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  1. Hello, BZP! The Mangai Project has started a 4 part series of podcasts that will go over the history of the Matoran Universe from the perspective of the Matoran (no Spherus Magna, no Order of Artakha, etc). This will function as a spoiler free way fro people to catch up on the events of the universe before starting the first episode, which is on track to be released this year. Let me know what you guys think, and what we should cover in the next few episodes!
  2. I can second Lorentz here. The pilot episode alone is estimated to cost us about $1,500 USD to pay animators. Animators do not work for free (even if it's for a fan-project they're really passionate about), which is actually something that surprises alot of people! So, I'll plug the patreon link here if anyone wants to help make this thing happen. We're actually planning on doing a raffle in the next few weeks for the original Makuta Gorast model I designed for the show, so there are definitely plenty of rewards as well. https://www.patreon.com/themangaiproject
  3. Yeah, the only purpose these contests serve is to tell people their work isn't good enough because it's not "canon".
  4. The project will be voiced. We already have a complete cast for episode 1, and they're working on their recordings now! :)
  5. The teaser for The Mangai Animated series is up! I thought I'd give an update here since there was quite a bit of interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9xG7TNVwdw We're currently working on funding the series pilot and expect it to release this year. If you aren't familiar with the series, it follows the Toa Mangai through their formation to defend Metru Nui from the Kanohi Dragon - and ends with the death of the Mangai by Eliminator. It's animated in a 2D hand-animated art style reminiscent of Samurai Jack or The Clone Wars mini-series. I'm interested to know what you guys think! And if you're interested in learning more here's the link to our website: https://www.themangaiproject.com/
  6. Have you purchased from there before? What was your experience. NOTE: I'm not expecting quality.
  7. I have a wide assortment of kanohi, and I'm looking to fill a few gaps in my Noble Kanohi collection. Do you have any spares? Thanks!
  8. Here: This link should be permanent. Anyone else is welcome to use this one. https://discord.gg/Udj4kP5NSG
  9. We will be using digital 2d animation in a similar vein as Samurai Jack or the Clone Wars cartoon. We do have a number of animators working on the project. Always looking for more, though!
  10. I always found the best way to remove them was just to rotate them in the socket so the flat piece aligned with the joint's wall. then they just fall out.
  11. Our animation team is finishing up concept work now. At this point in time, we're playing things pretty close to the chest. At some point in the future, we intend to release project material—however we feel it would be more constructive to wait for a reveal until we have more of a finished project. The invite link has been repaired. Discord only logs invite links for a certain period of days before resetting. If anyone else tries the link and it's broken, please PM me here or on my instagram and I'll send you an updated one. Hope that helps! -Max
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