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  1. Let's just hope Cookie Monster hasn't acquired a taste for mushrooms...
  2. ^ I don't think the Maori had writing pre-colonization. My theory on Okotan would be that they took the basic design of the Nuva symbols but changed them up to make them look more Mayan.
  3. To provide some additional context, there was a particular user here who really wanted Bionicle G1 and Hero Factory to share the same universe. I think that might help explain the reaction.
  4. I didn't have an original idea. If you were talking about the guidance I posted, all I meant was that you'd lose your players if you had to give them a lot of external information in order to understand your game. Then, as long as you've selected your premise well, you're free to follow canon within your game.
  5. Don't they have the golden masks at that point, and doesn't that involve turning into Kaita?
  6. What exactly are they doing on Mata Nui if there are no Golden Masks or Kaita? That would rule out searching for the masks and entering Makuta's lair, and the actual fight against Makuta was never an option to begin with. We're left with randomly fighting Rahi, I guess, but an RPG needs to have a narrative with a direction. It also helps if the narrative gets resolved satisfactorily in the end. What OP actually goes with would depend on how extensive they want the game to be. They shouldn't be limited to year one. There are storylines from years two or four that might be able to fit. Three and five probably wouldn't work, and I'm not sure about the rest of the years.
  7. 1) For a non-Bionicle audience you should make it in a way that you have to explain minimal amounts of lore. 2) It would look best if all the masks all had roughly the same style. 3) Use standard elements. Systems of elements are supposed to be based on the classical elements or Chinese elements. Following this will make it accessible. Bionicle added alternative element types to keep the franchise from getting stale. Pokemon had elements like "electric" and "bug" so they could have more variety in their 150 species.
  8. Same energy. Actually in all seriousness I appreciated this post. I wasn't able to follow 2007 very well when it first came out.
  9. So like, Maku soaked his mask, and then the Matoran joked that that was how he learned to break boulders with his head?
  10. "Even though it's impossible it'd still be cool." -Zach Katz
  11. Are you ok dude? That last post was quite a jumble.
  12. Legal issues would complicate it too. I think you only have standing to sue a company in a country where they actually do business. If a company is only selling products in one country, then you have to be sure that they're violating the law of that country, and then hire lawyers and probably interpreters to represent you there.
  13. You're so conceited, Lenny. (apologies to Anthony Michael Hall)
  14. in b4 lock I think their concern is more with conflicting with kids' religions, rather than just with taking stuff from religion. They're probably worried that kids might say stuff like "Pastor says only people have souls but the Bionicles are saying they have souls too" and then their parents would say "Looks like you're too young to distinguish fiction from reality so no more Bionicle for you." Or maybe that a kid from an atheist family would become more interested in religion if they used "religious" words. They're probably underestimating kids' intelligence, but I really think their reasoning is somewhere along those lines. There's also the question of whether Mata Nui as the "Great Spirit" is a religious concept, but that brings up whole different issues.
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