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  1. What is Rakmon based off of?

    1. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      Judging by how it ends in 'mon', I am thinking a digimon.

    2. Vrokorta


      I checked, it's either a fan made digimon or something else entirely.

  2. Meh, Good and Evil are arbitrary descriptions used to describe something from a biased POV. For example, one can say the Blades are Evil since they more or less forced Dovahkin to do a bucketload of random carp for no reason and w/ no compensation whatsoever, yet one could also say they're good for helping Dovahkiin (in some way they MAY have helped you). And then what if you're playing as an Elf? GO ALDMERI DOMINON WOO
  3. >Implying Stormcloaks are rightBut yeah. If the Stormcloaks won, then:The Thalmor would easily take overIf Ulfric rules Skyrim any way like WIndhelm, Skyrim is screwed.Also, the Stormcloaks don't really have a valid argument for fighting. It's mainly just because Ulfric is a power-Hungry Sociopath.The thing you're not looking at is that the Nords don't need the Empire to beat the elves. Just look at Hammerfell - the Dominion were brutally driven out by the Redguards. By the time the Dominion made an attack on the empire, Skyrim would have strengthened itself enough to deal with any attack. The Elves are not suited to deal with moving through mountains and snow, or dealing with Dragons.Especially the Dragons. I lured one over to the Thalmor Embassy yesterday so I could kill off all of the ones who were in the back area, and you can't get to any other way. Not a Blood Dragon, Frost Dragon, Elder Dragon, or Ancient Dragon. Just a Dragon. At Level 40. With Elves at Level 40.Their magic was useless.-Toa Levacius Zehvor Ok, your second argument is useless due to the fact that you're substituting gameplay for lore/story. Gameplay =/= Lore. And Hammerfell didn't singlehandedly drive the Aldmeri Dominon out. There was still quite a bit of Imperial Soldiers in Hammerfell, NTM they were fighting a single army, without supplies or reinforcements. Plus, they weren't actually "driven out"- They let themselves out through a formal treaty.Speaking of which, why on Earth are you not able to join the Thalmor? I absolutely love Ondolemar (He perfectly mixes arrogance and knowledge of knowing exactly what he's doing), and I really, really want to kill Delphine and Esbern. Plus, Elves are just so much cooler/better than the other peoples. I kind of hate Nords.In other news, I just got out of the Sewers in Oblivion, and I haven't the slightest idea what to do, and I'm also slightly scared to do any quests, if the radiant leveling system is anything like Skyrim's (I can't begin to explain how much the whole 'most specific tools and Followers level with you but cap at your current level and get sucky later on but are actually really good' thing makes me raeg). What should I do? My character's a Nord Barbarian, and I want to join the Arena, but am scared to (as I already explained). Any guideance?
  4. >Implying Stormcloaks are rightBut yeah. If the Stormcloaks won, then:The Thalmor would easily take overIf Ulfric rules Skyrim any way like WIndhelm, Skyrim is screwed.Also, the Stormcloaks don't really have a valid argument for fighting. It's mainly just because Ulfric is a power-Hungry Sociopath.
  5. I've also been thinking; We already had an organization dedicated to wiping otu vampires, Daedra Worshippers, etc. The Vigilants of Stendarr. Why'd Beth ignore them and pull in this 'Dawnguard'? I already have enough people to kill using every single Daedric Artifact at once, thank you.
  6. In case nobody else noticed, during the trailer, you can spot a shrine to Molag Bal behind the lead vampire. Molag Bal is, as any Morrowind player can tell you, created the first vampires. There's no reason why these vampires couldn't be gaining their demonic form (which reminds me much of the vamp lord in Underworld 2) by somehow drawing a further connection to Oblivion - if they are using that portal to get into Aethrius and go all Alduin on those dead people, they could easily fuel the power needed for a semi-Daedric form.And if you mean the Elder Scrolls, why can't they do that? They barely exist in the physical plane, and hold more power than any of the Daedric or Aedric beings - aka Gods - and the sun is just a big hole in the sky, not a ball of gas. Heck, from one point of view, closing the hole in the sky is actually repairing the universe. Of course, it would also mean the end to all life, as life only exists by getting that power taken in from Aethrius, so...Well, a bit of an old reply, but I have recently consulted with somebody far more aquainted with the Lore of TES than me, and these were his replies to your arguements (This sounds rather awkward, lol): I want to believe those aren't "a vampire's true form" as it's implied, just a special power up. But deep down, I know it's not true - look at vanilla. I could make whole lists of bad writing and retcons there.But you're wrong in saying that's the only retcon with vampires in Skyrim.First up, is that you see multiple vampires living among people. Lore had already established only the Cyrodiilic clans could blend in society.If we assume the vampire lord thingie is their supposed "true form": It's ######. Absolute ######. But if we assume it's something given for the occasion, there's still the thing vampires in TES have NEVER been bat-like.The worst is how they made the Volkihar. In lore, they're a clan with many special characteristics, among them that they live beneath frozen lakes and can reach through the ice without breaking it. But in vanilla Skyrim? Nope! They are just a higher CLASS vampire type. Dawnguard makes it much, much worse. They're living in castles. CASTLES. There's no problem with using an Elder Scroll to close Magnus. The problem is, the player reads it and understands it fully... Without decades of preparation. The Moth Priests could barely get a bit of it with all that, and now you can completely see it? It's ######. Makes me angry. Wrong, the only things it'd kill are magic and trees.And there is always the possibility there are more. Even if you "ignore" retcons - which is impossible if you give a ###### about the story - it's still bad writing. I don't know if you'll understand me.Um.
  7. In the meanwhile: After having finished the main Quest and the Civil War, me, my Dremora lords, and my Forsworn ravager dead thrall have had great fun pillaging and burning every Stormcloak camp. Real shame we can't kill the Officers as well. Why they are marked as essential escapes me..
  8. So I was playing on Expert with one of my old Characters, was doing the Azura quest and ventured into Ilinata's deep. An Arch Necromancer hit me with a single Ice Spell and took out half my Health and all of my Stamina. Good fun.I'm planning on getting uber GOTY Oblivion w/ Knights of the Nine, Shivering isles, Mehrunes razor, and three new homes soon on Steam when school ends. Only costs $25, and I've thoroughly Skyrimed my Xbox Skyrim game away. I'm planning on making my first character a Nord Barbarian steeped deeply into Daedric worship and kills Unicorns for fun. muahahahahahaha
  9. it's more of the fact that they can just read an Elder Scroll like that without going mad/blind/dying on the spot.Speaking of Elder Scrolls, I have a funny story for you all: So a while ago while my friend was playing Skyrim, he had just recovered the Elder Scroll from Blackreach and was bringing it to Paarthurnax. he was ambushed by a group of Thalmor. It then promptly went like this:"Ah carp. Wait, I have an Elder Scroll! TASTE THE RAINBOW YOU NATIONALIST FOOLS OH GOD WHY'D I OPEN IT TOWARDS MYSELF AND NOT AT THEM AAAH I'M BLI- dead"
  10. We Necromancers need a trading post type thing where we can buy and sell corpses."I'll trade you 2 Bandit Marauders and a Forsworn Ravager for that Volkihar.""Eh, throw in an Arch Pyromancer and you got yourself a deal."I am now on a quest to find every unmarked location in Skyrim. The ones I've personally visited so far are:Giant dead MudcrabFrozen MammothTalos StatueDead Sabre Cat/300 Easter eggSeveral Stray Dog homesMourning Giant grieving over his dead MammothThe Chill (Does this count?)Unmarked locations I know of but haven't visited yet:Mount Anthor SummitLady in the lake Easter EggI'm sure there's more, but I'll still be looking for them.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Dawnguard is going to be utterly horrible?c I mean, they just completely annihilated and retconned any lore surrounding Skyrim's Vampires AND Elder Scrolls in general. Blegh.And yes Necromancy is so amazing.
  12. Illusion + Conjuration as your main two skills makes the game very easy. Also makes it interesting. I've been putting lots of research into the Dead Thrall spell, and so far, from what I've figured, Volkihar Vampires are your best bet, but you can't thrall them unless you have the Necromage perk in restoration. What I've been doing is getting 7 or eight bodies of powerful enemies such as Dremora Marknyaz and Bandit Marauders, sticking them in well-populated areas (such as Northwatch keep (lol) or Breezehome, oh and once the palace of the Kings in Windhelm), then leaving for ten days so the room respawns. When the room respawns, all the corpses ressurect (and sometimes reset, ending up with completely different dudes) and if they're hostile creatures, will promptly go on a rampage and start killiing people. A bit of an Awkward moment when 4 Bandit Marauders and Hajvarr Iron-Hand (Who I decided to give a Daedric Warhammer improved to legendary when I brought him with me to Shriekwind Bastion), all clad in Steel Plate Armor and such, all charge out of Breezehome and kill half the city. Dead Thrall is so amazing.
  13. So, anybody found some followers especially awesome? (For the record, the reason Lydia sucks for nearly everybody is that most followers level with you, but cap off when you first meet them. Most of you got Lydia at level 6.) Mjoll and Illia are very, very good. Mjoll because she's Invincible and all- she's flagged as essential in Vanilla, and once you give her some good armor and a 2H weapon (She has quite high Two-Handed and Heavy Armor), I've seen her kill 4 Draugr Deathlords by herself, without falling down to Heal. Illia is probably the best mage follower you can find. Oh, and then we can get into the wonderful people you can get as Dead Thralls... Orchendor FTW
  14. It would ne nice if Labyrinthian in Arena actually had a Word Wall, Morokei, and all that, but I doubt those ideas were even concieved yet.I really should make a character that uses heavy Armor and 1H weapons and a Shield some day, but I'm more interested in making a Mage character and I already have a current character and I don't wanna be using 3 Characters at once. NTM the Intro taking a really long time...
  15. Still dissapointed they only use Apprentice spells. raaI wub the Labyrinthian Dungeon. Ridiculously hard, epic Design, and Skeletal Dragon and Morokei.
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