all bulk and muscle, Gashril was a little leaner, though it certainly hadn't put her at any disadvantage. (Just goes to show, strength isn't everything). The unusual device implanted in the De-Skakdi's throat was probably in some way responsible for the sonic attacks she'd unleashed during the battle, and there was something about that sword... T'harrak couldn't begin to speculate at its function, if any, since Gashril hadn't done anything unusual with it, but it definitely seemed more complex than most blades. At first glance, she seemed an ally well worth having, and one who perhaps still had a few surprises left in store. And after that performance in battle - rules be karzed, we all saw who won that - she was definitely not someone worth making an enemy of, especially given how close this camp was to the Fort. Hopefully- A grating metal clank off to the side briefly drew T'harrak's attention back to the other new De-Skakdi in their midst: Sohmak. She deactivated her x-ray vision just in time to catch a fleeting sneer on his face, probably directed at Jojax. Clearly whatever grudge or rivalry was between the two of them wasn't going to go away overnight. Speaking of which... T'harrak quickly made her way around the ring, not wanting to risk unintentionally insulting someone or invoking something by crossing through it (she'd never bothered learning the rules of Sarke) to stand by the fallen Jojax, extending a hand to help her comrade up. "You almost had her. Maybe next time, yeah?" She offered a smile towards Gashril as well. "Impressive work." Her actions and words were as much of a genuine offer of aid and support for the two combatants as they were a calculated display for everyone else present. Zanakra had clapped and laughed as if the whole display was for her entertainment, launching into her speech with scarcely a glance towards her fallen underling. She didn't offer even the pretence of concern. Her view of the world was as unwavering as her confidence: she was the warlord, and they were beneath her. T'harrak instead sought to subtly establish herself as the opposite: a comrade, an equal. Her reasons had nothing to do with undermining or usurping Zanakra. They were as selfish as they were simple: this was a warrior's world, and she needed friends to survive in it. @Smudge8 @ARROW404
  5. IC: Lash – Naho Bay Lounging back on the rickety chair in front of her ramshackle beachfront hut, the midday sun bearing down on her, Lash felt cold. It wasn’t the sea breeze washing in over her. It wasn’t the tide tickling her toes. It wasn’t even because of her literal and metaphorical cold-blooded nature. In truth, she wasn’t entirely sure of the cause. It was an irrational dread in the air, a furtive foreboding, a claustrophobic sense of something unseen closing in around her. She’d been feeling this way for weeks, and each day felt worse than the last. She’d felt this way before, many times, when she’d relaxed her guard while on the run, or tried to settle down with enemies still breathing. She’d been standing still for too long, complacent in her imagined safety. Every morning she awoke expecting to find Minnorak or Kavala or Zaktan himself leering over her. She’d made so many enemies, left so many promises unkept and deals unfulfilled, and she dreaded the day that it would all catch up with her. Even her ever-present Rahkshi companion (currently watching over her from a few bio away) didn’t feel like the promise of safety it had once represented. Having Breathless around her always been a little unnerving, like keeping an especially dangerous pet, but there was something new in its eyes in recent weeks that she was sure hadn’t been there before. A cunning, a curiosity. The way it looked at her when she told it to do something was no longer vacant… it was attentive, almost anticipatory. Like it was actively studying her, instead of mindlessly obeying. That was nonsense, of course. Just her paranoia. It had to be. Breathless wasn’t a threat. At least, not directly. But word of the Vortixx and her “tame” Rahkshi had no doubt spread far and wide. It wouldn’t take much work for the Piraka to follow the rumours back to her location to call in the debt she owed them. Kavala even already knew where she was, and what he wanted from her was even worse. But now she had a way out. A real way out. Shuffling on to another Koro would never have been enough. Not with her history, and especially not with the company she kept. But during a trip into Ga-Koro for supplies yesterday, she’d caught wind of a rumour of a ship captain in Po-Wahi who knew the route to a new island, the rumoured homeland of the Skakdi and Lesterin. A place she could start over, far from the reach of her foes. A place where she and Breathless would fit right in. Today would be her last day in Ga-Wahi. Today would be her last day on this beach. And she wanted to make the most of it. So despite her unease, she forced herself to close her eyes, lean back in her seat, and let the calming sounds and comforting warmth of the beach wash over her.
  6. Seems that way, but it looks like both the character and player she was working with are no longer around, so I guess I'll just say that business partnership soured and they went their separate ways.
  7. Interesting, I'll keep that in mind. Time to figure out what I was doing with that character.... back in 2015.
  8. I was updating some of my character pages on the new wiki today, and was reminded that I had a character last Arc who was gifted some antidermis and used it to tame/enslave a Rahkshi. If I were to bring that character back for this Arc, will the Rahkshi carry over as well? I vaguely remember reading an entry in the profiles topic about an antidermis-mutated character who'd been cut off from Makuta's power, but I wasn't sure if that was something specific to that character, or a general issue for anything antidermis-related.
  9. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "Minnorak," he grunted in way of greeting. "Bathroom's out the way you came in, down the hall to the left. It'll be the only door that isn't locked."
  10. IC: Savis - The Unfortunate Fikou "An invitation..." they repeated numbly, following the trail of scribbled circles and quivering questions marks around the map until they reached the spot Montague had indicated. How long had the Matoran been searching? Was this diligence research or demented obsession? "How can you be certain this is the right place?" Was the only question they dared voice, though it was asked more out of curiosity than doubt. @Goose
  11. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost For a long moment, Minnorak studied the Skakdi before him, wracking his brains for some recollection of where they might have crossed paths. He’d tried to kill a lot of people over the years, and he generally didn’t bother burdening himself with the memory of the successes or the survivors. The answer came to him from the one battle he hoped it wouldn’t. “Oh. Oh.” He grimaced. “If it's any consolation, we didn't even end up getting paid for that job... and it tanked our reputation so badly that our entire business went bust. I'm the only one left. Joke's on us for taking jobs from Makuta-worshippers." It was as close to an apology as he was willing to give.
  12. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "Yes, right on time." Minnorak glanced up at the sound of the new voice. More visitors. This was quite the crew Quoribay was putting together. “I’m an old friend of Quoribay’s, way back,” the newcomer said, “And this here is my new friend, and most-reliable bodyguard, Baz. Do not let appearances deceive you, he’s quite the gentleman. “Now, where is—” If the Skakdi was Baz, that meant this new arrival had to be Surdo, the one that Quoribay had warned him about. Minnorak stared intently at the Matoran as he limped across the room, babbling boisterously as he caught up to Quoribay. He didn't seem especially dangerous, at least not physically. If he was the biggest internal threat this heist was going to face, then- Movement in Minnorak's peripheral vision made him swiftly realise he'd been focusing on the wrong newcomer. He looked to the side to find Baz had moved right up beside the bar, leaning forward to squint at his face. “Hmmmmm.” Minnorak returned the stare for a few seconds before speaking, "Can I help you?" @Perp
  13. IC: Vazaria - Mashtet Chamber Strange, she thought, turning the figure over in her hands. What are you? She still felt no closer to understanding what this chamber was, or why the Rahkshi were so interested in it... or why another servant of Zataka had seemingly given her life in defence of this place. She glanced back towards the corpse, sprawled upon the dais, her sword broken and her skull shattered. Her heavy armour still looked to be intact, though, and if Vazaria was required to protect this place as the dead woman had, there was no sense in letting it go to waste. The dead woman would understand, surely? They served the same master after all. She set about removing the armour as carefully and respectfully as she could, gathering it up in her arms along with the carvings before she set off back towards the surface. She'd try it on later, once she was away from the sweltering heat of the chamber. She worked her way back along the tunnel the Rahkshi had led her down, before flying up the well and landing in the courtyard, looking around to see where the Rahkshi was taking the carvings. @Keeper of Kraata
  14. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost, Mess Hall Minnorak was generally a very stoic individual, but even he couldn't hold himself back from directing an "are-you-kidding-me?" glare at Quoribay when the blind Lesterin blundered into the building. He held his tongue, though, not wanting to make a poor first impression to a being that might yet surprise him. He knew first-hand how beings could adapt to adversity and ailment. He'd known Draygon both before and after he'd lost his eye, seen how the experience had changed him. In some ways, the loss had made him stronger. In other ways... not so much. But he'd always been loyal and reliable, right up until the end. Hopefully the same was true of this Skrol character. The next arrival was even more of a reminder of the dear friend Minnorak had buried on the mountainside than the first had been. A Ba-Elemental armed with a wry smile, a confident demeanour, and a big sword; Minnorak almost expected to hear the same strange accent when the Toa opened his mouth to introduce himself as Dolbren. "Greetings, both of you," Minnorak offered, once Quoribay had finished introducing everyone. "Take a seat, make yourselves at home. I imagine it's going to be a long evening."
  15. IC: Vazaria - Mashtet Tunnels Questions swarmed around Vazaria like flies around carrion as she strode through the tunnel. What had happened in this place? Who were these people? How had they died? Why had this battlefield been buried? And what did the armies of Zataka want with old statuettes hidden beneath a ruined fortress? Troubling though the questions were, she saw no sense in asking them. Her present company wasn't exactly capable of offering an answer. Instead, she started reaching into the alcoves to remove more of the figures. The Rahkshi seemed intent on collecting them; presumably it wanted her to assist with carrying them. As she picked up the first, she took a moment to look it over, trying to get a sense of what they were. @Keeper of Kraata
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