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  1. I honestly don't know what Universal plans on getting out of Lego Movies in the next 5 years. LM2 and the Ninjago Movie did not leave me optimistic about the viability of big-budget lego films. If I had to guess, they likely are hoping to produce licensed theme movies like a Lego Batman sequel.
  2. Looks cool! I dig the amount of individuality you brought to each character and the variations of the masks. My only criticism would be that the clear piece on the back of the head sticks out a bit far, but that's more just personal taste.
  3. As far as essential characters I would add the 2006 Titans (at least Vezon and Brutaka). Turaga Dume is also a fairly important figure I'd be remissed to leave out. 1 Toa Hagah and 1 Rahagah would be illustrative of Metru Nui's prime and it's eventual corruption. I also like Sahmad's story as an epilogue but he obviously isn't vital to the main story.
  4. You have a point there. It's easy for me to just clump together my childhood themes but if we just take one year from my childhood, I see that the variety of original sets we got was not unlike what we get today. In 2002 we got sets from: Alpha Team Bionicle Belleville Creator/Creator Expert Galidor Island Xtreme Stunts Jack Stone Racers Sports Spybotics Studios Technic Town Along with a few re-releases of: Western Castle Pirates The licensed themes at the time: Star Wars Harry Potter Spider-Man (sub-theme of Studios) Bob the Builder (Duplo) We also are getting parts for Spike The licensed themes for this year: Star Wars Harry Potter Marvel Superheroes DC Superheroes Disney Super Mario Minecraft Minions Speed Champions Trolls You say that, but as someone who was 5 in 2002, Galidor and Jack Stone were some of my favorite themes at the time . However, if you remove those unsuccessful ventures, you get about the same number of original themes, so I see the point that although there are now more licensed themes, there aren't fewer original ones. I would also agree that Ideas has essentially filled the gap that rereleases left, especially with that latest pirates set. I think my reaction just came from the volume of licensed sets and just assumed that they were replacing original themes as opposed to the apparent reality that they are merely adding to the variety. I guess I hadn't factored in just how much bigger Lego is now.
  5. I'm sure this is well-tread ground but I really don't care for the now long-running era of Lego in which licensed themes rule supreme. As a kid who grew up with Bionicle, Alpha Team, Rock Raiders/ Power Miners, Lego Island, Knights Kingdom, and even Galidor, it kinda bums me out that Ninjago and Hidden Side are the only non-city islands in the sea of licensed themes with defined characters and settings. I'm probably just being a boomer but I resent Lego now primarily being a producer of merchandise for movies and video games. I don't fault Lego for this, this is certainly more profitable than their own in-house themes of old and they have responsibilities to their employees and whatnot. I think I just don't like the grim reality that most people view a product as more valuable if it is connected to a pre-existing pop culture property.
  6. I would pull an Avatar: The Last Airbender and omit rock and ice, and instead have the 4 core elements that have more variation among them: Fire Magma Iron/Artifice/Steam Air Sky Plant-life Water Lakes Sea Ice Earth Rock Desert Outside of those core 4 I'd have all others like light, dark, psionics, gravity, poison, etc. be one-off for titans. I have nostalgia for the sets of 6 from classic bonk, but ice and rock always seemed like arbitrary additions to the classical elements.
  7. Yea, that never sat well with me. An appropriate population for an island of small is far less than is appropriate for a major city. It would've made more sense to me if most of the population was put in stasis in matoran spheres and left behind while only a small few bubbled up to Mata Nui.
  8. I saw this the other day. Wild how many of the lore eggs went into the Legend of Mata Nui basket. Bionicle's success truly was a miracle.
  9. Yea, I thought these as a kid too, don't worry. I think we both got rigid conceptions of how the Bionicle world worked during the golden years and then got confused as kids when things deviated.
  10. I'm sure there have been plenty of threads like this in the past but I just wanted to talk about how I got a lot of things wrong about Bionicle as a kid, which I largely blame on the movies. I also missed much of the lore because I was not a well-read kid. My childhood misconceptions Matoran = children, Toa = adults, Turaga = elderly (in a literal temporal sense) Turaga are weaker than Matoran (old person stereotyping) Metru Nui had a larger population than Mata Nui (I just assumed the city had a bigger pop. than the island and not everyone made it) Takua being is just a weird-looking Ta-Matoran Bohrok Va can directly throw Krana onto toa Apologies that I was the sort of dumb-dumb smooth-brained child that caused people to say Bionicle lore was too complicated for kids.
  11. The Barraki annihilated by brain as a kid. Even the Inika kept the series in domain of terrestrial robots but the Barraki came and were all sea-dwelling and looking fairly organic with their teeth and tentacles. They were notably scarier than anything before. Sure, the Piraka were a bit menacing of Pridak's bloody-looking maw was a new level.
  12. Yuuuuupppp Yea, it's actually kinda odd how the long-standing #1 toy brand gets very little media attention, so it is kinda hype when it's there.
  13. I feel like this would be a great way of clearing out a lot of Lego Ideas requests that boil down to "Make another set from my childhood favorite theme pretty please".
  14. I'm not confident Bionicle will come back before at least 2025, as I don't think the property would be as valuable as it could be until the original fans (people around 7 in 2001) are old enough to have kids in the proper age demo and as such could buy Bionicle as a nostalgia product to share with their kids. This is going off the launch of Transformers and the 2007 Michael Bay movie. If they do that, my bet is it'll be a constraction line based on Bionicle 2001.
  15. That just about killed Bionicle for me. I could not justify buying something that I was certain would break at some point. It was bizarrely low-quality for Lego
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