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  1. OH MY GINGERSNAPS, I let it slip! So sorry!
    Happy belated birthday from the cookie crew to you! 


    Ask Me Anything

    Ah, I see you are a Judge Advocate General. Then I just have one question for you: DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?! No wait, I think you're supposed to ask me that one...


    Give yourself time to mourn your dog. When it's time for grad school, the feelings will be easier to manage.
  4. Okay but like... what about a middle name? It's not too late! There are legal forms that will let you do this!
  5. love your firespitting podcast with swert and co. any chance you guys are going to do more? 

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    2. SPIRIT


      Swert runs the show, so I don't have any control over that. If you have a good idea to rant about, maybe he'll have you on. Doesn't hurt to ask him!

    3. confused piraka
    4. SPIRIT


      Best to reach out over email: biosector01@outlook.com

      or Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qncWdJS5f9

  6. Heh, I'll post a joke about how you made a "woodermelon" *scroll down* *scroll down more* Oh shoot, I'm in the most content-dense blog post on this entire website. It may take me a few more days of scrolling to reach the comment section.
  7. I think he's just bad at his job. On My Lego Network, he had Metus as a publicly visible friend. Rookie mistake. He needed much better privacy settings.
  8. I'm just sorry you had to spend 7 hours drawing all my stars 😭
  9. Recently I managed to find someone selling the Bionicle Quest for Makuta board game online. It was in pretty good condition. An excellent addition to my collection. I also picked up a few other board games. Just something to do with the kids I work with. One of the games was Monopoly. What did I find inside the box? A single Cordak bullet. The evidence speaks for itself. Family game night turned violent, the Toa Mahri intervened, and there were no survivors. 😔 Open and shut case. Bake him away, toys.
  10. 7069BB4E-76A2-4AED-BAFF-9EF8D1A45396.gif.c8f9c4068ef309137b8dfd9e4c5dea15.gif

    🍪 Sending delicious birthday wishes! 🍪

  11. SPIRIT


    Believe it or not, Ta-metru_defender grew up to become an Onu-Metru defender
  12. SPIRIT


    Which big names would you like to know about? I'll make something up if I don't know what happened to them.
  13. This is seriously some ace reporting. Thanks for compiling this list of sets
  14. Don't make me choose between Onua and Lhikan! 😭
  15. Happy birthday, may it be filled with cookies!


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