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  1. Read through the script, and I think for a draft of merging all of 2006 into a single movie (which is a pretty tough ask - 2006 is all over the place story-wise!) it does a great job! Like Nato, I don't think I have the skills to assist you but the project does pique my interest.
  2. surely the next phone call will work, surely
  3. i, for one, would love to see more i like the rough, sketchy edges everything has (that's my deep art analysis from being a total art professional /s)
  4. Voltex

    Bionicle Day

    Today is #810nicleday and so I thought I might use this opportunity to visit this old place to once again share some of the artwork that some fantastic folks have done for the campaigns I run over in the BZPGOT Discord server! But first things first: an invitation. If you're interested in potentially participating in any future games (or simply want to hang out with other Bionicle fans), you can click the invite link to join us! Anyway, onto the art. Today I wanted to highlight the series of covers that I commissioned for Verdant Wind two years ago. If I've done it right, you should be able to click the image to see a higher resolution. Verdant Wind was the ultimate culmination of five years' worth of stories. It served as a grand finale for every character and story that had appeared up to that point, and to celebrate the occasion, I commissioned several covers for it. The first cover, done by @TBK, is the official cover of Verdant Wind. It features the leaders of three player factions standing off against the game's main antagonist, with the broken pieces of my own NPC's mask in the dirt behind them. The first variant cover, done by @ToaTImeLord, features those same player characters standing off against each other - fitting, as Verdant Wind brought them back into conflict before bringing them together. The second variant cover was done by @xccj. In addition to the leaders, this cover features much of the other player characters - those who made up the core cast of the Edge of Dawn arc. The third and fifth variant covers were done by some of my IRL friends (and yes, that fifth one is watercolor!). Both feature the faction leaders. The fourth variant cover was done by @ZippyWharrgarbl. Like Xccj's cover, this one features much of the player cast, with a couple cameos and secrets sneakily inserted as well. The sixth variant cover was done by @Jakura Nuva. It features the three player faction leaders being crushed beneath the game's main antagonist. The seventh variant cover is a unique one; I commissioned it later than the others, as Verdant Wind reached its halfway point (and the big twist that would come with it - one that ultimately united the entire game world together). @Akaku: Master of Flight did a fantastic job bringing it to life; it features a set of characters who together represent every era of the games up to that point, working together. The eight variant cover is also unique. I am responsible for the design, but I take no credit for the artwork used - that's all TBK and Akaku. Anyway, that's all for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed!
  5. congrats on getting your masters!
  6. Maxilos & Spinax or maybe Gali 2015 the Axalara T9 was also very excellent and Lesovikk also just the entire lineup of Piraka/Inika
  7. So naturally, over in the BZPGOT discord, we've made our own - with some excellent new cover art courtesy of @TBK!
  8. Voltex

    Nine Years

    2013/2014 G&T was a wild time
  9. A roguelike game where players must traverse seven deadly trials, collecting & crafting loot along the way! Click the banner to join the Discord - AetherGarde begins October 3rd.
  10. Voltex

    More Art

    Just the other day I shared a bunch of cover pieces from some of the Bionicle campaigns I run on Discord, and just last night SPECTER L completed their latest piece for my horror campaign, Glass! I commissioned it for "Book I", A Midnight Requiem, and as I like to do with everything in Glass, I hid away various secrets of my own within the cover. Many have been uncovered by the players on the Discord already, but a few still remain hidden This cover features @Jakura Nuva's character in the campaign, Dale Eisenhorn. He's an Agori who worships the Moon, but he's in a spot of trouble with the Green... like with last time, if you click the image you should be able to see a higher quality version.
  11. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    I might share the variant covers for Verdant Wind at some point, they were pretty neat. And yeah, it's all still text based! It's easier to run that way, folks can just pop in and give a response whenever they're online.
  12. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    you're always welcome in the discord, even if you don't want to play!
  13. Voltex

    Cover Arts

    Felt like posting something on this old relic so here, enjoy some of the cover arts that I've commissioned for the Bionicle campaigns I've been hosting on Discord the past few years! I like to think they've been pretty varied. All but two of the covers below feature art from @TBK! The Argonauts was a pirate adventure, with a dash of horror and time travel to spice things up. The Aenid was a sequel to The Argonauts. Still a pirate adventure, but also a tragic war story that culminated in a massive battle. Twilight Requiem was the second part of the Edge of Dawn saga; it dipped into Norse Mythology, sci-fi, time travel, and politics all wrapped up in an academy storyline. Azure Moon was the third part of Edge of Dawn. It was a war story, with some of the most brutal scenes in any of the campaigns. The protagonists of this story thought they were the heroes, but were actually the villains. Silver Snow was the fourth part of Edge of Dawn; it went all-in on Norse Mythology, and revisited the Underworld before instigating Ragnarok. Crimson Flower was a blend of everything, as the heroes sailed the seas against greater odds than ever before. They ended up overcoming death itself in their quest to victory. Verdant Wind was the culmination of Edge of Dawn - and it was also the culmination of every other campaign in the series up to that point. It brought everything to a head, as the players ended up taking on the gods of the world. For Verdant Wind I also commissioned several variant covers, from the likes of @ZippyWharrgarbl, @ToaTImeLord, @xccj, @Akaku: Master of Flight, @Jakura Nuva, and a few non-BZP members. The Mysterious Affair at Styles was a murder mystery taking place in a new world. Its cover features art from @Taka Nuvia! Epigoni was the tale of a last stand to save the world from an alien invasion. Glass is a horror campaign, taking much of its inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos - but also from gothic horror and more. Its cover features art from Specter L! (i think if you click the image, you should be able to see a higher quality version)
  14. if greg is leaving lego i'm interested to see what he'll do next
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