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  1. Praesent tempus ut vitantur

  2. Pupwa is the god of pupwa-ing

  3. Uh, I managed to post for 4chan on here. Uh, carry on, scene up soon.
  4. Glorious Serbian made army: 100/100 It is time for a new age for the land, one without Kebab, without inferior kebab armys, without rotten kebab base. But first, we must form into Serbian battle formation. OOC: Since the map allows for potential tools to be used, can I use those to arm my army, or are they stuck with their hands? Also, since the map is made if Lego, can I make stuff out of it if I take stuff apart first.
  5. Switching from Luroka to TBK. I'll stay with Unit with my second vote.
  6. Nah, I complete the series a long time ago. I'm just styling.
  7. I forgot there was roles In the first place.
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