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    To sum things up, I joined BZP in Hawaii, where I grew up and then I moved to Thailand, followed by living in Colorado for the next five years and then another move to Thailand in 2013. I was in Arizona from October 2014 to 2016, and after being with my parents for a few months, I decided to move back in 2017. That move was then followed by another return to Thailand for a job in late 2018, where I am at for a little longer.

    I make BIONICLE comics from time to time, play video games, collect vinyls, CD and cassettes, as well as work on learning to play the bass guitar.

    Biggest genres of music I listen to are progressive rock, thrash metal, post punk and a range of old/new electronic.

    Currently trending music for me: The National, New Order, Malory

    Games currently playing: Apex Legends, Dota 2, Burnout: Paradise Remastered
    Last purchased games: Burnout: Paradise, KotOR (Mobile)
    (last updated May 1, 2019)

    Currently working on stopping being lazy and getting to 7000 posts.

    kthnx the Disintegration Resolved team!

    Names that have been used in the past (and present):

    -NM- Killa
    -NM-© Killa™
    -NM- Killa
    -NM- Killa
    -Makuta Antroz-
    Shadow Antroz
    Mangekyou Itachi
    Unit #ITCHI (Mangekyou)
    Mangekyou Itachi
    Tenebrae Invictus
    Phantom Lord
    Tenebrae Invictus
    Tenebrae Invictus

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  1. I still log on to BZP out of habit, I haven't posted since 2013 but I was always updating my profile and checking stuff. I had told myself I was going to make a special topic at 7000 (a piece of writing, art, something like that) and because I never got around to making something I just stopped posting. But with the count reset, I'm considering posting again.
  2. Just curious, I did see at the start of the new board that the old post count was around, is there any way to get at least some individual post counts back? I was pretty happy being at 6,999 posts for the last six years.
  3. Top 10 Most Disappointing Disappearances

  4. Just finished a great book

  5. Please post in the topic linked.=Oh sorry, after all the reading (like on the new article) I thought it was supposed to be here. Thanks!
  6. Two years is all over. #BringBackMange2016

    1. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      Two years after those two years are all over. #MangeHasBeenBackSince2016

    2. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      Two years after those second two years after those first two years are all over. #MangeHasBeenBackSince2016

  7. #BringBackMange2016 It's been a crazy ten years BZPower, see you all in two years.

    1. Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak

      Sir Ptolemic Of Zyglak

      Goodluck. I'll be gone by the time you get back.

  8. I agree to a lesser extent with what you said, you definitely do have some valid criticisms that in hindsight I think, "Yeah, that is problematic." For example, the tankiness of enemies like the Handymen, fights with them were quite ridiculous (but actually, if you play the other BioShocks you learn they are equivalent to the iconic Big Daddies). So, I agree with where you find faults, I just didn't find them as... well, faulty as you did. However, I think you compare it too much to Halo. I play Halo a lot too, but your arguments are somewhat weak with just turning to Halo to say what's better, when they're arguably different kinds of shooters.
  9. oh look, it's my killer

  10. Dang, this guy is kooky. I'd hate to know him, he seems like a blight on the community, making BZP look bad and all.
  11. Oh look, a Faceless Void avatar

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      I don't recall changing it? I've had this avatar for three years

    3. UngluedBike
    4. Tenebrae Invictus

      Tenebrae Invictus

      It hasn't changed, my profile's glitched and my avatar and profile picture are separate :P

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-cD4oLk_D0 I won't say this is going to be what I want played as I die permanently, because my music tastes are probably going to keep expanding, but I'm digging this at the moment, and it's morbidly fun and fitting.
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