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  1. That name takes me back. Happy birthday Soran!
  2. @Mushy the Mushroom Two of the ones you mentioned, Describe the Avatar and Describe the Sig, are still good. Basically, if it's been under four months since the last post, it ain't dead. The others are, though, but you can definitely make new topics if you want to start those up again.
  3. Competition among Bionicle websites is more passé than the Enlightenment at this point, so nah. I think we're cool honestly.
  4. I like the way you think. This A-Wing is still gorgeous and will end up in my ownership without hesitation.
  5. I think it's gone, at least the version you're thinking of. The archives of the pre-2011 forums were deleted way back when. There was an initial effort to reboot it when the forums came back, but didn't take off. All that's left is for rare collectibles here. Given how old the original price guide would have been by now, I can't imagine it would have been accurate at all anyway. I think you're going to have to rely on intuition and Bricklink. You could try starting a topic down in Buy/Sell/Trade to gauge interest and a ballpark price, though!
  6. Oh my goodness, what a feature. From the Island of NO-dor.
  7. More like the Island of NO-dor. I can't believe that the almost playful matching of the color scheme in the feet make this even MORE unheimlich.
  8. Medtner's Sonata-reminiscenza Op. 38 No. 1, performed by Yevgeny Sudbin
  9. That is a great pun, lol. I really like how that turned out, too, especially that color scheme.
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