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  1. I'm alive still, just not usually around here. I guess I've drifted onto other things?

  2. Hoo boy! What's it been, a year? Well, in any case. Guess who finally updated the topic from Ye Merry Ole Majhost Crash? The panels are back in action for you who might want to reread this heap of shenanigans. However, I didn't salvage the Secret Comics... this time. And who knows? Maybe I'll start up with this again. We'll see. Send me some ideas if you want - But make sure it's actually after they get to Ga-Koro. I've got something in mind if I ever get them there, to open the gate. If I revitalize the topic? Mind that it'll probably be a lot more relaxed and silly. How is that possible, for something like this..? ...I'unno. Guess I've mellowed out or something. Have fun.
  3. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm still incredibly amused by and enjoying how you portray Leraku. It's just wonderful. Great work.
  4. First time I've moseyed over to the Comedy section in awhile, and I have to admit, you certainly delivered. Nice job! 4.75 <Ratings Systems> out of 5, would pun again.
  5. I've glanced back here after a couple of months, and I have to admit I've been thoroughly entertained by everything going on here, especially the dedication to his job Leraku's got going for him. Loved the boomerang, and the hilariously casual 'blocking a gatling cannon with a dagger' shenanigans. Great job as usual, Soran. I really ought to get back into making comics at some point. Keep up the good work!
  6. Godspeed, old friend. You've made an imprint here on us, and I don't think that'll be changing. Good day, ye of thine classic morbid humor!
  7. COMMAND: BY POPULAR REQUEST Plot:Advance. And now, to our intrepid pilot. WHAT IS THIS WHY AM I HERE AM NOT GOOD AT BOAT. --- What will you do? --- Hffffft. How many months has this been? For two panels? Yeah. I just... have not felt like doing this at all. For some reason, this comic stopped being fun and felt more like an obligation. So at this point, this comic will be back to the 'as-I-feel-like-it' basis. The once-a-week schedule completely fell away for a variety of reasons. It's possible I might make another comic here on BZP - sort of like a typical 'studio' comic, but with... twists. Hopefully things will go well, either way. Even so? Feel free to add more ACs for me to use when I decide to make comics for CR!
  8. [Takua]: The burnt, mutilated forest looks delighting. Go there. Takua: Determine as to why the Charred Forest is the Charred Forest. Well... it's, uh. It's pretty charred. And burnt. Though you found this guy. He's... he's pretty slow. Are you the Makuta? ----- Maku: Lasso Takua with some impromptu kelp. I don't even know if you can call kelp impromptu, but whatever. Maku: Promise Takua that this quest actually gives decent exp. She says her quest gives good EXP and gets you all the skill points. You're not sure what either of those things are, but they sound important! ----- What will you do? --- WHEE SECRETS
  9. So I'll be gone until about the 30th due to the annual family camping trip. Meaning no comics, or likely work on comics, until then. I have the script planned out for the next one, I've finished half of the necessary images. However, due to packing, I just haven't had time to finish... this! Enjoy your teaser, ladies and gents.
  10. Why is it that whenever I start to do really well on a comic series, life always gets in my face and keeps me down? I've been so busy with planning things, trips, housework, curriculum issues, and overall work that I've been extremely drained of a creative drive. I feel really bad about this, everyone - sincerely I do. I apologize for letting you down, but I'm going to get the next post up as soon as I can. Already got it scripted out, and I should be incorporating some of my favorite ACs for this round. Hopefully it should be entertaining, but for now I need to kind of get my life train back on the rails so I can get back to this. So, yeah! Feel free to give your ten cents as to the situation, encouragement, discussion, whatever. No more ACs are needed for now, but I sincerely appreciate how many have come in since my last OOC post. Thank you so much to everyone who's stuck along with this comic so far. Only four pages and we've already had quite a journey! I hope that we can get right back in the swing of things very soon. Sincerely... well, me. Were you expecting someone else?
  11. Takua: Punch Aukat. Aukat: Punch Takua back. Aukat is still intangible. He also doesn't seem to be very aggressive at all. Maku: Slap them both. Aukat is still intangible. Takua, however, has been successfully slapped. You feel strangely satisfied. Maku: Explain your dilemma. You explain that your village needs help. It was attacked by a monster, and everyone got trapped in a hut that fell beneath the waters. You say you should be able to get there quickly using your boat, but you'll need help. OH HEY LOOK THERE'S A THING LET'S GO OVER THERE WAIT WHAT You walk away from that strange chattery girl talking about some sort of floating water village. Pffft, like that could ever happen. Water doesn't float! You saw some rocky stuff over by where that guy you threw sand at was earlier. Which guy? The shadowy guy. What do you mean, 'which shadowy guy'? The guy that was - You're just going to stop explaining things before your head starts to hurt. Ow. Already is. --- What will you do? --- Wow! Finally got this done, with all these panels. Anyways! I'm going to /try/ to pull off a weekly comic. Hopefully sometime on the weekends. I would have had this done last Sunday, but all sorts of life stuff was thrown at me. I'm going to do my best to stick with this schedule, but I'm only human. I fiddled a bit with how Aukat looks mid-comic to test things... I think he'll look much better now, but due to how I accidentally saved it I couldn't edit out his head-light on the first couple of panels.
  12. Takua: Be awesome. Aukat: Be awesome with Takua. Maku: Drink a Pina Colada. YES. YEEESSS. Okay, done. Now what? ------- I just had to.
  13. ...Huh. Another one of my comics seems to have made it on the front page. ...WAIT I'M ON THE FRONT PAGE AGAIN WHO WHAT NOW HOW IS THIS EVEN I'D LIKE TO THANK - *shot* ----- Takua: Offer your new friend some sand. You try to feed your friend the fantastic sedimentary delicacy that is sand. However, Aukat is a shadow, meaning he is (inconsistently) intangible. Aukat cannot eat the sand. This saddens you greatly. Aukat and Takua: Do a dance! HOWEVER, YOU ARE NO LONGER SADDENED AS YOU NOW BOTH ENGAGE IN A MERRY JIG. THE MERRIEST OF JIGS! What will you do? ----- Goodness gracious, front page again! I'm surprised I've done this well at all. Thank you, everyone, for supporting this comic. Thank you, especially, Windrider, for always being willing to help out when questions or support relevant to the comics forums were required. Also, sorry if the Vee images up there are a bit big! I may have accidentally miscalculated the sizes necessary. If it really is a problem, I can go through the hassle of resizing them, but, if it's okay, I'd rather them stay as is. I'm fine with changing them if I have to, though. QUESTION TIME! Yes. All of my comics are made entirely in GIMP, including the .GIF panels. I used to use Microsoft GIF Animator, but it had horrendous quality and was very bare-bones, restricting me - especially in quality. Unfortunately, by the time I saw this I had already finished the dancing panel. I hope the merry jig will suffice!
  14. Good to see you getting back into things, Ptol. I'm curious to see how this goes - the comics so far are interesting, and as usual filled with your amusingly morbid sense of humor. Here's to plenty more comics coming our way - Good luck!
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