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  1. This is some dope Artwork! TBK, Taka and Specter all have done a splendid job on their respective pieces. And thank you for the mention, It's cool to see this kinda stuff still going on, and was a pleasure doing my bit in the past. Looks like y'all have been having a lot of fun over the years, caught up with zippy a little while back and heard some cool things about it I've always wanted to get back into Bionicle RPGs at some point, but have just been way too busy/stressed to get involved in any... Is it still the text based stuff like the days of old? That was always my favourite format. I hope you share more as it comes! This place may seem like a graveyard these days, but I think more people still lurk and check in around here then we realize --Akaku: Master of Flight
  2. Hey, I remember you! ... Kinda. I instantly recognized your username, although its been so long that I can't remember from which part of the forums ^^;; I can heavily relate to this. All these years later, and most the people I still chat and hang out with (including my fiancée!) are friends I made here all those years ago. It sure makes me feel old seeing how quickly time has passed, and all the drama that used to go on here certainly was... Something... But I wouldn't trade anything for the time I spent here --Akaku: Master of Flight
  3. Wishing you a happy birthday! 🥳

    1. Akaku: Master of Flight

      Akaku: Master of Flight

      Thank you!! I appreciate it :D 

  4. These are absolutely dope! I'm also really digging the Bohrok pendant, might have to pick one of these up at some point. EDIT: Oh, just realized this topic is like three years old, and only recently revived lol. OP, if you ever return to this thread, I hope you give us an update if you've been doing anymore work like this! --Akaku: Master of Flight
  5. Absolutely splendid artwork Taka! I really ought to check up on here more often, makes me want to put up another art topic here myself I really like the Nokama one! It has a very digital feel to it, which I'm biased towards was the whole thing done digitally, or just the colours? Either way I'd love to see it completed! The sketches of the protector helmets are very nice too I have to say, got a good giggle out of the A-Tak-Nid as well. I think the 'query - ruins' piece is my favourite out of the bunch though, just has a really good atmosphere to it, great use of the medium. Hope to see more of your artwork here soon! --Akaku: Master of Flight
  6. I hope the winning shirt is something along the lines of this: https://biosector01.com/w/images/bs01/b/bd/Comic1-TheComingoftheToa2.png except with the new Tahu's glorious googley eyes plastered onto all the Toa's faces (If I have the time and there's any interest I might end up doing it myself lmao) --Akaku: Master of Flight
  7. So uh, I might have this completely wrong since this was well over a decade ago and my memory from when I was a kid isn't particularly great on the details, but I'm pretty sure I recognize your old alias, and think I owe you an apology for taking some feedback/criticism of my horrendous artwork of the time waaaaay too personally, haha. I was an extremely immature, cringey and spiteful little child, and seriously, I sincerely apologize if you ever had to put up with any of that sort of behavior from me at the time; I don't think I had a hand in what happened to your old account, but I uh, wouldn't be surprised if I did ... If that doesn't ring any bells then please disregard, lol. ...Regardless, I'm glad to hear you've been doing well, huge congratulations on getting your game out there. After I finished high school I spent a few months taking a program for game art and design, quickly learned it wasn't for me; there's just an absolutely massive amount of all sorts of different work involved to get pretty much any sort of game developed and released, especially if you're doing it with a small group or all on your own. Honestly, huge respect for getting it done! For the past several years I've been focusing on honing my artistic abilities, somewhat recently I finished a rather extensive program on graphic novel/comic making. Since the pandemic began I've been working full beans using what I've learned on a single unreleased project of mine, with the hopes of being a published freelance Graphic Novel Artist someday if I can continue to afford the endeavor. If not, I've been also looking into courses for Commercial Illustration as a less fulfilling but (hopefully) somewhat more financially stable alternative. We'll see how it all turns out! Wishing you the best of luck with all your current and future endeavors my dude. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  8. Oh wow, I didn't think they'd all still be around after all these years! I was always partial to this classic emote: because of BZP, to this day I still have a bad habit of ending almost all of my texts and online messages with some version of the emote ... Looking through them again, this one caught my eye because of how amusingly suspicious it is: "Yeeesssss, just sign right here! What's the worst that could happen? Ignore the fine print about your soul, hehehe...." --Akaku: Master of Flight
  9. Ah, a AMA, eh? I can think of some! Art Related: What led you to taking an interest in art and drawing? Over the years, what have you found has helped improve your work the most? What is your favorite medium to work with? Bionicle Related: In Retrospect, what is your favorite thing about Bionicle? If Bionicle were ever to make a return, what would you like to see from it? Another reboot, or an entirely new story? Other: Any particularly interesting Books/Movies/Games you've read/seen/played recently? Favorite Cheese? Pineapple or no Pineapple on Pizza? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  10. Nice find! Mctoran Matoro was the first Bionicle set I ever got, still have him sitting on my desk. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  11. I'm currently between classes, although distance learning has been really tough for me as well. One would think it'd be easy with my artwork being done digitally, although not being able to separate my home from work environment has always been difficult. Growing up I always did homework at school whenever possible since I usually just couldn't concentrate otherwise. It's been a learning experience to say the least, I've adjusted well enough I guess, at least to continue being somewhat productive. I just hope the world can return to a sense of normalcy soon. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  12. Akaku: Master of Flight


    How BZP's survived this long is a mystery we may never solve How've you been, Koth? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  13. Bionicle was always just Bionicle to me for most of it's initial run, other then a few small things like missing the cool Rahi designs/mask packs of 2001, or the Toa Metru body designs of 2004. I think 2009 was when I started to really feel nostalgic for the earlier days overall, I wasn't a fan of the vast majority of things concerning Glatorians at the time, although I've learned to appreciate them years later. Several different factors, such as G1 ending, The Dataclysm/mass exodus of users, Hero factory's lack of appeal and getting bullied on BZP for my awful art at the time all kinda led me to loose most (but not all) of my interest in Bionicle for a few years, when I left BZP to go on a massive Transformers binge... It wasn't until a year or so before G2 arrived that I came back to BZP and really started to feel Nostalgic for Bionicle as a whole. after G2 came around my interest in it really bounced back, and I've maintained a fairly consistent love and interest for the series, although at this point I'm Nostalgic about nearly everything from my later childhood/teenage years... Who else misses Bungie-era Halo? --Akaku: Master of Flight
  14. Cool dude is practically my middle name Unfortunately the extra stuff for Blogs is completely gone, as far as we know. You'll just have to make use of the 'about this blog' section as best we can You can do some pretty nifty stuff with pictures now, though. You can make one a banner for your blog that drops down into a full photo when it's clicked on, and give each blog entry it's own banner too, which is nice. --Akaku: Master of Flight
  15. Apparently this week I am a Toa of mucus with the mask of uncontrollable coughing. I can't say I recommend these powers. I'm pretty sure this is how Hewkii felt in MNOG after using those infected Kholii balls. I was planning on participating in Inktober, but this cold kinda put a stop to those plans before they even began... Fern reassures me that nobody will mind if I start late, so maybe I will once I'm feeling better. The temperature has really dropped quickly here in Vancouver. How's it been where you guys are? Everyone staying healthy? I hope nobody else has what I've come down with. --Akaku: Master of Flight
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