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  1. I’d like to see Bionicle return under the right pretenses. There’s a lot of good ideas being thrown in this thread, but I’d like to add: i’d like to see them stick to their roots. Make matoran that aren’t just placeholder villagers, make interesting lore with fun and unique characters, and hopefully come up with a unique new armor design that isnt so similar to Hero Factory.
  2. 2/5, same reasoning but I’ve seen you post around a lot!
  3. Depending on just how weird it was.. maybe work with it. WWYDI you suddenly woke up in the body of a world leader? ... would you bring back Bionicle? (c" ತ,_ತ)
  4. Hey good guy is perfect and beautiful. gadunka weird tho, not a fan
  5. So, I just picked up a pretty nice Nui Jaga for a decent price and it came in today! How about you, what was the last Bionicle set you purchased?
  6. Very cool! I love the armor color scheme & mask combo, he’s the way cooler Dume! Great work
  7. Hey guys! This is my first MOC in almost 10 years. I figured since it was a special occasion, I’d let you guys name this one! Let me know how you like it & if you wanna see more.
  8. Definitely a cool idea. However, what if rather than having different mutations, it's simply different "species"? Kinda like Pikmin or Pokemon I guess, a regional variant kinda like how they did with Mata/Metru/etc. Matoran. Maybe based off of either different factions, lore, or basic concepts like the McToran? It would have to make sense. Which also opens the question, would they remain rather robotic looking like they did during, say, the 2006 era of Bionicle, or would the idea be more towards a G3 design? Or maybe a more organic sort of being, like some Rahi?
  9. Honestly, just fantastic work! Great job on the mask paint, too.
  10. I absolutely love the three virtues staff, very nice... Loving the slender build too. AND your color scheme is beautiful!
  11. Last game I played was actually Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, I got it for xbox but I want it for PC. I'm tryna mod that Chao Garden hard.
  12. As The Kite String Pops by Acid Bath
  13. Oh boy, I've been playing guitar & bass since I was 11. I've been part of a few different projects but I mainly play in a death metal band called Horror, & I just recently put my first EP up and stuff. I'm super jealous of you guys, I've always wanted to learn piano but never really have had the chance to yet. Ok so check this out; I got an awesome deal on a Les Paul this year, and I finally own my own Gibson. I've always been way more of an Ibanez/ESP player but man, I've always wanted one of these so bad. It's an '09 Fireburst Studio. I picked it up for about $300.
  14. @Terrorsaur; Thank you! It's nice to be back. & Oh, wow. So that's the new show on netflix, huh? Why is everything so extremely similar to Mata Nui...? @Tarn; Hacked? Oh, no... That's the worst. Man, that's terrible. & There's no way this counts. We're talking about THE Greg Farshtey, that would be like banning the "-icle" from Bionicle. Well, at least for me. He was sort of a hero for me as a kid LOL. But hmm.. Maybe he just kinda got tired of it. Bionicle changed a lot.. Like, honestly, I don't care for anything past The Piraka. Oh, and yeah, it very well could be. I just figured, hey, better to be safe than sorry and ask about him in general.
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