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    Tamaru is my favorite character. Alas, we will never be able to make an accurate Tamaru MOC, as lime green Tohunga feet do not exist.

    Karzahni is a close second. Something about an insane demon who reassembles people wrong is really interesting to me.

    Music is cool. I make it. I'm making some for this: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/17206-help-bionicle-universalis-a-europa-universalis-iv-modification/#entry857017

    I like creepy industrial and science stuff. The SCP Foundation makes for some excellent reads.

    In my opinion, this terrestrial planet is a rather splendid loca-ation.
    This statement is fairly valid, for I have partaken in interstellar exploration.
    I believe it is complementary to me, and it is just my cup of tea.
    Perhaps I will extend my visit considerably.

    In my opinion, a newcomer is but an acquaintance with whom you are not yet conversing.
    I am dueling grotesque ruffians, however, it is hardly physically exhausting.
    I believe that this area may be suitable for permanent residency!

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  1. Happy birthday to my friend and absolute madman, Inary the Gunhaver! http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/114748-inary-the-gunhaver/ Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, and may your birthing day be filled with vidya and posting in the games forum!! LET THE BIRTHDAY THREAD COMMENCE!
  2. Actually, all of the days of the week are like this! Sunday - Sun's Day Monday - Moon's Day Tuesday - Tiw's Day Wednesday - Odin's Day Thursday - Thor's Day Friday - Frigg's Day Saturday - Saturn's Day (the only one named after a God who is non-Norse) Other facts: There are two main varieties of sea snakes, true sea snakes, which are closely related to Australian terrestrial snakes, and kraits, which are closely related to Asian cobras. Also, sea snakes are highly venomous, but they are not aggressive and they have short fangs, and thus are not very dangerous. While there have been many spaceflight related deaths (18 in flight, or 19 if you count the X-15 incident, and 13 in training and test flights), only three have actually happened in outer space. This was the Soyuz 11, which decompressed after detaching from the Salyut 1 space station. Many people say the German is the closest language to English, but Dutch is actually much more similar. Most Japanese cars are actually more American than American cars, as they are mostly manufactured in the United States.
  3. I'm going to say it's partly just cause Matau, and partly because people (and Matoran) naturally like to name immigrant cities and regions after their homes. For example, the East coast of the United States is called New England, and many German cities in the Midwest take nams from German cities, such as Frankfort, Kentucky, Bremen, Ohio, and my favorite, Germany, Indiana. It may have also been confusing for the Mata Nui Matoran if the Po-Matoran were in Po-Wahi/Koro, the Ga-Matoran in Ga-Wahi/Koro etc. but the Le-Matoran were in Bo-Wahi/Le-Koro. I certainly see where you're coming from, though. Every other Wahi/Koro is fairly similar to its Metru counterpart, but there's not much similarity between a skyscraper transport hub and a swampy jungle.
  4. Behold, my favorite fun fact: shirts have collars so that way back when, a person working outside could pop the collar to keep their neck from being sunburned. They would put them down when they went to formal events like church, weddings, etc., hence why collars being down is formal. Also, sports that you play outside with no protective gear, such as golf, polo, and tennis, also use collared shirts so you can pop it and not get sunburned.
  5. (Note: I'm Vanson, I just have a different avatar and name. I'm not sure if I've posted here since I changed it.) This is good! It has a sort of sparse feel, which is certainly unique for tribal drumming. It feels almost ambient. As the composer, I can help you with making music for this project if you want to. Do we need more like tribal drumming music for this? I made a drums track a while back, but I can make more if this style would work better.
  6. Here's something that I will build on as a "main theme" if you like it: https://soundcloud.com/hoofpint/theme/s-YZw2Z I can take it in a different direction once I start extending/expanding on it or I can keep with the current style.
  7. Hello, all! I've been fairly busy, but I'll have time to work on music and stuff now. Is there anything that needs music? I can usually create a better and more organized composition when I have a definite inspiration EDIT: Ungeheuerlich (http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/116997-ungeheuerlich/) has PM'd me and said that he/she wants to help, but can't really PM anybody. Expect to see him/her around this thread!
  8. Here's a non-electronic song that I made: https://soundcloud.com/hoofpint/an-adventuring-song It will probably be revised, but does it it fit well with anything in the game?
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm back from a hiatus that was a combination of being out of town and stuck in a musical rut. Hopefully I can get some more music out here. Welcome, fellow musician!
  10. Decline. Million dollars, but every song you listen to from now on is the version made by a mediocre local cover band.
  11. Happy birthday to New Age Retro Gunhaver! Why a German title, you ask? Because we speak German. Sort of. May your birthing day be full of shenanigans and meme trash Powerpoints!
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