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  1. The smartest character is, hands down, Huki. After all, he figured out how to circumvent the frickin' LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE AS DESIGNED BY GREG FARSHTEY to get a girlfriend. Also, he changed his name to stay off the radar for a little while, and now he's called Hewkii. Also, Jaller is a close second, because he did the same thing, but later.
  2. This is extremely late, but here it is. I wrote about a small mishap which occurred sometime between 2001 and 2002's story. Enjoy! Pohatu looked around the cave, admiring the work that he and his brothers had finished on that chilly winter morning. “Look’s good!” he beamed as he turned to Kopaka. Kopaka, who was leaning against a wall of the cave, scoffed. “I still don’t see how emptying out a late Matoran’s laboratory is part of our duty. “ The toa of stone shrugged; his friend did have a point. To be honest, Pohatu would rather be playing kohlii with the Matoran of his village than cleaning out the mysterious cave which he had discovered near the mountains. The laboratory was packed with knick-knacks, skeletons of small rahi, and different contraptions of unknown origin, along with a journal of sketches with the enigmatic name “Mavrah” etched out on the front. He had, of course, consulted his Turaga about it, but Onewa had hastily labeled the grotto as the product of some insane Matoran scientist, and nothing more. Almost as an after-thought, he had ordered all of the contents of the laboratory to be dumped into the sea. Pohatu had enlisted the help of Kopaka and Lewa in emptying the cave. Speaking of Lewa… “Lewa! All of the crates are outside! Where are you?” Pohatu shouted, his voice echoing off of the cave walls. There was no answer. Pohatu grabbed his lightstone and started traveling deeper into the cave. “Lewa, are you down here?” Still no answer. “Lewa, this is no time for jokes! Are you down there or not?” Finally, he heard the toa of air’s cheery voice calling up towards him. “Pohatu, check this out!!!” Pohatu raced down the catacombs, following Lewa’s voice. Kopaka fell in step close behind him. The two toa knew that if Lewa was this excited, there was no telling what atrocities might occur within the next twenty minutes. Pohatu and Kopaka found Lewa staring at a strange device made of wood and metal. It was connected to a comically oversized disk which spanned over the three toa like a giant shower head. Gears and a crank were attached to the small box, as well as three buttons and a smaller disk sprouting out of the side. Lewa grinned from one side of his mask to the other. “Brother-friends, check this out! I walk-searched down this tunnel and I found this strange-weird machine! And then I quick-turned the crank, and then… then… well, watch-look!” Pohatu shot a glance at Kopaka, who shook his head. “Lewa, don’t touch that.” Kopaka muttered. “Don’t- what are you doing? No. No. Put your hand down. Look with your—“ But Lewa was already turning the crank. “Brother-friends, the crank makes a sing-song happy noise!” Sure enough, the machine let out a series of notes in a song, almost as if it were a giant musical box. Mavrah sure did have a sense of humor, that’s for sure. “Ok, great. Can we please get rid of it now?” Pohatu asked kindly. “Fine, you’re right. I guess it’s nothing but an old-bone, bog-foot song-box.” As Lewa walked away from the machine, he brushed up against the three-button control panel. “Oh, poop-crud.” He muttered as the machine began to hum, vibrate, and beep. “Everybody out of here! Quick-Fast!!!” The three toa did not have time to sprint out of the room before the corridor lit up with an eerie green light, and to their terror, they were all engulfed by a choking, thick mist. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pohatu slowly opened his orange eyes. Was he dead? No, he knew he wasn’t. He hurt too much to be dead. He was lying on the cave floor, his arm twisted in a painful position. The roof of the cavern hung far above him, and as he looked around, he could see that the chamber was much, much bigger then it had initially been. Was it possible that he had been moved? Kopaka and Lewa were both sprawled out next to him. Overcome with worry for his friends, Pohatu skootched over and shook Kopaka with his good arm. “Kopaka? Are you okay?” The white toa’s eyes opened slowly. “Wha- where are we?” Pohatu shrugged. “I don’t know. We’re in a different chamber. Look around.” Kopaka sat up and pivoted his head, scanning the room. “What the Fikou?” He muttered to himself. “Pohatu, this is the same room.” Lewa, who was just rubbing his eyes as he awoke, stared at Kopaka in disbelief. “What do you mean-say? This is a big-huge room-cave, and we were just in a tiny-small cramp-cavern.” Kopaka pointed towards four wooden pillars about 100 meters away. “Do you know what this is?” Lewa shook his head. “I dunno.” “Look up. What do you see?” “The ceiling.” Pohatu said. “Just the plain old…” He trailed off. No cave roof should be that smooth. “That’s the disk. Remember? The one on the roof? And those pillars are the table legs.” Kopaka furrowed his brow. “Alright, but how do you account-explain for the big-size of the room?” Lewa raised an eyebrow. “Simple.” Kopaka muttered. “The room didn’t grow. We shrunk.” Stay tuned for more!!! See yall soon.
  3. "I think I just peed a little" -Po, Kung fu Panda III This is obviously a teaser for a new generation of Bionicle (I hope).14 was the year hero factory ended. B is the first letter in Bionicle. And 2020... Well, we'll have to see.
  4. If a glatorian recieves toa powers, can he/she join a team full of toa and be considered a toa? In addition, can a glatorian be upgraded to become a toa, and use masks? Just wondering, cause it's saturday.
  5. Stop roasting vakama Callanlof (If you don't know him, then hafu)
  6. Ok ok. Sorry guys. I just wanted to bring something exciting into the forum. I'm glad you guys could figure it out.
  7. What? You dont believe me! I'll take more pictures. Also, it's a prototype? That is awesome. I wonder if any other dudes like these saw the light of day...
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/143785788@N07/shares/4D4UX9 <----link Hi Fellow Windflyers, Tamaru34 here. Have I got a story for you. Last week, I was at my friend's house, helping him clean out his attic. I came across a box of old stuff, and, removing the lid, I discovered, hidden amongst a bunch of random old toys and games... A bionicle. Well, at least it looked like a Bionicle. It looked like it had a lot of the pieces from Pohatu Mata, and the head looked more realistic, like a skull or a stone face. My friend looked over his shoulder at me as I removed the mysterious Toy from the box. "Dude, I didn't know you were into Bionicle!" I exclaimed. "I used to play with those things, but I thought I sold them at the garage sale..." His voice trailed off. "I must have forgotten him. I used to call him Fred." I smiled. "I've never seen this set before. Is it your own creation?" "No." He replied. "It was a gift from my uncle. He used to work at Lego. It came in a canister and all, and I probably have the canister stuffed up here somewhere." I never knew my friend's uncle worked at Lego. I wanted to inquire further, but my friend interrupted me. "You can have it. I don't play with those dudes anymore." He generously offered. "No, I couldn't. Fred's yours." I replied. "Seriously, it's yours. You probably have more use for it." He said. "Thanks man." "No prob." --------------------------------------------- When I got home, I searched bricklink for any bionicle that looked like him, but I didn't find anything. I went to bed, and slept with the mystery of Fred's true origin running marathons through my mind. Do any of you know which set this is? I took some pictures, but I have a low-quality camera. I'm ordering a new one in a few weeks, so less blury photos are on their way! I'll keep searching for clues to the history of Fred. Stay tuned for updates.
  9. Mask of light was the story arc that got me into bionicle. It shall forever have a place in my heart. Also, which set had a map of Mata Nui? Can you give me the set number?
  10. Does anyone know how to make a felt hood/cape for a bionicle Moc, out of felt?
  11. How was the quality of the plastic? Was it like the real deal? Also, Keeper? Blue water god? I am dying right now.
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