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  1. I remember your previous name, and the leeches! It's been a while... As for me, finished my master's degree in physics, now moved on to computer science. Well, and found a job. I'm still drawing on the side, but that is and has always been my 'personal project' space. Game development sounds cool!
  2. maybe it got so good at hiding that we just won't be able to find it anymore
  3. The artstyle is fantastic! Love the line-weights, colour, and general shape language.
  4. <- now that's just me these days ^^ Anyone else have a new favourite that they didn't like so much (or even notice, tbh) back in the day?
  5. Lonely (Acoustic) - Deine Lakaien
  6. Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your break
  7. Taka Nuvia

    back yet again

    same to you! I'm always thrilled to see people around that I remember (wish that was an exaggeration. it really isn't ^^) But yea, I doubt I'll have gotten used to it by the time the (then) new version is introduced... we'll see ^^
  8. Taka Nuvia

    back yet again

    I did, because it didn't let me publish the blog entry otherwise :> As for favourite look, I just have an endless nostalgia for the original boards. As far as I know that changed in the previous upgrade already. Sadly.
  9. Taka Nuvia

    back yet again

    and still have to get used to the new look but that's okay. (I have no idea what entry categories are for though. this will take some getting used to...)
  10. Hey there, thanks for the nice comment! As for drawing characters - I'd suggest getting used to observing the people around you, especially when out and about in the world. How they move, howw their proportions and bodies are structured, how they interact with their environment and vice versa. (obviously, I don't mean to say "stare at everyone for prolonged stretches of time", but that should be clear anyway). If you feel awkward studying irl people, that's fine. Movies and TV exist too. ^^ Personally I like to use a sketchbook to have a chronological overview of the things I've drawn, as well as note down things I noticed. I carry something to draw wherever I go. As for Bionicle characters, it depends on what you want to do? If you want to lean in a set-like direction, make sure you either have the set around or look for images online so you have a reference to help you. Stylization is a harder one to comment on. I'd say dare to try new things, and keep in mind that not everything will always work out, and that's okay! Using references also helps a lot. Say you want to draw a character that's associated with Plant Life, and you have the idea to add leaf textures somewhere in their armour. The illusion becomes a lot more believable if you look at images (or ideally, a real leaf ). Personally I like to model the characters on the human form, so I just sketch that out first, then use the set to figure out the shapes for the armour. For a while I even used to draw the characters completely humanized/as humans - that wasn't quite popular ^^' but I liked it back then, so yea. Draw what you like, what you enjoy. Figure out what inspires you, draw from that. Study it, too. Look at art you enjoy and figure out why - is it the poses? The stylization? The lighting? Try to analyze that and finally - don't forget to practise, but also to have fun! ... okay, this was a lot more than anticipated. I hope some of it was helpful.
  11. that is super impressive! Also, you used coloured pencil, which imo can be a pain to work with for bigger things (because it takes for-ever) - as said, impressive, and I really admire the dedication. The way you kept the designs set-like, yet somewhat stylized also caught my eye. It's nice! Goes without saying that you should be proud of finishing this, really. ^^
  12. Once a week seems like a good pace to me, and to be honest, I'm glad you're taking things in a direction that you can keep up with without getting burned out. Seeing this site around after so many years still means a lot to me, and I'm really grateful you're still running it!
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