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    Reading my Bible, bionicle, bacon, comic-making, 3D modeling and animation, bacon, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, running, bacon, christian rock, and cinnamon buns.

    And by the way, if you like modern rock, try these guys for sound:

    Thousand Foot Krutch
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    Norma Jean
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    If you actually listened to all of those, you deserve a medal. Or bacon, if you're hungry.

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  1. Whoops, my bad! Fix'd it, intelligence is set to 4. No irony there at alllll
  2. Ready for the adventure! And likely death. But at least it'll be a noble death. Hopefully. Probably not. Anyway, I'm super duber uber grateful to you for letting me join in on this, Voltex. Player Name: TBK Campaign: #4: A Feast for Titans Character Name: Tabek Umrik Gender, Age, Element: Male, 24, Stone Personality: Despite what he would like to think, Tabek knows that others usually perceive him as a bit... odd. Upon first impression, one might go so far as to say that he comes off as haughty and brooding. In reality, conversation has never been his particular strength, and he is often just misunderstood. This might be the reason why he only keeps a select few companions, but those particular friends provide a true insight to his personality. He is indeed a loyal and caring fellow, willing to sacrifice nearly anything for his neighbor. Even so, his naive optimism can lead him to trusting strangers a little too quickly. History: Tabek was born into and seemingly destined for the sensational trade of boat repair, a trade that his clan carried for generations. Not that he wanted it – in fact, he attempted a number of times to veer off and become a fine artist, to the humor of some. Unfortunately, amid the war-torn economy, each attempt ended only in failure and near starvation, forcing him to revert back into the family business. Nonetheless, he gazes past the hammer, the tar pitch, and the endless droll of monotony to a hope of making something of himself for the good of his people. And of course, he also looks beyond his relatives' pessimism. They would tell you that Tabek is the one who has seen the least loss and sorrow in the family, and they would not be wrong. Greatest Fears: (1) Tabek has always been a thinker and a seeker for the truth behind every situation, every assumption, and perhaps life itself, if he could find it. On the flipside, his greatest nightmare is that everything is truly as it seems: Chaos. His life, the world, the wars, all of history, is for naught. He dreads he may never find out in time. (2) His inward tendencies also don the impression of even-tempered coolness, but when he senses that he has lost control of a situation, the facade quickly crumbles to panic. And when he loses control of himself? It has happened only twice before, and he hopes for his own well-being to never sink to that point again... heaven forbid that it involve a matter of life and death. He fears this may fall upon him one day. (3) Though his intentions are well-meant, he is afraid that his ventures will come to nothing, and his family will be the worse for it because he wasn't there to help them. Greatest Dreams: (1) He often dreams of becoming a great artist, but he knows even this would ultimately fall short. As Tabek pursues the meaning behind life, so also he pursues a purpose for himself. (2) He hopes to earn the favor of his clan by proving his worth one day. (3) He also desires to one day find a means to provide a steady means of provisions and income to his clan, whose business is staggering under the post-war market. Ultimate Power: Tabek would do all in his power to, broadly put, make things right again. To remove fear and conflict from Okoto. To restore sustenance to those in need like his own family. And perhaps even use the power of the mask to strain a glance at the powers orchestrating destiny, if only for his own comfort. Strength: 2 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 4 Charisma: 1
  3. I first planned on making a career out of writing, then I switched to graphic design, then 3D animation, then game design, then banking, then welding, then personal training, then writing again, then... ... I think I'll stick with Arc on this one
  4. Your signature is cute. :)

    1. TBK


      Wheee, thank you! I like your siggy as well. And your avatar. And, well, pretty much everything else you draw. :P

    2. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      You're welcome, and aww, thanks a lot! :3

  5. Wheeeee signups Name: TBK Gender: Male Element 1: Same as before, stone Element 2: Plasma? Other: Sarcastic comic-maker. (I'll be an agent if you still need another)
  6. Comic burnout seems like something an average comic-maker gets after three or four comics. For me, it comes after the second panel. :c

    1. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      Ah yes, I am familiar with that feeling. :c For me it comes whenever the plot is supposed to thicken (or even actually start xD)

    2. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      *sigh* Loganto knows of this feeling. It happens when I don't have a plan for a series. Or even when I have only a loose concept of the story. A good example is 'Waiting for Hope'... I burnt out because of overhype and lack of backgrounds. I burnt myself out because of the pressure.

    3. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      I get that before the first panel. =P

  7. IC: Liina If one had perked his ears, he may have heard that a dumbfounded hush quickly settled over the incessant dispute in the inn's kitchen. Even then, he may have returned to conversation before another short outburst broke, starting with a grueling snap that released shouts of rage before being bent into pleas for mercy by a second snap. And all this happened in the breadth of Trun's question: "Kovant? Did your companion decide to wait outside?" Even as Kovant opened his mouth to reply, Liina unashamedly beat down the silence as she burst the kitchen door with the palm of one hand, coyly strutting back into the room with a set of keys twirling in the fingers of the other. "The manager was kind enough as to give us access to the whole inn for the night," she explained as she sat at a table of blank expressions. "What? Oh, and the cook specifically said 'I'll do anything', so I suppose that applies to the menu tonight as well." ----- All the while, Kovant simply dropped his face to his palms.
  8. IC: Kovant, entering the Inn He gave Ofeo a pat on the shoulder as they entered, and replied to Trun, "I don't quite remember what's on the menu here, but it was actually excellent cooking." Maybe that much has stayed the same, he hoped. As they entered, a female Ce-Matoran -- one he hadn't seen before -- informed them of an issue in the kitchen. He looked toward the kitchen with a hint of concern, and a surge of familiarity came as he heard familiar voices raised to an uncomfortable volume. Those two are still at it? he thought. At least that hasn't changed. He hadn't thought about a room until now. Kovant had taken the whole trip in anticipation of staying with his tribe... not mourning over their ashes. He would need a room, but his previous attempts to settle the disputes in the kitchen never ended well. Turning back to the Ce-Matoran, he replied quietly with, "Thank you. Would you mind if we waited with you?" as he gently pulled out a chair and motioned for Trun to take a seat if he wished. IC: Liina, inside the Inn When the Ce-Matoran mentioned a dispute, Liina's shoulders immediately sagged in exasperation. Not again... must I take care of everything around here? She would have to... force an agreement again, she supposed. Staying behind the group until she was confident they were distracted by conversation, she nonchalantly tiptoed toward the kitchen and slid behind the door.
  9. I am so entering this. Time to procrastinate until about 2 hours before the deadline. And I wish I was joking
  10. Unfortunately, I may need to withdraw my reservation until the next few rounds. With the little spare time I've been given this month, I fear that I would simply be an interference until December. I'm itching to play again, but several other items are higher on the priority list for the moment. I apologize. But do have a good round, guys!
  11. JiMing

    Yuh still need to make a profile in Bionifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  12. IC: Kovant, outside the inn Kovant was surprised to see Lekar appear, but in consideration of Ig's loyalty to him, it made sense... for the most part. Question was, why would the Hordika want to lead them to Lekar's door in the middle of the evening? It suddenly occurred to him that he had gotten the entire group to tread through the midst of the city's darkest alleys to watch a Hordika simply return to its master. And now, faced with Lekar's simple question, he felt a bit ridiculous. He nodded at Hiko's reply and followed up, "It's true... from the look of things, Ig here wanted us to follow hi..." he trailed off as he motioned to the Hordika, who now showed no indication of having ever moved from his curled position. "...him here." IC: Liina She stood behind Kovant as he conversed -- or rather, attempted to -- with a Toa of Air that Liina hadn't seen before. This must be the Lekar he was talking about, she thought. Seems friendly enough. She decided to hold her tongue as Kovant finished his explanation, and simply waited to see whether the Toa would notice her.
  13. let us protest doctor borg's reign of terror with with our secret weapon: lowercase letters he'll never know what hit him
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