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  1. Got back into Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny in the US, if I remember correctly), and I can only recommend it (if you like games from around 2001, that is). Time travel that is imo done really well.
  2. Falling ill during my time off is not amusing. Just saying <_<

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Aw, many virtual cups of healing herbal tee unto thee, so sorry and hope the recovery is speedy! 

  3. And/or the usual "hey world! I'm still alive!" post So where have I been? Mostly busy with life, and finally with a stable internet connection at my PC so expect some more activity from me, I guess. Occasionally, anyway. Other than that, I missed this place, a lot. And can't help but get nostalgic about the old times of lots of daily activity. Regular display name changes, especially around April 1st (my, what a coincidence) or with whatever tiny trend floated by. (On a side note, I'm delighted to see that the old emoticons are still around. Love these ) Hope you're all doing well! I'll see you around. ^^
  4. Super impressed by the amount of care, work and attention to detail that went into this! (And thank you for including the link to the Miramax storyboards, these are super intriguing.) Your storyboard looks cool! For the Matoro/Hakann sketches, I think they could even be simplified/stylized even further, right now they still feel very set-like to me (but that is definitely a matter of personal preference) - what's the style you're aiming for for the final result? I'm afraid I can't help with this, but I'll definitely keep an eye on this project
  5. aw, that is lovely, thank you! and thanks for the birthday wishes, too <3
  6. casual proof that I made it to 2023 :)

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Oh yay! :) I'd missed you around here and hoped you were doing well, happy new year! 

  7. Aw, thank you so much! And yea, that's by me, albeit a slightly older painting. Still, gouache is so much fun to use...
  8. Taka Nuvia

    Cover Arts

    Seeing all of these covers side by side is really cool! And shows how many of these games you've run already - super impressive!
  9. The best thing I can say right now is that the breaks between my blog entries are much, much longer than the breaks between my artistic endeavours (please imagine those two words in a more sarcastic tone). Wish I knew what was the problem, but sitting down to draw is no longer as easy nor natural as it used to be. Mostly, I am afraid, I think. Afraid of what I create not lining up with what I had in mind (a given, if I rarely try my hands at it.) Afraid of only being able to produce slightly off, slightly nightmarish vent art when really all I want to do is draw pretty things to distract myself from what's causing the vent arts in the first place. Especially the latter point. So what am I doing to combat that, and the accompanying feelings of hopelessness? Two things, mostly. One is working on my mental health and resilience. Times are bad still, but I don't want to let that crush me. The other thing is moving to other creative things to do in the meantime - I've taken up crocheting, darning and other mending techniques, and painting. To keep my hands occupied, and have something to show by the end of the day, something tangible, a proof of my tiny existence in that miniscule time frame that I'm around for. Because things will get better again. They always do.
  10. oh my goodness, these are all so adorable! I admire your craft, creativity, and all those many many plushies!
  11. I remember your previous name, and the leeches! It's been a while... As for me, finished my master's degree in physics, now moved on to computer science. Well, and found a job. I'm still drawing on the side, but that is and has always been my 'personal project' space. Game development sounds cool!
  12. maybe it got so good at hiding that we just won't be able to find it anymore
  13. The artstyle is fantastic! Love the line-weights, colour, and general shape language.
  14. <- now that's just me these days ^^ Anyone else have a new favourite that they didn't like so much (or even notice, tbh) back in the day?
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