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  1. IC: Yu Changgong, Lazy Pidgey Cafe - Blackthorn City Yu took the aged Pokegear back. "Given the nature of your position in the government, that's hardly a surprise. I've not looked into it much myself but I am aware of how important Executives are to the federal government." The swordsman's eyes darted to the twin dao on his old friend's back. "I assume those weapons aren't just for show, however. I'm guessing you've still made time to avoid getting rusty with those techniques, haven't you? Your affinity with the sword always outstripped everyone else at the dojo..."
  2. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City "A partnership, then?" he asked. The swordsman had not had any long-term contact with humans for the past several years, with his only constant companionship coming from his Pokemon. Ever since the fateful day at the dojo, however... "Very well. Having an ally from within the central government would do wonders for my long-term goals." Yu reached into his pouch and procured an extremely outdated Pokegear model. "I don't exactly have much in the way of a consistent source of income, so this was about all I could afford." he admitted, cracking a small sheepish grin. "Just enter your number here. I promise I won't ever contact you for something trivial. This dao I wield has carried me through the tribulations of life up until now, and I expect it will continue to do so. But should I be pushed to the brink, I'd be honored to have you fight by my side."
  3. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Silence feel after Flint's query, with Yu pondering his response carefully. "I did consider taking over the dojo and starting anew that day. But I'm sure you remember that my grasp of Qigong was merely average. I've improved somewhat over the years, but I haven't reached the heights that you or Master Zhang did." The swordsman sighed, looking ashamed at his own abilities. "Advanced projection techniques continue to elude me. I've yet to find the strength necessary to become a mentor to others. That is part of the reason I travel." Yu looked down to Huo and Yinyue, who had finished their food and sitting across from each other warily. "There's still work to be done in this world as well. I've heard the news about the chaos and unrest that's begun to ensue after the incident that took away Pokemon abilities. I'm sure the bureaucracy within Team Rocket has been thrown into disarray over this national affair. Try as you might, you won't be able to contain every single tragedy that occurs on a personal level. That's where I come in. I know I alone do not stand a chance against whatever force has been set upon this world. And yet I could not let myself rest if there were those I could have saved that I chose to ignore." he said, calmly resting his hands in his lap. His red eyes shone with the strength of his conviction. "I do not seek to save the world. But I cannot allow myself to idly sit by in this time of unrest. I would love to take upon disciples, but first I have a duty to myself to become a worthy successor to Zhang, and to the inhabitants of this world to use my strength to bring peace wherever I can."
  4. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City The swordsman listened carefully to Flint's impassioned musings on Team Liberty. "The fire that burned inside that heart of his continues to rage on." he thought. Yu considered his next words carefully while the muted chattering within the shop covered for his silence. "I have heard many secondhand accounts on the actions of Team Liberty, yes. I haven't found a reason to look very deeply into matters with the government. I don't mean to offend, but my goals do not overlap with your duties very much." Yu said at last. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. "Perception of both Rocket and Liberty varies wildly from person to person. I do not mean to say that your feelings towards them are incorrect, but I cannot allow myself to indict any person or group as responsible for the tragedy that took place until I have irrefutable evidence of guilt. To falsely strike down the innocent would go against everything I stand for as a blade of justice. It would bring shame to the memory of my peers at the dojo who fate struck down so that I may live and carry on their legacy until the bitter end." Yu tempered his speech carefully, only allowing a hint of the passion to come through in his last few words. Aside from his name and sword, there was nothing to indicate that the man who sat in front of Flint was the same boy he knew from the dojo years ago.
  5. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Yu closed his eyes. "I haven't actively been seeking out the one who destroyed our dojo. Vengeance would be empty, and it's not what Master Zhang and the others would have wanted me to do with their legacy. But it is my wish that I may cross paths with that individual to fill the emptiness that formed in my heart that fateful day." The swordsman cast a pensive look to the teacup he held with both hands in front of him. "There are details about the scene I witnessed that feel...troubling. All who were present met their end through a variety of means. Gunshot wounds, claw slashes, scorch marks, crushed limbs...but one thing stood out to me above all else." He looked at his old friend, a troubled expression breaking through despite his attempt at stoicism. "Master Zhang was killed with a sword. There's no mistaking the wounds he took. Another swordsman was present at the scene."
  6. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City “Oh, nothing grand. I mostly help people with physical tasks or stand up to those with an empty pit of a heart who would exploit others. I guess the most interesting story would be what happened with Yinyue here.” Yu said, gesturing to the Jangmo-o. She glared at Flint and hissed, looking ready to pounce at any moment. “Apologies. After the circumstances I rescued her from she doesn’t like most humans very much.” “You see, she had been smuggled to the Johto region from poachers who wished to harvest her scales for use in illicit jewelry, alongside several other Pokemon from other regions. I tracked a group of lackeys down to a hidden base in Ilex Forest. I was nearly too late, and even so I couldn’t stop them from damaging her scales in the confusion.” The swordsman cast an apologetic look at Yinyue, who turned away annoyedly. “Later on as I was checking the news I heard that my intervention in that operation caused a chain reaction of exposing a larger criminal ring that local law officials had been bribed to turn a blind eye from. Still. what I did could hardly be considered truly heroic. I had no such grand ambitions as to fell a criminal empire. I just couldn’t bear to see Pokemon suffering at the hands of the greed of humankind.” Yu Changgong took a sip of his tea as he finished speaking and reflected on his memories of that event. He chose not to mention how he had effectively stolen Huo away from a circus, considering Flint’s executive position in the governing body of the region.
  7. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Yu closed his eyes again. "I had left for a period of several weeks to travel and meditate at shrines across the mountains. I returned to a ransacked dojo filled with the corpses of those I had come to see as family." The swordsman gripped his cup and stared at the gentle swishing of the tea inside. "After I buried everyone, I had nowhere left to call my home. So I discarded my name and became a wandering blade, traveling the land on a journey to find myself and be there for the powerless, those who lost hope." He paused for a moment, deep in thought. "...Master Zhang wouldn't have wanted me to dwell on the past. And yet, I find myself wondering almost every waking moment if I have been honoring his memory alongside all those who perished. I do not think I will ever have an answer to that." Yu lifted his head, looking at Flint. "You however, left the dojo long before that massacre. What path have you walked all this time? I can infer some sort of position in the government due to those agents with you, but it would be nice to hear it from you. We have a lot to catch up on."
  8. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City There it was. That was all he had to hear to confirm everything he had been suspecting up to this point. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Up until a few years ago, people around me referred to me as Yu Changgong. Ever since I left the remains of the dojo to begin my journey, I've become but a nameless wandering blade." he said at last. Yu opened his eyes, his solemn gaze boring into the man standing before him. "Long have I wondered what became of those who had escaped the massacre at the dojo as I had. What they had become, what they had done with the teachings of Master Zhang..." Yu leaned forward in his seat. "Never did I think I would actually meet one of them face to face. I wasn't sure at first, but I can only remember one other student at the dojo who had taken up the art of dual-wielding... Flint." Draco watched the scene unfold and whispered to his sister. "What's goin' on here, does Mr. Conley know this whackjob?" He received another elbow to his side for his troubles.
  9. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Yu closed his eyes and took a long sip of his tea. "I too received my blade from my mentor. They are among the only things he has left me, aside from his wisdom." The swordsman kept his gaze steely, not daring to show the doubts and curiosity that were building inside of him. He saw that the executive was becoming rattled, if ever so slightly. If his hunch was correct... The swordsman took a deep breath. "I don't suppose the name Master Zhang means anything to you?" Huo and Yinyue, who had been comfortably sitting on the floor enjoying some pastries instantly stopped in their tracks at the mention of the name of Yu's former master. They looked up at their trainer, surprised to hear him bring up his former master's name at this time and place. The tension in the air thickened, and the two Pokemon prepared for the worst...
  10. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Yu Changgong made a mental note of the man having a hand on one of his swords. "Properly slacked his sword out of the sheath for easy drawing. Most likely trained, won't hesitate to defend himself if he feels threatened." he thought. The swordsman made a mental note of the possible path he could lead a fight out of the building, were one to break out, while keeping one hand firmly on the hilt of his sword at his side. "I have no quarrel with your agents, I just ask that they not interrupt my tea-drinking again." he replied tersely. Now that Yu had a good look at the man's eyes, he was more unnerved than ever. Between his appearance and the hilt design on his swords, could it be...? "I noticed you have quite intricate dao blades on you. I haven't seen anyone but myself carry those designs." he said, tilting his head up so that his face was more clearly visible against his hat. "Where did you get those from?" Draco looked over to see his superior talking to the swordsman from earlier. "Hey sis, you think they're gonna get into one of those big fights from those wushu films or somethin'?" "Quiet." the girl said in a hushed tone, elbowing her brother. "Keep that mouth running and next thing you know we'll be the ones he ends up carving up with those things."
  11. IC: Yu Changgong - Lazy Pidgey Cafe, Blackthorn City Yu gingerly held the cup of tea with one hand and supported its base with the other while he drank his green tea. Simple, yes, but reliable and hearty. Sometimes traditional was the way to go, after all. The atmosphere inside the teahouse was warm and inviting, exactly what he needed... At least until a pair of Rocket agents started bickering within earshot. "Listen sis, coffee makin's an art." said Draco Roberts, running his hand through his reddish-brown hair for emphasis. "Any ol' bozo can soak a buncha leaves in some boiling water. But coffee? Ya gotta find the right coffee beans, grind them just right, then pair, uh, percolate them for the right amount of time, and only then do you end up with coffee that is not too watery, not too concentrated, but just right. It takes skill." "That sounds like way too much work." responded Rebecca, yawning as she twirled one of her twintails with her index finger. "I don't have the time for that nonsense in the morning. All I need to do is dunk a tea bag in some water and get my caffeine rush in a hurry." Draco snorted. "Honestly, could you be any less cultured?" The Rocket agent turned around to find someone to back him up, and chose the man with the sword and wide-brimmed conical hat that obscured his eyes. "You there! Samurai-ʷᵃᶦᵗ ʷᵃˢ ᶦᵗ ˢʰᵒᵍᵘⁿ-shogun lookin' person! You get all that?" Draco cried incredulously. "Your kind care about art and all that jazz, right?? Then isn't my sister here a real birdbrain?" Yu Changgong sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose when he confirmed that yes, this loud and very persistent man was trying to talk to him. "Any kind of activity can be considered an artform depending on your drive to perfect the craft." he said firmly. "For example, I meditate often and carefully control my breathing, whereas most do not give the action a second thought. You may spend hours crafting the perfect cup of coffee, while others will go to the nearest Sawsbucks across the street and be content. Insisting that any one activity is an objectively better artform and that others are lesser for not participating in them is an exercise in futility. That is all I have to say on the matter." Draco had not expected that response from Yu and blinked a few times in confusion. The corners of Rebecca's mouth curled into a smirk. "TL;DR, you just got owned, bro." The swordsman shook his head and tuned out the renewed bickering between the two. He looked across the teahouse at the other patrons to take his mind off the dysfunctional siblings. It looked like most of them had elected to ignore the pair as he had. His eyes stopped when he looked at the red-haired man at the front of the counter. "The hilt designs on those swords... They're just like mine." thought Yu. He couldn't see the man's face yet, but something about this... No. It couldn't be. "This must be some big misunderstanding..."
  12. IC: Yu Changgong - Blackthorn City A lone figure kneeled in front of a large gravestone, eyes closed and in prayer, with a Pansear and Jangmo-o accompanying the solemn scene. A bundle of incense sticks burned in front of him, the gentle breeze taking the trails of smoke upwards. The gravestone listed several names in descending order. Jia Changgong. Bai Changgong. Yu Changgong. The man remained in front of the slab of stone until the last of the incense burned away. He slowly stood up to gather the container of the incense, noticing an old woman out of the corner of his eye approaching him. "I haven't seen you around here before," the proprietor of the cemetery said, a small smile strewn on her face. "Would you happen to be an extended family member come to pay some respects?" "...No." the man replied after some careful deliberation. "I merely thought that they could use someone to pray for their peace." "You aren't wrong. That accident over fourteen years ago was so sudden..." the old woman muttered sadly, closing her eyes and sighing. "A freak snowslide that came out of nowhere and claimed the lives of a loving couple and their child... Thank you, sir. I'm sure your prayers will reach them." "Thank you." The figure finally moved to dispose of the spent sticks of incense and walked briskly out of the small graveyard. Huo and Yinyue hopped onto his shoulders as Yu Changgong walked the streets. He leaned his head down slightly, obscuring his eyes to most who traveled by. "Farewell, young boy," Yu thought, his past weighing heavily on his mind. "May you rest well." Yu Changgong recalled those he had lost before he found the resolve to walk his current path. In essence, he had died twice thus far, once he was reborn as a disciple of Master Zhang, and again as a wandering blade of justice. Only through living by the ideals he inherited from those he held dear would he be able to honor their legacies. The swordsman wandered the streets of Blackthorn City and took in the sights of the place he called home long ago. His travels had gone well, but something compelled him to return to this place once more. He stopped in front of a small tea shop and smiled. "A cup of tea to reinvigorate the senses sounds lovely." He walked inside, Pokemon in tow.
  13. And so the wheel of fate turns once more...

  14. It's been a long time. Username: JiMing Name: Yu Changgong Faction: Neutral Hometown: Blackthorn City Age: 20 Appearance: Yu Changgong wears a dark blue long sleeveless robe with a black trim on top of a loose black undershirt. A large brown belt adorned with gold decorations on the front and dark red cloth holding it together wraps around his midsection, keeping the robe from falling off easily. Yu has long brown boots adorned with black armor around his knees and the top of his foot. Similar armor covers his arms from just below the elbow to the top of his wrist. He wears a large, conical colored dark red with black markings around the top and brim of the hat. He has a dao sword and scabbard that connects to the side of his belt, with the scabbard being dark blue with gold adornments, with the sword’s crossguard also being a golden color. He has black, shoulder-length hair, and red eyes. He stands at 6’0 feet/1.83 meters. Personality: Yu is a man of few words and has a tendency to be curt when speaking. His reserved nature often makes him come off as cold, but beneath that chilly exterior lies a burning passion that flares up when he sees injustices happening around him. His master’s ideologies have made him a peaceful man who refuses to hold onto hatred and seek vengeance, but he does not hesitate to wield his blade to defend those in need. Background: Yu Changgong initially lived an uneventful, simple life with his parents in Blackthorn, with no immediate relatives nearby. However, that changed when he was 6 years old when he trekked with his parents through the mountains just beyond the Ice Path and an abnormally strong snowstorm struck them. His parents gave their lives in an attempt to save him from an avalanche, but Yu lost his way during the confusion, and nearly succumbed to the cold. It was at that moment he was rescued by a swordsman who happened upon his nearly frozen form. When Yu next awoke, he was nursed back to health at the dojo of his rescuer, Master Zhang. With no family to return to, Yu Changgong decided to become a disciple of Zhang and devoted the next several years of his life to training with the sword. Along the way, he was taught the practice of qigong, the careful manipulation of the flow of one’s qi (aura) to strengthen the body or release in a controlled manner to affect the qi of other beings. He was never an exceptional student, and especially struggled with the projection of qi, but he always aspired to reach and surpass the other students. In particular, he struck up a close friendship with Flint, who only stayed at the dojo for a period of three years but became the prodigy of Master Zhang’s disciples. As part of his training, Yu was sent across the mountain ranges to travel to different shrines set up at various points to meditate and hone his mind. However, when he returned to the dojo, the building was ransacked and everyone inside had been slaughtered. When he finally reached the body of Master Zhang, he recognized the wounds inflicted on his body as coming from a sword, in particular the specific style of dao swordplay taught by Master Zhang himself. Yu Changgong gave a proper burial to everyone at the dojo, and when he interned his master at last, his thoughts were of the ideals that had been instilled in him since he first began training at the dojo, to use his blade only as a tool to help those who were disenfranchised and destitute, and work to create a world where warriors like himself were no longer needed. Now these words held more weight to him than ever, and with his convictions set, Yu Changgong trekked through the mountain plains to the outside world at last, acting as a wandering blade, ally to the powerless, and nightmare to the wicked. Equipment: Yu carries with him a dao sword and scabbard at all times. The blade is made of an extremely resilient alloy, with the technique to produce it having been lost to time. This allows it to withstand the force inflicted when using the reinforcement technique. He carries a small satchel tied to his side to carry anything else gathers along his journey. Yu has a Pokegear model that is 10 years out of date, due to it being the cheapest option he could find. Species: Mamoswine Nickname: Shan Trainer: Yu Changgong Personality: Like his trainer, Shan is stoic and does not emote very much, if at all. He is deeply protective of Yu however, due to having met not long after Yu made Master Zhang’s dojo his new home, and seeing the pain that losing his family and home had been firsthand. The two have known each other for many years, and as such have an extremely close bond, with a trust that allows them to read the others’ emotional state almost instinctively. Appearance: His right tusk is broken off slightly, after defending Yu from an attack back when he was a Piloswine. Ability: Thick Fat Specialty: Shan and Yu have developed a synchronized fighting style, allowing Yu to create attack openings for the slower Shan, while the Mamoswine provides defensive covering for his nimble trainer. Known Moves: Earthquake, Blizzard, Endure, Hail, Stealth Rock (Egg Move), Double-Edge (Egg Move) Species: Pansear Nickname: Huo Trainer: Yu Changgong Personality: Huo was ripped away from his family many years ago from poachers, and sold off to a run-down circus that forced him to do dangerous tricks and left him malnourished. As a result, Huo was elated when Yu saw his plight and rescued him from his abusive environment. Not having love and care for many years has left the Pansear eager to make friends whenever possible, and though his trainer can find his lack of discipline and restraint irksome, the two of them care for each other deeply and Huo is putting in the effort to meditate alongside Yu. Appearance: No different from the average Pansear. Ability: Blaze Specialty: Huo’s time in the circus has made him particularly skilled with the move Acrobatics, letting him use it with the same level of performance as though he were a Flying-type Pokemon. Known Moves: Flame Burst, Acrobatics, Fury Swipes, Yawn, Low Kick (Egg Move), Fire Spin (Egg Move) Species: Jangmo-o Nickname: Yinyue Trainer: Yu Changgong Personality: Yinyue was captured by smugglers who wished to extract her scales for use in illicit jewelry, and though Yu Changgong had managed to stop the smugglers from doing that, they still managed to dent her head scale badly in the confusion. As a result, Yinyue suffers from extreme lack of self-confidence due to her scale no longer making the sound it normally would from a Jangmo-o, as well as a deep distrust of any humans who aren’t Yu, placing her at odds with the ever-sociable Huo. Appearance: Yinyue’s scale on top of her head is dented to such an extent that it creates an extremely dissonant sound when she tries to smack it against a solid object like other Jangmo-o. Ability: Bulletproof Specialty: Due to her now damaged head scale, Yinyue has taken to refining her use of the Noble Roar move to use it in conjunction with her scales, amplifying its effects. Known Moves: Headbutt, Noble Roar, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Protect, Dragon Breath (Egg Move)
  15. IC: Dahlia Seaton Dahlia stayed quiet when Ryan finally conceded. It was useless to hammer the point in further, he had already given up his protest, especially when the newcomer girl chewed him out for it. "Good seeing you again, Chloe." Dahlia said, smiling. She gave a quick nod to Paul Burks as well, but turned back to the auburn-haired trainer. "It's been a little bit. I trust you and Olivia have held up well?" she asked. The gardener fell quiet when she heard Aspen get brought up, a pang of guilt for not being able to do anything sooner rippling throughout her system. The middle Seaton didn't show it however, and smiled at Esen as she introduced herself. "Dahlia Seaton. Nice to meet you."
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