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  1. This post last had a reply three years ago, I dont think you will be getting an answer.
  2. Yeah I remember that guy. He had the long and unwieldy hashtag posts, what happened to him? He was kind of endearing in an annoying way.
  3. Texas Chainsaw Kopaka will live in my nightmares.
  4. When I got into Bionicle in 2008 I thought all the Toa teams were the same people and that Gali was a guy. But let us move this discussion back to Memes!
  5. Its referencing how overly complicated Bionicle lore is to someone new to the franchise trying to figure out everything compared to something simple like Hero Factory.
  6. I found that the minifigures from Invasion from Below were prone to having their limbs crack and break.
  7. The Three Virtues symbol or the Mask of Life would fit.
  8. Deep beneath the island, Where the Matoran frolic, The Bohorok awake.
  9. I know that the novelization of Legend Reborn came with a dvd or something that had the first couple minutes of the movie in it. Maybe its that, either way I am also intrigued.
  10. I am not really trying to have them be in one convoluted timeline, that just ruins everything. I just think having G2 be a parallel reality to G1 would be a nice nod, no big connection or anything being set in the future, just that they exist in the same multiverse.
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