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  1. I chose the name "Bfahome" in a desperate fit of non-creativity as I was signing up for the Kanoka Club on bionicle.com in 2004. Maybe I should've thought about it a bit more, because in the following 16 years it remained my primary handle on pretty much any site or service that anyone here would find relevant. (It stands for "BIONICLE fan at home", loosely inspired by the "Adam@Home" comic strip I remembered seeing in the newspaper. I was told not to use the @ symbol because it tended to not play well with systems, and "Bfathome" might be interpreted as using the word "fat" derisively. So I went with "Bfahome". I don't think I've ever mentioned the handle's full origin story but now seemed as good a time as ever.) So if you're wondering what becomes of me, you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Steam, Twitch, Discord, Battle.net, and a slew of others I've forgotten about because I stopped using them or something. Follow me if you want; occasionally I share cool things I've made, though most of the time it's just weird thoughts that pop into my head that I used to use this blog as an outlet for. With that, I'll be "officially" logging off of BZPower for probably the first time in the twelve and a half years I've been a member. Right now I consider it a hiatus, however extended it may be, because I still want to believe that there'll be a site for me to come back to that I can feel good about associating with, promoting, and contributing to. As it stands now, though, there isn't. And maybe there won't ever be. Can't tell, and it won't be just my judgement on the matter. I've certainly had my own shortcomings and I'm sure there have been things I've done that have contributed to the general climate of negativity that I've been ignorant of, and for those things I am sorry. I've tried to become a better person over the years, and still have a long way to go in that regard. Anyway, it's been fun, mostly. I definitely got my 35 dollars' worth at least. But this is it, I guess. See you all on the other side. - Gabe
  2. Was kind of hoping they'd found some way to make (at least some of) the keys work as actual keys and play individual notes, rather than simply advancing the song, but even without that this is a beautiful model with an impressive function.
  3. probably would've lost a lot of fans if they hadn't managed to rescue the All-American Rejects just a pr disaster no matter how you slice it
  4. pre-release material bout the inika indicated that their heads would glow, and the final ones did not. this is the worst thing to happen to bionicle, ever.
  5. Prototype #1 of a life-sized articulated Gali hook. Rough vector design in Inkscape and laser cut on 5 layers of 1/8 inch plywood. The two pivot points aren't actually connected yet, the idea is to have pvc pipe segments through them so it'll act as a hinge while preserving the hollow nature of the original pin connections. At some point I need to figure out a good 2d design program that'll let me do actual measurements and put some m e c h a n i s m s into it.
  6. pogs in the chat
  7. This is a wonderful video and I'm currently watching it a second time, but I kind of wish there was a bit more talk about the soundtrack outside of the beach chant. It's just all so good.
  8. YOOO THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY I need the Boba one.
  9. I really want to believe that banana on the left side of the kung fu battle set is tan even though it's probably gold or yellow. Then again I guess it doesn't terribly matter because I originally wanted tan bananas for Cat Noir's hair but I changed it to the Brickheadz style that doesn't use bananas. Still would be neat though since they only appeared in one Harry potter set fifteen years ago.
  10. It looks like ThE cHiLd is a single mold with head fused to body but I hope that's not the case.
  11. The Mandalorian sure is cool isn't it.
  12. I finished my costume. Almost six years in the making!
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