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  1. Crazy to believe that those sets are like 12 years old! I remember really wanting a Vezon set back when I was younger. Rare find too... I don't think it was a particularly common set either. Just checked your profile name history - I do remember reading your comics back in the day when you were "Laughin' Man". With what little connection we have, it does make me sad that someone who I know is going through this. I hope you will make it through.
  2. iPenguin

    Fourteen years ago...

    Don't worry, some of us old-timers sill remember Akano's comics. Congrats on the professorship! Well earned and well deserved!
  3. Hey dude, glad you're still around and posting (at least on your blog) :)

    1. -Windrider-


      Gotta give the people what they want tbh

  4. Congrats! Nothing more satisfying than a massive feast after a year of fasting. Nostalgic memories of when I was living in the Gulf.
  5. 4/5, we all remember your art
  6. I can't promise that it will get better but I guarantee that you will make it through. Don't give up the fight.
  7. 12 years here lol

    1. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      lol coming up on 14 for me

  8. There's too much negativity and anger in the (western) world right now. Let's use topic as an opportunity to discuss the nice, little things that are happening in our lives right now. I'll start - I just bought tickets to visit Japan for the first time ever. Super excited I also found a really good coffee roaster relatively close to where I live, which is also a big plus.
  9. I would have loved that course. My formal training with them came in bits and pieces in class, along with LOTS of independent study. Really? That's interesting. Right now we've only used the Fourier method to solve variations of the 1D heat equation, but the point of the course was to (at some point) help formalize some of the math used in our undergraduate QM course that we're taking in parallel.
  10. Taking a course on fourier transforms right now. Cool!
  11. There were and still are unofficial BZP chats around the internet.
  12. What do you mean by data? Are you talking about just forum posts? Lines of code? Data downloaded by the web browser to visit every page? If it's data downloaded by the web browser, you can do a quick estimation. I visited 5 random full length forum pages (40 posts per page) and recorded the amount of data downloaded by my browser (Safari on OSX). 4.58 MB 4.19 MB 6.25 MB 9.74 MB 4.71 MB (Pretty big discrepancy there. The better way to do this would be to write a web crawler and record 100 or so web pages, but I'm not trying to be too scientific here. This is just for fun.) Averaging out those numbers, we get about 5.89 MB/page +/- 2.29 MB/page. On the front page of the forums, it says that BZP has ~1 070 927 posts. Since there are 40 posts/page, we can say that there are about 26 733 +/- 1 pages). Okay, 26 733 pages +/- 1 pages * 5.89 MB/page +/- 2.29 MB/page = 1574570 MB +/- 61218 MB = 157 GB +/- 61.2 GB (Wow that error propagation!) tl;dr It is unscientifically somewhere between 100 to 200 GB However, this number doesn't have any "practical" use other than just being for fun. If you're trying to find the size of the repo + db in BZP's servers, the number will be significantly smaller. This is because most of the images that caused these bloated forum pages are actually not hosted by BZP themselves. The remaining images (forum headers, proto bars) are only stored once in the server. I'm not sure how much of the forums content is hosted by IPB (do we even still use that lol), because I'm sure a large percentage of content is stored away by them. If you simply want to know the size of the DB that hosts everything, you should definitely ask b6 about that.
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