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  1. You start at the beginning. It's that simple. No, the beginning came from 2001, when the Toa Mata landed on Mata Nui. Are you confusing backstory with the actual beginning of the narrative? This is blatantly nonsense. From 2001-2003, it was the Toa Mata/Nuva. Then from 2004-2005 we got the prequel story about the Toa Metru/Hordika. Then from 2006-2007 we got the Toa Inika/Mahri. And then in 2008 we got the Nuva again. Over the course of about ten years, it was only three different teams, of which only two were active at the same time. Yes, this is how storytelling works. New characters always have a backstory. Half the fun of being introduced to a new villain midway through a story is learning about their history. What kind of point are you trying to make? Would you prefer new villains to just pop into existence out of nowhere, or for new villains to not exist at all? EDIT: I am the meme police.
  2. Bionicle and Hero Factory have completely unrelated stories, so "It's not a story Hero Factory would tell" doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And Bionicle lore is very learn-able, so the entire meme falls completely flat.
  3. The fact that the 1.0 and 3.0 Heroes have the same helmets...
  4. I'll pay one penny more than whatever that guy offers.
  5. I knew someone was going to bring this up, but if the split in the universes predates the Great Beings, then it basically predates "Bionicle" and essentially doesn't count as an alternate universe. It's just a totally different universe at that point.
  6. No it wouldn't. Takanuva just used his timey-wimey space magic to teleport around, whether it was through the Olmak or whatever the Spectral Mask had, which was probably just a hallucination. Not the main system teleporter.
  7. Well, the Story Team were forced to work with what they were given. The Set Designers didn't make the Stars with any story in mind whatsoever, they just made chibi versions of iconic characters throughout the years. It kinda sucks, but that's the only reason they did it. If they made Tahu Star based on the Nuva version, this whole mess would have been avoided.
  8. It wasn't the interior of the Red Star. But it should have been.
  9. Pocket Dimensions were all created for a certain reason, though. Like the Field of Shadows to contain Zivon or the Makuta Hive in Karda Nui. So if it's all contained in a pocket dimension, who made it and why? More importantly, what is the purpose of trying to connect G1 and G2? I don't see how it would benefit either of the continuities.
  10. Alternate universes, as established in G1, follow a Constants and Variables rule where they always have more in common than they have differences, with those differences always stemming from different, history-changing decisions that certain characters made. G2 has barely nothing in common with G1 at all, besides reusing some names and ideas. The entire worldbuilding is completely different from the ground up, especially since it relies on true magic instead of advanced technology, for starters. There's no Spherus Magna, no Great Beings, no GSR. It can't be a parallel universe if there's hardly no parallels.
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