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  1. That's really neat! You did a great job pulling parts from all sorts of different eras and forming a cohesive whole out of them, love the creativity using those palm tree leaves and red bits for the eyes. It has a nice clean feel to it, I'd buy this if it were a set. Nice work --Akaku: Master of Flight
  2. That's neat, Pohatu Mata was one of my very first sets as well! He was the first Toa I got, I was compelled to pick one up shortly after getting Mctoran Matoro in a happy meal Thanks for sharing the memory --Akaku: Master of Flight
  3. Hey Koth! great to hear from you, and I'm glad you're doing well Give yourself more credit, I'm sure you've matured plenty! After all this time, I'm sure if nothing else, you've at least finally grown enough to accept Canada's bagged milk as the superior form of liquid dairy transportation... Right? ...Riiiight? I just wanna say, I miss yer art dude. I have no idea if you've kept drawing after all this time or not, but I always thought your Kalarii Space Otter soldiers were super dope. I was thinking of maybe having a similar species in my Graphic Novel, but I didn't want to get sued for copyright infringement --Akaku: Master of Flight
  4. Hmmm... What was your first Bionicle set? Do you remember the day you got it? Oh, here's a good one: what is the Airspeed velocity of an unladen Gukko? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  5. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave~ My vote is a Hordika Minifig for the next one --Akaku: Master of Flight
  6. It felt the only appropriate thing to do keeping in true spirit with this comic --Akaku: Master of Flight
  7. I am in awe. You must be a time traveller, because this series feels like it has been ripped straight out of 2004. You've captured the true essence and soul of this forum, reading this has been an absolute pleasure. Are you still taking guest stars? Here's my sheet if you are, would love to be a part of this. Looking forward to seeing more either way. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  8. Thank you both! I'm glad y'all like my art style Admittedly this stuff is a bit rougher than my usual work these days, but it's about the only way I can get this done in a timely manner In any case: thanks to the positive reception, not unlike a car that has several missed payments I seem to have been repossessed. Here's page 2! Akaku calls upon his most trusted allies for aid... It goes about as well as he could hope for. Many thanks to B6 for featuring this topic on the front page! I really appreciate it. Me as a kid would've been so stoked. Honestly, still pretty stoked Expect more to come soon --Akaku: Master of Flight
  9. Hey, thanks! I Appreciate it --Akaku: Master of Flight
  10. Slinky through this linky on over to the comics forum to have a peak! More to come maybe? Possibly? Who knows! The inner machinations of my mind are an engima. If I do continue it, I'm thinking of maybe having permanent guest stars positions, just for ol' times sake. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  11. I'm not sure what possessed me to make this, but uh, here we are! Comic 1 Comic 2 Stay tuned to see if it possesses me to draw some more EDIT 2/2/2024: Added another page! Thinking of making this a weekly release, possibly more often if the mood strikes me. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  12. I could definitely be mistaken but I think the OBC title and Proto system was all manual changes staff made to users profiles, I don't think they were connected with any sort of automatic system. Way back when I first became a premier member, I remember having to talk to someone about getting my proto/rank changes associated with it. IIRC submitting news that ended up on the front page and I think winning some contests was the most common way to gain proto, though I think I also got a boost from reporting someone way back in the day that I found out was causing shenanigans pretending to be two separate people --Akaku: Master of Flight
  13. Hmm, I recently located all my old Lego/Bionicle part bins, this might be the first BZP contest I end up participating in in over a decade, lol. Regardless, looking forward to see what people come up with! --Akaku: Master of Flight
  14. Hey y'all! Been a while since I've really given much an update here. I know there has been a lot of these sorta posts here in recent years, but I figured it's my turn to sincerely thank you all for making this considerable chunk of my childhood so enjoyable. Seriously, I'll never forget the time I spent here, however brief and distant those days now feel. That so many people gave me nothing but support to my art in its earliest, roughest years, that my fiancée and many of my best friends I still have today I all met on here, I wouldn't be the person I am today without this place I feel that even though I was just a child, I should still apologize for much of the cringey, childish behavior I displayed back in those days. I've done a lot of growing up in the years following my first arrival here, to say the least. Rest assured, you wont have to worry about me writing such scathing set critiques as 'tahu sux', as was my very first comment on this message board, or shoehorning anymore UNSC Frigates into text based Bionicle RPGs when the GMs are asleep. Yes, I was one of those players, and I'm still deeply embarrassed (although admittedly now also amused) to think back about it. I'm honestly glad that this place is still around, even in its much quieter state, that we can still check in on each other from time to time. Who knows, maybe with the way social media's been going lately, there'll be a resurgence in smaller web forums? Wishful thinking I know, but who knows what the future holds. Since 2011 or so every few years I've just been kinda drifting from place to place on the internet. One thing I really miss from ye olde days was that you could actually get to know people, whereas places like twitter and reddit are just so huge that even the communities within those communities just never really felt like communities, if that makes any sense. Discord is a nice sorta middleground though, I suppose. So, what have I been up to? Well, after spending way too long trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I eventually settled on taking some very lengthy and extensive courses for making what I make best, Graphic novels and comics. Those wrapped up a few years ago, and off and on I've been working on an original story ever since. There's been a lot of hiccups along the way due to all sorts of things from personal issues to family ones, to the pandemic to construction near my apartment driving me absolutely nuts. I never thought I could hate a sound so much as I do the sound of a pile driver... Thankfully, most of that is over with now, a lot of the biggest issues in my life all kind of resolved one way or another in the past few months, which has been really nice. If anyone's curious to learn more about the Graphic Novel I'm working on, Let me know and I'll make more posts going more in depth about it here! Long story short is it's a colonial-era fantasy/redemption themed adventure story with a good mix of serious stakes and some lighthearted humour, starring an undead knight and two adventurers that freed him from an ancient curse. Shoutout to @Inferna Firesword, @Lord Kini Hawkeye, and @Zahaki, they've all had a hand in helping me develop different aspects of it as its come along (And while I'm mentioning people: paging @Kagha, @Aych Ehn, @Repicheep - Toa of Irony, @Japoro - Toa of Ice, @Kothra, @Gavla, @Grantaire, @Zyrnix, @Cap'n Sparrow, @DYLAN the SINKING STAR, and @.:Zero The Vampire:.; even if its years from me making this post that any of you happen to randomly log on and come across this, I would love to hear how y'all are doing these days. It might take a while, but I guarantee I'll read it and get back to you eventually! Same goes for anyone else honestly, happy to hear how everyone is doing I just called out the above folks in particular because I haven't heard from any of them in around a decade, lol.) In any case, I think that's all for now. Hope anyone reading this has a great morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you are! (PS: Googly eyed Tahu is a treasure, and nobody can convince me otherwise ) --Akaku: Master of Flight
  15. This is some dope Artwork! TBK, Taka and Specter all have done a splendid job on their respective pieces. And thank you for the mention, It's cool to see this kinda stuff still going on, and was a pleasure doing my bit in the past. Looks like y'all have been having a lot of fun over the years, caught up with zippy a little while back and heard some cool things about it I've always wanted to get back into Bionicle RPGs at some point, but have just been way too busy/stressed to get involved in any... Is it still the text based stuff like the days of old? That was always my favourite format. I hope you share more as it comes! This place may seem like a graveyard these days, but I think more people still lurk and check in around here then we realize --Akaku: Master of Flight
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