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  1. Farewell, me from 2-5 years ago. Rest well, champ.

  2. Though the Peacekeeper has not PM'ed, I will post the scene tomorrow when I have more time and energy.
  3. Look, I know y'all are supes busy with Bionifight, but come on. Neither team has reached a decision and out of the (1) roles, only the Gatekeeper bothered to PM me back.
  4. Actually, better idea. You'll figure it out when the game starts. Speaking of which, the (1) roles have not yet PM'ed me.
  5. That would delay the game further, tho. And we'd need five more people, when right now we have confirmed two who want to join. Hey, Chro, ya want me to open more spots?
  6. Since we have multiple people who want to join, I may be able to open up an extra five slots (adding three Dark Hunters, one Elite Hunter and one OoMN Black Ops) to accommodate late joiners.
  7. Someone please remind me only to use whole numbers between one and thirty on the list for my next game.
  8. Chro (1): Chro is not directly involved in the game, but may occasionally point and laugh.
  9. Aaaaand no more spots. Distributing roles today, game begins tomorrow.
  10. There's no special rules to set up. Just the usual: BZP rules, no screencaps, no betrayal, blah blah blah.
  11. Two spots. Maybe Wind will join and you buggers will let him last longer than a round
  12. Takua: Instead of taking Maku's advice, go on a long and arduous sidequest
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