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  1. Hope you have a happy birthday! ^_^

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      And happy birthday again if you do log in! 

  2. Since I don't speak Japanese, I'd go with the Death Medal tune. WYR eat cookies or cupcakes for a dessert after a meal?
  3. Honestly, given how I sleep, I probably wouldn't wake up unless you woke me up. WWYDI you discovered a new element in your backyard?
  4. I use a Kanoka Disk of Shrinking to shrink you down to a smaller size. Surprised by this, you lose your grip on the Mask. I then hit you with a Kanoka Disk of Teleportation, sending you to who knows where. My Mask.
  5. So what will probably be a tropical storm by this coming Friday night is going hit where I live in a couple of days. It won't get a direct hit, but my area will be on the east side of the storm. AKA the dirty side of it. And that means lots of rain and thunderstorms. Yay. Now as I have been few a couple tropical storms and hurricanes, I'm not too worried about these storms. But I am a little frustrated because I bought a ticket for Pokemon Go Fest and I'll probably have to do half of it sitting in my house. (Which is what many people are doing anyways, so I shouldn't be one to complain) If anything, I'll probably get at least half the weekend off from work. So I have that to look forward to. I just hope the storms don't get too bad.
  6. So when you bring your sandwich home and open it up from its wrapping, be sure to not do this at the corner of the table. Otherwise half of it might fall out and land on the floor. Because then you only have half a sandwich to eat. Yes, I learned this the hard way today.
  7. I kind of prefer the official combiner model over the other one. Though I will say I don't recall ever seeing the catalog one before. It does look cool, but I like the build of the official one better overall.
  8. Not usually. I have been told I'm a fast walker though, so I get to places really quickly regardless. Do you wear shorts in snowy weather?
  9. I guess I'd go with the song from White Zombie, though I should mention I haven't heard of either song. WYR eat nothing but fruits and vegetables all day or eat nothing but candy all day?
  10. As I'm someone who doesn't cook often, I would probably either be fired before the week is up or the restaurant would probably be shutdown from how bad my food would be. WWYDI you couldn't speak for a week?
  11. I value my Bionicle collection over my other sets, so I'd have the bricks be turned into Duplos. WYR have a carpet floor or a wooden floor?
  12. I've seen the first two before, so I don't think they are new. I'm not sure about the third one. Do you drink at least one bottle of water a day?
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