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  1. OOC: Anyway, after the longest wind-up known to man... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67HND-L9k-A IC: Outside the Hideout Safina's kick struck as the beast wheeled to get out of the way, a howl of discomfort coming--retracted, the creature's natural musculature tensed and prevented a devastating wound. Pushed beyond any sense of self preservation, the Muaka's reddened eyes refocused on Safina as it continued to press, seeking to use its proximity to finally slash at her with rending claws. A sickening crunch came from the darkness to her left as something impacted flesh and protosteel, one of the previously fleeing Matoran hurtling out of the darkness with a freshly broken chestplate and scraping across the ground with a cry. Evidently the Rahkshi wasn't just playing spectator to their fight. IC/NPC: Rahkshi, inside the hideout The clang of the staff on Kehuri's shield was far quieter than it should have been--and the THWACK of pain that came from his back hurt far more than it seemed like it should have. While the shield prevented the immediate impact, the staff almost seemed to phase through the metal only to once again become frighteningly tangible. The worst of the force was abated, but it was still going to leave a nasty bruise. Somehow, that seemed better than paralysis, and didn't interrupt his motion. The Rahkshi chittered, swatting at the lightstone a moment before swinging again--this time for Rall, as the Ta-Matoran took to Kehuri's back. The second Rahkshi to come from the shadows side-stepped the shambling of the corpse, though it had to take a much quicker step back from Skrihen's sword, a rasping sound coming from the creature as it batted the Tryna reanimated Toa back, looking toward Skrihen a moment and its eyes starting to fiercely glow, a mindripping fear starting to burn into the Bo-Toa. Even so, it seemed more focused on keeping the ironclad dead man at bay--and seemingly, the Bo-Toa distracted. From behind Skrihen, a raging torrent of plasma ripped through the air from one of the Rahkshi near the door. Unfortunately for Zueya, the other Rahkshi of the pair seemed to be expecting the head-on charge--and left the undead and the Bo-Toa to its companion, bringing its staff across with bonecrushing force to knock her charge to the side. The Rahkshi jumped to the side, Plagia's lightning orb grazing it as it hissed and started to focus on her. The ground started to shift and stumble beneath her feet, a dull torpor of fog sweeping into her mind and jumbling everything. IC/NPC: The Lieutenant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2L4r0Aelvg "I'll buy you an apology dinner if we survive this, Dartakh," The clone said, the one carrying the shield tossing it to the ceiling. "But we don't die gloriously. Dying gloriously implies we didn't use all our options." From his unseen position elsewhere, the Lieutenant aimed the rifle in his hands at the mirror like surface of the ice shield, hanging in the air. Alka Torin had fought at the Rama Hive. He'd been in Pala-Koro when it was attacked. He'd faced Rahkshi, servants of Makuta, and true Shadow Toa alike. He'd seen the full array that the powers of darkness had at their disposal, and in response Mata Nui had given the side of light... Six Toa. Powerful ones, sure, and each was a person for whom he had nothing but gratitude. But there were only six, against a sea of Rahkshi. And there was no Toa of Light to counteract the darkness. To bemoan that, however, would be counter to his spirit--and that of the village he had chosen to protect when Pala-Koro fell. Be grateful for help, but expect none. Expecting your faith to heal your wounds, to help you stand... ******. Mata Nui helps those who helps themselves. When you bleed, you put on a bandage. When you fall, you get up. When you face darkness... The Lieutenant pulled the Kaitahu Ra's trigger and a blazing torrent blasted out of the muzzle of the weapon, scalding the darkness, the afterimage burning across retinas. The Rahkshi closest to the door staggered a moment, shaking its head and shrieking in animal fury as the light pinged off the surface of the shield and into its eyes. The mental pressure on Plagia immediately ceased. "Move. It won't be blind for long and that won't work as well ever again." When you face darkness... You make your own light.
  2. I'm westbound, bloody and proud.

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  3. @Daniel the FinlanderI swear I will learn how to spell your character's name before this is all said and done, my apologies. It doesn't help that I wrote that in notepad at 3 AM : P
  4. yeah it turns out having the big fight intro post to write while balancing grad school exams, some nice seasonal depression, traveling and research was a less than fantastic idea : ) should be rolling now though
  5. IC: The Creature Safina's blade nicked the outer flesh of the creature's neck as it recoiled but failed to find purchase anywhere more substantial--the Muaka's neck had extended out to strike her, the animal committing none of its mass to the attack. Nevertheless, it howled before its tread growled backward on the dirt, foul red eyes unfocused as its head moved from side to side, blood spattering the earth. It seemed about to charge again, its claws digging in to the dirt, but its ears flicked and its head tilted as footsteps pounded past Safina, fleeing Matoran dashing out into the Dark Walk. And yet. Its eyes refocused on her, rather than easier prey, and another form came out of the darkness. Tall, with thin insectoid arms and legs, gripping a staff easily in one hand, leaning on it as its hunched back straightened to place its other on the side of the Muaka's neck. Its own eyes glowed red, an echoing glint following in the eyes of the animal--and it stepped back into darkness as the Muaka charged, leaping with its claws forward, bulldozing its full weight into her. OOC: @Perp IC: Dark Figure, ??? The dark figure shimmered into a shape of midnight shadow as the leg swung through its feet, the chuckle ringing out through the hideout again as he fell into shadowy ooze, slipping between the cracks of Zueya's lightning cage and coming back into existence a few feet to the right. Ronan's friend was made visible by the crackling light of the cage--a dark, now familiar figure, though made more horrible by the light shimmering across a gaunt, withered face that was frozen into a mask of agony beneath his Pakari, thorns wrapped around his face, piercing through his legs and arms. And through his chest, a massive hole lingered--not bleeding like the dark figure's, rotting flesh visible around the edges. "Ah, the trappings of mortality. So... Limiting, are they not? Allow for some liberation." The figure spared a bemused, faint smile for the corpse before drawing a figure across the lightning cage, blue electricity following up his arm before he threw it at a moving Skorm. When it left his hands the bolt was cloaked in shadow, hitting the Ba-Toa square in the chest. He barely had time for an agonized scream before he was vaporized into shadow, the bolt illuminating the lines of infection in his mask before they became shattering cracks, his plates exploding from his body and the whirling pieces of mask falling to the ground. "Ah, but our time together draws short. I'm afraid I've entertained your presence here for far too long," he tsked, no regard for what he'd done, then melted into the shadows around him once again. Only his voice was left, the warm tones echoing through the shadows. "Allow my friends to show you out." Ronan's blade flew into the darkness before clattering against something--a stave, held tightly in hand. The figure made a chattering sound as it stepped forward, black and gold armor glimmering in the light struggling against the blackness of the Dark Walk. It stopped at the edge of the light, hissing and stomping its staff into the ground. As if summoned, another form seemed to slip through the floor to the right side of it, one clad in grey. "Charek." The Lieutenant's voice came as a cold breeze started to blow through the hideout, making the Ko-Toa's coat tremble. "Use your mask. Retrieve those who ran into the Dark Walk and be prepared to herd them out. Darkahn, save your device until you see something elemental being used unless it works more generally." A shield of ice started to form on his left forearm before the Lieutenant abruptly split into three, one of the clones tossing the shield to another-- Just as Rall cried out, stepping to the side as burning earth fell on his head, the soil above him melting as two more shapes dropped in quick succession out of the scorched hole that had just formed. If he had been anything besides a Ta-Matoran, the molten earth would have done more than just hurt. The Lieutenant let out a breath, one of the clones raising the rifle to his eye. "Ronan. Get ready to run. Take the Matoran. I'll aid Skrihen, Zueya and Plagia in holding them, then we'll enact plan B. Darkahn, you're with me. Kehuri, you heard what was said before." Kehuri, meanwhile, could tell--there had been no one where the shadowy figure had been. Nor had there been anyone where Skorm was, before or after his disintegration. Any revelations on this topic might be a bit less pressing, however, as a Rahkshi slipped through the ground behind him without disturbing any dirt or making a single vibration, its staff swinging to strike the Onu-Toa's spine. And as it surfaced, every Rahkshi's armor began to slowly morph and change, shifting colors through the spectrum in a maddening pattern. OOC: Sorry this took so long, darlings. I already have some of the next one written and am no longer dying from exams : P There are now 5 Rahkshi in the hideout, two where the shadowy figure was, one at Kehuri's back, and two next to the exit. Oh, and Safina has one too. Best of luck. @Daniel the Finlander @Krayzikk @Visaru @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Goose @Void Emissary @ARROW404 @Keeper of Kraata
  6. OOC: This post is somewhat divided, I'll try to tag the people things are relevant to. IC: The Dark Walk, Outside As Safina's eyes peered into the darkness, and her focus drew away, that movement returned. A faint blur at the far edges of her Exo-Matoran's light--but this time accompanied by a low growl and rattling sound, then the faint crunch of a tread moving across dirt. Something was moving out there--but she only had an instant to refocus from the hideout and process the glimmer of fangs in the light as the creature entered her view, an enormous tiger-like creature pouncing for her. Its neck extended as it struck, razor sharp teeth gnashing for the left arm of her power suit. @Perp IC: The Dark Walk, Hideout--The Lieutenant/Skorm The Lieutenant's eyes remained fixed on the apparition that had appeared, the Ko-Toa slowly unslinging what looked like a rifle from his back. Meanwhile, however, Kehuri heard a soft male voice--definitely belonging to the Highlander--whisper in his ear. "Conserve your strength. I will need you to start a ripple in the earth on my mark if we need to get the Matoran out in a hurry." A few scant seconds later Ronan heard the same voice in her own. "Anticipate the necessity of Plan B." Skorm turned to face the entity, assorted shards of masks floating off the table and swirling around him as he held up a hand, his eyes flicking to Zueya to check her actions. "Whatever he is, don't let him get to you," he snarled. "Focus on the objective." "The Bo-Toa?" His head turned to the side, ear turning, listening to the whispering darkness, then he laughed again. "My foolish brother. He did not heed, no. He thought himself above virtue, thought to reject it rather than face his destiny." The inky black figure raised his arms, gesturing to his wounds with a bright, unhinged smile. "Unfortunately for him, ideals, true purpose--they transcend life. Conquer death. His weapons, truths--irrelevant. I am no mere zombie, no dead man walking on another's whim. I am my legacy." His grin turned sinister, looking straight past Skrihen and Plagia to the huddling Matoran they were protecting. "Ah, the brave faces of well-trained children. You wish a less cryptic warning, Toa? Run, before I test your courage too." The figure's green eyes turned an oily, flowing black and began to leak tears of ink and shadow, a deep, red glow starting in their depths--as the mind of every Matoran in the cluster was gripped with sudden, all-consuming fear. It seemed Plagia's hope for quiet and calm would go unfulfilled. OOC: @darkwalk crew. @Goose @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Keeper of Kraata @ARROW404 @Visaru in particular @Daniel the Finlander: the fear effect probably isn't immediately obvious until the matoran react? but I'll trust your judgment on that.
  7. @ARROW404 @Daniel the Finlander I'd appreciate you telling me where on this map you are/using paint to sketch your letter and I'll write you onto it, just for the time being. Sk is Skorm, L is the lieutenant, ? is the man who just showed up. Arrow, this should answer a few of your questions. Cheers.
  8. OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67HND-L9k-A&ab_channel=MichaelSalvatori-Topic IC: ??? The silence ended in deafening fashion. A rich, deep baritone laugh sounded through the hideout, full of vigor. It echoed off the walls and in the ears as its owner detached from the pitch behind him, a sinewy, inky black form stepping into the light, his shadow stretching back into the black behind him, making him seem like shadow given shape. His emerald green eyes flickered in the light as a manic shine came to them--but far more horrible was his state of being. He had made no effort to dodge Skrihen's staff--The Rahkshi staff protruded from his stomach, blood already spurting around it. His wrists had thorny vines stabbed through them, their own heinous wounds covered in dried blood, his legs similarly penetrated with spikes of wood, dyed a rusty brown with seeping crimson. Scars marred the elegant curves of his nose and lips. "You disappoint us," the figure said, his voice tinged with madness but not an ounce of pain. "Pretenders. Cynics. Foolish idealists. Children. You have destroyed one legacy, and think to take another. Leave, before whatever shreds of virtue you might have are torn from you."
  9. IC: The Lieutenant/Skorm His eyes trailed over to Skrihen as he finally entered the hideout itself, the pale blue seeming darker in the atmosphere of the Darkwalk. "As I told Ronan, from what I know, our source found it himself and forced his entry. Not sure of the remainder of the circumstances, other than he seemed convinced of the death of Senemos." Skorm's gaze followed Zueya as she moved away from him, and he rolled a shoulder in a shrug before moving toward the table. He startled and picked up a shard of metal, its shadow jagged in the light, and turned to face the others. "HeIIs." What he held up was recognizable to everyone. It was the shattered eyepiece of a Matoran's Pakari. The Dark Walk Much like her companions, the darkness did not answer Safina's question. But something did move out there, barely past the edge of her light. Something unidentifiable to her eyes, no matter how they might strain. Meanwhile, to Ronan's eyes, somewhat accustomed to combat, it was fairly obvious what the substance on the floor was. It was blood. And it got worse as it went in, leading to a wall that was hidden by the curve of the cavern. The pollen flew by her, filling the room, feeling out... And Skrihen could feel something standing in the darkness, against the wall. Just beyond the reach of their lightstones. Not a Rahkshi. But someone.
  10. IC: The Lieutenant, the Dark Walk "The Ahka and the Commander both met with him," the Ko-Toa says quietly, watching Skrihen and Plagia's progress with an even, dull expression. "Around the storm and Ko's liberation. I'm afraid I don't know him myself. Alka Torin, 2." A thin line of ice spread from his foot toward the slab, stopping once under it and doing nothing more once there. Contrary to Skrihen's expectation, the slab didn't tilt--rather it groaned and went straight upward, the enormous weight straining the tree even as the featureless black surface ascended. Slowly. The shimmering light of the group's lightstones stretched bit by bit into the blackness of the room beyond as it did. The earthen walls stretched forward and curved to the left, vanishing into the darkness. Lightstone sconces were on the walls, their held prizes long gone. A table covered in shards of broken metal ran along the exterior edge of the curve, though from this distance _what_ exactly they were was impossible to discern--their shadows bit into the light on the wall behind them. The grumble of stone stopped, and there was a click as iron ribs sprung out to support it--even as iron and stone spines launched from the sides of where the slab had rested, angled for the Vo-Toa's face and center mass. Plagia flinched backwards as the air before her flashed briefly with energy -- a judicious application of her Hau to protect her from the spines while she retreated to a safer distance. "Keep back!" she said, drawing an inch of her sword from its sheath. "Don't know what else might be rigged." Plagia's shout didn't echo--the muffled silence wormed its way back into the ears of the group as the darkness encroached again. And as their eyes strained into the shadow, they fell on rusty brown stains on the stone floor, leading into the black.
  11. IC/NPC: Skorm/The Lieutenant "Yeah, I'm ready," the Ba-Toa responded, his bulky form resolute and ungiving against the much smaller Vo-Toa's nudge. "Onu-Toa's got it handled for now." The Lieutenant remained quiet, the wiry Ko-Toa looking through the door after a moment, hand on the blade still at his side. The passage on the other side of the door was pitch black and almost perfectly smooth, the light reflecting off of it eerily and casting reflections and shadows across its glassy surface. Half open twenty feet in on the other side was an enormous, featureless black slab, pushed upward by more decaying plants, still sturdy despite their death--whatever lay beyond the slab was hidden in darkness, the shaky light of the lightstones not managing to reach beyond it. Safina was perhaps the only one who would not have to duck to go beneath the stone and see what was on the other side. OOC: You guys are in the hideout now, so feel free to explore and look around. Until something happens, you don't need to rotate or move in lockstep with the others.
  12. IC: The Dark Walk The Ba-Toa took another step toward the plant, still hanging upside down from the ceiling, kneeling up and poking at it, the light drifting up to his hand so he could shine it over the leaves. "It seems alright," his voice came, echoing just as but no more oddly than the voices of anyone else in the darkness. He stepped back, sparing a small glower for Skrihen as she picked it off the wall, one quickly masked as he returned to his standing posture, the light returning to its hovering position. "We've stopped here long enough anyway." The Lieutenant nodded, his eyes trailing over the cavern again, gesturing down the marked path. "This way. Not much further." *** The itch on their necks only got worse as they reached greater depths, down a narrower path. The earth closed in from above and the sides, but it brought no comfort. To the more agile, it meant having their mobility restricted. To the less, it meant their escape was going to be that much more difficult... if anything decided to show its face. Perhaps Kehuri was the only one who felt anything other than an increasing feeling of suffocation. But to all of them, it meant more places an ambush could be sprung from with no warning, and no reprieve. They finally happened upon a large growth of dead weeds, vines that seemed to slowly move in the dim lightstone light. Ice crept up them, filling the plant's dead veins, before they cracked and shattered. Behind them was a short passage coated in iron, with an iron door on the right side. No handle was visible. "I believe we've arrived. Ronan, if you would?" OOC: @dark walk crew, @Goose in particular
  13. @ARROW404 / dark walk crew: just to make sure you guys are aware OOC since I realized things might have been somewhat unclear, Skorm still seems to be on the ceiling visually as well, and his lightstone is still hovering up there. More is going on than just getting sucked away, not that you all are aware of any of that. Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
  14. NPC: The Lieutenant "Mmm?" The Lieutenant's eyes drew upward to the plant he had illuminated before, then he chuckled slightly. "Little need for panic, I assure you. Our contact is a Bo-Toa, he left that plant for us as a marker, in the hopes it would escape the notice of those not looking for it. Good vigilance, however, things out of the ordinary like that will likely be the source of trouble."
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