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  1. What if the baraki squid comes with eight colored breeds? This should of make the barraki uniqueer than ever... However I'm not stupid when it comes to originality and tradition at the same time. To my suggestion each baracki should've gotten different squid breeds Kalmah = yellow Carapar = green Pridak = black Ehlek = purple Takadox = red Mantax = blue ??? = Trans-white\glowinadark ??? = Silver any more suggestions??
  2. simple visorak for my reboot this time body articulation and the rhotuka are glowing colored this time. using method of the barraki mandible and pressing down the head makes the jaws pince together sadlly i cant fit the pully in the model, still with articulation it will work. rhotuka wiill be florescent & glow in a dark in different colors, and it will be many more rhotuka powers. it should have been a main monsters of 2017 visorak instructions.zip
  3. this mas looked like a mask of kinder
  4. thanks, i have completed more of this.
  5. It's just a lip sync test.
  6. video for a bionicle mask of light reanimated collaboration (UPDATE): the full version of this video. This is better.
  7. The matoran are the 2nd sets i made for bionicle animated. This is what i do best. Matoran Kaita of loyalty mahuli Fastest and smartest, also kind. Kaita of courage hakato Strong in 3 ways, its determenation is durable Nui kaita akachi Strong and fast, but the only downfall is its temper
  8. I if you love them much, I suggest looking at the new update. Here.
  9. Matoran concept and turaga comes later. New matoran build Prototype build Set form Kaita form Updates coming soon.
  10. Bionicle female chararcters are not the same without new torso and armor.
  11. if you like it you can join me in... nevermind, the rules say I cant post discord servers. but I can be working on the animation later. if you like.
  12. new Bionicle animated kanohi series 1


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