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  1. I've turned down offers of four times as much. And unfortunately, I just traded mine away a few weeks ago
  2. Thanks! And wishing you the best with finding the ones you still need.
  3. Those are actually the opposite - Cyclone is Metal Blue head to Light Grey tail, these are Light Grey head to Metal Blue tail Not to worry though, since the same seller had another lot with Cyclone 2 in it that I snagged this weekend. That was the last Kraata I needed, so I've got a full set now!
  4. ******, where do you even find stuff like this? Those are awesome.
  5. I'll check my collection this weekend if I can. I only need one to complete my set, a Cycle 2 (Metal Blue/Light Gray). I'd be open to trade if I have slugs you need/you have that one!
  6. I'm missing Stage 2 and 3 and that's all, it's crazy how rare they are. Had an easier time getting my hands on a Trans Orange Kraata or two as it would turn out.
  7. If you have any Stage 2 or 3's I'd be interested.
  8. What would your offer be? I have two and I have no plans to sell either at the moment but I might for the right price.
  9. Does your full set of RoboRider wheels include the elusive Gold Wheels?
  10. What do you have in the way of Kraata? I'm 4 Wild Kraata away from a full set.
  11. I just checked and I don't have a spare Cyclone 6. I'm 4 slugs away from finishing my own set though, do you happen to have any wild Kraata dupes you wouldn't mind parting with?
  12. You could only have one at a time, but with just a handful of extra pieces you could build 2-3 of the small ones. Or track down enough parts to build all at once if you're bad at handling money like me!
  13. Crazy that it's easier to acquire the G2 Trans Gali Mask than it is a number of individual Kraata. Dunno what Lego was thinking with those things. If you've got any spares that I need I'd be open to trading, since I've got a good number of extras. On the fence about selling right now but I'd definitely trade to finish my set.
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