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  1. Dude, calm down. It's concept work, and never implemented
  2. We're working on Part 2 right now. It'll cover the Barraki war and Teridax's involvement in the war ending
  3. We REALLY need our own Bionicle website to post all information on prototypes. If we don't document this stuff it'll get lost.
  4. Once I get a Toa Mata Nui I'll have a complete G1 collection.
  5. That list is pretty outdated, and is missing alot of stuff
  6. With all of the fan projects these days, I was curious if there was a list out there documenting all the fan projects that have been attempted, which have succeeded, who headed them, etc. Would be especially informative to newer fan projects to help inform on what mistakes to avoid etc. To clarify, fan project to me means a community effort of at least 20+ people working together on something that they plan on releasing to the wider community/public.
  7. I've had to replace a ton of the 2001 joints for this exact reason
  8. "We're born for this. They aren't." Toa Aidau had seen much. Much time, much hardship, all to mold his boastful youth into the reserved Toa of Ice most knew well. But his pride never left him, nor did his sense of duty. Aidau prized his stature as a Toa, and more than that, saw it as something no Matoran should ever concern themself with being equivalent. Toa were to be above Matoran, to do what they couldn't, battle who they couldn't, go where they couldn't. This was the ideal Aidau took to heart. No matter the foe, he would sooner face them himself than let someone else shoulder the duty. And so he did, to the end. The Mangai Project presents Chapter 2 of the Tales of the Mangai, now reimagined for our Tales of the Mangai Audio Drama series! You've read the tale. Now live it. https://youtu.be/OBIut6WZoP8
  9. How much is just the base guitar worth without the branding?
  10. Hello, BZP! The Mangai Project has started a 4 part series of podcasts that will go over the history of the Matoran Universe from the perspective of the Matoran (no Spherus Magna, no Order of Artakha, etc). This will function as a spoiler free way fro people to catch up on the events of the universe before starting the first episode, which is on track to be released this year. Let me know what you guys think, and what we should cover in the next few episodes!
  11. I can second Lorentz here. The pilot episode alone is estimated to cost us about $1,500 USD to pay animators. Animators do not work for free (even if it's for a fan-project they're really passionate about), which is actually something that surprises alot of people! So, I'll plug the patreon link here if anyone wants to help make this thing happen. We're actually planning on doing a raffle in the next few weeks for the original Makuta Gorast model I designed for the show, so there are definitely plenty of rewards as well. https://www.patreon.com/themangaiproject
  12. Yeah, the only purpose these contests serve is to tell people their work isn't good enough because it's not "canon".
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