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  1. It's probably more locally dependent - I haven't found consistency with BIONICLE stuff in particular, as it just depends on when people bring stuff in. I go on Fridays/Saturdays most weeks since my usual haunts are bookstores I visit with my sister (Half Price Books - which is definitely hit or miss bc they definitely look up value for things). Sometimes, especially if you have rapport with people who work there, it's worth asking if they see a lot of a particular thing coming through. I found a few used/mostly complete Metru canister sets the other week and ended up talking with the cashier about if they get BIONICLE stuff in frequently. He told me they don't too much, but it wasn't unheard of. Local listings can sometimes be nice - Mercari can be good for that, I hear, or even Facebook marketplace (though I'll stress: keep regular safety in mind with one on one meetups for this sort of thing). Even garage sales/yard sales can be, since that tends to be people just wanting to get rid of stuff. However, yard sales (in my area at least) tend to be big targets for resellers, so again, hard to tell. That Matoran with a Vahi is right in regards to eBay - not much of a deal place anymore. I swear they used to not correct spelling issues a number of years back, because I definitely recall searching "Bioncle" and the like to find stuff that wasn't coming up in regular searches. Somewhere like a decade ago (MAN does time fly) I got a loose Exo-Toa and Boxor for around $30 or so that way. A lot of people listing the Bahrag as "Gahook and Gaboon" due to difficulty in reading the font. All in all - I'd say just keep searching and you're bound to find stuff eventually. The issue just tends to be that deals happen, and you wanna be around when they do. If you're looking for just general sets, I'd still advise keeping an eye on lots. Many will go for more than they're worth, but you occasionally happen upon ones that people seem to miss. I got one earlier in the year that was a half sealed Nidhiki with an entire Pewku and some of Takua in it. Something like $30 altogether. Half the stuff I find really just comes down to saved eBay searches and staying vigilant.
  2. Onepu from a Happy Meal in 2001, then I wanna say Pohatu and Kopaka Mata.
  3. Hunting for decent prices takes time and effort. All platforms people have mentioned are good - eBay, Mercari, thrift stores. Typically, "deals" are made when someone is just trying to get rid of something and isn't extremely informed of their specific value. This is usually the advantage of a thrift store, but it depends heavily on your locality. If you live in a big city, there's typically a lot of other collectors also looking. If a deal is pretty wild, most people are gonna see it on eBay. It requires sleuthing. Just in general, this is probably the highest prices I've seen BIONICLE prices go for in my many years of collecting. The pandemic really inflated most collecting circles, as people suddenly turned to hobbies and interests to keep themselves entertained. I used to joke about how little "value" BIONICLE stuff seemed to retain (depending on the set for sure - but still). Not sure if we can predict in any way where the chips fall on how those prices will ease. I'd say keep in mind what you're looking for, use websites like eBay for sold listings and Bricklink to ascertain value. Are you wanting complete sets in box? Are you mainly just interested in the sets? Personally, I do eBay and thrift stores. You win some, you lose some. A local store had a bag with a mostly complete Exo-Toa for about $5. Pretty good - but keep in mind I go here weekly and keep an eye on Lego stuff that gets sold. A complete in canister Tahnok was $6 at that same store another time. But most places nowadays can search pretty easily for what a set is worth and get an approximate. Lots tend to be really good for pricing - you will almost always get things for cheaper than you would otherwise. Good for getting started too, if you are looking more broadly. There are still plenty of lots that have miscellaneous Toa, Rahkshi, Bohrok, etc... Last year I got a boxed Ultimate Dume that also had a few sealed Rahaga and Matoran inside (I had been bidding thinking they just had the boxes, due to my eternal search for impulse set boxes). Keep saved searches, check frequently, keep general prices in mind, and you'll find stuff eventually. Bricklink is also a friend, depending on what you're looking for. Things are often expensive there, since they are known, but you can still find deals. Some sets are much cheaper for parts alone, but keep wary for sets with rarer parts. For example, did you know the Exo-Toa has approximately 25 half axle/pins in black that sell for like $3 each? MUCH easier to buy partial or complete Exo-Toa. Learned this the hard way for fixing up the many partial Exo-Toa I've run into. As for what I buy - mostly individual sets I'm looking for. I have about 6-7 sets left from G1 so it's rarely advantageous for me to buy lots. I also collect sets complete, so I'm looking for boxes/instructions/etc. However, for sets I just want extra of or don't care as much - lots can be good. I picked up two lots last year for around $50-60 overall and ended up with a full set of extra Toa Mata, Toa Nuva, Turaga, and almost all the Rahkshi, plus a few McToran and Collectibles too, although those get pricey. I bought a lot of 2001 Kanohi recently for a pretty penny (48 or so for roughly $300), but the 20 or so I wanted to get from it currently go for over $500. I don't particularly care about the market value of things I own, but knowing what they go for saves money in the long run. Partial sets can save money too. This is what I did for a few rahi back in the day (before they were so expensive). If the parts remaining are common, it's a quick way to get a cheaper deal. A lot of lots I've seen have had partial/incomplete rahi, titans, etc that were difficult to purchase on their own. A few Kardas dragons recently too, if I recall. Definitely keep an eye on those!
  4. I keep mine. Been collecting since 2001, with periods of downtime. More recently I've been back into completing my collection, and it's been both fun and uh... interesting, to see how the market has shifted post-COVID and as BIONICLE becomes a nostalgic thing for those with disposable income. Certainly having to get used to the prices things command now. Far cry from BST 15+ years back. No plans on selling them, but storage does become a factor. It doesn't help that I collect other things as well! I don't think I have more of a distinct sentiment than other people have expressed - but I would say there's no shame in owning something you enjoy. The mindset to feel ashamed of it is definitely pervasive, but toy collecting has definitely become far more normalized nowadays than it used to be. I think you would find (and may have seen from posts here) that most people here are adults who collect. I find people who are excessively judgemental of other people's harmless hobbies tend to be oddly insecure themselves, and project. I personally always think its fun for people to have hobbies they're passionate about - and you'd be surprised how many people feel the same way. I feel like Marie Kondo's advice often gets thrown around poorly - but if it sparks joy, no harm in keeping it. Selling is an option too, if you think other people might enjoy them more. Particularly that titan Mata Nui. It might currently be the most expensive BIONICLE set in the secondary market? My philosophy with selling is that it's nice to sell to people who also want to enjoy it. However, I really don't sell, so not my forte.
  5. My opinion on this has changed over time, I feel. Av-matoran/Agori design is a very easy answer - perpetual 90 degree limbs and generally less intriguing builds. However, I gotta say the more I review them critically the less I like 2008 and beyond sets. A lot of VERY intermidiate design, and a lot of just not very good thigh builds. This is not very different earlier (see 2005 titans), but less intriguing. I recently got Icarax and was pleasantly surprised at most of the design. On a separate note, not a huge Skopio-XV1 fan. Got one in the last year and it was just... a very bland and boring build. Telluris is not a very good pilot other. The Baranus was a lot more fun, and the Thornatus is relatively top tier. It's nice once assembled, but oddly large... and VERY empty in the cockpit. It's odd - definitely not an issue with older 2008 vehicles (the main 3, not really thinking of Mazeka or Vultraz's ships). Those ships didn't waste much space, or at the very least got paneling better. I think too much of the general part count was eaten up by the design of the legs for the Skopio. Given that the majority of the build is repeated 4 times, it goes for a VERY bland experience. There's some awkwardly glaring design choices in 2008-2009 Inika builds. I still cannot for the life of me understand why they started making characters have arms and legs the same length. Shorter forearm pieces would have been wonderful for a lot of them. I picked up an extra Vorox the other week and had entirely forgot every limb uses exposed blue 3L pins on an otherwise black/tan/brown design. Glatorian are somewhat of a mixed bag that way. Like Vastus, who is relatively complex but without substance, and somewhat lacking for it. Meanwhile a set like Ackar or Mata Nui is less complex, but works better. Color scheme, armoring, etc. The Mistika were notably some of the worst designs in my mind - very paltry designs, ugly colors, and generally just rough features. Nynrah Blasters were eh, the silver looked tacky on the Toa, most Toa had extremely rough designs, and rather lame weapons. The Makuta looked nicer, but generally do this by using single-use molds that provide little other use. Krika is probably the best out of the 6, and exemplifies that latter point. I will say though - articulation got a lot better as we went on. I adore a lot of the earlier 2001-2004 builds, but they lack awkward amounts of articulation. I love the design of the Exo-Toa, but man is it uh, static. I think earlier sets make up for this in features, complexity, and color. Many later sets have a lot of positives too, but get held back. This is again to say - I wish we had the joints we did in 2015 back then. So many sets can hardly stand up. Granted, due in part to age, but one of my Ultimate Dume's literally can't do any sort of dynamic pose without falling over. Not an official set - but the Tahtorak is similar. I suspect this one is partly due to age of the parts now, though.
  6. Hello all! Long time, no see. Title says it all - I'm looking to see if anyone has just the box for Takutanuva for sale. I believe there's only US copies, but if it matters I am looking for the box for the version that came with the movie-edition Kraahkan. I am not interested in the set itself. I'm willing to pay, but with very few out there for sale, I'm willing to scout out offers. I am also on the hunt for a few other boxes/canisters if so interested, such as: Most all smaller boxes sets (Bohrok Va, Matotan of Mata Nui, Matotan of Metru Nui, Rahaga, Matotan of Voya Nui, Matotan of Mahri Nui) Maxilos and Spinax, Lesovikk, Turaga Vakama, Turaga Onewa, Sidorak, Axonn, and boxes for most collectible packs (mainly looking for Katana, Kanohi Nuva & Krana Kal, Rhotuka, and Zamor spheres) Canisters: Onua Mata, Tahnok, Guurahk, Turahk, Panrahk, Whenua Hordika, Onewa Hordika, Nokama Hordika, Boggerak, Roporak, Oohnorak, Bitil. Feel free to make any offers! For the time being, I'd prefer US only due to shipping costs, but may consider international if you have many of these (or Takutanuva).
  7. Yes, exactly. This is my second possible option. One of my friends thinks that way. I'm rather the follower of "it's 2001 yellow Tamaru" theory, because LEGO probably wouldn't create new plastic color for just one character. But everything is possible. Maybe he's between lime and yellow. But not lime. And neither is he keetorange for sure. I actually sort of disagree with Lego not bothering to create a new plastic color for one character, quite a few Toa had eye colors that weren't used for other parts as far as I can remember (thinking of the transparent pink Tahu had mainly). If I recall, that was actual a criticism of early BIONICLE: an extended color palette and a lot of single-use parts that cost a lot for molds and production. I like the look of them a lot, but I know it was an expensive endeavor, which is why later years saw a much more centralized and toned down color scheme. As for my opinion, I think Tamaru is lime green and the early CGI-renders have inconsistent lighting, which gives the appearance of inconsistent coloring. We see most Koro having between 4-6 colors for making a diverse selection of Matoran. Off the top of my head, I recall Lime, Teal, Green, and Dark Green for Le-Matoran. I think consistency wasn't the biggest factor in their designs for Tamaru, as they existed as a side character purely in media and never saw a physical set release. Colors were likely chosen for MNOG, and reused a few years later in the Bohrok Saga animations, Bohrok-Kal animations, and MNOGII. The renders, taking a more realistic set look, attempted to match the other renders but failed to in some aspects due to lighting and other effects. Something to keep in mind is that the CGI for that is very old, and I doubt they were trying to one for one match other renders. As to the argument that MNOG can't be trusted as canon due to other inconsistencies? Eh, that's sort of fair. A great many things are inconsistent in those games, but I think Tamaru keeping the same color throughout both MNOG and the in-between animations is a more solid basis than a singular render. Still, there's a good point to be brought up in that other colors go against canon, and of course the famous Hafu/Taipu mask switch up. The color comparison is a solid idea, but I think that for it to be more accurate you need to account for lighting. You're using a dark picture of the actual Rau, versus the lighter shades of two very shiny renders. With Tamaru's render in particular, the actual color of the mask isn't the shinier portions of it, but sort of the mid-ground lime green. Overall, I think the 3D render of Tamaru is a bad reference for their color. The online animations and MNOG use a more consistent color, and while they are only semi-canon, I think consistency there is more canon than a singular photo.
  8. We must question again... any of y'all remember BIONICLE

  9. Oh boy, there's a lot here I wanna talk about. I loved this piece. In all honesty, while it might not line up exactly with Gali's exact G1 character, I very much like this interpretation. The Toa Mata had a lot of issues, but we often saw them deal with them on their own and with the other Toa, and maybe even the Turaga. I was a fan of seeing Gali interact with the Matoran and have them give her input on her situation. I actually really liked Gali's portrayal, especially with the Matoran, because it really showed her trying to be personable and interact with the Matoran. Even her jokes are a clear attempt at her being friendly and relatable to them. It's cute and a Toa/Matoran relationship we don't see the other Toa do (especially some of the more prickly ones like Tahu and Kopaka). I think you drove home Gali's empathy quite well. In another light, I think approaching the weight of their legend on the Toa is a good choice as well. The Matoran revere the Toa, and I think it's not a pressure we saw expressed in the Toa Mata as much. Most of their focus was in unity and their relationship issues with each other. The motif of Gali seeing her Kau Kau statue as a sort of ever-imposing glorification of her was nice, especially since it's such a beautiful piece of scenery. Now, the matoran. BOY, I loved your take on Ga-Koro. Since the original story revolved so much around the Toa, or a handful of named Matoran, we didn't always get to see the little things with the villages. I loved the small details: Kai's broken eye, her feeling a storm "in her mask", how Marka and the pair had a seasoned history of antics in her shipyard. Even smaller little tidbits such as how enthralled Nixie is in her work, how Maku and Kotu kept the Tarakava and raised it, it gave a lot of small insights into how Ga-Koro was lived in that we didn't see much in BIONICLE. Also, I really enjoy that Nokama wasn't present. It really gave off the "mom is away, let's go do stuff she'd yell at us for" vibe. It also put Gali in a position more of a peer than an adult in charge, which is a fun dynamic. A lot of good dynamics here. Maku and Kotu. I absolutely loved how cute and positive their relationship is. Kotu being a jokester, Maku's few seconds after a pun where she closes her eyes in that sort of friendly pun anger, their little fist bumps. I especially liked how you portrayed their intimacy, especially in moments of turbulence like Maku panicking when Gali leaves, and how Kotu comforts her. It's a very nice way of showing how much they know each other and the subtleties of their relationship. Plus, them calling each other cutie was adorable. I love those two. The animation and artwork is always great and always so indicative of the templar style. I was impressed with the ways you changed things up and used new things beyond existing assets. It cultivates a familiar yet changed and new take on it. I imagine you've heard that a lot with your other animations though, but it's always good to say again. Sorry this is so long, but I think the amount of care and work you put into this is deserving of recognition. Always love seeing these animations, and I look forward to seeing what you keep doing with them in the future. No pressure though! Eh?... yeah, I'll leave that to Kotu.
  10. while I don't have a bionicle wife, i just wanna say good post op this is probably the best topic I've seen on bzp in years. so much bionicle wife positivity.
  11. I've been rewatching the last scene of Legends of Metru Nui recently, as it is a favorite of mine (and pretty emotional tbh), and it struck me that I never really understood why the Toa Metru needed to use their powers to awaken the Matoran, or at least that's what it seems to be. I can't remember exactly if they specifically give up their power, which Vakama implies ("Toa Lhikan sacrificed his power for us, now we shall do the same for them"), or if they just turned into Turaga upon awakening the Matoran, as this was their destiny. The other reason I'm pretty sure they give up their power is because I believe we see them open the pods several times, and specifically note the Matoran don't wake up. Forgive me if this is well discussed, it's been quite a long time since I've read deeply into BIONICLE. Thanks!
  12. I mostly just think "woah, it's been ___ many years since ___". For the anniversaries of the movies, I'll probably watch them again since I still enjoy them. Otherwise, it's mostly just working to complete collections or whatever.
  13. So, I know one of the biggest concerns a lot of people have regarding the soundtracks of the BIONICLE movies is that a lot of the music is unreleased. Ripping the tracks from the movies is easier said than done because of the audio (I'd imagine, can't say I know much about it at all). In particular, a lot of people want sheet music for BIONICLE music, especially themes like Lhikan's Theme from Legends of Metru Nui. I've been trying out the piano over the last half of the year, and that's actually a piece I'm particularly interested in. I think I have the melody (or right hand, still not completely solid on musical lingo), but the full piece alludes me. This bring me to the full question, does anyone know of people who have been working on sheet music for these songs?
  14. Oh cool, I was looking for the compendium before but couldn't find it. It is a little outdated now though, the last post was from 2015. Do you know if people have been continuing in another topic?
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