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  1. I mean... you're probably right, but it doesn't hurt to have a more positive attitude? Even if a reboot is unlikely, the questions Confused Piraka's asking for are still a great starting point for a general discussion, and could just as easily be used by other users wanting insight into what audiences might like to see in a fanfic or something.
  2. For G1: The 2007 set designs. I know some people like to lament the so-called "Inika builds", but I truly think Bionicle hit its high point in 2007, when that scale and style became the standard, but each set was unique, and they went back to using the Metru head rather than the Inika one. The only downside was the fragile lime green parts in some sets, but even that gets overshadowed by everything being fragile from 2008 onwards. The lore growing with its audience. Obviously this somewhat depends on what age you were when you started following Bionicle, but I really appreciated the way the story grew darker and denser as I got older. The themes. Bionicle had a lot of really fantastic themes that are applicable to people of all ages. Ideas of transformation and change, the focus on unity overcoming differences, and perseverance against adversity. I know you didn't ask for it, but I think it's worth noting a few dislikes as well. The nonsensical forced genders for most elements was dumb. There were too many villains, and most of them got away. While I certainly didn't want the Toa to become mass murderers, the fact that most major baddies survived at the end of the year meant that we got increasingly-complex side stories to explain where they all went, to the point where Greg started doing stuff near the end like throwing all of the Piraka in a blender to get rid of them. Overpowered villains. There were so many Bionicle baddies who had insanely lethal powers, but rarely or never used them. Giving villains the power to instantly obliterate their enemies and then having them just... not do it... makes it seem like the villain is an idiot, or the heroes have plot armour. For a character as intelligent as he was supposed to be, it makes no sense that Teridax didn't simply take out the Mata/Nuva by teleporting to their locations and disintegrating them on the spot at any of the many times they were separated. For G2: Gen2 did a great job of recapturing the mystery and mysticism of the early years of Bionicle, at least initially. Offering a (somewhat) clearer distinction between Earth and Stone. Providing a conflict-in-a-box by including stuff like the Skull Spiders and Shadow Traps with the Hero sets.
  3. I think at this point everyone has their own ideas about what Bionicle is to them. Everyone has their own headcanon or fanfics, etc. Doing what you're suggesting would require a lot of people to somehow agree on a specific direction, and ensure it's one that appeals to the majority of fans. I'm not saying that's impossible, but Lego had teams of employees specifically to do that job, and expecting a bunch of fans scattered across the internet to be able to do the same thing is a tall order.
  4. I'm a bit leery about this simply because of how much it would've potentially unbalanced things. The whole point of Matoran is that they're the weak, small, normal people who need Toa to protect them (which makes the instances of them defending themselves more impressive). If they had access to mask powers it would make them more powerful raise the question of why they even needed protectors (especially in some of the settings where Matoran already had access to powerful weapons).
  5. Worst quote for me is Metus in The Legend Reborn, when he specifically tells Mata Nui to "put down your shield and your weapon"... when Mata Nui is holding two shields.
  6. The build is fine, IMO. The issue is those horrific squared joints Lego introduced from '08 onwards.
  7. Why did you ask for examples if you're just going to... disregard them?
  8. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress Upon closer inspection, the room Vaza had found looked to have once been someone’s personal quarters. The layout was modest and utilitarian; not the extravagant bedroom of someone of great import, but decent living quarters nonetheless. The ragged remnants of a bed occupied the centre of the chamber, its frame falling apart and its mattress mouldering, with a rusted storage chest sitting at its foot. Tattered, threadbare tapestries clung like cobwebs to two of the walls, while a cracked closet was slouched against another, the clothing within faded and moth-eaten. Mashtet illusions still sputtered on some of the surfaces, adding colour and texture to the walls and floors, but the projections were ailing and disjointed, from age and lack of maintenance. On the far side of the bed was what looked to be a display cabinet of some kind, though the glass was so dense with dust that Vaza couldn’t discern what was inside from where she stood. Scuffing away the years of dirt, detritus, and rahi rodent droppings as she walked, she made her way inside, her soulsword casting an ethereal blue-white light over the old wood and stone. She made her way over to the closet and started rifling through the rotted rags still hanging within, hoping to find an intact sheet or blanket tucked away inside. Finding nothing, she settled for clearing a spot on the floor to rest. It was better than nothing, certainly better than her sleeping arrangements had been while hiding out on Odaiba. Merely having a roof over her head was more than she’d had a few days ago. As she moved past the display case, she paused to brush some of the dust away and peek through the grimy glass. Its contents looked to be souvenirs of some sort, pieces of jewellery and intricate ornaments, all different types and styles. None of it seemed especially interesting, and Vaza almost continued on her way before something caught her eye. She squinted at it for a few moments, puzzled, her subconscious screaming while her tired mind struggled to catch up. Then recognition set in. And gave way to rage. She ripped open the case, slamming the lid against the wall so ferociously that the glass cracked. Her quivering fingers clawed around one of the objects within, raising it tentatively towards the light cast by her soulsword. It was something familiar yet almost forgotten, a mundane piece of her history that she’d thought lost long ago. Something she’d never expected to see again, let alone here of all places. It was a simple pendant, a diamond-shaped piece of green crystal with gold filigree coiled across it, forming the serpentine figure a Kanohi Dragon. The style and materials were all too familiar to Vazaria; the ancient sword slung across her back had a blade made of the same crystal, a handle adorned with the same gold, and was emblazoned with dragons in the same design. The two objects had come from the same place, been created through the same techniques. Every craftswoman in Vazaria’s clan had been required to make a pendant like this one as part of her training, to wear with pride as a showcase of her skill. They’d been a common sight during Vazaria’s upbringing, though of course she’d been too young to make her own at the time, and Destiny had denied her a chance to ever learn. Still, she understood enough to know that each pendant was unique. Irreplaceable. Valuable beyond words, but only as a memento to its maker. No self-respecting crafter would have ever sold or bartered her pendant away. To have wound up this far from home it could only have been taken by force… and there was only one night that could have happened. The soulsword dissipated in Vazaria’s grasp, plunging the room into darkness as she cradled the tiny piece of crystal in her shaking hands. Unbidden tears welled in the corners of her eyes as realisation crashed down upon her like a tidal wave. The warriors who’d wiped out her clan had undoubtedly done so in the name of the empire, but they hadn’t worn their allegiance openly. They’d carried no colours, borne no banners, bringing only cold knives and hot torches. It had taken decades for Vazaria to recover, train, and accrue the confidence and currency required to investigate her family’s fate. By then the leads had long gone cold. Still, she’d searched, always hoping she would find something, a whisper or a witness that could lead her to answers. Though plenty of clans supported the empire, fewer of them would have been willing to wipe out another clan merely for the crime of speaking out against imperial rule. She’d investigated each clan as best she could in the months before her fateful trip to Odaiba, but never found any evidence to link them to her family’s fall. Now she understood why she’d never found anything. Her clan’s killers had met their own fate before she’d even started searching for them. A howl of wordless rage wrung itself from her throat as she brought her clenched hands crashing down on the case, showering the floor with wooden splinters and glass shards. With bloodied hands she shoved the shattered cabinet aside and slumped against the wall, sliding slowly to the floor as she sobbed.
  9. Lhikan's Toa team were called the Toa Mangai - actually they would've just been called the Toa Metru. Naho's mask is a Huna - no it isn't. The Shadowed One can wear Kanohi - actually no he can't (despite TSO's motivation in Time Trap being to take the Vahi for himself). Vortixx can wear and use Kanohi - no they can't - now it's "unclear". The Element Lord of Sand being female "makes sense" - but is consistently referred to as male. The Earth Tribe fought in the Core War - no they didn't - they did but they were pacifists - they were pretending to be pacifists but it was actually a cover for scheming. The Red Star could be used to predict the future - no that was actually just superstition. Rahi were revived on the Red Star - actually no they weren't (this one apparently went back-and-forth several times). Makuta couldn't be revived on the Red Star because they were gas - but they could when they were still organic - but they couldn't at all because they're made of antidermis - now it's "ambiguous". (There are sixteen different Greg quotes attributed to this one issue, and there's still no clear answer).
  10. That's kind of my point. I've lost count of the number of times mistakes or contradictions have had to be pointed out. There are so many BS01 pages where the notes section is a confusing back-and-forth of "Greg said this one time, but he said this another time, and later comments fail to clarify the confusion." I don't expect Greg - or any other writer - to have perfect recall or an encyclopaedic memory of something they've written. Especially not when it comes to a story that ended years ago. But I feel like Greg hasn't been able to keep things straight for a long time now, and we need to stop upholding him as the be all and end all of Bionicle knowledge.
  11. To be successful, I think a third reboot would need to strike a balance between appealing to old fans, while also being accessible and intriguing to new ones. To me, the ideal relaunch would be a distant future continuation of Generation 1, employing a significant timeskip to avoiding having to explain or deal with all of the convoluted leftover baggage from the unfinished serials and plot threads. We'd go back to basics, focusing on one city or island, with the only initial references to Gen1 being something like the Toa Mata featuring as the new Turaga, or old heroes namedropped as being legendary figures. Then as the story goes on and the world is gradually expanded, new locations and characters can be introduced to slowly fill in some of the blanks about the fates of other characters and factions from Gen 1, giving old fans the answers they've been waiting for in a way that doesn't overwhelm or confuse the new ones.
  12. OOC: Sorry,I got caught up with other things and this character completely slipped my mind. IC: Savis – Onu-Wahi Compared to the whispers of the water and whistle of the wind, Gorro’s footsteps were a soft, small sound. But to Savis those furtive footfalls were like crashing waves, a steady, certain sound that shattered the spell that kept their own feet planted in the sand. Savis didn’t know their companions very well; all any of them had in common was the strange circumstances they’d all endured, and the dark waters of which they all dreamed. But whatever emotions Gorro was grappling with within, it wasn’t showing on the outside. There was no sign on his face of the fear that had faltered Savis, of the doubts and despair that dragged at their own spirit like a rusted anchor. Savis took a tentative step forward. Then another. And another. Soft sand gave way to weathered wood as the last ledge of land was left behind. Eyes downcast, Savis quietly shuffled over to the side of the boat, their hands tightening around the railing like clutching claws. It had been a long time since they’d set out to sea, and this time felt very different. The last time they’d left on a voyage, they’d been a captain, calm and in control, confident in their command over the water and waves. Now they knew the horrifying, humbling truth. They were entirely at the mercy of the waters, and whatever awaited below them. @Perp @Goose
  13. I completely get where you’re coming from. For me, coming off the back of the faster-paced SK series, the limited amount of people around and the long delays between posts here in the BZPRPG has certainly been a bit disheartening. I often find myself having to go back and reread a bunch of my past posts to get back into character. It’s one of the several reasons I ended up drifting away from the BZPRPG back in the previous arc. But if your problem is that there aren’t many people around anymore, leaving isn’t going to help. It just makes that exact problem worse for everyone else. I certainly don’t want it to feel like I’m guilting or pressuring you to stay, but going by the last few responses here there’s clearly a lot of players here who appreciate having you around, and you quitting leaves everyone with one less person to play with in an already-small playerbase. Obviously, you’re right that new people getting involved is unlikely, but it’s not impossible either. Activity ebbs and flows, and sometimes when a new game starts it brings new users to the forum (we’ve got Bulik’s Xia game coming along in the relatively near future). I guess all I’m really trying to say is that if you still have the ability to stay around and the love for the community, and enthusiasm for the game, it might be worth sticking around a while longer to see where things go. Another thing to consider is, do you know any past players you could nudge back into returning? Do you have any friends who enjoy creative writing or who were fans of Bionicle, that you could introduce to the game? You're right that outside circumstances aren't likely to bring new players to our door, but that doesn't mean we don't have the power to source some ourselves.
  14. The rumour I came across suggested this alleged set will just be a Gift With Purchase product that will be available from Lego's online store sometime early next year. Assuming it's true, I wouldn't view this as any kind of triumphant return for the theme, and certainly not confirmation of a full line. Just a belated nod to Bionicle's anniversary, or a small gesture to appease all of the people who voted for Bionicle in the fan vote/keep making Bionicle Ideas projects. Of course, with Lego seemingly leaning back into CCBS a little bit with the new Spiderman buildable figures, this also could be Lego testing the waters to see if there's interest enough to implement a full Bionicle-alike or constraction-adjacent line in future.
  15. This is only accurate in the sense that Greg also regularly changed and contradicted things he'd previously established. Although in his case it's less rewriting the lore to make it more concise, and more him forgetting just stuff he's said before and tripping himself up. I have great respect for Greg and his involvement with the theme, but I feel like everyone forgets that Greg was just one member of a larger story team, and he wasn't even the main writer in the beginning. We're at a point now where Bionicle has lost a lot of its magic and mystery specifically due to Greg canonising and clarifying things unnecessarily, long after the theme was over.
  16. IC: T’harrak – The Battle Of Fort Garsi It took a few seconds for T’harrak to make sense of what happened next. The ranks of incoming riders began to skitter and slide, falling – or flying? – from their saddles. The sight made slightly more sense when Jojax came slamming into the wall a second later, shouting all the while: Ahuum and Seeker were magnetising the barrier. It was a small disruption to the enemy advance, but it forcefully brought an unwanted degree of extra enemy attention bearing down on the barrier, and came nowhere close to turning the tide. At this point, T’harrak realised, nothing would. Zanakra had flung her forces into the fray without any kind of plan or preparation. They didn’t have the numbers or firepower, and certainly not the coordination, to turn this slaughter into a success. Already, some of the dismounted riders were clawing or clambering over the wall, leaping down upon those sheltering behind it. One toothy Ta-Skak started to leer over directly above T’harrak, brandishing a brutal blade, and she fired her launcher on reflex, wincing as warm wetness rained down on her as a result. She had only a split second to process what she'd just done before the sounds of screeching tyres and scraping dirt caught her attention as one of the cycles circled wide, away from the worst of the magnetism, screaming past Sohmak’s attempt to intercept it and veering around the wall towards T’harrak and her companions. She flung herself out of its path, meeting with a bruised face and a mouthful of dirt as she dived headlong into the hard ground. She dazedly heard cries somewhere behind her as the bike collided with other Skakdi – her allies or her enemies, she wasn’t sure. The sounds were already being drowned out by the bending and buckling of metal as more Skakdi attackers broke through a section of the barrier further along, a pair of rahi riders wreathed in an aura of awful. As she forced herself to her feet, T'harrak's bleary eyes spotted Seeker among those still standing. “Get to Gashril and Sohmak,” she coughed as she staggered over to him, pointing past the barricade to where the two De-Skakdi were positioned, “We’re leaving. Without Zanakra.” For a brief moment, she looked into the Fe-Skakdi’s eyes, searching for some sign of judgement or indecision. She didn’t know him, didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t need to be told that her command was a craven one, a betrayal of everything they’d all agreed to when they’d entered Zanakra’s service. Her words were scarcely spoken, but already she could feel the guilt and shame of her disloyalty welling within her. But even those feelings were drowned out by a far stronger conviction, an unwavering certainty that this was the only chance for herself and the others to escape. T’harrak knew Zanakra well enough to understand that she was never going to give an order to retreat. Preoccupied as she was with her personal battle, she probably wasn’t even aware of the dire plight of her pawns. But someone had to make the call, or everyone here was going to die. And leaving the battle’s instigator to be captured or killed by the fighters of Fort Garsi was likely the only thing that might keep them from cutting down the others as they ran. “Retreat!” She called through the chaos, ducking as a wayward blade swung her way from one direction, crying out as a stray blast of something snagged her shoulder from another, scorching her armour, “Full retreat!” She hoped someone could hear her. She hoped they would listen. She didn't want to run alone. @Smudge8 @Sparticus147 @Zeal @ARROW404
  17. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress Midnight… Caana certainly had a flair for the dramatic. But Vazaria wasn’t going to object to an opportunity to squeeze in a few hours of rest before conflict was renewed. After getting her injuries seen to by the healer Rahkshi, she set off deeper into the dilapidated structure, searching for a side room where she could settle in for some sleep. Somewhere further away from any of the entrances seemed the ideal place, so that she’d have ample warning in the unlikely event that the fortress came under attack. She held her soulsword before her like a torch, its icy light casting shaky shadows across the battered brickwork and ailing illusions of the fallen fortress. After a few minutes of searching some of the side rooms, she came across a chamber that seemed suitable for her purposes, dim and windowless, with intact walls and a ceiling that didn’t look poised to drop on her head any second. Satisfied, she made her way inside and cast her light about, looking to get a better sense of what this chamber had once been. @Keeper of Kraata
  18. Yeah, I think the 2015 animations were all narrated by the one person. I'm pretty sure Gali had a female voice actress for Journey To One, though. Yeah. Even going back to the original Toa Mata, Lego at least went to the effort of giving each Gen1 set a unique individual weapon/tool. Whereas the Gen2 sets had a lot more overlap, especially the 2016 versions of the Toa who all used the same crystal blade piece.
  19. IC: Vazaria - Mashtet Fortress "There are hundreds, if not thousands, more kraata below," she replied, leaning back against the wall. "And the Rahkshi here had little reservations about sacrificing the ones they had during the battle. I don't think a few casualties more or less will matter much to Zataka." Zataka's instructions to her had simply been to "see to" the troubles on Hanaloi. There had been no restrictions on how she should do so, no stipulations about preserving her servants. Caana's plan was the swiftest way to drive away or destroy the enemy, and rob them of the resources they'd come so far for. Besides, if the black and brown rahkshi could restore Kraata that had been fossilised underground for untold millenia, healing burns seemed well within its purview. She yawned, blinking her bleary eyes. She'd worked through much of the previous day, and fought since nightfall. She was tired, but that surely meant the same was true of their opponents. "Besides, do we really have time to go around fetching lost kraata?" She looked to Caana, "Should we not strike swiftly, while our foes are still regrouping? The kraata and Rahkshi seem to prefer the shadows, and we still have ample time before sunrise." @Keeper of Kraata @Goose
  20. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress Vazaria knew better than most the pain flame could bring. She had felt its scorching caress on her skin, seen it consume all trace of her clan and kin… this was a good plan. “The well outside leads to tunnels down below,” she said. “That’s where the rest of the kraata are. There’s breathable air, and access to water. We can ride out the firestorm there, and secure the fortress once the smoke has cleared.” One concern still lingered, though: Askha. She had already faced the woman once, seen her drive and determination on full display. She didn’t strike Vaza as one to abandon her bid to reclaim her home. She turned to Somei. “You say you knew Askha. Even if we razed the island to ruin, would that be enough to actually stop her from trying to retake this place?” @Keeper of Kraata @Goose
  21. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress “But I’m-” her protest died in her throat. Was she here of her free will? She’d willingly offered herself into Zataka’s service, but Zataka had still infected her mask, dispelling her doubts and robbing her of reluctance. The fact that this woman had walked in with her mask unmarred could only mean that Zataka trusted her more than she did Vazaria. Her elation at having new allies was swiftly souring. She thought they were all equals under Zataka, but yet again she found herself the lackey of another master. Always the follower… What did it matter? This wasn’t about personal glory. It was about seeing Zataka’s will fulfilled. Still, she couldn't keep the barest hint of bitterness from creeping into her voice as she addressed Caana’s question. “There are hundreds more, but most of them are… dormant, for lack of a better word. The Rahkshi and I have been bringing them up from below for the healer to restore.” @Goose
  22. IC: Vazaria - Mashtet Fortress "Not mine, theirs," she gestured towards the Rahkshi, "They've occupied the fort since before I arrived. Zataka sent me to assist." @Goose
  23. IC: Vazaria – Mashtet Fortress “I'm here,” came Vazaria’s husky voice from behind Caana. Hobbling slightly on her wounded leg, one hand pressed to the gash on her forearm, the vulture made her way through the fortress’ ancient doors to join her newfound allies. With the Quick Healing Rahkshi preoccupied with tending to its own kin first, Vazaria had been waiting by the well, contemplating the scene she’d witnessed in the tunnels below. While she’d initially cared little about the specifics of what had befallen the Mashtet, Caana’s interest combined with her heated encounter with Askha had piqued her own curiosity about the lost tribe’s fate. History, it seemed, had a profound presence on this island. The Mashtet had built the fortress over the Rahkshi’s subterranean tunnels, the Rahkshi had taken it back, and now the surviving Mashtet sought to reclaim it in turn. The events of the next few days would likely decide if that cycle was to continue or cease. “It’s a pleasure to meet in person,” she said. “You had questions?” @Goose @Mel @Keeper of Kraata
  24. You'll know it if/when you see it. It'll be completely off-topic, probably trying to sell something, possibly not even in English.
  25. Makuta Antroz also canonically had a motorbike.
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