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  1. This story is highly amusing. It surprises me how this is a comedy yet it's so story heavy (for a comedy). I like it.
  2. The last one's gotta be my favorite. You've got some great pictures here.
  3. This is a cool design. I like how it's a grown up version of the EmOgirl.
  4. I finished http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/22081-lord-of-the-bionicle/ now I need to either write shorter stories or never write for anybody ever again.

    1. Vrokorta


      Cause I took so long.

    2. The 1st Shadow

      The 1st Shadow

      Oh, right! I totally forgot about this. I'll read through the updates as soon as I get a chance. :)

  5. Lord of the Bionicle Part 3 Brutaka appeared in Middle-Earth thinking of how to lead an army cause as good a fighter as Brutaka is, he has no skills as a warlord and would probably lead the army to its doom. As he was thinking to himself whether or not he should have someone from his army lead them, a portal opened up in front of him for a second revealing hundreds, thousands, over millions of Olmaks. He was so dumbfounded by them all, that he didn't notice Ekimu walk out wearing one right before the portal closed. Brutaka asked, "Who are you?". Ekimu introduced himself and told him how he was gonna get his mask back from Kulta, he also mentioned he can lead the army which was a relief for Brutaka. The heroes charged into battle, to the place where Sauron and his army were, Kulta had agreed that Sauron would lead the army since he was experienced in that area. Ekimu already gave his orders to the army and was heading straight for Kulta, avoiding all the opposing forces. Ekimu jumped to swing his hammer at Kulta's face and knock his Mask of Creation off, but Kulta saw him coming and countered Ekimu's hammer with his mace, "I won't let you stop me again!". During this one-on-one match, the rest of the army waited to make their move on Sauron. Sauron figured Kulta can handle himself and so focused his army on the real problem. He noticed the other army biding their time and figured they were planning something. He didn't want his army charging into a trap, so he sent a wave of undead orcs to test the area. The wave was futile as Brutaka threw them all back with a swing of his sword, defeating the wave with one blow. Sauron knew that none of his soldiers would be able to stand against this warrior and so challenged Brutaka himself. Sauron and Brutaka struck at each other, but Sauron proved stronger and knocked away Brutaka's sword, ignoring the jolt of pain from the lightning within it. Brutaka tried to get his sword back, but Sauron knocked him in the opposite direction. He felt some of the opposing force shooting at him, but it did no damage, so he ignored it and moved in to finish Brutaka. He raised his mace to deal the final blow, when he suddenly heard buzzing coming from behind him. The heroes had a pretty good plan, distract Kulta and Sauron to allow the air force to take out the rest of the army, the air force consisting of Nui-Rama controlled by orange rahkshi carrying anything and anyone that could shoot rhotuka or kanoka. While the undead army awaited orders, Saruman figured Sauron would handle the behemoth and they'd move in to destroy the rest of the army, he had not expected the flying creatures to start raining fire on the army, causing soldiers to disappear, change shape, freeze, collapse, stop moving, turn to dust, get crushed in an orb of lightning, they even started to attack each other. Saruman had tried to shoot the projectiles out of the air, though most of them broke through his magic and others dodged out of the way. Sauron noticed the attack and used his mace to deflect the projectiles, as he did this Brutaka took advantage of Sauron's distraction to get his sword back. After his third swing, Sauron noticed his mace was now rendered useless. Brutaka used the distraction to get his sword back and he came and began fighting Sauron again. Meanwhile, Kulta and Ekimu were locked in fierce combat. Eventually, Ekimu hit the Olmak Kulta was carrying and cracks started spreading through it. Kulta noticed this and grabbed the mask, he didn't want it breaking and going to waste so he threw it at Ekimu. It managed to connect with Ekimu's Olmak and the force of Kulta's throw combined with both masks being the same material, shattered Ekimu's Olmak and the cracked Olmak, knocking Ekimu back. The powers of both masks mashed together, forming a sort-of black hole. Kulta saw this and the unconscious Ekimu so he went to finish off the mask maker. He picked him up, ignoring the fact that he was still holding his hammer. Before Kulta could toss him in, Ekimu grabbed the Mask of Creation on Kulta's face and swung out of Kulta's grip, using the momentum to tear the mask off! He placed the mask on his face and swung his hammer at the back of Kulta's head knocking HIM into the portal, to who knows where. Brutaka had his sword and he was at full strength, so why was Sauron beating the snot out of him? Turns out the ring of power gave Sauron enough strength to overpower Brutaka. Sauron knocked Brutaka onto his back, putting his foot on his chest to keep him from getting up. Sauron was going to enjoy putting this fools life to an end. He raised his fist to smash his head and his mask along with it. But as he went to do this, Axonn leapt out and cut off his whole hand with his axe. He looked up at Sauron after landing to see that he hadn't cut off the hand he was hoping to. Sauron grabbed him by the throat with his remaining hand, trying to squeeze the life out of him. Brutaka threw his sword at Sauron's hand, lodging it into his wrist and electrifying him. Sauron dropped Axonn who hit the ground gasping for breath. Brtaka began shooting energy blasts at Sauron, knocking him off balance and sending him toppling to the ground. Axonn brought his axe down on Sauron's hand, once again separating him from the ring, causing him to explode. Saruman, who had been turned into a hairy ball with four legs, saw Sauron's defeat and turned to Kulta only to see Ekimu closing a large portal. The army had been so greatly reduced that there was no point in leading it anymore, so he ran away with his scepter, presumably never to be seen again. Brutaka looked over the battlefield, the last of Sauron's forces were being dealt with and Saruman and Kulta were gone. He declared this a victory and let everyone know that they could go home. He and Ekimu worked together to take everyone back and Ekimu went back to making Olmaks. Brutaka went back to his dimension to report back to the rulers though he couldn't help thinking, what happened to Kulta? Kulta fell face first onto a black floor, he got up and saw what looked like an endless army of small weird looking (lego) skeletons. They just stood there, doing nothing, until he heard a voice. Not just any voice, a singing voice, Kulta wondered how he knew what singing was as the skeletons began to dance: Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine shrieking skulls will-. Kulta couldn't stand this, he tried to get out of this nightmare, trampling the skeletons as he tried to run away. Everything he ran over just reassembled and kept dancing. Eventually, Kulta fell to the ground and curled up in a little (by his standards) ball and slowly went insane. After a few minutes of Kulta freaking out, the skeletons stopped dancing and began to walk away. On the way, some woke Kulta up and told him it was time to go. Kulta, glad it was over and desperate to leave, followed them out. It took a very long time, but being undead they were immortal and didn't care how long it took to do anything. Eventually they made it out of the room and Kulta found himself outside. It was dark, but not too dark, a little purple actually. He noticed everything was in tip top shape, not nearly as decrepit as the city he came from. The skeletons gave him a place to stay and told him he'd love living here, and sure enough, he did.
  6. I loved mixels, if they get rid of it, I'd have even less legos to look forward to. I always enjoyed getting a new mixel then me and my brother would play with them, and mix them, then we'd copy the mix onto LDD and we made more. Aside from bionicle, mixels is my favorite lego brand, and I don't want to see it go.
  7. Y'know, at first I was thinking, "this sounds lame" but when I saw the pictures I thought, "hey, these are kinda cute" but they're still not anything I'd bother spending my money on. I can't say I'd buy bionicle brickheads cause my favorite part about bionicle is the constraction, so even if they did make bionicle brickheads, I wouldn't buy them.
  8. That's a really cool looking model . Sounds like lots of fun, can't wait to see what comes next.
  9. These look great! I especially like that you fixed the open ball sockets on Storm Beast and replaced the swords on Quake Beast while keeping the asymmetrical look and beefing him up a bit. Can't wait to see Umarak (if that's what you meant by "one more").
  10. I've never had an experience like that, I only started collecting bionicles a few years ago and didn't have specific ones that yearned for.
  11. Well this looks exciting, lots of action, can't wait for more episodes.
  12. Granted, they become as good as they used to be until they lapse back into the bad games. I wish people would stop saying that every japanese franchise with monsters in it (Yo-kai Watch, digimon) is a copy of pokemon.
  13. Man, this is much cooler looking than I thought it was, thanks for sharing the instructions.
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