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  1. Your doing pretty good! Maybe you should do the Hero Factory movies before you do Journey to One so that it can be in chronological order?
  2. These were pretty funny. Maybe after youve finished Bionicle maybe you could do the Hero Factory movies or that weird Galidor show they made?
  3. Unfortunately for you I have gained the powers of Morbius and proceed to morb the mask into my possession. My mask.
  4. You then realize that you are inside the Great Spirit Robot, but my consciousness is whats controlling everything. My Mask (and Universe!)
  5. Suddenly you realize you are in a surreal and trippy freudian dreamscape and discover that you are actually me. My mask.
  6. This is pretty much what I was thinking. It will definitely take a lot of work for a new in house IP to succeed in todays climate.
  7. I still have all of mine. They are proudly on display as well.
  8. Yeah, I would say most of the toxic people on here have left the site, there arent too many active users anymore. But if you want to liven up the place that would be great!
  9. I do remember a story on the front page here a few years ago about how the Chinese police had raided one of the largest lego bootleggers and arrested the heads of the operation in an attempt to enforce copyright laws.
  10. Also dont reply to the bot topics. The scammers will just see that their bot got feedback which will prompt them to send more bots.
  11. I just wan to know if they are still making those Star Soldiers bootlegs still? They started making them c.2003, made them until g1 was canceled then made Hero Factory bootlegs under the Star Soldier name before moving onto g2.
  12. I call upon the power of Tren Krom to help me claim the mask. My mask.
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