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Dark age



So I've made my way into the real world and with that comes restrictions, in this case space restrictions. I'm not living in a place where I have enough space for everything, including my LEGO collection. So for the moment it looks like I'm going to be prioritizing other hobbies and creative outlets over my LEGO stuff. Gonna see if I can get back on that Mandalorian armor and some other things I'd abandoned.


Basically I came to this realization when I decided to plan a short trip back home to grab some stuff. I felt like I could either bring the LEGO stuff or the costume stuff, and the fact that it's coming up on summer coupled with the fact that I have a workspace and access to tools again, and on top of that the ability to actually go places now, means that for the short term I'm gonna try with the costume stuff.


I still come here every day and I'm not gonna stop buying new LEGO stuff though. So it may not be the darkest age but still a bit of a step away.

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I remember realizing that LEGO wasn't my main (or only) hobby anymore, when I had friends who knew I was the D&D guy but were surprised to hear I was super into LEGO. Weird stuff.


Also when I realized several people knew about my love of mayonnaise but literally nothing else about me? And had never met me? That seemed wrong.

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Yeah I'm kinda at the same place, living away from a home with a lack of space has really slowed my LEGO hobby, but it's definitely still a part of me, and I'd like to still be active in whatever community is left.

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