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  1. There was no Tahu in 2009, and we'll have to wait a while longer to see if there'll be one in 2026. I was ready to question 2022 as well, but realised I'd forgotten about the goofy 90 Years Of Play thing. Canister set characters getting two years back-to-back also wasn't unique to just Tahu, it was commonplace throughout Bionicle's run. We saw it with the Toa Mata/Nuva, the Toa Metru/Hordika, the Toa Inika/Mahri, even Gresh and Skrall. Unfortunately, you're probably right. I totally understand the trope of the red one being the face of the franchise, but I imagine a lot of fans and collectors would prefer to see other sets and characters get some acknowledgement as well.
  2. I filled this out this morning. The survey mainly asks about opinions on what kind of Lego-related merchandise people would be interested in buying - shirts, hoodies, plushies, coasters, vases, lamps, books, etc. - and what kind of style or content people might want to see on those items. Bionicle is only very briefly mentioned as one of several possibilities for t-shirt designs featuring "vintage themes", so don't get too excited.
  3. Intriguing start. I love stories that explore these darker, more morally-complex angles that the original themes themselves never really touched on, so this is right up my alley. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.
  4. Thanks to the diligent record-keeping of the Bionicle community, we actually have those things already. BS01's gallery lists about the same amount of concept art for The Legend Reborn as it does for the other media, and G2 got an entire physical artbook released to show off its concept material. And all of the relevant songs and soundtracks can easily be found on Youtube.
  5. Report the posts, and it'll be dealt with by the moderators.
  6. I guess there's no proper review topic for this one? It's a decent start, and an interesting concept, but as others have said it feels a little unpolished at the moment. Personally, I'd recommend taking the time to write and edit most/all of the story before you start uploading, that way there aren't long waits between chapters, and people won't have to potentially go back and reread multiple times when you edit or change things.
  7. If you're looking for an echo chamber where everyone mindlessly agrees with you, don't post your opinion on a public discussion forum. I get the point you're trying to make here, but "dresses in black and has red eyes" is probably the most common stereotype in all of fictional villainy. That alone doesn't make a character a deliberate riff on Makuta Teridax specifically. It's also worth noting that despite how he was sometimes described in-story, none of the official set versions of Terry actually have black armour, nor does his depiction in the movies. As for your other notes, the Makuta species were given so many powers that they probably overlap with just about every villain Lego has ever made. Not everything is connected, or a deliberate reference.
  8. Makes sense to me. Rhotuka spinners were the best launcher gimmick Bionicle ever had, and the Visorak are arguably the best clone villain wave. Realistically, it's probably not the largest when it comes to the size of the completed build. But I'd guess whoever wrote that was going by total piece count, as it does use the most parts of any Bionicle set, at 856 pieces. That just barely beats out the Skopio, which has 849 parts. This actually checks out. Bricklink lists a total of 155 items in the Kanohi category: https://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?v=5&pg=1&catString=235&catType=P Some of them are a little iffy. The Glatorian helmets are counted as Kanohi, as is the visor piece used on some of the '07 masks. Some of the G2 masks also appear twice, as parts that come in different two-colour blends often have different codes for them even if the actual mould is the same. But "over 150" seems like a fair generalisation to make. If you took into account all of the different colours the masks were available in (especially in the early years), the total would be even higher.
  9. I think you may be misreading the BS01 page a little. It says everything post-Journey's End takes place "less than 1 month prior to Present Day". That page only uses months and years as its metrics, so "less than 1 month" would definitely encompass the periods of days mentioned in your examples above.
  10. This is where you lost me. We're not given much info to work with on the Spherus Magna AU, but one of the few details we do have is that the Brotherhood did not rebel against Mata Nui. Therefore, he can't have been usurped and banished into space by Terry. This also doesn't work, as one of the other key details we're given about the Spherus Magna AU is that the Skrall were planning to strike against the other villages, but because the planet got fixed early the Makuta were able to shut down those plans and take over the Skrall army for themselves.
  11. This is a non-canon story by user Legolover-361 from this site. You should credit them.
  12. IC: Avinus - Streets Of Tajun Heroics? Avinus found herself staring at the younger Glatorian for a moment, her expression one of dumbstruck surprise. Fortunately, his attention seemed focused more on the other Glatorian in the crowd than the one at his side, leaving Avinus hopeful that he hadn't noticed. When she'd been around his age all she'd thought about was the fame and the glory that came with a career in the arena. Inspiring people, helping the Agori... that had all come after. It had been incidental, part of the package, and a small part at that. If young Luka had chosen this career out of a desire to help others, then he was simultaneously wiser and more naïve than Avinus had been. She doubted such a worldview would survive the tournament, but there was no need to say as much to Luka's face. Innocence was such a rare thing in this world. She didn't want to be the one to kill it. "That's a nice way of thinkin' about it," she finally replied. "You should hold onto it. A lotta folks in this line of world are more... cynical. All they care about is winnin' their fight and takin' home their prize." I should know... I'm one of 'em. @Emzee
  13. Heroic sacrifices being permanent is also a well-established thing, though. I'd argue it's even more common than characters getting to come back to life, even within the genres where such technology or magic could feasibly exist. While I agree that the Red Star is problematic and cheapens a lot of past deaths, I wouldn't say the rules are arbitrary at all. No body = no resurrection is a pretty straightforward requirement, one that's common to resurrection mechanics in other literature and franchises as well. In a setting where resurrection exists, death can become cheap and meaningless if it's not handled properly. There has to be a cost for sacrifice and loss to be meaningful, for the story to have stakes. Especially when the sacrifice in question is being made to cause a resurrection, like in Matoro's case. Especially given that Matoro himself had already died and been restored once before.
  14. It's very hard to have a consistent discussion when you keep shifting the goalposts like this. You've asked people for their opinions, and instead of actually responding to people's comments you keep offering up these hypothetical situations to force the outcome you want and ask if that would change people's feelings on the topic. At this point I can't help but feel that you're unable or unwilling to take no for an answer (especially since I saw you post the exact same question to Reddit a few days ago and delete it after only four comments when no one would take your side wholesale). There's a vast gulf of difference between Endgame and what you're talking about. As emotionally-devastating as the ending of Infinity War was for some viewers, we as audiences knew the deaths weren't going to stick. It was obvious to anyone with a modicum of genre-savvyness that Thanos' victory would be undone somehow in the follow-up film. There was never a question over if all of those characters would come back, only how the surviving Avengers would manage to do it. The return of those characters was a baked-in expectation of the story, due to the nature of their deaths and the natural course of the narrative. That's simply not the case with Matoro. The whole point of a sacrifice is to give something up. Matoro's death was meant to be a moment of selflessness and acceptance to show the cost of heroism. The fact that he still didn't believe he was a hero even in his final moment is meant to feel tragic and unfair. His loss was meant to hurt. It was meant to leave a hole in his team. It was meant to leave a mark in our memories as readers. Bringing him back for no reason would take all of that away. That's not to say resurrecting Matoro couldn't work, somehow, but I personally can't think of a way to execute that without cheapening or ruining his past story.
  15. It's always a slippery slope when you allow resurrection to exist within a story. Death becomes cheap and inconsequential if it's not handled correctly. Sacrifices especially are meaningless if death is just a revolving door. Personally, I feel like Bionicle was starting to get to that point given that two members of the Toa Mahri - Jaller and Matoro - had already died and come back to life in the space of just a few weeks in-story. Which was what made Matoro's final death so powerful and impactful. The story made it abundantly clear that his was a true sacrifice, with no room for a return. Even the late Red Star retcon didn't walk it back. Matoro's sacrifice was tragic, and emotional, and meaningful. Besides, what would Matoro even do if he came back? Where would his story go from here? He fulfilled his Destiny, so he'd come back as a Turaga, not a Toa. Would he just be relegated to the background like most Turaga characters are? Would he go back to being Nuju's translator? Would he resume moping around grappling with his self-worth? Would he become arrogant and boastful in his new role as the ultimate hero? Would he be wracked with remorse for his role in allowing Teridax to take over the universe? I don't see a way for his story to continue that would live up to what he's already done. Just let the poor guy rest in peace.
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