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  1. Hey, dude, I'll hit you right up about that DVD as I am very interested! Only one has ever sold before (after surfacing on Twitter) and you're already in contact with the person who bought it, I believe. :)
  2. I have a Rock Slizer (Granite Throwbot) disk with a similar quasi-print of a different type underneath the top layer. I believe this must've happened occasionally with pad-printed LEGO pieces and I don't think it's ever been of particular interest to anyone. In fact it's quite astounding that there are no actual, literal misprints with these types of pieces, ever. Every printed LEGO piece I've ever seen has always had the right image on it.
  3. Hey, thanks for that! So great to see the original eight Slizers at least in decent (if not high-res) quality. I'm still looking for most of what I described above but have managed to whip up several complete "collections" of period-identical images so I will hit you up.
  4. No, lol. It is the All Insane Kids. Not really their "new" name; more like their real name; I don't think they were all that proud about gigging for LEGO. And they're hardly kicking either; their latest EP is from 2010 it seems. But quite nice to hear them for the first time outside the two tracks we all know them for nonetheless. I don't recall who figured out it was them but listening to their 2005 album, it is unmistakably them. Quite nice.
  5. If anyone was curious to hear more music by the original authors of Hero and Caught in a Dream, they are finally on Spotify and Apple Music.
  6. On a similar but slightly off-topic note, can anyone tell me how to source the original thumbnail files on LEGO's current instructions database? It looks like BMP has managed to do it for most if not all BIONICLE-related images available and they are surprisingly high-res. Would be happy to be able to accomplish this for the Slizer and RoboRider images available.
  7. Thanks, @TERIDAX941 (awesome name btw), I'm looking for the specific images referred to, actually; I already have loads of approximations and high-res versions of most of the key visuals anyway. I know it's a crazy request (and super obscure lol) but I think the only hope of retrieving these authentic JPEGs is from people who've originally saved them onto their machines.
  8. It doesn't load for me either; I think the WBM doesn't save images like that sadly. Thanks for the lead, though, that's precisely the sort of thing that could help me out. I don't suppose you have any of those saved somewhere on an old PC?
  9. Hello, everyone, I've recently rediscovered some old folders on some very old CDs of mine where I apparently keep dozens if not hundreds of highly compressed early 2000 JPEGs. As crazy as this sounds, I've decided to "rebuild" this collection of images as some were edited over and were thus overwritten. I'm therefore looking for several specific images but here's the tough part: I'd like for these to be the actual, original JPEGs available on BIONICLE.com and relevant media, not reuploads or conversions to other file formats—those are quite abundant. Anyone think they can help me out with this? Here are some that I'm missing that I would really like to recover: Slizer disks as seen on LEGO S@H RoboRider wheels as seen on LEGO S@H RoboRider wheel box as seen on LEGO S@H The Boss RoboRider as seen on LEGO S@H (would like to see the original image for the other form too if one exists) The Boss RoboRider box as seen on LEGO S@H Turaga Vakama and Turaga Onewa in the same pose as in their instructions, as seen on LEGO S@H All of the 2001 Rahi boxes as seen on LEGO S@H (if they exist) Gali Nuva as seen on her bio page on BIONICLE.com All of the 2002 titan boxes as seen on LEGO S@H All of the 2003 titan boxes as seen on LEGO S@H Any other BIONICLE collectible images Huge thanks to anyone who provides even one of these!
  10. Amazing collection, my dude! A master list would really be great for all the lay fans too, as others have mentioned.
  11. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for keeping the Hau and not drawing a Suletu on him too. #notmytoakrakua
  12. I'm afraid I don't own one of these to sell but I do keep an eye out on eBay and it's my impression that they surface quite often. Are you assembling a sealed collection by any chance? I set out to assemble one myself at the start of 2020 and was afraid these had already become extremely scarce but since then every one of the original eight ThrowBots surfaced at least three times in mint condition in North America. I managed to secure the international releases of them for myself and am quite happy. Let us know how your search ends up.
  13. Okay, so I've been listening to all of his samples and can't help but get odd vibe from some them, almost like he's acquired a bit of an accent over the years? Is it just me?
  14. OMGGGGG, this is a dream come true. How did you find him?
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