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  1. My point is obviously that you already have what you want.
  2. Already happened many times, there's a bunch of fanfics that do just that. Also, I apologise for being harsh earlier. I edited the post to make it seem less aggressive.
  3. I guess my problem is that I'm sick and tired of seeing the same exact topics posted again and again for twelve years straight. Bionicle is over. The G2 Reboot failed. Move. On. Generation 3 already exists! It's all of the ongoing fan-projects. G3 has been here for years. Stop crying and whining online and try considering contributing to what's actually happening.
  4. Another note is that back in Bionicle's early marketing, they referred to the Turaga as the Tohunga's priests. So that must have been extra weird for the Maori.
  5. I can't remember if I already mentioned this, but I would have had the Toa use more Kanohi, at least during the serials. For example, when the Toa Nuva snuck into Odina, why not give them all Hunas and/or Volitaks? It's kind of hard to believe that they managed to get in without being seen as-is.
  6. You're not Lego. You're can't make a reboot.
  7. Takua summoned the Toa Mata to the island, then he did everything he did during MNOG. The Chronicler's Company kept Makuta's Rahi at bay while the Toa were attacking his lair. Jaller & Co did a ton of important things as Matoran, ranging from being military commanders, to inventing war machines, to traveling to Voya Nui without any back-up. Back in the 2004 storyline, the six Metru Nui Matoran all did something very important. Actually, almost every single Matoran that got a set did something pretty important. We already have a Toa of Radiation in the story: Takanuva. Plague is basically just poison, and wouldn't really make sense as an "Element" in the way that other elements work. And what would Pollution even be, smoke? That's just Air but worse since it can only manipulate polluted air.
  8. In my headcanon, Matoran are able to access latent, passive versions of their Mask Powers, similar how they're able to access latent, passive versions of their elemental powers. Basically exactly like you described.
  9. What, making our own toys and stuff? How would that even work.
  10. The Toa Mata were $6.99USD. If you're using CAD, though, 10 sounds about right. They had a much smaller piece count, yes, but the overall volume of plastic wasn't that much different.
  11. Mata Nui's shield looks way more like a bladed weapon than a shield. Besides, voice lines are always recorded before animation. They're not going to call Worf back into the studio just to re-do one line.
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