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  1. IC: Lash – The Dancing Crab “Completely fair,” she said, nodding her agreement. Things hadn’t gone completely to plan, but evidently this was the best outcome she could hope for at this point. "I look forward to travelling with you. One quick question, though: do you guys already have a cage, or should I go shopping?" @Ghosthands
  2. IC: T’harrak – The Battle Of Fort Garsi It was all too much, too fast. Scarcely a minute had passed since she’d been pleading with Zanakra not to start a fight, and now one was in full swing. The baying of hounds and the battle cries of Skakdi mingled with bomb explosions in a discordant cacophony, while the sky over the battlefield filled with spiralling smoke trails, crackling fireworks, and sizzling shards of shrapnel and debris. T’harrak caught flashes of her companions – the steely expression of Ahuum at her side, Jojax’s wild firing as she charged futilely into the fray, Zanakra hefting her warhammer, Gashril’s people intercepting incoming explosives with a barrage of plasma and lightning – but her gaze didn’t linger on any of them for long. What little concentration she could pull together was dedicated to maintaining her connection with Ahuum… and staving off her growing sense of despair as she realised there wasn’t the slightest semblance of strategy or coordination between most of her companions. Jojax was running off on her own, Zanakra was swinging at the same dogs Ahuum was already targeting, no one was coordinating with anyone else... it was madness. Lost in her haze of panic and futility, it almost came as something of a relief for T’harrak when a hunk of rock cracked against her shoulder – crumpling the armour and bruising the flesh beneath – the pain helping to ground her, give her something to focus on. A second projectile grazed the side of her head, and it was only Ahuum’s hand still gripping her arm that stopped her from tumbling over entirely as she reeled from the blows. A part of her wanted to flee, but something even stronger than the old Nakihl’s iron grip on her wrist held her back from doing so. Fear. She was terrified of this fight, even more so of dying in it. But if she ran… what then? Shot in the back for her cowardice? Hunted down by Zanakra for abandoning her? A lifetime of abuse and denigration when her craven choice become known across Zakaz? No. I chose to be part of this. She’d chosen poorly, perhaps, but she’d chosen nonetheless. She’d wanted to prove herself, to stand strong with the warriors and prove her brains were every bit as valuable as their brawn. I have to live with the consequences. Or die with them. In a way... was she already a coward? If she'd been brave enough to stand up to Zanakra sooner, to try to talk some sense into her... The voice of an unexpected figure at her side stirred her from her grim musings. “I've got iron, how can I help?” One of Gashril's group. Iron… but no stone… can’t take down their wall… but we can make one… She momentarily activated her x-ray vision to ensure they weren’t standing over an existing pit or tunnel that the enemy could collapse out from under them, and that the ground beneath was sturdy enough to take the weight of her plan, before reaching out to Seeker and connecting with him. “Cover!” Was the only word she managed to offer as she willed a barrier into being, borne of their combined abilities. It appeared as a )-shaped strip of solid steel rising up in front of T’harrak, Ahuum and Seeker – fifteen metres across, four high, one thick, and wider still at its base to ensure it wouldn’t fall over, with a band of strong but transparent crystal running right across it for those sheltering behind to see through. A layer of lightstone covered the metal on the front of the barricade, offering illumination of the land ahead for those behind the wall, and a distracting blight of blinding brightness for those trying to aim at or near it. For a moment, at least, it was protection, offering some temporary shelter for the attackers, a distracting target for the defenders, and providing T’harrak the reprieve she desperately needed from the sights and sounds of the battle. OOC: @all of the many, many people involved in this madness. 😅
  3. I haven't seen him around since the forum downtime a little while back.
  4. IC: Lash – The Dancing Crab Lash wanted to offer the Matoran little more than a dismissive sneer, but an uncomfortable truth rang through in his words. She had felt something different with Breathless in recent weeks. She’d pinned it on her own paranoia, but maybe there was something more it? Still, if this Makuta entity truly had returned, he’d already had ample opportunity to retake control of his creature. Whether that meant he couldn’t, or simply didn’t want to… “I’ve been living in a beach shack with my Rahkshi for some six months or so,” she spoke up, as much to dissuade her own doubts as those of her interrogators. “Makuta’s had all the time in the world to make it kill me in my sleep and scamper off to savage the unsuspecting citizens of Ga-Koro.” She turned fully towards the captain to address him once more. “That said, clearly I’m more ignorant of these matters than I realised, and I apologise if I’ve offended yourself or your crewmates. Evidently you all have very strong feelings about this. So if your answer’s no, I’ll accept that and walk away." Or you can kill me and find out what happens when my Rahkshi no longer has a master... She almost said, eyeing the hands around the table still resting near their weapons. "If you’d prefer, I can excuse myself and give you all some time to discuss this some more, because I’m getting the sense that not everyone here is on the same page, so to speak.” She indicated Gunner and Yasurek as she said the last part. To one, a lone Rahkshi was apparently a minor menace the crew could easily dispose of if it turned against them. To the other, it was allegedly an existential threat to whatever new land they were intending to venture to. Try as she might, Lash couldn’t reconcile the two disparate viewpoints. Nor could she really understand why a pack of pirates who were probably planning to plunder and pillage this new land anyway were being so maddeningly moral. @Ghosthands@Visaru@Snelly@Void Emissary@pokemonlover360
  5. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest “Life taught us very different lessons, then,” Vazaria sneered, raising her sword to parry the incoming Rahkshi stave, only for the thrust to resolve into a feint, leaving her arm outstretched and exposed. In the time it took for Vazaria to realise her mistake, Askha was already taking full advantage of it, moving forward, her sword scything towards the hand holding Vazaria’s own blade. In the split-second she had left to react, Vazaria did the only thing she could do. She activated her Kanohi once more, but instead of trying to fly away from Askha, this time she hurled herself directly at her, the falcata and sabre scraping savagely across her torso and sword arm as she slammed into them. Her intent was simple: to get past Askha’s weapons and seize her in a tackle, hopefully breaking her attacker's concentration… and getting the kraata on her shoulder as close to the other woman’s Kanohi as possible. She didn't much care if the creature chose to infect the mask or melt a hole in it. @Keeper of Kraata
  6. I'd argue that just... reading/watching everything in release order is a pretty solid way to learn the lore.
  7. IC: T’harrak – Fort Garsi Any other day, under any other circumstances, T’harrak might have been relieved to have a convenient interruption spare her from Zanakra’s wrath. The promise of even worse violence was not the reprieve she’d been seeking. As Zanakra’s Cordak rockets screamed forth from their launcher, the cold claw of terror closed around T’harrak’s heart. This was it, then. The thing she’d been dreading since she’d first stepped out of her hovel to seek her place in a Warlord’s retinue. She’d always known she would face battle sooner or later, but she’d always thought there’d be more time. Time to plan, to prepare. Physically and psychologically. But all she had time to do now was panic. All that time spent wandering the wastes, honing her skills, ingratiating herself to the warriors, earning her place among Razorfish’s ranks… and now she was going to die. They were all going to die. The enemy hadn't even returned fire yet, but she could already see it playing out in her mind's eye. Caught out in the open. Picked off as they tried to navigate the traps. Gunned down as they charged. Shot in the back if they tried to retreat. Shattered against Fort Garsi’s bastions of stone and steel. All for Zanakra’s ego. Wait… stone… Zanakra… “Forget about- the traps don’t matter!” She blurted out, stumbling over her words as she struggled to piece together her own idea from her panic-addled thoughts. “Their defences- it’s mostly iron and rock.” Think like Zanakra. Blunt. Brutal. Skakdi didn't need weapons. They were weapons. “If you and Jojax combine powers you can control it. Punch us a path right through. The traps, the fences, the walls… all of it.” @Snelly
  8. IC: Lash – The Dancing Crab “I’m sure a man such as yourself can understand the allure of riches untold,” Lash replied warily, noting the captain’s hand inching towards his weapon. She hadn’t expected a pack of pirate types to cling to such standards. Even now, there was clearly much she didn’t understand about life on this island. All the more reason to get off this rock. “I had only recently arrived on this island when I heard tell of a criminal group offering loot from a god’s vault to anyone who was willing to do mercenary work. I only met the Piraka once. It was never personal. And given their abysmal failure to hold Ko-Koro, it seems clear to me now that they’re not a side worth backing.” She paused for a moment, weighing up whether it was worth mentioning the other business she’d had with the followers of Makuta. At this point, she wasn’t sure if revealing she’d helped get a Dark Toa arrested would earn her any points with these people, or if admitting she’d somewhat betrayed a past business arrangement would just hurt her chances more. Ah, to karz with it. All or nothing. “I also might have burned some bridges with those folks after I helped the Ussalry arrest a delightful dark Toa named Kavala. I guess prison sentences are pretty lenient over there, because he was out and trying to kill me a few months later. Yet another reason why I’d love to get off this island.” She leaned back in her chair, smiling slightly. “Setting aside my personal history with that lot… if you dislike Makuta worshippers so much, wouldn’t having one of their prized monsters serving on your crew be the perfect way to spite them?” @Ghosthands
  9. IC: Lash - The Dancing Crab "Antidermis from Makuta's Vault, courtesy of the Piraka," she replied. There wasn't much point in lying. The truth was already hard enough to believe. "They hired me and a few others to assist with an attack on Onu-Koro... but they never showed up. Hence my desire to get off this rock before they come trying to collect on the debt I technically still owe them." @Void Emissary @Ghosthands
  10. IC: Minnorak - The Iron Mahi (First Passenger Car) Externally, the Vortixx continued to play the part of shocked bystander and gawk at the events unfolding before him. Internally, he was fighting a losing battle against the overwhelming urge to facepalm.
  11. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest “I am Askha, Toroshu of Clan Mashtet. You betray the Empire, trespass on our island, and defile our dead. I name you as you are: honorless traitor.” It took no small amount of effort for Vazaria not to roll her eyes at her opponent’s preaching. The words, the demeanour, the entitled belittlement… she’d heard it all before. It had stopped hurting her a long time ago. “I'll let you guess the sentence.” Woman and weaponry alike flashed towards Vazaria, but she didn’t stick around to let the strikes land. Her Kadin sent her flying diagonally backwards and upwards, to avoid both the trees behind her and the attacker before her. Life had taught Vazaria her limitations, time and time again. She knew that a straight fight against an opponent with this many weapons to swing around wasn't in her favour. But Askha was angry, and burning elemental energy every second she spent levitating her weapons and flinging herself around. Vazaria had no such limitations in using her Kanohi. She could afford to be patient, to let her opponent wear herself out. No one was coming to help either of them. “You people still don’t get it, do you?” Vazaria sneered, as she flitted to the side then flew back down to earth a short distance away. She wavered slightly as she landed, feeling a twinge of pain in her lower leg as she put weight on it; one of the swinging blades had clipped her during her escape. “Honour and clans and titles… none of it matters. We bleed the same. Who you were born to doesn’t make you better than me.” @Keeper of Kraata
  12. IC: Lash – The Dancing Crab “I can offer you something that’ll make you the envy of any captain, anywhere,” she said, injecting every ounce of confidence she could muster into the words as she shook the offered hand. "How would you like to be the only captain on the continent who can count a Rahkshi among their crew?" There was no point beating around the bush with her pitch. Lash had her skills, but Breathless was the real drawcard here. @Ghosthands
  13. IC: Lash - The Dancing Crab Lash nodded to the Le-Toa and settled into an empty seat. "There's not too much to tell, really. I've done some mercenary jobs around the island, a bit of private security work, but nothing's really worked out," she said, "I was in Ko-Koro, then it got invaded. I had a contract with the Ussalry that I traded up for a better position with a private businessman, only for his business to go bust... and so on. Now I just want to get off this rock before certain people try to collect on debts unpaid." @Void Emissary
  14. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest The kraata’s sizzling spit ignited the foliage in fiery flashes, and Vazaria focused on the fleeting figure darting away from the flames. One blast… two… and the woman finally dropped from the trees, crashing down atop one of the Kavinika with enough force to crumple the creature’s spine. Vazaria landed a short distance away as her attacker picked herself up, readying an assortment of weapons in a move that helpfully outed her as a Mindarm. “That armor doesn't belong to you.” Ah, a survivor. Just my luck. It didn’t matter. This wasn’t their island anymore. If what Vazaria had seen under the Mashtet compound was anything to go by, it never had been. “Says who?” She replied with a sneer, drawing her own blade. She held off on summoning her Soulsword for the time being; the only real edge she held right now was that her opponent didn’t know what she was capable of. “I found it. And the previous owner wasn’t exactly in a position to object.” @Keeper of Kraata
  15. The wording of the Prophecy in Gen 2 would loosely suggest that it's set in the same continuity as Gen 1, but at a very different point in time: "Evoke the power of past and future, and look to the skies for an answer. When the stars align, six comets will bring timeless heroes to claim the Masks of Power and find the Mask Maker." Combine that with the fact that the Gen 2 Mask Of Time is said to be "older than the world of Okoto and the stars in its sky", and I feel like the safest explanation to tie the two together is to say that Gen 2 is the super far off future of Gen 1, with Masks Of Power and the art of making them, the legends of the Toa, etc. being relics of that bygone age.
  16. IC: T’harrak – Fort Garsi As the fort came into sight, T’harrak’s confidence in Zanakra’s plan plummeted. Not that there’d been much of it to begin with. Fort Garsi was a colossal cube of coarse stone, surrounded by deep trenches and iron-wrought fences. And when T’harrak activated her x-ray vision, she saw that its defences ran even deeper, with an overwhelming mess of subterranean pits and tunnels running around the exterior and what looked to be layers of what she guessed to be metal embedded in the distant walls. She gave up on trying to decipher the maze of underground passageways and deactivated her x-ray vision. It was too much for her to take it in all at once, especially from this far away. This wasn’t some fledgling fort. This place had clearly stood for a long time, and its defences reflected an intention for it to stand for a long time to come. "Suppose we should knock." Zanakra said suddenly, hefting the Cordak Launcher. T'harrak was many things, but she was no mind reader. There was no telling if Zanakra was advocating for an immediate all-out attack on Garsi, or simply meant that she wanted to shoot some holes in the Fort to get the attention of its occupants. But either way, it was a suicidally stupid idea to be starting a fight when her forces were fresh from marching down the coast, caught out in the open, and likely outnumbered by the defenders within the Fort. “I would strongly advise against that,” T'harrak said firmly, turning to Zanakra. “Those walls are thick, and look to have metal reinforcements. Even if you did manage to make a hole big enough for us to get through, those trenches are full of tunnels and traps that we’d need to navigate before we can reach it.” And by we, she of course meant me and Ahuum, given that they were the only two present who possessed x-ray vision and could semi-safely guide the group around the traps. And of course, them being able to do that was predicated on the assumption that the fine folks of Fort Garsi didn’t have some suitably superior firepower with which to shoot at anyone who fired on their walls or tried to cross their trenches… which seemed unlikely, given the extent of the rest of their defences. "I don't intend to undermine your leadership, or demean the abilities of the other warriors here..." she curled her quavering hands into fists to conceal their nervous shaking. Zanakra was scary enough at the best of times, but especially now that she was casually carrying a weapon with enough explosive capacity to reduce T'harrak to giblets in one volley, "...but we are not equipped for a fight against that. For all of our sakes, please don't start one." @Snelly@ARROW404@Smudge8@Sparticus147@Zeal
  17. IC: Lash – The Dancing Crab The Dancing Crab was every bit what she’d expected it to be. Replete in rustic charm, rife with unregulated rowdiness, and reverberating with raucous revelry. She waded between the tables, working her way towards the back of the building, away from the entrance and windows. She knew from experience that the seediest deals always went down in the darkest confines and corners, but finding one specific captain in all of this was still going to be- “Well, mates, cheers to me, and my return to a life of pirating!" A jubilant voice boomed from beyond the ajar door to the tavern’s back room. "Let’s sail off the edge of the world together!” -never mind. That was clearly the room she was looking for. She strode up to the door and rapped her knuckles against the frame as she leaned inside. Her gaze swept across the various beings within before settling on the Lesterin sitting behind the table. Between his naval coat and attire, his confidently comfortable posture, and the way everyone else in the room seemed to be gravitating around him, this had to be the man she was looking for. “Captain Lohkar, I presume?" She offered the pirate her best smile. "The name's Lash. I'd like to sign up." @Ghosthands @Visaru @Snelly @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360
  18. IC: Minnorak – The Iron Mahi The Iron Mahi was a noisy machine, clanking and rattling along the tracks, but there was still no mistaking Karmine’s knock when it came. Short of a flying rahi ploughing into the roof, the sound could only have been produced by the Ba-Toa bandit. Audible though it was, it was such an innocuous sound, not coming even close to conveying the severity of what it was signalling. But that was always how these things began. Softly. Suddenly. The click of a firearm being cocked, the scrape of a blade leaving its sheath, the sharp intake of breath that preceded a thrown blow… and then the chaotic cacophony of conflict. Usually. In this case, however, what followed the sound was the sight of Surdo sputtering in the aisle in the throes of what was hopefully a fake medical episode. Minnorak remembered the idea being discussed when they were planning the heist, but Surdo did look somewhat… infirm. Him actually suffering a heart attack would have been exactly in line with Minnorak’s usual luck lately. The look on the Vortixx’s face as he beheld the unfolding scene was a very genuine expression of concern, albeit perhaps not for the same reason as the other passengers. The distraction might be enough to arouse the confusion and concern of the civilians on the train, but with the long-range communications down, any guards on the train were sure to be suspicious of any strange behaviour. The ruse likely wasn't going to hold up for long. Not wanting to draw undue attention to himself, Minnorak remained in his seat, playing the part of bystander by continuing to gawk at the floundering form of the Fe-Matoran.
  19. IC: Savis - The Unfortunate Fikou "He's right," they said softly. "I've been... lost for a long time. Stranded on this island, with no memory of where I came from or how I got here. But like many of my people, I've recently begun to remember... in fragments... except for this." They extended a wavering finger towards the spot on the map where Montague had scrawled his circle. "I experienced something that day in the water. We all did. Something that won't let go." It was the missing piece to their puzzle, an empty void in their memory that refused to be filled. What had they glimpsed in the depths that day? Why did it haunt their dreams? "I need to understand it." @Perp @Goose
  20. I suspect the broader concepts like antidermis and the Makuta being a species hadn't been decided at that point. In those early years, Makuta was depicted as more of an ethereal existential threat rather than a mortal being.
  21. IC: Lash – Ostia Now this was her kind of city. She’d been to a Koro carved out a glacier, one hidden underground, and one floating on lily pads, and though each one had been unique and remarkable in its own way, this was the only city on the island she’d visited so far that felt… normal. Everywhere she’d gone, everywhere she’d heard about, the Matoran people had carved out their little lives for themselves in places they didn’t belong, in ways that made no logistical or strategic sense. What kind of maniac built a city on floating leaves in the path of potential tidal waves? Or confined their civilian population to caves that could collapse during an earthquake? Or willingly established their seat of government atop an active lava flow? But this place… it was grounded. It made sense. Its design reflected its purpose as more of a transitory stopping-off point for traders and travellers. This was a place where secrets were stolen and sold. A place where only the hardiest or most foolhardy came to set down roots. Like many who’d washed up on Mata Nui’s shores, Lash had no memory of her homeland. But something about Ostia… this was what she imagined her home would’ve been like. But if all went to plan, she would soon be leaving it behind as well. Handing off a few widgets to cover the cost of mooring her boat, she set off for the tavern she’d heard about, the Dancing Crab. If the rumours were to be believed, it was the preferred haunt of the Captain who claimed to know the location of the new island.
  22. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest As much as she wanted to believe that it was her powers of persuasion that had lured the unexpected ally to their side, it was clear to Vazaria that this Caana had her own motives. Something to do with the fate of the Mashtet, evidently. The reasons didn’t really matter. Only the outcome did. .:Hey, Vazaria! The Mashtet have a welcome gift for you!:. Vazaria instinctively deactivated her Kanohi, hoping gravity would pull her out of the path of whatever projectile was undoubtedly hurtling towards her. In the dark, she couldn’t see what was coming, how big it was, or how fast it was. But if she was lucky – or if her opponent was an idiot – she’d fired after conveniently giving a warning. Evidently not. Though Vazaria started to drop, her momentum was still throwing her forwards, and the projectile was already on its way. Something hard and fast whizzed out of the dark and cracked against her shoulder armour, sending her tumbling sideways as she flopped into the treetops below. Leaves and twigs fluttered around her as she bounced off one branch, tumbled over another, then finally caught herself and managed to hold on. Somehow, still not my worst landing… Hugging the trunk, Vazaria took a second to take measure of her injuries. She’d picked up a few abrasions from the branches, probably plenty of bruises too. Her shoulder and upper arm ached, but nothing felt broken. The first gift she’d received from the Mashtet had saved her from the second. She weighed up her options. In the dark, her odds against a ranged attacker weren’t great. She needed to close the distance. But for that she needed to know where they were. Or… flush them out. She took to the air once more, accelerating swiftly in the direction she estimated the Ideatalk and projectile to have originated from. .:Hey little guy:. She projected, hoping the Plasma Kraata on her shoulder could understand it, or the Mind Reading Rahkshi could pick up and convey the message for her. .:Could you start setting their tree cover on fire for me?:. @Keeper of Kraata
  23. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi Forest Facing down a fight for her life, and this woman wanted a history lesson? Surely she understood that the Rahkshi and their ravenous rahi weren’t here for a friendly conversation? Vazaria wasn’t sure whether to be intrigued or dismayed by the Menti’s apparent lack of concern, but her curiosity was piqued either way. She slowed her flight as much as her Kanohi would allow, not wanting to risk clipping a treetop as she continued the conversation. .:I’ve seen their remains. I understand something of the fate that befell them. As for the force at work on this island… do you not see them racing to meet you?:. @Goose
  24. IC: Vazaria – Hanaloi, Forest It was easy to feel confident with the power of a god on your side, Rahkshi at your back, and Kraata on your shoulder, but for the first time since arriving on the island, Vazaria felt… vulnerable. She was just a woman with a sword, wearing glowing armour at night. She was by far the softest and easiest target. Moreover, in the eyes of the Dasaka below, she was a traitor. In the face of a pack of mindless animals and implacable alien invaders, she was the one opponent the enemy could put a face to, project all of their hate and blame onto. But she’d already made her choice. And then Zataka had taken choice away. .:Who are you?:. Questions first? How refreshing. .:I am Vazaria, of Oki. I stand with Zataka. It’s not too late for you to do the same:. @Goose
  25. OOC: From Ga-Wahi IC: Lash – Leva Bay Its battered underbelly scraping across a sparse patch of sand nestled amidst the cliffs, the dilapidated dinghy came ashore for the first time in days, depositing its two occupants on the bleak beaches of Po-Wahi. The port of Ostia was visible a half-Kio away, bustling with vessels of all shapes and sizes. One of them, hopefully, would soon be leaving for a new land far afield. “A fresh start. For both of us,” Lash said, gently brushing her clawed fingertips over her companion’s faceplate. The Rahkshi offered no reaction to the affectionate gesture. “You could at least pretend to feel something,” Lash grumbled. She stepped away from the boat, stretching her cramped legs before sitting down in a shady spot and taking a drink from her canteen. Breathless silently moved to join her in the gloom. Lash almost considered telling the creature to get comfortable, since it would probably be staying here for a while, but she wasn’t sure that comfort was a concept Rahkshi could even comprehend. She’d spent their time at sea contemplating the best way to approach the city, and eventually decided that leaving Breathless behind to pick up later was going to be her best bet. She didn’t doubt her ability to convince the authorities in Ostia to allow her to bring the Rahkshi into the vicinity of the city; she’d managed it in two separate Koros in the past, and Ostia had a reputation for lawlessness. But that reputation was exactly what made her hesitant. A city like this was exactly where criminal elements like the Makuta worshippers she was trying to avoid might go to lie low. There was no sense in drawing more attention to herself than necessary. After a few minutes’ rest, she got to her feet and started to push the boat back out. “Remain here, and stay out of sight,” she ordered Breathless. “I’ll be back for you soon.” Ever obedient, the Rahkshi shuffled back against the cliffside, its orange-and-black colouring allowing it to blend in relatively easily amidst the brownish rock and deep shadows. Lash clambered into the boat and took up the oars, paddling onwards to Ostia. Her new future finally felt within reach.
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