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  1. IC: Minnorak - The Iron Mahi, First Passenger Car As she stepped into the carriage, Kohra found the menacing mass that was Minnorak waiting, standing just a few bio back from the door. He narrowed his eyes at the newcomer through the angular eye-slits of his helmet's Rahkshi-styled faceplate, staring at her for a moment before speaking. He spoke just five words, in a tone both calm and commanding. "Return to your seat, please." He would only ask nicely once. @Vezok's Friend @Tarn @oncertainty
  2. IC: Savis – Onu-Wahi It had been a long time since Savis had set foot on a boat. Not since that night. The night the sea had swallowed their ship. The night their crew had been dragged to the depths. The night they’d nearly drowned. The night that they relived in every Dream. The languid lapping of the waves on the earth shoreline should have been a comforting sound to the former sailor. The waves were a companion almost as constant as their own shadow, one whose gentle song had lulled them to sleep on countless voyages. But now the soft sloshing of water was accompanied by screams that only Savis could hear. The final cries of the friends they’d failed to save. The shrill shrieks of the creature that had killed them. The wordless whispers of whatever awaited beneath the waves. They took a half-step towards the boat, then wavered, swiftly steadying themself and hoping no one had noticed. It’s just a boat. It’s just the water. It’s just… waiting… below. Rational thoughts held little power over the fear that was faltering them. Rationality had been banished the instant they’d started believing the Dreams were more than dreams. I came this far. I can't stop now. I need to understand. Try as they might, they couldn't bring their feet to budge a step further. They were unable to triumph over their trepidation, and so they glanced to their companions, silently hoping one of them could help dispel the dread by taking that first step aboard the boat. @Perp @Goose
  3. That sequence always bothered me as well when rewatching. It almost feels like some kind of leftover scene from an earlier version of a script where Dume was an actual traitor working with Makuta, rather than having been already replaced by him.
  4. There's a Greg quote linked on BS01 that confirms those sets were originally planned to be Nidhiki and Dume. Apparently the statement was initially made in an old topic here on BZP, but it looks like that original topic has been lost.
  5. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest Vazaria cursed under her breath as Askha managed to kick away from her, using her mindarm to put more distance between them. Still, Vazaria felt her soulsword connect, striking Askha’s Kanohi. As Askha spun away, telekinetically pulling her weapons back to her, Vazaria flicked her soulsword across into her uninjured hand and tensed to fling herself at her foe once more, only for Caana’s voice to cut across the mental plane. .:Vazaria, it's time to retreat; their reinforcements are growing near. Let the remaining Kavinika cover us:. She almost protested. On principle, she wasn’t one to take orders from some stranger who’d just shown up out of nowhere. But more specifically, Askha clearly wasn’t going to give up and go away after this one brief battle. The woman had deemed herself jury and judge for the empire’s justice on this island, and was determined to retake what little remained of her home. Nothing short of death seemed likely to dissuade her. .:I'm falling back; sounds like they are as well, let them, fall back to the Kaazi:. But it seemed even she had had enough for one night. Vazaria’s let her soulsword dissipate, and stooped down to snatch up her fallen family sword off the ground. Her every instinct still screamed to strike now, to finish off the enemy while they were still scattered and weakened, but she saw the sense in Caana’s instruction. The forces of Zataka were every bit as spread out as their foes were, and the tide could quickly turn if there were indeed reinforcements on the way. Besides, Vazaria’s side had the benefit of a fortress to regroup in, and a Quick-Healing Rahkshi to help them recuperate, while their opponents not only had to recover their dead and tend to their wounded, they also needed to deal with the spot-fires the Plasma Kraata had sparked while blasting at Askha earlier, lest they lose the lumber they’d come so far for. By the time the empire’s lackeys were ready to retaliate, the new lords of the Mashtet Fortress would be well and truly ready to repel them. .:You can still set the terms, Toroshu:. She projected, watching Askha’s receding form disappear into the underbrush. .:Are the lives of your friends and followers truly worth more than a long-fallen fort and some firewood? Or are you determined to see them all die for your pride?:. She didn’t expect the words to change Askha’s mind, but perhaps it would be enough to shake the confidence of some of the others. They’d come a long way from far safer shores to find this fight. Maybe some of them would see sense and leave while they still had the luxury of a guaranteed retreat. After all, there was no telling what terror tomorrow would bring. She turned away from the clearing and took to the air, sticking close to the cover of the treetops as she swept back towards the fortress. @Keeper of Kraata @Goose @Mel
  6. I feel like that question is very much a matter of opinion. But within Lego itself, Ninjago was made in Bionicle's mould in a lot of ways, and it's still going strong today.
  7. IC: Lash - Leva Bay "You're a special kind of crazy, you know that?"
  8. IC: Lash - Leva Bay Oh karz. Being an animalistic slug in augmented armour meant that Rahkshi couldn't really feel pain in the conventional sense. But Breathless could certainly discern the different between a gentle touch and a hard strike, with Verak's forceful high-five definitively falling into the latter category. A category that was normally reserved for an attempt to cause it harm... The sound of flesh slapping armour echoed across the rocks and water for a moment... before being drowned out by the withering whine of whirling wind as Breathless started to draw upon its powers and raise its staff, ready to rend the Toa in twain for daring to strike it. "Stop!" Lash's voice cut through the noise, "Relax. I'll tell you when someone needs killing." With what seemed to be visible reluctance, the Rahkshi lowered its stave, regarding the Toa once more as it waited to see what he would do next.
  9. Someone has done exactly that. I remember seeing parts for different variations floating around on Shapeways.
  10. IC: Lash - Leva Bay This'll be good... she thought, standing back and saying nothing while Verak manhandled the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi didn't resist as Verak raised and repositioned its arm; it had been poked and prodded aplenty during its time being studied by the Ussalry, after all. But it didn't seem to be paying any particular attention to the motion the Toa was trying to demonstrate. Its unblinking eyes were instead fixated on his face, studying his expression and intent with an unsettling intensity.
  11. IC: Lash - Leva Bay "I also didn't teach it any of that." The Rahkshi didn't react to Verak's motions, save to squint at him quizzically. "Most people on this rock are terrified of Rahkshi. If I turn it into a joke by making it do tricks, I'm diminishing that fear factor, and suddenly it becomes a lot less useful as a bodyguard."
  12. IC: Lash - Leva Bay "I... didn't teach it that one," Lash said, while Breathless just blinked blankly at Verak.
  13. IC: Lash - Leva Bay "I'd by lying if I said I haven't thought about it," she replied, shrugging, "But if I go around killing folks or committing crimes I'll end up with a target on my back and every Toa on the island coming after me. It's more useful as a bodyguard."
  14. IC: Lash - Leva Bay "Antidermis. Some kind of weird slimy stuff from Makuta's lair," Lash explained, "I've heard that it can be used to mutate people, even rahi, like those tree-eating beetles that were let loose in Le-Wahi a while back. But if you use it on a Rahkshi, it seems to make the creature completely obedient." A low hiss of warning wafted from the Rahkshi's mouth, its slitted eyes narrowing at Verak as he tried to pry its faceplates apart. He could feel a resistance to his efforts, as whatever mechanism or muscles manipulated the pieces of the faceplate pushed against his attempted intrusion.
  15. IC: Lash - Leva Bay Lash leaned up against the boat, letting Verak go ahead prodding Breathless. The Toa's curiosity seemed genuine, and if it turned out he'd come all this way just to make a vain attempt at heroism by trying to kill the Rahkshi, he'd come to regret the decision quite quickly. Verak found the metallic material of the Rahkshi's shell to be almost unnaturally cool to the touch, damp in some spots from the flecks of sea spray wafting in from the bay. A subtle air current seemed to flow over and around the contours of the creature's face and carapace, moving one way, then the other, as the Rahkshi instinctively absorbed then released the air around it, poised to deploy its powers at the slightest provocation.
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