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  1. Mostly Tamaru's unusual fear of heights and lack of distaste for water point to either irregular brain patterns for Le-Matoran or he is another type of Matoran - most likely a Bo-Matoran or an Av-Matoran. Edit: Sorry I took so long to reply, I had some stuff going on in my life and I messed up the first post.
  2. As the title suggests, could the supposedly Le-Matoran Tamaru be a secretly deployed Av-Matoran from the Time skip or a Bo-Matoran who forgot his true nature after the whole Metru Nui debacle?
  3. Odd thought experiment on the Kaukau; does it only work with water or can it be used to breath in other irregular atmospheric conditions such as poisoned gases or low oxygen environments?
  4. So my local college (+alma mater) is running a gaming convention soon enough and I'm thinking of making a one shot for it - specifically a Bionicle one where the party would be a group of Matoran who died and wake up in the Red Star as Toa and now have to get out (would be set around the same time as Kopaka and Pohatu would be there); and I'm looking for some advice on how I should proceed: 1) Is this really really a suitable game for people unfamiliar with Bionicle? Bionicle has a weird concept as it let alone been resurrected on an unknown space ship that brings back the dead. 2) What's a good set of masks for the party? I'm think Pakari, Matatu, Elda, Kualsi, Kiril; not sure what to do for the sixth mask. 3) Should I go with the standard array of elements, or should I switch out Stone for something like Iron, Lightning or Gravity to have more variety and accessability? Or just go with a completely random set of elements? Edit: I understand if this topic gets moved to a different board, I just placed it here as I didn't know where else to do so. Also I'm thinking of using either the Doronai Nui or a modified version of the RWBY fan rpg.
  5. I like the name Teridax, but just not for the boss. If I was to do a reboot Teridax would be one of Makuta's lieutenants who was competent but want to be top dog himself. As for what I would have changed: 1) More secondary element characters and less random races for Dark Hunters and Order of Mata Nui. 2) Add more regular reproduction of Matoran and other beings - the fact that everyone is around 100000 years old is just silly. 3) More even gender split between different Matoran elements. 4) Different elemental colours; Sonic would have Yellow and maybe black, Magnetism would be red and blue, 'the Green'/Jungle would be Green and Brown, Psionics would be Gold and Purple, Lightning would be Yellow with White or Blue and Magnetism Teal with blue or Silver. 5) Acid/Poison/Toxin as an element - if plasma can be an element, why not Acid?
  6. Giant robots and/or kaiju. Use regular lego parts to make miniature buildings, vehicles and landscapes while the construction parts are used for the monsters and robots.
  7. Toa of Stone being Grey or Yellow was okay; it was the orange that was wrong. Edit: Toa of Acid should have existed, not Toa of Plasma or Psionics.
  8. If the Spear of Fusion was used on the second Hydraxon to split him in two, would it split him as Dekar and Hydraxon or would it make a semi-duplicate Hydraxon like being like it did with Vezok and Vezon?
  9. Please tell me Lego didn't rip it off - firstly because I hope Lego would have more originality than that, and also why rip this thing off!
  10. Looks more like a bad rip off of Hero Factory - the more humanoid face, the power core in the middle of the chest and the civilian rescue worker theming.
  11. Lightning, tracker/repulsion optical beams, disruption ability (able to interrupt and distort the powers of others) and a spear to channel the elemental powers.
  12. One small thing, why do you have a reddy rust colour as the 'gunmetal' colour instead of grey, which it is canonically? (Admittedly the dark reddy colour looks nicer.).
  13. So I was thinking about how I would do a Bionicle reboot and specifically about the Matoran and other species; what do people think should be the role of non-Matoran sapient species in a new iteration of Bionicle? How I see it, there are three possible ways: No other sapient beings other than Matoran/villagers, the Toa, Makuta and any of his minions. Simple, but less world building chance. Other sapient species exist in the world and can be allies or enemies of the Heroes; examples would be the Skull Raiders in G2 or the Skakdi and Vortixx in G1. The singular Matoran species no longer exists and instead they have been mutated/evolved/changed into other species with different traits and cultures; for example if there was Skakdi tribe they would have twisted spines, large jaws and eye powers but using the latter increases their rage and extreme case lead to a berserk state while a Zesk tribe would have a scorpion like stinger and enhanced taste, smell and hearing at the cost of their colour vision and more animistic vocal cords. What do you guys think about non-matoran sapient species in future versions of Bionicle?
  14. I think we were all expecting them to have some sort of power.
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