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    My heart and actions are utterly unclouded. They are all those of 'Justice'

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  1. All of my completed figures- two big bins Parts and incomplete figures- a big box
  2. I know people who have seen things, but I’ve never experienced anything I’m a skeptic, but I keep an open mind. Who am I to say you did or didn’t see something? I’m sure there is a logical explanation, but there are somethings too wild and too frequent that can be explained
  3. Waaaay different. It was more citrus-y in Europe. Imagine an orange juice Sprite combo. The closest thing to American Fanta over in Europe, in terms of flavor, is Mirinda
  4. Fanta and when I was in Germany for about two months, I was in heaven
  5. It was either Tahu Mata, Gali Mata, or some of the McTorans (Macku, Matoro, and Onepu). But I distinctly remember after that it was Lehvak, next was Lewa Nuva, and then Vorahk
  6. A gold Vahi one on my friends gave me back in middle school. Its a little scratched up, but definitely one of the rarest pieces in my collection
  7. One of the guys in my unit is an avid Lego fan, but more so on the AFOL. We were talking about Legos one day and Bionicles were brought up. He’s not in 100% tune with the lore, but he did own a decent chunk of the older sets
  8. Jesus, dude. I remember seeing you from way back in the day. I'm still surprised you're still active on here

  9. Happy Birthday man

    1. Manducus


      Appreciate it as always

  10. MCC. Finally got the Master Chief Saga playlist achievement after getting horribly robbed of it in my first playthrough
  11. You haven't changed much.

    1. Manducus


      Can’t say that I have, but it sure does feel good being back again

  12. Dead Space 3. It's an ok game (putting it nicely), but it's absurdly inferior to the glory of Dead Space 2.
  13. I didn't think I would survive this long. Most of the time, I'm one of the first players to be eliminated.
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