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  1. Baring Rahkshi, what do you think the raiding parties/forces of the Brotherhood of Makuta? Specifically one bullying Matoran villages for equipment/supplies?
  2. Some thoughts on other possibilities: 1. Air - Possibly a giant toad or elephant who can manipulate the wind with their breath. 2. Lightning - Cat/Dog like creature (based on japanese Raiju) 3. Magnetism - Beaver (attack and buildup a base). 4. Sonics - cricket or frog 5. Plasma - Lizard/Crocodile. 6. Gravity - I'm feeling, giant worm, bear or goat. 7. Iron - Armadillo or Pangolin (due to armouring) or a boar/some other determined animal. 8. Psionics - Ape or octopus also work due to their intelligence.
  3. Some thoughts: * Probably get rid of properly explain Stone. I understand why it's there, but unless you permanently bind each toa to a specific biome like slizers/robo-riders. Probably replace it with Air/Wind or Lightning. * Make a return to Matoran -> Toa rather than Toa just popping up unexplained like G2. * Keep it either 6 elements or 12 elements. If 6 elements then they may have sub-elemental powers. * Probably make the series more arc based rather than one big story allowing for easier access to the story; possibly with several groups/protagonists in rotation. Basic idea is the series with the first toa in memory fighting off Makuta and his minions as his power fades restoring light to the world; after Makuta's fall the edges of the world that were blocked off by shadow become available and the Toa go on various quests to find threats released by Makuta's fall (Barraki, Bohrok, etc), the remainder of his forces (Visorak, Beasts of Corruption) or those rising up to fill the void (Skull Raiders, Dark Hunter). * Have each Toa have masks with powers not just their elements. * The world is a giant machine governed by several Machine Spirits; Ekimu, the Bahrag (Cadok and Gadok), Artakha, Karzahni etc. Makuta would be one of the Machine Spirits; but something went wrong and he became an evil being, putting his kin to eternal slumber and throwing the world into shadow. The World's scale is so massive it's mechanical nature is barely knowable. * Several non-Matoran races, but not too many; my current idea is that they existed in primordial times but put into slumber for their attempts to usurp control of the world's apparatus from the Machine Spirits. When Makuta took over he awoke them, chose six to be Barraki rulers and gave them part of the world to make empires with the other races as a counter measure to any rebellions of Matoran or surprise Toa teams ending Makuta's reign. Alternatively the Matoran species was split into six species by Makuta and each given to a Barraki and the Barraki serve as the first villains ruling the League of Six Kingdoms. Species could include Vortixx, Skakdi, Agori, Zesk and Skrall. Possibly also the Morbuzakh and City Building Creatures returning as sapient symbiots (Morbuzakh serving as magical structures with various powers and the City Builders tending to their needs (eating fungi and predators, arranging compost, etc)). * Rakhshi would return as a sort of anti-Toa, matoran who made bargains with Makuta and became his servants. Basically all of the Makuta species members from G1 would be Rakhshi. Edit: throw in references to other Lego lines like Slizers, Robo-riders, Exo-force, Chima, etc.
  4. I would say 8, due to Sand not having a direct 1:1 in the Matoran universe I feel the Great Beings may have added more elements for funsies sake.
  5. Matoran; although I like Tohunga -> Toa -> Turaga, Matoran sounds better.
  6. Mostly Tamaru's unusual fear of heights and lack of distaste for water point to either irregular brain patterns for Le-Matoran or he is another type of Matoran - most likely a Bo-Matoran or an Av-Matoran. Edit: Sorry I took so long to reply, I had some stuff going on in my life and I messed up the first post.
  7. As the title suggests, could the supposedly Le-Matoran Tamaru be a secretly deployed Av-Matoran from the Time skip or a Bo-Matoran who forgot his true nature after the whole Metru Nui debacle?
  8. Odd thought experiment on the Kaukau; does it only work with water or can it be used to breath in other irregular atmospheric conditions such as poisoned gases or low oxygen environments?
  9. So my local college (+alma mater) is running a gaming convention soon enough and I'm thinking of making a one shot for it - specifically a Bionicle one where the party would be a group of Matoran who died and wake up in the Red Star as Toa and now have to get out (would be set around the same time as Kopaka and Pohatu would be there); and I'm looking for some advice on how I should proceed: 1) Is this really really a suitable game for people unfamiliar with Bionicle? Bionicle has a weird concept as it let alone been resurrected on an unknown space ship that brings back the dead. 2) What's a good set of masks for the party? I'm think Pakari, Matatu, Elda, Kualsi, Kiril; not sure what to do for the sixth mask. 3) Should I go with the standard array of elements, or should I switch out Stone for something like Iron, Lightning or Gravity to have more variety and accessability? Or just go with a completely random set of elements? Edit: I understand if this topic gets moved to a different board, I just placed it here as I didn't know where else to do so. Also I'm thinking of using either the Doronai Nui or a modified version of the RWBY fan rpg.
  10. I like the name Teridax, but just not for the boss. If I was to do a reboot Teridax would be one of Makuta's lieutenants who was competent but want to be top dog himself. As for what I would have changed: 1) More secondary element characters and less random races for Dark Hunters and Order of Mata Nui. 2) Add more regular reproduction of Matoran and other beings - the fact that everyone is around 100000 years old is just silly. 3) More even gender split between different Matoran elements. 4) Different elemental colours; Sonic would have Yellow and maybe black, Magnetism would be red and blue, 'the Green'/Jungle would be Green and Brown, Psionics would be Gold and Purple, Lightning would be Yellow with White or Blue and Magnetism Teal with blue or Silver. 5) Acid/Poison/Toxin as an element - if plasma can be an element, why not Acid?
  11. Giant robots and/or kaiju. Use regular lego parts to make miniature buildings, vehicles and landscapes while the construction parts are used for the monsters and robots.
  12. Toa of Stone being Grey or Yellow was okay; it was the orange that was wrong. Edit: Toa of Acid should have existed, not Toa of Plasma or Psionics.
  13. If the Spear of Fusion was used on the second Hydraxon to split him in two, would it split him as Dekar and Hydraxon or would it make a semi-duplicate Hydraxon like being like it did with Vezok and Vezon?
  14. Please tell me Lego didn't rip it off - firstly because I hope Lego would have more originality than that, and also why rip this thing off!
  15. Looks more like a bad rip off of Hero Factory - the more humanoid face, the power core in the middle of the chest and the civilian rescue worker theming.
  16. Lightning, tracker/repulsion optical beams, disruption ability (able to interrupt and distort the powers of others) and a spear to channel the elemental powers.
  17. One small thing, why do you have a reddy rust colour as the 'gunmetal' colour instead of grey, which it is canonically? (Admittedly the dark reddy colour looks nicer.).
  18. So I was thinking about how I would do a Bionicle reboot and specifically about the Matoran and other species; what do people think should be the role of non-Matoran sapient species in a new iteration of Bionicle? How I see it, there are three possible ways: No other sapient beings other than Matoran/villagers, the Toa, Makuta and any of his minions. Simple, but less world building chance. Other sapient species exist in the world and can be allies or enemies of the Heroes; examples would be the Skull Raiders in G2 or the Skakdi and Vortixx in G1. The singular Matoran species no longer exists and instead they have been mutated/evolved/changed into other species with different traits and cultures; for example if there was Skakdi tribe they would have twisted spines, large jaws and eye powers but using the latter increases their rage and extreme case lead to a berserk state while a Zesk tribe would have a scorpion like stinger and enhanced taste, smell and hearing at the cost of their colour vision and more animistic vocal cords. What do you guys think about non-matoran sapient species in future versions of Bionicle?
  19. I think we were all expecting them to have some sort of power.
  20. My general guess is that Toa would continue to do what they know; being heroes and protecting the matoran (and probably the agori and Glatoran on Spherus Magna). Some might do other things, but at the end of the day that is their duty and Duty is one of the Three Virtues.
  21. I think the Makooti mask would actually induce a feeling of pure cringe in the target, disabling them for a short period of time. Toa consider it immoral and the Brotherhood of Makuta consider it a joke.
  22. My originally thought was that Rahi were specifically the monsters created by Makuta and that they were just regular animals he mutated by throwing some of them into a magic cauldron he had. Oh and that Bionicle existed in the same world as Lego Island Adventure but was on a really distant island so no humans had gotten there.
  23. So I've been toying around with this concept for a Robo-riders reboot, and I wanted to post it to see what people think of it: Aesthetic: Post-Apocalypse dieselpunk for the heroes and slightly organic cyborgs for the bad guys. Sets: Standard lego pieces focused on oversized motor-cycle like vehicles for the heroes and monster/vehicle hybrids of the bad guys. Setting: the world of Talos is cursed; every 115 or so years the dreaded 'Virus' returns from the depths of the earth and ravage the world; twisting people and creatures into mutants and monsters, poisoning the air and waters, and animating natural features and artificial constructs into abominations. To combat this, the ancients created four beacons scattered through the land, when the beacons are lit the Virus is banished from the surface and retreats to it's cthonic sanctuary. The beacons were hidden to avoid the mutant hordes of the Virus destroying them; only their four switches can be found and then only with help of the Robo's machine spirits that each know the location of one switch. Each cycle has six heroes chosen, the 'RoboRiders', with different element powers and able to infuse the robos in machines to acts as focuses for the Robo's and RoboRider's combined powers. The current year is 527 of the City of Victoria, and the current team of RoboRiders start their quest to light the four beacons and drive back the virus. Their adventure will involve crossing the know world looking for the missing Robos and lighting the beacons; all the time being chased by the mutants and monsters spawned by the Virus and having to fight them off in Mad Max style vehicle combat. However two complications have occurred in their quest; a mysterious seven RoboRider has also appeared and seems to be trying to take down the current RoboRiders so that he alone can light the beacons; and one of the current RoboRiders is a cured mutant (something thought impossible by most people) who has glimpses of the Core of the Virus, which could now be defeated once and for all, and that ancient evil will not permit this threat to it's existance. Characters: Factions: Victoria: city founded by the leader of a past team of RoboRiders, Minerva Victorio, who was active around 530-527 years before the current team. Tend to serve as a base for the RoboRiders and a stronghold of civilization in these dark times. Has a central position on the known landmass of Talos, and is the most technological advanced city, producing finished goods and power crystals to sell to nomads and other cities. The RoboRider Galvani Victorio is from Victoria. RoboRiders: team of elemental powered heroes that can use the Robos to empower machines; their mission is to like the 4 beacons of North, East, South and West. Current team made of Galvani Victorio, Rufus and Alba Feynman, Zoey MacMidas, Sha Rakis and Vizuna. They are helped by the Robos, 16 ancient machine spirits that each know the location of one of the switches to turn on the four beacons. All current and past RoboRiders are revealed by an incident when their elemental powers are rapidly developed to protect them; for example Rufus fell into a pool of magma and crawled out without taking any damage from the heat. Nomadic Tribes: Tribes that cross the vast plains and deserts of Talos looking for scrap and ruins from lost cities destroyed by past attacks of the Virus. Tend to also animal herders and traders. Have lower levels of technology than the city states, but occasionally have very advanced ancient technology that they scavenged. Rufus and Alba Feynman come from one scientifically focused nomadic tribe and Sha Rakis is from a different desert based tribe. City States: Small city states, some having colonies, that have arisen between Virus attacks. Tend to be focused on a major resource and use merchants to trade. Zoey MacMidas was born in the city of Werner. Sorcerers and Druids Covens: Small covens of magically adept individuals, they have less power than Mutant Warlocks or the RoboRiders but still capable in their own ways (such as being able to locate hidden objects, immunity to the Virus, making healing potion or place curses on evil doers). They seperate themselves from the rest of society and their covens tend to focus around sites of elemental importance; such as shrines dedicated to the past RoboRiders or naturally elemental wonders like the World Tree. Tend to be allies of the RoboRiders but the prominent Ogel familiy seems less willing to help. Virus: an ancient evil that nearly destroyed the world in ancient times. It corrupts people, animals and inanimate objects. People become mutants, twisted beings with most of their good emotions (hope, compassion, trust, etc.) removed and only interested in spreading the virus and crushing all resistance; the most powerful mutants are called Warlocks, who control the Virus' mutation process to turn animals and objects into monsterous vehicles called abominations. Mutants are divided into raiding bands/primitive tribes based on similar mutations and these tribes compete with each other in seeing how much they can spread the Virus and thus corrupt the world, one example is the Harrowing Hawks tribe, who all had functional wings and parts of the body covered in leaves. Vizuna used to be a mutant, but she was latter cured. RoboRiders: Galvani "Van" Victorio - the Power RoboRider - an engineering noble from the power district of the city of Victoria, being a descendant of the city's founder (Minerva Victorio). He is the team leader (by the fact no-one else wanted the position), but has a lot of self doubt in the situation and either takes on too much work for himself or takes on any advice on how to lead, no matter how useless or ill intentioned. However he is a good leader when he doesn't listen to his doubts, along with being brave, loyal and charismatic. Van has the least control of his elemental powers, but has the largest pool of elemental energy and modifies his machines so that he can power them with his Electricity powers. Rufus Feynman - the Lava RoboRider - a member of a tribe of nomadic scientists and twin brother of Alba Feynman. He was crippled in a childhood accident, requiring him to use a wheel chair to move around. However the incident also revealed his fire powers as he survived falling into a pool of magma, and it was his hitting the bottom of it caused his spinal image. Rufus is a talented scientist and engineering, being intelligent, insightful and able to pick up on details; This all allows him all massive level of control with his elemental power, allowing it to be used as blow torch or welding torch. However he is too cautious and overly protective of his team mates. Alba Feynman - the Frost RoboRider - a member of a tribe of nomadic scientists and twin sister of Rufus Feynman. She is energetic and passionate, but is still a brilliant scientist; she tends to design multiple experiments every day and coming up with multiple hypothesis for any new problem the team face. Her elemental power of Ice is less developed than her brother's power, but she is more creative and spontaneous, leading to unpredictable results for her enemies to deal with. Zoey MacMidas - the Onyx RoboRider - born as to an outcast family in the city of Werner that had no claim to a mine shaft. After she lost her parents, Zoey had to make her own way in the world; she surprisingly excelled as a business woman, and eventually became a traveling merchant before being chosen as a RoboRider. Her skills in bargaining, dealing and stock management are incredibly useful for the team, however she often gets them on sidequests and problems in bargains she makes; Zoey can be a little selfish and cynical about people, but is optimistic of the party's success and is good at spotting and taking opportunities. Develops her powers the least, but still uses her earth manipulation to get cheap shots on her opponents. Sha Rakis - Dust RoboRider - the trainee shaman of a nomad tribe in a desert; his blindness from birth caused him to develop his latent wind powers, proving him as being a future RoboRider. He was developed his abilities to be able to sense disturbances in nature, helped by his pet scorpion (the totem of his people), and to get a 3d sonar sense. Sha usually has good advice, but from the moment he could understand he was raised to be a champion of justice and good in the world so he has a poor time relating to people as equals and can seem condescending. Sha is also the best at detecting and dealing with the Robos, having been trained to do so from his earliest days; he usually is in charge of them when they are not infused into a machine. Vizuna - Swamp RoboRider - A former mutant, she is the only person known to be purified of the Virus. This happened when her tribe (Harrowing Hawks) attack the World Tree, an primeval source of jungle magic; when she destroyed it's core, the tree released a burst of it's power; enfusing her with the Jungle essence and making her the Swamp RoboRider and purging the Virus' hold on her (the rest of her tribe was less effected as they were outside the tree fighting off a bunch of a druid defenders, although their feathers became leaves). Vizuna has poor social skills due to being raised in society entirely dedicated to raiding and corrupting the world, and often misunderstands social situations and common objects; however her up bringing has made her the best fighter in the party, physically the stronger and a brilliant strategist (especially against mutants); she also has insights into the Core of the Virus and it's probable weaknesses. Vizuna is compassionate, espcially to mutants and hopes to find a way to cure them all so that they will be free of the Virus' control. Her elemental powers are on the weaker end, but she has a large reserve of magical power and can heal people and cure diseases and pollution. Has a love of flying as all of her mutant tribe have wings which she lost when she became purified. Robos - small machine spirits that the RoboRiders can infuse into machines to empower them (most of the RoboRider's sets would represent vehicles infused with a particular Robo). Most have been scattered over the world after the last time the Virus attacked, meaning the RoboRiders would have to find them. Based off of the original RoboRider Wheels; and the current RoboRiders would only start with a hand full at the start (likely Scout, Fuel, Driller, Rope, Flame and Grab), and the Boss RoboRider has one (Skeleton or Dynamite). Enemies: The Core of the Virus - the ancient source of evil, it constantly spreads it's dark influence on the world with regular accelerated periods every 115 years as it increases production rates. It usually leaves it's war in the hands of the Mutants, but Vizuna's purification have left it twitchy and hands on about the RoboRiders situation. Most of the time it seems to just hate humanity and seems a little jaded by the continual cycle of war that it finds itself in. Is a shapeshifter, usually appearing as a human made of shadows or as a giant floating sphere; true form is unknown. Vizduas - Warlock and younger brother of Vizuna, he is persistent on tracking down and corrupting his sister; partly based on a twisted sense of community that does not like people leaving and being happy or free. Vizdua has many powerful abominations in his personal army (the Hallowing Hawks) and has access to terrible curses and spells as is his right as a warlock. Tends to use flying machines and monsters when he can, but does use land based options occasionally (usually when he has no choice). Has leaves covering patchs of his skin and two large and functional wings as his mutations. Zlammer - an elite mutant warrior hand crafted by the Core of the Virus, he is the strongest of all known mutants. Immensely skilled in combat, ambush and tracking and with mild Warlock powers, he is ruthless in his mission to crush the RoboRiders of this cycle and is fearless to a fault. Seems to have regenerative powers and a new set of mutations everytime he fights the RoboRiders. He is usually silently stoic but will never miss an oppurtunity to make a bad pun; this along with his heterochomia of a completely white eye and a complete black eye are his defining traits. If he creates abomiations to server him they are usually vaguely draconic. Archgeneral Lilliana - another agent sent directly by the Core of the Virus, her mission is specifically to take command of mutant tribes and lead them to victory against the RoboRiders. She is logical, pragmatic and domineering, making her a terrifying general to face in battle. Like Zlammer she is always testing new strategies for taking down the RoboRiders and has amassed several tribes under her control. Her mutations include red skin, three eyes and attenta. Drocsid - a mutant who has few obvious mutations and hides the ones she does have under cybernetics. She likes to infilitrate human settlements and cause problems for the RoboRiders by sowing lies and confusion. Has a personally vendetta with Rufus and Alba as they revealed one of Drocsid's schemes prior to becoming RoboRiders; Drocsid also has a occasional business relationship with Boss Rider, who also wants to take down the RoboRiders for personally reasons. This relationship is complicated by the fact that Boss does not fully trust Drocsid and that she has developed an almost romantic attachment to him - something that is not only rarely seen in Mutants but is seen as an abomination and weakness by them. Boss Rider - a mysterious individual who seems to be able to use the Robos like the RoboRider can; he has no obvious elemental powers but is immune to magical effects and take control of spells and elemental abilities at will. His goal seems to defeat the RoboRiders and activate the beacons himself, becoming the hero of the world. In combat he is cunning, skilled and brave, and can easily out compete any individual RoboRider, but is usually outmatched when they work as a team. His true identity is unknown to most, even to Drocsid, who seems to be his closest ally most of the time. Also has a hook for his left hand. General plotline would be the first year or two dedicated to finding the Beacons and their Switchs, with the RoboRiders finding clues to the Core of the Virus and it's nature. The third and final year would be going into the subterrean world that the Virus has completely dominated and ending it's reign of terror by defeating the Core of the Virus and using it's power to cure all the mutants. Edit: Immediately after publishing this I realised that naming the villain the 'Virus' and talking about it during the current situation may not have been the best choice of words, so I am sorry if I offended or distressed anyone.
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