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  1. A lot of these quickly got corrected thanks to me watching and rewatching the MNOG and Bohrok animations over and over, and discovering BZPower as a literal child. 1-9 on this list were all corrected for me by a single trip to Bionicle.com in mid-2002. Obligatory "I thought they were robots". I assumed that all Lego sets and stories coexisted in a fantastical world called Legoland. This included Bionicle. So my earliest memories of playing with Tahu and Kopaka (before I got all the others) in 2001-2002 were about them being giant robot warriors sent from the cosmos protecting "Legoland" from evil. I thought the Bionicle sets were in scale with regular Lego, so they were giants in a world of minifigs. I never owned any Roboriders, but when I saw them in stores I thought they were motorbikes for the Toa to ride on. When the commercials for the 2001 Matoran Happy Meals were out, I thought the McToran were just mini half-effort cheapo versions of the Toa. Like, Jaller was just literally a smaller, cheaper Tahu toy with a yellow mask for some reason. I guess to look more kid-friendly? I thought Lewa was the Toa of Jungle. (I think at one point I even called him "Toa of Swamp") This was corrected by a trip to Bionicle.com. I thought Lewa had machine gun fingers. I thought Lewa could fly, rather than glide or channel air while using his mask. My friend's brother, who had all six Toa Mata before any of my other friends or I did, convinced me that this mysterious white and light blue Technic set he had but didn't give me the name of was the secret 7th Toa. Looking back, I'm like 90% sure this was Ski from Throwbots (possibly modded), though said friend's brother kept him in a Bionicle-like canister assembled. (Look, I wasn't familiar with Throwbots at all back then) I thought "Rahi" only referred to animals under Makuta's control. When I first played MNOG, I assumed you played as a human who traveled to Mata Nui. Didn't help that you don't learn what the protagonist looks like or what his name is until literally the last couple cutscenes. I thought flight was one of Takanuva's powers because of the 2003 console/PC game. I thought the Rahkshi could talk. When the Bohrok Kal first came out, I thought they were basically Super Saiyan Bohrok. Before the 2nd movie came out, I thought Lhikan would fight alongside the Toa Metru, not be the Turaga who guides them. For a while, I referred to Mata Nui as a Great Being, rather than as the Great Spirit. This is because I thought the "Great Beings" were just godlike beings and Mata Nui was one of a pantheon. I was corrected here on BZP in 2008 or so. When the Glatorian were first revealed, I was expecting them to have Elemental Toa powers. And some misconceptions from my friends and/or family: My friend thought Lewa could shoot vines from his hand. He convinced me of this for a while. My other friend thought that the Toa Nuva would transform back into their old Mata forms if their masks were knocked off, and could transform back by recovering their masks. We'd make believe that we were the Toa at recess, and that was always how he'd portray getting his mask knocked off. The friend mentioned directly above somehow had this idea that the Great Spirit Mata Nui looked like a red, gold, and silver Tahu Nuva, and had some special connection with Tahu specifically. My dad thought Onua was a villain because he was a scary dude with claws. Man, I had a lot of misconceptions about Lewa alone. Maybe I should make a Lewa revamp with wings and an actual gun arm, Barret style.
  2. The genie mishears you and you get a piece of his mind instead. He's judging and criticizing you. I wish I could control the weather.
  3. Good. Now I want Korean BBQ. Could really go for some Gopchang right now. Also, I actually wanna see Bumblebee. It looks fun.
  4. They are but they all find you disgusting so you never get to associate with them. I wish for some really good sushi.
  5. Well, the Good Guy/Bad Guy sets were sold with batteries, were they not? Energy element makes sense, then.
  6. With Soul Calibur VI being released less than a month from now, let's talk Soul Calibur! Any fellow BZPers who have entered or are planning to enter The Stage of History? Talk strategy, favorite characters, least favorite characters, lore, your custom characters, your guest character ideas, whatever. Just be mature and respectful. I'm a Yunseong and Taki main, and I'll be mad if my patriotic Korean bro doesn't make it in at all. I haven't played seriously in years, but I'll definitely main Taki for VI.
  7. I've been going to Gunpla building events and made a bunch of new friends there. I also restored an old Gunpla that I built 10 years ago and did a mediocre job on, going as far as to custom paint a part that I didn't before. The love for Gunpla I lost 5 years ago came back to me a few months ago and it hasn't left so far.
  8. I had a strange one last night. I was back in college for some reason. I was completely back in the mindset I had as a college kid (for context, I'm in my early 20s and starting a new job tomorrow). I was in some class that involved having to do a literary analysis on a cartoon video. It was drawn in the style of a children's picture book, but it had a bunch of allusions to political upheaval or something. Instead of a car, in this dream I drove a horse carriage that I could lift and move with my own two hands. It was the size of a smart car but with a much taller roof. I recall getting into a car accident with said horse carriage, then waking up.
  9. My local Japanese grocery store just got a new stock of Build Divers models (really just the AGE II Magnum and GM III Beam Master). Say what you want about the AGE anime, the mobile suits are pretty nice. Maybe I'll go for one. The Build Divers anime is pretty alright. It's one of those shows where I absolutely love the setting/lore/world, but I just don't care much for the characters or their story. But I would kill to have a real-life Gunpla Battle Nexus MMO. I'd use my custom-colored GM/GM (beautiful Gunpla kit btw, IMO the best plastic representation of the RGM-79 ever) but with a good amount of extra customization parts.
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