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  1. I'd probably walk through it very carefully to see where it goes and make sure that it isn't dangerous. After that, I would tell both my friends who study foreign cultures and my scientifically inclined friends about it. Both would be highly interested. WWYDI you found a portal back in time to the medieval time period?
  2. Cheese. I do not understand how one can eat a burger without it. WYR eat strawberry shortcake or razzleberry pie?
  3. Eh, I usually like Fridays the best, because I tend to assign it as my day off from college work. Rest is important.
  4. I think we all dream about having a basement like the guy in the Lego movie...
  5. At least it’s not a Starcraft Mod. In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy this costume for at least a few Halloweens to come, and that your achievement is rewarded with lots of candy.
  6. Jumpscare my favorite creative writing teacher with it. WWYDI BZPower ended for good?
  7. No. I have a distinct lack of social awkwardness - I seem to be born without the fear of public speaking. Have you ever made a self-moc?
  8. Those are good sets - I’m surprised just how much they were able put in one set. But the price is also expensive as well, with the larger set size.
  9. Take them to a duck pond or lake and hope that they would stay there. WWYDI you had a real-life hoverboard?
  10. Yes. You know what is in the book. Have you ever gained or lost proto, back when that was a thing here?
  11. Haunted house. Unlike the movie, I’m not helplessly bound by dumb characters bad choices and can deal with the situation myself. WYR be banned from BZP forever or have to sell your entire Bionicle collection?
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